Oca 13

Meet the Danvers – Ch.02

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Jim Danvers sat behind his desk on the third floor. He had been the office manager for the last five years, and the last couple of years had been quite profitable for the company.”Have to congratulate you again Jim, another year, and we’ve seen nothing but increased revenue streams and productivity from your floor.” Charles Vanderholm stood up. The man was in his mid-sixties, white hair and an equally white mustache.”Thank you, sir.” Jim reached over and shook his boss’s hand.”You sure I can’t change your mind on the Racquetball match this evening? It’s getting quite tedious playing with Harald from accounting, the man might just be the worst player of all time.” Charles shook his head a bit at the prospect of playing Harald once more.“Sorry Mr. Vanderholm, I still have some files to go over when I get home, and my wife has made plans for us this evening.” Jim had to lie to his boss. He still wore the chastity belt, and there would be no way to hide it in the locker room, so the Racquetball match was just out of the question.”Ah, the ol’ ball and chain huh.” Charles smiled and laughed jokingly.“Yeah, hehe.” If only he knew how right he was, Jim felt his penis straining against the constraints of his chastity belt.“Well, I won’t keep you any longer. Again great work.” Charles gave Jim another nod before leaving his office.On the way out, Charles couldn’t pass up an opportunity to stop by and see Jim’s secretary, Joanne Mills. In Charles’s mind, Joanne was as close to a classic beauty as a woman could get. Tall, slender, wavy blonde hair, beautiful eyes and a smile that could make any man stumble on his words.”I hope he’s not working you too hard?” Charles smiled. His eyes wandered down the young lady’s partially opened blouse. A sight that not only made him warm and sweaty under his business suit but one that also made his penis twitch.“Not at all Mr. Vanderholm.” Joanne looked up at the older man and smiled.“That’s good.” Charles was mesmerized by her warm southern smile and accent. Almost to the point that he forgot where he was for a moment.“Well… you let me know if he does.” Charles smiled and wished that he had been younger. As he walked away he looked around until he was sure no one could see him.“I will.” Joanne smiled as Charles Vanderholm walked away. She loved the attention she had gotten from men after her mother’s friend Nancy had shown her how to dress in the big city.It had been her mother who had encouraged her to move from the small no-name town in Alabama and try her luck in the city. Her mother had even arranged for her friend Nancy to take her under her wing and show her around. Which after having spent a year in the city had proven to be the best decision in Joanne’s life. Though Joanne had realized after a while in the city, that her mother had some ulterior motives for wanting Nancy to show her around, which now, Joanne couldn’t thank her enough for.On his way to the elevator, Charles discreetly reached down and adjusted the front of his pants. He hoped that Ms. Sanders hadn’t noticed the bulge in his pants. Looking back over whilst he waited for the elevator, he caught the beautiful Joanne Sanders heading into her boss’s office.“Oh, are those the Willem papers?” Jim looked up at his secretary as she walked into his office.”Yes, they need to be sent out by tomorrow.” Joanne walked around her boss’s desk and placed the papers in front of him. After she had done so, however, she turned around, pulled up her skirt and bent over.Jim gulped. In front of him, he had his secretary’s amazingly shaped and completely naked butt in full view. He could even see her shaved pussy. Looking at her, his penis started straining hard against the plastic cage that it was locked away in.“Ugh.” Jim let out a soft grunt. To say that his chastised manhood felt uncomfortable was an understatement.Joanne smiled in satisfaction when she heard Jim’s awkward grunt. She knew that his penis was locked away.“Pull down your pants and let me see it.” Joanne stood up and faced her boss.Jim gulped again whilst looking up at his secretary. He felt so small as he awkwardly stood up and unzipped his pants. After he pulled his underwear down and his caged penis came into sight, he heard Joanne’s laughter.“God, you look pathetic.” Joanne looked at her boss. Not only had her boss’s wife Nancy gotten her this job, but she had taught her exactly how to treat Jim when he was at work.Jim stood there timid and quiet. His wife had made it very clear who it was that was in charge when he and Joanne were alone at work. Though, even with that in mind, Jim couldn’t help himself from glancing down at Joanne’s bare pussy.Joanne saw the way Jim’s eyes wandered down her body.”I bet you’re imagining a big black man cramming his thick black cock in there, aren’t you?” Joanne knew her words would turn on Jim even more, making his penis push even harder against the restraints of his cage. At the same time, she felt herself get wet and aroused by the sheer thought of a black man plunging his big cock istanbul travesti into her tight pussy.Jim nodded whilst trying to hold back a groan. If he hadn’t had the chastity belt on, he would have had a rock hard erection by now.“Heh.” Joanne smiled at how awkward her boss looked.”Now stand there like the cuck that you are, and let me take a picture of you. I’m sure your wife wants to see what her wimpy husband looks like at work.” Joanne reached over and got her phone.Jim nodded compliantly as Joanne took a few steps back and held up her phone.“Now on three… say, I’m Jim and I’m a cuckold.” Joanne smiled to herself. She had just switched to video mode.“One… two… three.” Joanne started recording.“I’m Jim… and I’m a cuckold.” Jim looked into the camera. He felt so humiliated standing there in his office, in his business suit, in a place where he was supposed to be in charge, with his pants pulled down and his caged penis exposed.“Haha.”Jim heard his secretary laugh along with the familiar sound of a message being sent.Over in the south side of the city, in the crib of one Tyrone Williams, Nancy Danvers sat naked in front of the black man who laid naked on his bed. On his back, Tyrone had his feet pointing to the ceiling whilst he held his arms around his knees.“Mhmm.” Nancy’s big tits hung down as she leaned over Tyrone’s butt. Her pretty face buried between the black man’s ass cheeks. Her tongue poking his butthole.“Yeahh… eat that ass.” Tyrone grunted as the white woman licked his ass.Oh yess… Nancy was in such a state of arousal, furiously licking Tyrone’s butthole. Her wet tongue sliding up and down, over his anus.Mmm… For a moment she slowed down and swirled her tongue around the crack. Nancy just loved to lick black men’s asses, it made her feel like such a slut.“Damn, she’s a freak.” Jamal, Tyrone’s buddy laid naked next to him and looked down at Nancy.“Damn, right she is.” Tyrone felt Nancy’s tongue poking his sphincter.“Yo, give my boy here some attention.” Tyrone looked down at Nancy.”Mhm…” Nancy had just managed to stick the tip of her tongue into his tight butthole and didn’t really want to stop. But she knew that she had another sexy black man to please and she couldn’t wait to lick his ass as well.As Nancy leaned up, her eyes absolutely glistened with lust. Though before she had a chance to scoot over to Jamal, her phone beeped with a message.“Oh, sorry, I should have turned off the tone.” Nancy felt so embarrassed as she got up and hurried over to the table next to the bed where she had put the phone. She didn’t want anything like that to bother the black men she was with.“Nah, that’s okay.” Both Tyrone and Jamal enjoyed the sight of the blonde’s naked body as she got up. Her big fake tits that only slightly bounced when she got up were something Jamal had his eyes on, whilst Tyrone more focused on her big round juicy butt.”Oh, hehe.” Nancy accidentally opened the message and giggled when she saw the video Joanne had sent of Jim.“What’s up?” Tyrone asked having heard Nancy’s giggle.“Oh sorry, it was just a video of my sissy husband.” Nancy looked over at the two sexy and very naked black men on the bed.“Why don’t you come over and show us.” Tyrone liked the sound of sissy husband. He loved fucking women in front of their husbands.“Oh, okay.” Nancy smiled whilst she walked over and got up in between the two black men. Slowly she leaned up against Tyrone, pressing her breasts against his arm, whilst Jamal got up behind her. A small sigh escaped her mouth when she felt his rock hard cock up against her back.“Here’s… the video.” Almost not able to focus on the video, being caught between the two hot black men, Nancy fumbled a little with the phone before she was able to hit play.I’m Jim and I’m a cuckold… Jim’s voice came through the phone’s speakers as the three of them watched the video with great amusement.“Haha… hahaha.” Both Tyrone and Jamal laughed when they saw the white guy in the suit, with his pants around his ankles.Nancy felt herself getting wet between her legs when she heard the black men laugh at her husband. She loved it when Jim got humiliated by black men.“That yo husband?” Jamal asked whilst the video looped.“Yes, that’s Jim, my husband.” Nancy smiled.“Damn, you weren’t kidding, what a wimp.” Jamal felt his dick grow rock hard now that he could put a face on the woman’s husband. He knew that she was married, but now he could picture him sitting there whilst he fucked his wife.“He really is.” Nancy could feel Jamal’s cock stiffen as it pressed up against her back.”Yo, wait, is his dick locked up or something.” Jamal hadn’t looked down at the guy’s crotch and finally noticed the chastity belt.“Oh yes, he’s wearing his chastity belt. Can’t have him getting hard without my permission.” Nancy smiled.“Damn…Yo, keep that video playing.” Jamal quickly got up behind Nancy, he just couldn’t wait any longer.Tyrone, who could tell that his buddy was getting ready to take Nancy from behind, pushed himself further istanbul travesti up on the bed and moved his left leg around Nancy so she was in between his legs.Oh yess… Nancy hungrily looked up at Tyrone’s big black cock at the same time as she raised her butt up in the air, and got onto her elbows and knees. In her left hand, she held her phone that played the video on repeat and pointed it back at Jamal.Yeah, motherfucker, I’m about to fuck your wife… Jamal looked at the video while he plunged his thick cock in between Nancy’s pussy lips, stretching her pussy wide.“Oh god yessss!” Nancy moaned out loud. Though her moans quickly became soft mumbles as she took Tyrone’s bulbous cockhead into her mouth.Yeah… yeahh… With a firm grip on Nancy’s hips, Jamal slammed her pussy hard. His eyes kept going back to the video of the woman’s husband. In his mind, he had all those white men who had refused his employment in the past. Now he was fucking their wives, and it was the most empowering feeling in the world.”Oh goddd, I’m cummmiiiinnnng!” Tyrone’s big cock popped out of Nancy’s mouth as she screamed out in orgasm.Jamal even picked up his pace when he felt the warmth and wetness of the woman’s orgasm surround his cock. He could even hear a soft splashing sound as his cock pushed in and out of her pussy.Just on the other side of the thin walls of Tyrone’s apartment, Cassandra Thomson, a thin white girl in her mid-twenties had leaned up against the wall to feel the thumps.“Oh yeah, you little cuck, eat my pussy.” She looked down at her boyfriend who had his face buried between her thighs.A while back Cassandra had moved with her boyfriend Jake to the apartment complex downtown, so she could be surrounded by black men. It wasn’t uncommon for Jake to come home from his low paying job and find his girlfriend either in bed with a black man, or by the sofa sucking off a black man whilst he watched his TV.“Oh oh oh oh oh!” Over at Tyrone’s, Nancy just couldn’t hold up her phone anymore. Jamal had been fucking her so amazingly hard that she could barely suck Tyrone.“Fuckk!” Jamal felt that intense and familiar feeling in his balls.“Turn over!” He pulled out of Nancy who hurried to flip over and lay down on her back. The moment the back of her head hit the soft mattress a warm stream of cum splashed across her face.Oh yess… Was all she could think as more and more cum splashed across her face. The sensation was so great that another orgasm built up inside of her, and when she finally remembered to open her mouth and felt Jamal’s sperm land on her tongue, she exploded.”Ahhhhh!” Nancy orgasmed hard. Almost at the same time, she felt thick wads of cum fill her mouth. It was so thick and warm. She couldn’t believe how a man could come that much.“Mhmm…” As the orgasm slowly subsided, and with a mouth full of cum, Nancy slowly opened her eyes, and there she saw Tyrone on his knees, stroking his thick black cock.Oh… mmm… She smiled to herself when she realized that the delicious cum she had in her mouth, must be Tyrones. She knew that black men usually came a lot, but not to the amount that she had on her face and in her mouth. For a moment she savored the semen in her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue whilst looking up at the two sweaty black men kneeling over her, stroking their cocks. Then, with a naughty glance, Nancy swallowed the huge load of cum.Outside, Janeka Harris was on her way up the stairs to her apartment on the third floor. She had just finished the day shift at the local Mart and was heading home to grab something to eat before her second job at the seven eleven started.Janeka was quite a robust black woman. With her wide hips and huge butt, she had no problem filling out her size 18w jeans. And with each step up the staircase, her large and heavy breasts jiggled inside her purple blouse. At thirty-nine, and having had two kids that were now adults, her breasts had indeed sagged quite a bit, but with Janeka’s curvy figure, their size and natural droopiness made her an even sexier woman.Stepping out into the hallway of her floor, she noticed a blonde woman over by Tyrone’s apartment. Since the woman was turned away and was kissing Tyrone and Jamal goodbye, Janeka didn’t recognize her at first, though her first thought was that it might be Nancy, the woman she had met a little over a week ago at Tyrone’s.Janeka still thought about the amazing evening, where she, Nancy and Tamika from the first floor had been gang banged by Tyrone and seven other black men. Before meeting Nancy, Janeka had always been the freaky woman amongst other women, but in Nancy, she had found some competition for the title.As Janeka got closer and the woman turned, she recognized Nancy. The image of the two of them being fucked in the ass from behind whilst a sexy black man shot his load on her face sprung to Janeka’s mind. Though it was the part where Nancy leaned over and licked some of the cum from her face, kissed her and swapped cum with her, which istanbul travesti made her think that she might have found her match in the freaky department.On the way over, Nancy lit up when she recognized Janeka. She had really wanted to exchange phone numbers with her. Having become quite friendly with her at the party, Nancy wanted to meet up with her again.”Hey, Nancy.” Janeka smiled as Nancy came up to her.”Hey, Janeka.” Nancy was really glad to meet up with her since she wasn’t sure where she lived.”I see you’ve had a good time.” Janeka looked over at Tyrone’s apartment where he and Jamal were still talking a bit.“Oh yes.” Nancy glanced over at the two black men and then back at Janeka with a naughty smile.“Want to have a taste?” She leaned in a bit closer.Janeka saw Nancy discreetly lick her lips, and knew instantly that she still had the taste of cum in her mouth.Oh yes, I do… Was Janeka’s first thought, though there were a lot of noisy neighbors in the building, and if anyone saw her kissing a woman, not to mention a white woman, she would never hear the end of it. Even with the noisy neighbors in mind, she didn’t want to give up the chance to taste some delicious cum, especially not after a long day’s work.“Okay…” Janeka looked around to make sure none of her neighbors had their doors open.“Quick.” Janeka looked over at Nancy and almost immediately felt the woman’s soft lips and tongue slide into her mouth.”Mmm.” At first, she was met with the sweet taste of Nancy’s saliva, but then her senses were overwhelmed by the strong sensation and odor of masculinity. The taste of a man’s potent semen.“Mmm, wish you could have been in there with them.” Nancy leaned back and smiled, having kissed Janeka for a quick second.“Me too.” Janeka felt so horny. What she wouldn’t give to be taken by Tyrone and Jamal right now.“Hey, would you maybe want to exchange numbers? We could meet up sometime…” Nancy leaned in a bit closer.“And maybe get together with some handsome black men.” Nancy hoped that Janeka felt the same way as she did.“I like the sound of that.” Janeka took out her phone and tapped her way to her phone number.”Here you go.” Janeka held up her phone whilst Nancy typed it into her phone and called her new friend up.“And there you go.” Nancy smiled as Janeka saved her friend’s number.“Well, it was really nice seeing you again.” Nancy leaned in and gave Janeka a hug.“You too.” Janeka hugged her back.All the while, Tyrone and Jamal had been talking and looking over at the two women.“Wouldn’t mind getting down with those two again.” Tyrone nodded.“Damn dawg, you been with them both?” Jamal hadn’t been home for Tyrone’s party last week.Tyrone nodded with a smug grin.Over on the upper west side, in the suburbs, Jim was in the kitchen, wearing his usual pink apron. He had just arrived home from work and thought that he would whip up a small snack for himself and Nancy before the evening. Having finished up the light chicken salad, Jim began to go through the recipe for his double strawberry cheesecake.For this particular evening, since their son Evan and his wife Breona were coming over, Jim and Nancy were both making their specialties in the kitchen. Nancy was quite known for her lamb casserole, and Jim for his mashed potatoes with garlic and spring herbs.Though last time, Jim had been scolded quite badly by Breona for his mashed potatoes, so this time he was going to make sure that it was the best one he had ever made. Not only that, but he had planned to make a cheesecake that he had learned from his son that she really liked.”Jim, honey, you alone?” Nancy asked softly. She had seen her husband’s car in the driveway when she got home but wanted to make sure none of their neighbors were over.”Yes, honey,” Jim called out from the kitchen.”Oh. That’s strange. Because usually, my wimpy little cuck would be over here to greet me when I got home.” Nancy’s tone change to a more firmer one.”Oh, sorry, dear… I…” Jim came out in his pink apron, lightly apologizing, happy to see his wife. Straight away though, he was met by his wife’s stern stare and knew straight away that he should have heard her coming in and greeted her properly.Without saying another word, Jim got down on his hands and knees and crawled over to his wife’s feet. Pressing his lips against her big toe, he first kissed each one and then proceeded to try and suck them.“Well, I guess I won’t be letting him out today either.” Meghan stood over by the staircase with a smirk on her face. The key to her dad’s chastity belt would remain on the desk in her room for yet another day. Like her mom did, she had kept the key somewhere in the open so her dad could see it, knowing he wouldn’t dare to take it without her permission.Nancy laughed as she looked down at her husband and then over at her daughter.Jim, on the other hand, tried to hide his small sigh. He had been locked up for almost a week now, and every single day he felt his penis strain hard against the cage as it tried to grow to an erection.“You look absolutely stunning honey, I guess you must really like David.” Nancy knew her daughter had a date with her boyfriend today, and looking at her, the way she had made her hair, her makeup, a new top that really showed off her perky breasts and the snuggest pair of jeans, she must really like him.

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