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Me,Carl and the boy.Part 4.

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Cum In

Me,Carl and the boy.Part 4.Carl pulled back from Adams soft nervous lips and sighed as he reached across and brought Adams hand into his own, pulling him closer and placing it on his firm flat stomach. His own hands then went to the back of his head as he lay back and enjoyed the sight of his two favourite labourers pleasure him with hands and mouths. Adam became bolder fuelled by the beer and began rubbing Carls stomach and chest, his fingers twisting at his nipples as Carl moaned gently. My focus was entirely on pleasing Carl’s cock and I was aware that it was up to me to show Adam the how it’s done and the standards expected by the boss. I slid down further and sucked one of Carls big balls into m y mouth swirling my tongue around it before moving onto the other, not forgetting to explore further down towards his arse crack with my mouth. This left his throbbing 8 inches of man meat free for Adam to play with. Carl was happy for him to do just that. H gripped his fingers around the base of Carls cock and began to tug up and down. Carl reached forward and guided his hand, advising the boy that slower was better unless he wanted a messy cumshot on his hands. It was too earl for that Carl added.I continued with my mouth assault on Carls swinging sack. Occasionally I would reach up and pull his cock towards my mouth. Lining it up before diving down taking the entire thing into my mouth in one swift movement. Adam looked on in awe as the thick veiny cock disappeared. I released it covered in slime allowing him to wank it more easily. Carl finished his beer and ordered another. I duly stepped up and got 3 more. Returning to my original position between his legs he pulled me up by the back of my neck and kissed me deep and sloppy before ushering me to the sofa beside him. Turned simply to Adam and said suck it boy”. Following a few swigs of beer Adam slowly lower his mouth down as Carl aimed his bulbous head at his willing mouth. His helmet pushed past the boy’s lips and Carl returned to his natural position of laying back and drinking his beer as Adam indulged his throbbing head. I was a watcher now jus with Carl occasionally groping me or leaning in for a kiss but rarely taking his eyes of Adam as he worked on the shaft. His lips were sliding up and down the outside of it as he had seen me do and before long Carl had him on his knees slurping, spitting istanbul escort and sucking. It looked like Adam was taking naturally to the task even if he couldn’t swallow more than 3 inched of the boss’s man meat. He was doing well still for a first time cock slut. Carl finished his beer and get up to get another and go to toilet. When I return they are facing each other standing Carl towering over the boys 5ft 5 frame and exploring his body with his hands. He pulls down Adams boxers exposing the round bubble arse. Smooth and so fucking fuckable. He grabs and plays with the boy butt a while slapping it now and then whilst kissing Adams mouth and neck, his 5-day stubble already Redding the boys supple fair skin. I relaxed on the sofa as carl kissed down the boy’s stomach before sitting on the edge of the sofa and licking Adams cock through his boxers. He was stiff as a rod as Carl pulled his boxers down and off out springing a perfect shaped 4-inch dick. He was not very thick but it was a gorgeous cock. Obviously, Carl agreed as he took it hungrily into his mouth as Adam buckled from the sensation of having his entire dick swallowed for the first time. Carl buried his face into the light tuft of blonde pubic hair and pulled Adam byte arse into him deeper. I so wanted to move behind the pair and get licking at the perfect round mounds of Adams arse but of course it was clear that all Adams firsts belonged to Carl. The boss must have been thinking the same as he let the boys cock spring out of his mouth and turned him around. He planted a few kisses onto the cheeks before standing up and positioning Adamson on his knees on the sofa his head leaning across the back. Carl gestured for me to meet Adam at the back of the sofa. I got us another beer and did just that. Adam was rightly along by now but and finding it hard to keep up but Carl insisted that it keep flowing. I gave Adam his bottle and made him drink it quickly before replacing the rim of the bottle with the tip off my cock relieved that it finally had a mouth having been throbbing now for about half an hour Meanwhile Carl greedily approached Adams boy crack his hands firm on the boy butt and tongue invading into his puckered tight hole. Adam moaned softly as he wrapped his lips around my bellend and Carl worked his magic on his arse. The sight of Carls stubbled zonguldak escort face biting and licking and spitting and poking and kissing Adams virgin cunt was almost too much for me and I had to pull my cock out and have him pleasure my balls for relief. Carls cock was dripping with precum and Adams hole was now suitably prepped for Carl to up his game. He stood up and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the smooth boy crack smearing it in his precum and marking his territory. With his left hand on the Adams shoulder he began working his right-hand fingers on the boy’s hole invading it slowly but firmly leaving Adam in no doubt he wasn’t going to be a virgin for much longer. Carl pushed him back on to my cock as he picked up the pace with two fingers and a couple of spits pushing in and out. My cock had the desired effect of muffling the boy’s moans as I pushed a much of it in as I could without choking him. My cock was bigger than Carls and maybe the same thickness but it was a struggle to get half of my9 inches into Adams i8nexperienced throat. His eyes were watering at the experience and he glanced over a few times to see Carls fingers prepping his hole for something much bigger. His nerves were clear so I moved towards Carl and fell to my knees allowing his shaft to tickle my tonsils. I spat and slobbered on the boss’s heavy cock until it was coated and slick. With carl’s permission I used some of the slime to spit on and lick at Adams hole it was beginning to open and tasted delicious as I pushed my tongue an inch into the crevice. It was now or never as Carl replaced my tongue with the head of his cock and pushed down on Adams lower back. I was no longer needed so lay back on the sofa wiping my soaking mouth on Adams boxers.Carl with a plop entered his bell end and thrust slowly at the entrance of Adams virgin hole with the boy wincing and gasping throughout. He was standing right behind him and encouraging him the way all good tops do; “Good boy…. you’re doing well…breathe deep…. you like that don’t you” It wasn’t clear if Adam was enjoying this new sensation or not but it didn’t matter as his moans filled the room burying his head into the back sofa cushion as Carl continued to take what was his. Carl held back and didn’t push his full weapon into the fresh hole of Adam but began to pick up pace escort bayan as Adam adjusted o the 8inches of dick invading his boy hole. He was still only taking about half but Carl was happy enough and the tell-tale signs of a man about to cum began to show. He’s been fucking the boy only 10minutes but this horn for Adam had been building all week and finally he was going to make him his own. His grip on the boy’s arse cheeks tightened practically piercing the skin as he pushed his shaft deeper into the virgin boy cunt another inch forced in with Adam crying out. A couple more thrusts like this and Carl turn to cry out now as he unloaded into Adam; “Argh…that’s it…. that’s fucking it…. fucking hell…take it son…..ahhh”. It seemed Carl shot a few ropes into Adams fleshy tunnel before pulling out and landing a couple more on his arse crack and cheeks. He was spent but rubbed his slimy nob up and down again and once more inside the freshly used hole. One more shot and he was done. I was too cumming without meaning to the moment Carl emptied his balls into Adams guts and the boy fell forward exhausted and his hole coated in man juice. Carl pulled me down onto my knees and I cleaned off Hiscock with my mouth. It wasn’t any softer but tasted amazing of cum and cunt. I milked out a final drop of cum on to my tongue and licked my lips. Carl knelt and licked Adams arse cheek of his cum before lifting the boy away and taking his rightful position on the centre of the sofa. Adam was knelt on either side of Carl as they kissed, Carl passing his cum into the boy’s mouth giving him his first proper taste of man juice. Carl grabbed at Adams dick and tugged hard and it wasn’t long before the boy’s balls tightening and emptied over Carls hands and stomach. He brought his hand up to his mouth and devoured the salty boy spunk before feeding the rest of Adams load to the boy himself. The pair only had each other for a few more minutes as they exchanged cummy kisses and Carl murmured his appreciation into Adams ears. The boy was quiet but went with the flow occasionally responding and before long drifted off with his head on one Carls wide shoulders and Carls softening cock resting along the boy’s crevice.After a few minutes of post sex contentment Carl rose with Adam in his strong masculine arms and walked him to the bedroom. There was only a bed with a new mattress still in plastic and dust sheet on it but Carl laid him down to get some rest covering him with more of the dust sheet. Adam might not be able to last late into the night but as Carl emerged from the bedroom and walked towards me with his stiffening cock it was clear I was expected to…

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