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May I?

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Big Dicks

May I?

I’ve been thinking of your long, thick dick all day. Imagining you stroking it in front of me. Watching your hand travel its length as it grows even longer, harder.

I can see a drop of precum on the head and I’m licking my lips already.

Come here baby, let me take care of you.

I start on your neck with that spot behind your ear that I know you like. I move to your earlobe, sucking softly, biting gently. Down to your chest and your responsive nipples. Licking them until they stand erect too. I move down your chest to your navel. My tongue tracing circles around it before I continue the southern path to my prize.

I brace myself by holding onto your thighs as I balance on my heels with my thighs open, happy to finally have my face in your lap. When I nuzzle your balls with my nose, you take a step apart. I lick them delicately, listening to your deep sigh. I know your head has fallen back and your eyes are closed.

Time to begin.

I suck ataşehir escort your left nut into my mouth, rolling it with my tongue. Applying slight pressure with my lips while I hold you gently. I release it and lick the delicate skin beneath your sac before taking your right nut on a pleasure tour. I return to the bottom of your sac and place my tongue, broad and flat and begin a slow journey across the full length of you. From your balls to the mushroom shaped tip, again leaking precum. I repeat the motion, each time rewarded with the milky, salty, sweet substance.

I take your smooth head into my mouth, moving my wet tongue along the sensitive underside. I run my tongue up and down the shaft, placing gentle kisses every inch. Enjoying the taste and feel of you. My hand at the base of your thick penis, I hold you in place as I lick just the head. Every few strokes taking the full head into my warm, wet mouth. You groan and I agree, that’s enough teasing.

I move bostancı escort bayan my mouth slowly down onto your shaft and keep going lower until I feel your soft, curly hair touch my nose. I breathe through my nose and relax my throat to combat the reflex your lengthy penis triggers. I swallow carefully several times, tickling your head and massaging your shaft with my throat.

I come up for air, sucking and pressing down with my lips. I slide back onto your dick, adjusting the angle of my head to better accommodate your size and shape. Keeping my lips tight, I pull up – sucking as I go. No longer swallowing, I want to keep it nice and wet inside my mouth. Sucking, pulling, pressing, lowering slowly to do it all I again, I work my mouth until my jaws begin to ache.

I grip your ass as the bulbous head of your dick, now shiny with my saliva, again slides between my lips. I remember the angle I’d found earlier and slide my mouth noisily over your shaft. I begin ataşehir escort shaking my head side to side as if to say “No” while I hear you whisper “Oh Hell yeah.” I’m sucking you fast and hard and I can feel your balls tighten and pull closer to your body. That’s it, Baby.

You grab handfuls of my hair and pull me into you. Your dick slides easily down my throat and you grind against my face.

“Aw fuck, I’m going to cum.”

This is so hot. My pussy is dripping and I have to touch myself. Because of the liquid abundance, you can hear my hand in my pussy. Damn, I’m close too.

You continue to fuck my face as I finger fuck myself. Your dick is rock hard and I know any second I’ll taste your cum. My pussy is tingling as my orgasm approaches. You can feel the vibrations from my moans on every inch of your dick and it takes you over the edge. I feel hot spurts of cum hit the back of my throat and reflexively swallow. You become still as I suck methodically, milking you of every last delicious drop.

You pull me up cautiously as both of us attempt to stand on shaky legs. I put my hand to your lips and you savor the taste of my pussy as we begin to kiss.

The look in your eyes says it all.

And you are most welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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