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Meeting Their Match

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He was nervous as he’d ever been. He sat at the bar constantly looking at his watch. “Was it 7:30 yet?” he thought. The last few days had been amazing. They’d talked every night so far. It had started off just another username on a website. Robert had been single a while. He’d tried bars, but never felt comfortable enough meeting new people like that. Late night TV had given him his answer. Commercials for websites were constant after 11pm, just like infomercial. Each sold their own product. He’d laughed at the commercials at first. Lots of very beautiful and sexual ladies just waiting for your call. Yeah right. More like fat truckers in their underwear, one hand on the keyboard the other with paper towels. Still, it could be a bit of fun. And so he’d logged on. He’d created a profile, just basic stuff. Some of the questions were both detailed and explicit. Thankfully an “Ask me” response was provided. He’d looked through profiles for an hour or two. Some he knew had to be the truckers. A few seemed genuine. They even said so. Some of the pictures were amazing. As were the private galleries that he’d come across. He’d seen porn with more discretion. He’d sent greetings to a few profiles. They seemed the more sane. There had been a few replies back and a few conversations had started. Just casual at first, with basic small talk and get to know you banter. He wasn’t a big fan of texting as a way of getting to know someone. Knowing someone came from speaking to them, either on the phone or in person. In the end, he’d come across a lovely woman called, Sarah. She had dark, wavy hair and a sweet face. She looked Latino with olive skin. Although, it was via text, he felt she had a witty sense of humour. A person you could laugh with was always a bonus. Over the first few hours they’d exchanged messages and slowly got to know one another. Both were single and never married. Both sceptical about websites but open minded, and both looking to meet someone. Robert felt himself smiling while talking to Sarah. The website had a video chat function, so after a few hours messaging he’d suggested that. Sarah had agreed and they’d got to see each other. The cameras weren’t exactly full HD, but Sarah was as beautiful as her profile picture had suggested. Robert had smiled even more and he’d seen Sarah smiling back. Her smile seemed open and friendly. She wasn’t dressed like the commercials suggested. No lingerie. Just some flannel pyjamas with her hair tied back. He wasn’t exactly in formal wear himself, so they got more comfortable with each other, feeling relaxed. As it got later, they regretted having to say goodnight, but both realized they would have to. Before they did, Robert asked her for her number, she smiled again on camera since she was just about to type it to him when he’d asked. He wrote it down and waved goodnight. She blew him a kiss before switching off. He thought about waiting till the next day, but decided to call anyway. He dialled the number nervously. Although he’d seen her, the video chat didn’t allow for voice. She answered on the first ring. “Hello Robert,” she said in a soft sweet voice. “Wasn’t sure you’d call, but had a feeling.” Robert could hear the good natured laugh in her voice. “Hi Sarah. I just wanted to hear your voice before we said goodnight.” She laughed into the phone. “Was thinking the same. It’s been good talking to you,” she replied as she yawned a little. She giggled, “I best get some sleep though. Hopefully I can talk to you after work tomorrow. Or today, rather.” Robert looked at his watch, seeing 3 a.m. flashing at him. Time had sped by so fast. “I’m sorry keeping you up so late, it went so quickly.” “I feel the same. Has been so nice talking to you.” Robert got the bursa escort feeling that they could both end up talking till they watched the sun rise together. “I better go before dawn hits us.” He laughed “I’ll call you tonight. Is around 7:0 0 okay?” “That would be great. Sweet dreams, Robert.” “Sweet dreams, Sarah.” They hung up. Robert woke the next morning feeling good. Last night had been fun. He’d always found good conversation to be uplifting and Sarah had been great. He’d had a few hot thoughts about her before going to sleep. He hadn’t been able to not stroke his cock. Normally he’d have watched some porn or even dialled a phone sex line to help get him off, but he’d pictured Sarah in his mind and his orgasm had hit quick and powerful. It had been a few months since his last relationship. Sex was becoming a faded memory to him. Time would tell. He checked his phone, seeing a text message waiting for him. “Good morning. Had a great time last night. Have a good day. Talk to you tonight.” Robert smiled again. He wondered if he’d had the same effect on her as she’d had on him. That though came close to making him late for work. Robert’s work day seemed to drag. He was so focused on getting home at 7 p.m. He finished work and came home. He ate a small meal and did a few things around his apartment to keep himself occupied. He was excited, but not too nervous. 7 p.m. came and two minutes after he dialled Sarah’s number. She answered after a few rings and he heard her sweet voice again. They talked away most of the evening. Sarah admitted she’d been thinking about him during work as he had. They talked and flirted a little. Robert found she could be very subtle about her sexuality. Leaving him aroused and guessing. It was enticing to him. After a few hours talking, they agreed to get a drink together. Tomorrow was Friday and neither of them worked weekends, so they wouldn’t be pressed for time. Both suspected it wouldn’t be a quick drink. They said goodnight around midnight. Both were reluctant to hang up, but eager for tomorrow. He loved her voice. It was very smooth. He could hear excitement and happiness in her voice. It was intoxicating. After hanging up, he was so horny he almost burst. He stroked his cock to another hard, quick orgasm. When he’d finished, his cock was still hard, needing attention. He heard her voice in his head. The softness and sensuality driving him wild. He went into his drawers next to his bed where he kept his porn. In it, he took out a six inch vibrator and some lube, used when feeling exceptionally horny. He applied some lube to the vibrator and slowly pushed it into his ass. When it was all the way in he turned it to a pulse setting. Feeling it buzz in his ass, sending shivers through his body. He began moving it in and out of his ass as he stroked his cock again. He closed his eyes, envisioning Sarah. Her long wavy her and bright smile. She’d teased him a little on camera. Nothing too overt, just a hint of skin here and there. The pyjamas she’d worn had shown just enough curves that he could imagine her breasts being full and firm. He began stroking his cock faster as he pumped the vibrator in and out of his ass. The feeling was so good, he couldn’t hold back. He came harder than before, his come erupting out onto his chest, as the vibrator continued to pulse in his ass. He lay there on his bed, spent. After a few minutes he cleaned up and got into bed. Content and sleepy, knowing he’d meet Sarah tomorrow. He awoke the next morning, still sleepy but eager to get moving. He’d satisfied himself last night, but his cock was already hard as he got in the shower. He considered stroking himself again, but decided if things went very well, he might need the bursa escort bayan energy tonight. He got out of the shower, starting to get ready for work. He noticed a message on his phone. It was Sarah. “See you tonight,” it read. He played the attached video. She was blowing him a kiss. Her full lips, so lovely, with just the hint of naughtiness to it. Robert could barely restrain himself. He was so horny. The vision of those soft full lips. Kissing them or being around his cock flooded his head. He took some deep breaths and got ready for work. How he was going to concentrate today, he didn’t know, but he’d persevere. “Until tonight,” he thought. Now he was sitting at the bar, waiting. He’d barely registered work. A few of his friends had asked him if he was okay. He’d said he was fine, just something on his mind. Finishing time had come. He almost ran out the door, getting into his car and heading home. He showered and cleaned up, gotten dressed and raced out the door. He was a little early, so he ordered a beer to calm himself before she got here. It was a small cafe bar he’d noticed a few times. It was half full, so he had a few stools at the bar to himself. It was a casual place, with music playing and a low murmur of conversation from other patrons. He sipped his beer, trying not to look at his watch for the hundredth time. Just at 7:30, he looked to the door and saw her walk in. She was dressed in a light colour blouse and jeans with heeled half boots. Her dark hair was down, just past her shoulders. The jeans weren’t painted on, but gave a perfect outline of a narrow waist and tight, yet curvy butt. She spotted him at the bar. Smiling, she walked towards him. She was walking sexuality, a small sway to her hips, sophisticated and sexy. She reached him, still smiling. Robert almost had to shake himself, thinking this was a dream. She leant in, kissing him on the check, hello. She smelled so nice. Just a touch of perfume mixed with natural scent. He beckoned her to sit and she climbed onto the stool to his left. Crossing her legs at the ankles. She was taller than he’d thought, about 5’9″. Every inch was amazing. She put her hand on his arm. “It’s so nice to meet you. I was nervous today,” she said in the soft voice, mimicking his very thoughts. He smiled back. “I was thinking the same thing. Today seemed to drag on.” They shared a small laugh. “Would you like a drink? Robert asked. “Red wine, please.” He ordered and soon they had their drinks and were continuing their easy conversation. They laughed and flirted a little. Every so often, Sarah’s hand would fall to Robert’s leg and touch lightly. As the night wore on and they talked more, her hand seemed to move higher up. This was having an obvious effect on Robert. He’d touched her arm a few times, just to feel her skin. Her voice continued to mesmerize him and he noticed her breathing change when he touched her. Her hand on his leg had turned him from aroused to hard as rock. Having been aroused as it was he’d worn boxers tonight, to give him room. Now he was hard, reaching half way down his thigh. The next time she touched his leg, her hand just brushed the head of his now throbbing cock with her fingers tips. She seemed startled at first, realizing what she’d found, gasping softly. Her hand went still for a moment as they both stopped talking. It’s where both weren’t sure what would happen next. Sarah gave him a smile that was pure naughtiness. With a slight blush, she moved her fingers across the head of his cock. Trailing her finger tips from his head all the way along his shaft. Robert shivered at her touch. Hoping he wouldn’t come from her touch alone. She leaned in towards him placing a soft kiss on his lips. escort bursa It didn’t stay that way for long as both their mouths opened. Her kiss was soft, yet hungry. As their mouths opened, he tasted her lips and felt her tongue touch his. He put his hand to the small of her back. He wanted to pull her from her stool on to him. They broke from the kiss. Both a little breathless. Her fingers had never left his cock. He felt near to exploding with lust. Feeling his cock throb, he knew she could feel it too. She looked into his eyes, her own smouldering with the same lust he felt. “How far away is you place?” she said breathlessly. “Five minutes,” he said, when he could speak. His whole body was bursting with lust for this woman. Walking with his cock this hard was going to be uncomfortable. “Let’s go,” she breathed into his ear, giving his cock another rub before getting of her stool. Robert paid the check and followed Sarah out to the parking lot. He watched her hips and ass move with more of a sway this time. He felt like ripping her clothes off and taking her on a car’s hood. When they got to her car, she turned around and put her arms about his head. His wrapped around her waist pulling her into his body. The mouths coming together for a deep kiss as their bodies were crushed together. He felt her breasts against his chest, large and firm. They kissed deep and hungry, their mouths and tongues moving and tasting each other. They broke again, breathless and hungry. Sarah got in her car, Robert running around to the other side and getting in. He gave her directions to his apartment and they sped out of the car park. Sarah was either an aggressive driver or in as much of a hurry as he was. They arrived at his place in barely any time at all and made their way to his front door. Robert fumbled with his keys, having trouble focusing. She giggled a little. They made it inside, before falling into a hard kiss and crushing embrace. Robert could feel her strength as she crushed his face to hers. He picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist, and carried her to the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. They fell onto the bed, Sarah’s legs wrapped around his waist, still locked in their kiss. He thought to move from her but found himself flipped over onto his back with her astride him. Robert loved aggressive women. Submissive partners were not his thing. A woman with a fierce sexuality that was open was so hard to find, yet so worth it. She kissed his neck. Unbuttoning his shirt, she kissed her way down his body, sucking on both nipples. Her hand found his belt, undoing it and opening his pants. His throbbing cock came free just as she got down there. She took it in her hand first, giving it a few strokes. Looking up his body, a look of pure lust on her face as she stroked him. It was maddening. She lowered her mouth onto his cock, almost taking it all in at the first try. Robert had had a number of slow sensual blow jobs in his life. This was nothing like them. She devoured his cock with quick, long sucks taking more into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. He heard her moaning as she sucked. He was moaning himself, the sensation so good. He put his hand to the back of her head moving her hair to the side to see her mouth working on him. She looked up in between sucks with that same look of lust in her eyes. Her tongue and warm mouth was bringing him. He couldn’t hold it any longer. She sensed it and increased her pace. “I’m going to come,” he groaned, as he came into her mouth, hard. He gripped the back of her head, spurt after spurt erupted into her mouth. She swallowed in gulps; some came out between her lips as she milked the last drop out of his cock. She rose up from his cock, his come on her lips. She whipped her lips with her finger, putting it into her mouth and swallowing the last drop. Though completely shattered, that sight had his cock coming back to life. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra. Her full breasts fell free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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