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Melvin’s Magic Love Juice Ch. 08

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Melvin stood inside of Courtney’s apartment and wondered how he’d gotten himself into such a mess. Here he was, finally getting lucky with women, and it had already come back to bite him firmly on the ass. Last week, he wouldn’t have been able to get half a dozen women to talk to him (let alone anything more), but in the small time frame of the last two days, he could barely walk down the street without being accosted and having his clothes torn off by amorous females. He had a self-proclaimed witch and her so-called magic love juice to both thank and blame for his current troubles.

“I can’t believe it’s you. What are you doing here?” the girl standing before him asked, her brown pigtails bobbing as she bounced anxiously on the balls of her feet. She gave him an expectant look, and Melvin realized that the girl thought that he was there for her.

She apparently figured that Melvin had followed her home or asked for her address at the cafe and then came looking for her. After all, he had given her quite the show earlier in the day with his ex wife’s cute niece, Tina, while the girl watched, pleasuring herself on the men’s room counter. Needless to say, it had been a long and interesting day. The pigtailed woman had been Melvin’s waitress at lunch, and here she was again, this time as Courtney’s roommate.

“Actually, I’m Courtney’s date tonight,” Melvin said, his collar feeling tight. He pulled at it with one hand, but it didn’t help much. His face burned.

“You? YOU’RE the sweet guy that looks at her with big puppy dog eyes every day at lunch? This is so wild,” the girl said, placing the palm of one hand against her cheek in unbelief. After a moment, she stuck out her in hand in his direction.

“By the way, in case you didn’t notice the name tag while I was fingering myself, I’m Shelly. Shelly Stone. Pleased to meet you,” she said, and Melvin took her hand in a friendly shake. In a way, it seemed funny to be shaking her hand and introducing themselves like civilized adults after their earlier experience at lunch.

“Melvin MacMuffin,” he said and laughed loudly. He couldn’t help himself. Shelly joined him. She was right: the situation was definitely wild. Melvin knew that life was ripe with coincidence and circumstance, but this was ridiculous. Then again, why shouldn’t Courtney be friends and roommates with one of her coworkers? Melvin shouldn’t have been as surprised to see Shelly as he was, but still… he had to laugh at it all.

“Who is it?” Courtney’s voice called from a far room, cutting their laughter short. Her head popped out from behind a bedroom door, and Melvin felt tingles course pleasurably through his stomach as he caught sight of her.

“It’s Melvin!” Shelly called back and stifled a giggle with one hand.

“I’ll be out in a sec!” Courtney replied and ducked her head back into the room. Shelly turned back to Melvin.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t told her a thing. I don’t know how she’d react to the thought of me masturbating as I watched two strangers bang in the men’s room,” she said, her brown eyes sparkling. She hesitated for a moment.

“Hey, if you get lucky tonight…”

“Yes?” Melvin said, but he already knew what was coming,

“Think I can watch? I’m sure Courtney won’t mind,” Shelly said in an embarrassed way, twiddling her thumbs and looking down at the floor, her cheeks blushing red.

Melvin gulped. He wanted his time shared with Courtney to be special and romantic, not lustily perverse. The thought of using Courtney as a sexual object and having someone watch them make love just seemed wrong. This was somewhat odd, considering what he’d done and how much he’d changed in the last two days.

“We’ll see,” he said, not wanting to upset her. Who knew what she’d say to Courtney if Melvin said the wrong thing and pissed her off? He certainly didn’t want Courtney to know what Shelly had seen him doing at lunch.

“If it helps, I have a date tonight, too. With Tina,” Shelly said, her eyes roving up to meet his own. Shelly twisted the toes of one foot into the floor, her knee pointed inward, a stance most associated with naughty schoolgirls. She raised her hand and began chewing on a nail.

“Tina, my n… er… my ex wife’s niece? From today?” Melvin said, stunned. When had this all come about? As if things couldn’t get worse, Shelly and Tina were both going to be together and causing hell. Undoubtedly, they’d get it in their sexy little heads that Melvin and Courtney would be up for some dirty fun.

This was the exact kind of situation that Melvin wanted to steer clear from tonight. He didn’t want Courtney merely for her body, and he wanted her to know that. He felt there was no sense in rushing things or ruining them with a hasty fling. He didn’t want things to become overly complicated too fast, and who knew what would happen if Abby, his ex wife, showed up out of nowhere?

At least, he had a plan. If you could call it that…


“Red team, this is gold team. Over,” Richie spoke into the walkie talkie, mashing the kurtköy escort send button and speaking in a low, serious voice typically only heard in war movies. Brenda Briswell sat next to him in the passenger seat of Richie’s Lexus, and she rolled her eyes, wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into. She should have known better than to finally give in to Richie’s pestering. All Brenda wanted was to get him to shut up and leave her alone, and now she was stuck playing cops-and-robbers with Richie and Brenda’s twin sister, Bridget, off in some other car at an undisclosed location.

“Is this really necessary? I mean, is our whole date going to be like this?” Brenda said after a wary sigh.

“This red team. We copy you. What’s up, Gold leader? Over,” the walkie talkie buzzed in Richie’s hand. The voice on the line was that of Bridget Briswell, Brenda’s sister. She was also on a date, but with a beefy security guard who got a huge kick out of all the snooping around and thought the stealthy surveillance they were doing was the coolest thing ever. Richie turned to Brenda.

“You mean you’re not having fun? I mean, this is mostly your sister’s idea,” Richie said and then spoke into the walkie talkie. “Red team, this is gold team. All quiet on the western front. Anything your way? Over.”

“Gold team, this is red team. It’s beer o’clock, and all is well. Over,” a male’s voice said, apparently Bridget’s date wanted his turn to speak on the walkie talkie. Richie held back his laughter; he could tell that Brenda was not enjoying herself. He should have asked out her sister.

“Don’t worry, Melvin’s going to contact us and let us know where we’re going to not-so accidentally run into him for dinner. Then we’ll all sit down, have a little get together, and keep our eyes open for the likes of Melvin’s ex. You’re in for an entertaining night. If I know Abby, she’s got to be around her somewhere,” Richie said to Brenda, patting her reassuringly on the arm. Brenda leaned the seat back and put her hands over her eyes. She tried not to think about all the other things she could have been doing tonight.

“This is ridiculous,” she groaned.

“But fun as hell,” Richie said and held the walkie talkie to his lips.


Bridget’s elbows were on the dashboard, and her eyes were focused through the windshield on the apartment building where Courtney lived. The last remnants of the day’s thunderstorm pit-pattered against the windows. She couldn’t remember the last time that she’d been on a date, and this was certainly the strangest date that she had ever experienced. She hoped that Joey was having as good of a time as she was. She knew how she could make sure he did.

She smiled, thinking that what she was about to do would have never crossed her mind before Melvin. She had him and the witch and the love juice to thank for that, and if things didn’t turn out the way she wanted them do, she knew that she still wouldn’t ever go back to the way she was before: a major tight-ass.

After all, she barely knew the guy sitting next to her for more than a quick hello and goodbye as she walked by his desk every day, and playing with boys you don’t know wouldn’t be considered very kosher by the likes of her parents, may their souls rest in peace. But it was going to be oh so much fun.

“You know, Joey,” she said, turning her head to face him. “All this secret agent stuff kinda… well, it turns me on. What about you?” She slipped a thumb through her lips and sucked on it coyly. She turned her head to the side, allowing some of her blonde hair to fall in her face. The right strap of her dress strategically fell from her shoulder, and Bridget didn’t bother pushing it back to its upright position.

Joey gulped and said, “Uh… actually… YOU kinda turn me on, Bridget.”

Bridget smiled in reply. “Really?” she said. “Prove it.”

Her delicate hands floated through the air and flittered to Joey’s belt. She saw the crotch of his pants bulging more and more with the evidence of his hard-on; it appeared to be a sizable one which was a good sign for later tonight if Bridget’s plans all fell into place. She unbuckled his belt and took the zipper between her thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled it down. Joey moaned anxiously as Bridget’s hands slipped through his open fly and fished out his raging erection.

“Now, keep your eyes open. We’ve got a job to do, don’t we? And it wouldn’t be very polite of us to let out friends down.” She wrapped her fingers around the thickness of Joey’s flesh; it was hot in her hands. “You’re going to have to stay alert for the both of us,” Bridget instructed as her head began to dip down towards Joey’s stiff, pink pole.

Joey gritted his teeth and forced his eyes open as Bridget’s mouth encased his shaft, and sharp, sweet pleasure coursed over him. So far, this was the best date he’d ever had.


“You look amazing,” Melvin said, unable to take his eyes off of Courtney’s gorgeous figure. She wore a black-and-white checkered miniskirt, revealing her mouthwateringly malatya escort long legs, and a low cut white blouse, unbuttoned to the busty V-curve of her chest. A necklace dangled down her slim neck, glittering in the light. A pair of black boots ended half way up her calves. Her red hair was pulled back into a stylish bun on the back of her head, held by long black pins that Melvin for some reason associated with Japanese women, and Melvin wondered what her hair would look like unfurling and falling to her shoulders: undoubtedly the whole point of having a bun like hers was to get a man desperate to undo it. It was certainly working.

“Thank you,” she said, her cheeks somewhat pink from the flattery.

“Oh yeah, Court. You’re a perfect ten tonight, babe,” Shelly added, her eyes almost as glued to Courtney’s body as Melvin’s were. Both Melvin and Shelly were suddenly knocked out of their daze by a rapping against the apartment door. Melvin blinked, and Shelly almost leapt out of her clothes and to the ceiling in excitement and scurried to the door.

“Tina!” she cried, unlatching the lock and pulling the door open. Melvin felt his own excitement drop and be replaced with another serving of gurgling liquid dread. He stepped closer to Courtney, and she looked at him with her glowing hazel eyes.

“Well, shall we be off?” he asked her, wanting to be out of the apartment before Tina and Shelly could gang up on them and ask to tag along. Courtney’s eyes locked onto his own, and Melvin’s head felt dizzy. It wasn’t unlike the sensation he’d had the first time he’d met the witch and taken her love juice. What was this feeling? Love? Lust? Something else?

“Uncle Melvin?” Tina’s perky voice called over his shoulder. “What are ya doin’ here?” Tina Swift was a cute, curly-haired blonde with curves strategically created to bring men to their knees.

“He’s got a date with my roommate!” Shelly cried, her voice giddy with shrill giggles. Melvin prepared himself and turned around to say hello to his ex wife’s niece and was doubly struck dumb by the fact that Tasha, the female janitor he’d fucked in a supply closet earlier in the day, stood next to her at the door. He vaguely recalled Tasha telling him that she was Tina’s roommate this semester.

“This is Natasha Turner, one of my roommates. Ashley was goin’ out with some obnoxious boy, and I didn’t want to leave Tasha all alone on a Friday night with nothing to do but herself,” Tina said with a bark of laughter. “I hope you don’t mind, Shelly.”

Shelly shook her head, “No, I don’t mind at all! The more the merrier, right?” She slipped a wink in Melvin’s direction. He already did not like the direction the night was turning, and it had barely started. Tasha caught Melvin’s gaze and held it, a funny look on her face.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr…?” Tasha stuck her hand towards Melvin, and he took it in a firm and steady handshake. Funny that they were pretending to not know each other, and also that he and Tasha had already experienced one another sexually but truly didn’t know each other’s last names. Melvin could hear the witch’s musical laughter ringing in his ears. No doubt that she would be getting a helluva kick out of all of this.

“MacMuffin. Melvin. Nice to meet you, Ms. Turner,” Melvin said, and their pseudo-introductory handshake ended. Melvin shied his eyes away from Tasha’s knowing expression. He couldn’t go through the whole evening like this, trying to cover up his sordid past at every corner, at every turn. The worst thing about it was that the events of his sordid past existed only from the past two days. They were like fresh cuts that still bled if you poked them.

“Well, we don’t want to keep you from your fun,” Melvin said. “So I think we’ll go ahead and get going.”

“Don’t be silly,” Shelly interjected, standing between Melvin and Courtney and slipping her hands around both of their waists, pulling them close. “We can all stick together if you two want. Might be exciting!”

Courtney grinned, dimples forming at the corners of her mouth, and she said sweetly, “It’s all up to Melvin.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Mel. If you’re worried ‘bout privacy, you’ll barely know we’re there,” Tina said, flashing him her widest smile.


Bridget slowly stroked Joey into her lovely mouth, her other hand not forgetting to massage his balls with gentle caresses. Bridget enjoyed the way Joey ran his fingers through her hair; for such a muscular man, his touch was surprisingly soft and sweet. Her tongue slid on the underside of his shaft, and Bridget worked her mouth so that it twisted and turned over Joey’s erection, her tongue twirling, careful not to miss any potentially sensitive nerve-endings. All the hours spent practicing on Brenda’s dildo were finally paying off. She slurped up her excess saliva, the noise wet and loud in her own ears. She slipped his cock out of her mouth for a moment.

“I hope you like your blow jobs sloppy,” she told him, carefully wiping her mouth. She’d have to reapply her lipstick after this kayseri escort particular session.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Joey breathed. Some of his dark, black hair was matted to his forehead with sweat.

Then the walkie talkie buzzed to life, “Red team this is gold team. Do you copy? Come in. Over.” Joey held the walkie talkie in his hand and raised his eyebrows. Bridget smiled slyly.

“This’ll be interesting,” she said, her head dipping back down to Joey’s crotch. She devoured his cock to the root. She knew she would have this guy eating out the crack of her ass for the rest of her life if she wanted him to; it was strange discovering that she could hold such power over a man. Maintaining his composure, Joey mashed the talk button.

“Gold team, this is red team. We copy you. What’s shaking? Over,” Joey said in as natural a voice as he could muster. Bridget was careful not to scrape Joey’s skin with her teeth as her mouth upturned in a smile. Joey wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this, she could tell. First Melvin, then Joey the security hunk. Bridget wondered who would be next; she felt as if the world was her oyster and she desperately wanted to find a pearl.

“The M-Man just phoned in from his cell. We have a complication. Over,” Richie’s voice said, garbled with static. Bridget felt Joey’s body go tense under her, and she prepared herself for an onslaught of his cum. Her hand on the underside of his balls felt the jizz rush out of his sack and pump through some inner tube; it was a feeling both weird and cool to her.

“Compli…” Joey began and then stammered as his cock burst in Bridget’s mouth, and his breathing became jagged heaves. Bridget felt his semen forcefully spurt into the back of her throat, and she was careful to let herself relax rather than choke and swallowed it down to the last dribbling drop. She sucked the last of it out as if she was guzzling a milk shake through a straw.

“Complication? What do you mean? Over,” Joey said as his breathing became normal, and Bridget slurped up the last drizzles of his orgasm.


Melvin threw some water in his face in the bathroom. Having called Richie with the latest developments, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. How had he gotten roped into spending his evening with not only Courtney (which he would have preferred) but all of her friends (all of which who had slept with him or watched him sleep with them)? The water felt cool and crisp on his warm skin, but it didn’t do the trick. Maybe once they got out of the apartment, he could slip away with Courtney.

Even then, he’d still have Abigail to worry about. Considering that, perhaps it was good that he’d be leaving with a large group of girls. Abby wouldn’t know which one was Courtney (with the exception of Tina, of course, seeing as she was Abby’s niece), and Melvin could use them as a buffer to make his unseen escape. He sighed. At least, he could find a bright side to all of this. He’d have to find a way to get alone with Courtney.

Plus, he knew his friends had his back. Richie and Bridget and their respective dates were running surveillance for him, and he knew that he could count on… well, he could count on Bridget at least. He wasn’t so sure about Richie; he’d be trying too hard to get his “wicky sticky” with Brenda, Bridget’s twin sister.

Melvin dabbed himself dry with a towel, replaced his glasses and stepped out of the bathroom. All of the girls turned to look expectantly at him, momentarily silent from whatever that were discussing. They were a good looking group; he couldn’t deny that. He swallowed.

“Let’s roll,” he said, trying to push the feelings of dread to the back of his mind.


Abigail Sanderson watched Melvin walk out of the apartment complex through a pair of binoculars she’d bought at a nearby gun and ammunition store earlier that night.

She had almost given up on him and had bided her time watching some blonde chick give head to a dude parked in front of the building she was scoping out, but then suddenly there he was, her ex husband in the flesh. She straightened up in her seat and peered through the binoculars. A young group of hotties surrounded Melvin, one of which Abigail recognized as her niece, Tina, the little traitorous slut.

Abigail took her hand out of her unbuttoned jeans where she had recently been playing with herself while watching the horny couple, wiped off her sticky fingers and focused her complete attention on Melvin’s group. She wondered which one was Courtney, and she put her money on the redhead. The other girls were hot, but the redhead was hot in a different kind of way, more of a cute sweetness really, a way that a sensitive guy like Melvin would appreciate. The redhead also seemed to be walking closest to Melvin, so it would make sense that she would be the one that had caught Melvin’s oh so sexy eyes.

Abigail’s free hand went unconsciously to the gun at her side. This was the other purchase that she had made at the gun shop; all it took was a few dollars under the table and a few seductive bats of her large amber eyes, and the owner overlooked any law that might have kept her hands off the weapon for at least a few days. The manipulation of men was one of Abigail’s better talents.

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