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Me and My Cousin Alex pt2

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Me and My Cousin Alex pt2My cousin Alex had finally graduated high school so everyone was coming to celebrate for her. Of course I had a special reason I wanted to visit her. I walk into the auditorium where the ceremony was being held and I can’t find anyone in my family. So I search around for a few seconds like an idiot and find a place to sit. The ceremony starts and I see Alex waltz by in her gown and high heels. DAMN!! Even in that thing she looks incredible. My dick starts shifting in my pants and for a moment while she is looking over the crowd we make eye contact and she winks at me!My dick shuddered and I wanted to take her then. But if I was to do anything with her today I would have to wait for my perfect opportunity. The caps are thrown and everyone finds their respective families. In the middle of our gathering Alex takes her gown off and displays a beautiful black and white striped dress. It looked like it was made for her. She tells her mom, Amy, that she has to leave for a party real quick but she will meet us back at her house.So we start driving around town and go congratulate some of our more distant relatives. We spend about an hour doing this before eventually going back to Amy’s. We beat Alex there by a little bit but every person was talking and loving the beautiful weather. I grabbed a beer out of the cooler and at that moment Amy came up beside me and whispered, “Follow my lead.” I was confused but she took off before I could even argue. She cuts downstairs and heads for Alex’s room by the garage. She turns the corner before I do and I follow her in. When I round the corner she grabs my face and starts kissing me. I kiss her back hard and she separates us and says, “We don’t have too long, so be quick!”She drops my pants and gets to her knees. She is a real pro because I got hard instantly! My dick is butting against the back of her throat while she is massaging her clit. Amy lays back on Alex’s bed and raises her legs into the air for me to take off her panties. A nice emerald green pair of panties. I loved it. I pull them off and act like a dog trying to recover his bone. She is going wild and moaning only feet from everyone else finding out. So I get esenyurt escort to my feet and plunge my dick into her. She tries to let out a scream but I put 3 fingers in her mouth before she does. At this, she smiles and I can see her eyes well up. She had the best eyes for that.I’m fucking her hard and I can feel her cum on my dick and her body goes a little bit limp. She lets out a groan and moves her head to the side. I tell her I’m about to cum and she said to cum inside her. “I don’t really wanna have a k**,” I say. “I’ll just go get the pill tomorrow. I’ll probably have to get Alex one anyway.” Damn, that was crazy to hear. I know what I was doing isn’t a good thing but she knew I was looking to fuck her daughter and she still wanted me?I start cumming and she moans, “That’s it,” and starts rubbing her clit. She squirts one more time and it sprays on my stomach whilst I fill hers up with my hot cum. We stick together for a second, catching our breath and finally get dressed. Amy is fixing her hair in the bathroom while I get some ice for drinks. I get upstairs and try to act natural. This is extremely hard to do when you just got done cumming inside your cousin’s mother about 10 feet away from an unlocked doorway. Amy comes upstairs after me with a box of liquors to get the party going. I congratulate Alex and give her a hug. I gave her a hug because I needed to touch her but her friends were all around and I couldn’t just rub my face in her tits could I? When I turn to walk away she pinches my butt and I assume no one sees. I walk away and drink a bit more; conversing with the rest of my family. Nighttime comes and people start leaving. I decide to stay and hang out with my guy cousin since there isn’t much else to do.We play some games and chill with a beer but then he gets a call from a friend to hang out. I’m not wanting to leave the place so I let him go. I start to wander around the house looking for anyone and I can’t find anyone. I walk into Amy’s bedroom and see her sprawled out on the bed with her bra barely on. I can’t imagine why her husband isn’t home more. If I had a woman like that, who constantly wanted a bone, avrupa yakası escort I think it’d make me stay in bed more often. I walk over to her side of the bed and slowly coax her over to the side. Her face is right below my crotch and I pull myself out of my boxers.I let my dick fall onto her cheek and move it around till it gets a little hard. I stick it in her mouth, which isn’t as good as one might think but it was still a nice little dick-holder. I’m working my way up to harder thrusts and I gag her with one. She laughs and coughs putting her hand up to my dick. “You can’t get enough, can you?” Amy asked. She starts to roll on her stomach and I tell her to go the other way. “On my back?” she asked. “Oh yeah,” I said with a smile. She rolled onto her back and I put my dick right down her throat. She could barely breathe, especially when my balls would cover up her nose. Amy puts her hands on my ass and pulls me in harder and harder. I don’t know how someone could take that kinda punishment.Suddenly, a beam of light hits us through the door. Someone just opened it on us!! We are fucked! I can’t see who it is but I know it’s not a guy. So I’m safe on the husband front for now. This little body comes waltzing in with a tight little dress on. She stands on the other side of the bed from me as my eyes are adjusting. She steps up, over and straddles Amy. Her face comes into view and its ALEX!! Thank god for that. But she doesn’t seem to wary of my dick in her mother’s face. The only complaint she seems to have is that it isn’t in her somewhere. Alex stands up on the bed and takes her dress off. I can tell she is substantially drunk but she is wanting some action. I’m still inside Amy and Alex starts coming back down with only a bra and her high heels on. She comes down to my face and gives me a kiss on the lips. Her pussy is dangerously close to Amy’s face and I can feel her trying to pull away but my dick is keeping her pretty well in place.Alex backs down onto Amy so they’re face to face and my dick is separating them. Alex pulls out my dick and kisses the head. “Yummy,” she says and anadolu yakası escort looks up at me with those amazing blue eyes. With my cock still in hand she leans down and kisses her mom, “Thanks,” she said. Neither Amy nor I knew what Alex meant by it but we kept going. Alex was giving me a pretty slobbery blowjob and I could feel some dripping off my balls and landing on Amy’s face. She started just sucking it off my balls because there was nothing else she could do. Alex got to her knees and Amy squirmed out from under her. Amy faced me and started sucking my dick. Alex was a little steamed and smacked Amy on the ass. Amy just laughed because I had smacked her plenty harder from time to time. “How bout you lick her ass?” I proposed to Alex. Amy looked up at me and shook her head with my dick gone in her mouth. I nodded and grabbed the back of her head. Alex clumsily moves around to the back and puts her face up to her mother’s ass. I don’t think Alex really knew what she was doing outside of having sex otherwise I don’t think she would have done this.Alex puts her tongue up to Amy’s asshole and starts licking it. Amy is trying not to enjoy it but her resistance fades. I decide to give Alex some treatment and tell her to lay in front of me. She lays down and I have Amy turn around so I can lick her ass. Amy turns around while I bury myself into Alex’s juicy little cunt. Amy’s ass is in my face, Amy’s tits are in Alex’s face and I’m balls deep inside Alex. I bend down and Alex must have done a good job because Amy’s ass is very relaxed and warm. I play with it a bit more and I could fit a couple fingers in Amy’s backdoor. I pull out of Alex and put my dick up to Amy’s ass. She has gotten comfortable with the idea by now. I slowly slide my dick in as she lets out a shriek. Alex lowers herself to Amy’s pussy and starts licking feverishly. It’s unbelievable that this girl is willing to do anything it seems. Alex alternates between Amy’s pussy and my balls.Eventually I start feeling the need to cum and I whisper it to Alex. I’m pumping hard into Amy’s ass and Alex is keeping pace on her pussy. Finally I fill up Amy’s ass with a huge load and it comes spilling out. I pull out of her and Alex flies in and starts slurping jizz off her mother’s legs and ass. She even goes far enough to lick inside of her asshole.I had to take Alex to bed but not before Amy gave me some hell about her asshole. She says she doesn’t but she loves it. When I laid Alex down in her bed. She let out a drunk, “God, I won’t forget this.” Part of me hopes so and part of me doesn’t.

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