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Mikayla, Sold with Terri

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Mikayla, Sold with TerriMikayla meets the newly captured Terri, and together they are thrust unwillingly onto the sales stage.. and sold like meat…Mikayla stood paralyzed with fear, which she had to, with her neck roped up so securely. It was also fortunate for the man kneeling at her feet and wrapping a thick piece a metal around her left ankle. He enclosed the two pieces and then threaded a large bolt thru the eyelet of the cuff’s closing flanges.Attaching a nut on to this bolt with some tools, he grinned up at the glistening and trembling body of Mikayla. “The last little bitch I just sealed up in steel, freaked out once I started putting these on her. The boys had to shock her sweet ass over and over. I think they may have burned her pussy up trying to subdue her. She’s been taken off the auction today and strung back up in the basement to learn her place…I hear you know all about that place.”Mikayla shivered and closed her eyes, her soft whimpers and her frightened anxious tears now spilling down her cheeks. She flexed her rope bound wrists behind her naked body and wished for this nightmare to end.Her obvious distress and fear, was making this lecherous employee of the Boss, hard and wishing he had the money to buy this pretty dark haired young thing. He caressed her inner left thigh after he completed tightening down the nut with a grunt.“You ain’t ever getting out of these things without some major muscle princess. Hope you like steel, cause these are going to be on you for sometime.” He said raising his rough metal worker’s hand to the apex of her thighs. His fingers touched her sex, playing at her folds for a few seconds, before he moved his palm down the inside of her other thigh. Caressing her skin all the way down to her heel.“Though you should count yourself lucky sweetheart. I am bolting these on. I have one employer who likes me to weld this stuff onto you poor stupid cunts. Ain’t no hope of ever getting those off. You should be relieved about this darlin. I bet you feel mighty lucky to be dressed up in steel and auctioned off?” He chuckled as he grasped her right ankle and began to encircle it with the cold thick steel.Mikayla could find no relief in the thought that she was finally leaving this horrid place, by being locked into skin pinching metal restraints that she could never hope to get herself out off and sold like an a****l. Suddenly she let out a squeal around the gag in her mouth. A resounding flesh on flesh smacking noise echoing in the room. A flash of hot spanking pain travelling thru her right ass cheek.“Well slave cunt, you feel lucky? Answer the man!” growled out The Boss. The large portly man in his ill-fitting suit, stood behind Mikayla smoking his trademark cigar and smiling sadistically.“Oh that’s right, Roman’s got a huge fuckin penis gag wedged her sweet cum trap..You can’t say a fuckin word can you cunt? I wonder how loud you can scream though!”Without any warning he puffed on his cigar and then grabbed Mikayla’s rope bound wrists. He wrenched them to the side and then took the glowing stub and pushed it dead into the middle of Mikayla bum cheeks. There was a mournful high-pitched wail emanating from a flailing Mikayla’s throat, her well toned body jerking away from the sizzling smoking instrument.Mikayla’s eyes were open wide in shock and horror now, as The Boss walked around to her front. He reached out with the cigar and slowly circled it around each nipple, just millimetres above her soft delicate breast skin. She clenched her eyes shut waiting for the coming horrific pain she imagined the glowing cigar would inflict. Her knees were shuddering, her legs trembling and her chest tightening and heaving now, as she waited for the pain.“See there buddy, that’s how you make a hot young cunt totally subservient, totally fearfully, totally ready to submit. Just crisp up the delicate parts of their pretty prized bodies every now and then…And the little sluts will do anything you say…That right…..Mi…My…Oh whatever the fuck your name was?” The Boss said, nodding to the man standing there now with another pair of metal shackles. He grinned and then looked back at a terrified Mikayla.He started to move the cigar closer to Mikayla’s left nipple and she at once started to nod her head up and down. ‘Yes, yes , yes’ she tried to mumble around the huge thick gag stuffed in her mouth, ‘I will do anything to not feel that hot stinging agony. Anything Sir’. Her groaned out gagged words just a trail of indecipherable grunts and moans.The Boss moved the cigar away and then laughed, pointing to the man now sizing up Mikayla’s elbows, so he could fasten the steel cuffs to her upper arms.“I wouldn’t have actually burned those lovely titties anyways, too close to auction time. It would have driven down her price. And I think this cunt and the other one we are selling her with, I think we are going to make a killing.”“I believe you Boss, ‘it’ is one mighty fine piece of ass and pussy. And she looks divine in metal. Should I cuff her elbows together too…but no chain links at all…no gap, just mother fucking tight together? Make those young tits of hers really stand out?” he asked, absentmindedly running the hairy back of his socket holding hand, up and down her right breast. Her nipple, on its own, reluctantly puckering and hardening due to his rough caress.“Go for it son, make the cute slut look super hot in some steel. Plus based on the crowd I know is coming to try and buy our lovely selection of ass and cunt, she ain’t gonna being using her arms anytime soon, when one of those bastards buys her.”The man nodded and went to work, wrapping more metal around Mikayla’s upper arms. The closing of the flanges pinching and biting into her skin. She winced as he bolted the cuffs together, no chain links at all and then he breathed into her ear.“Nice and tight, just like I bet your lovely ass is. And guess what princess, once I am done wrapping your lovely arms in steel, one of the perks of this job is that they let me ass fuck what ever pretty slut I want. And from all the pretty girls I have cuffed and chained tonight…I want you!”With a final grunt, he tightened down the last bolt and then slid the long handle end of the thick steel socket wrench in between Mikayla’s quivering ass cheeks. Her entire body shook in its newly sealed restraints, as bahis siteleri she felt the metal of the socket wrench find her puckered hidden hole.He growled into Mikayla’s hair from behind her, “Just need to warm your ass up first, you pretty thing. Just a little tool ass fuckin and then my cock will fill you up.” Finishing up his comment, he bit into the flesh of her neck below her ear and then licked at the nape of neck.Her shoulders started to shudder, as she felt his tongue wetting her neck and she felt the metal rod begin its upward motion. It slowly began to force itself up inside her trapped body. The shaft of the tool piercing her snug anus and making her groan mournfully around her mouth blocking gag.Her eyes once again were brimming with tears as she shut them tight and gurgled out a groan. A despairing muffled scream grew in her chest. The result of his tool disappearing slowly, yet steadily, inch by agonising inch, up into her stinging young ass. The handle of the tool was a rough, almost sandpaper like metal, that allowed the user to keep a firm twisting grip when working hard on tightening a bolt.That same roughness was now doing brutal things to Mikayla’s delicate back entrance. The horror of what was to come during and after this humiliating and painful intrusion, just beginning to dawn on her.She squealed into her gag, trying futilely to rise up on her toes, to escape the upward penetration of the abhorrent tool. She could hear the man laughing behind her as he began to twist and pump the thick metal handle in and out of her on fire ass.“Fuck… your bum is a nice piece of prime fuckable flesh!” he growled into her ear. He had wrapped his body around hers as he reached around with his other hand and dug a long thick calloused finger into her sensitive abused slit. His hard skinned finger digging around in her swollen folds, trying to find her sensitive well ravaged clit.Mikayla could feel the bulge of his rock hard cock, right thru his jeans and leather metal workers apron. Even as he penetrated her ass with the harsh metal and ground his coarse fingertip into her clit, he was rubbing his leather clad hips hard up against her naked exposed side. Her hips, even though she was bound and captive, started to inexplicably move with the motions of his violating hand and finger.“Hey Gord, I need a hand over here. Get your tool out of that cunt’s ass and come over here and help me.” Shouted a voice behind them. Mikayla shuddered and then felt the upward pressure of the tool handle, painfully wedged snug up in her ass, momentarily relax. She internally breathed a sigh of relief as her betraying hips stilled and the pain in her ass momentarily levelled out.Gord, the man violating her ass, let go of the tool handle. But not before leaning in and threatening, “Drop that fuckin tool and scratch it up, and I will crush each of your nipples so hard, the pretty little fuckers will pop!”He turned away from a terrified and butt clenching Mikayla to see what was going on behind him. He laughed as he saw the sight of a large fellow gang member strolling into the prep chamber with a thrashing and screaming young woman over his shoulder. She was still somewhat dressed, but roped up plenty from this viewing angle.Her well roped legs were clasped by the big man’s left arm. Her skirt pulled well up over her hips to show her ripped open pantyhose and cum covered and bruised ass. “You’ve been busy Zack, but too in a rush to strip the bitch?” Gord asked.“Ya actually I was, but I still managed to fuck the cunt a few times on the way here. The sweet little thing went clubbing last night, without any panties. Just these hot expensive silky pantyhose covering her delectable pussy.” Replied Zack, as he swept his large hand over her quivering ass and down over her tightly roped thighs.There was another squeal from the woman as he slapped her backside hard and then jammed two fingers into her pussy, just below the base of the large butt plug still impaled in her ass. He dug his fingers deep into her sex and thrust them around a few times as she struggled uselessly d****d over his broad shoulder.“Just think Terri, if you had worn panties last night, I may not have noticed you and selected you to be my trophy for the night.” Zack added, as he twisted his fingers out and licked at them. “HMMM tasty cunt your have Terri. What do you say me and my buddy Gord here, each take a turn fucking you before we drag your sweet ass up onto the auction stage?”Mikayla was watching all of this with horrific fascination. It was as if she was reliving her nightmare of being taken by this gang weeks ago, as she watched a terrified and shocked Terri struggle and sob against the manhandling the man named Zack was giving her.He had set Terri down on her feet and quickly attached her short neck rope to a metal hook swaying from some chains attached to the ceiling. She struggled to stay up right. Her panicked horror filled eyes finding Mikayla’s sympathetic yet equally horrified eyes. Terri’s muffled tape gagged screams, hitting new heights as she glimpsed the large metal tool protruding from Mikayla’s suffering ass.Gord swatted Mikayla’s bum hard, “Don’t fuckin unclench those sweet cheeks cunt, or there will be hell to pay. Now let’s see what is lurking under that pretty pantyhose covering this newly arrived whore’s pussy.”He approached a trembling Terri, whose neck now look stretched out as Zack snugged her neck rope up around the iron hook even more. Her bound legs shook as she tried to gain height on her toes and not strangle herself.Though for a split second she thought about giving in and collapsing. ‘Would a slow death by hanging be any worse than what horrors these men were threatening?’ she pondered. Her eyes bulging out and fear gripping her, as Gord grasped the ropes wrapped around her knees and lifted her legs up. She was literally hanging by her neck, screeching into her thick tape gag, as Gord inspected her shiny transparent pantyhose covered ass.He planted his open palm under her ass and slid his fingers around to find the hole ripped in her pantyhose. He tapped and then pushed at the butt plug embedded in her anus and then found the soft mound of flesh. It was her swollen sex, puffing out thru the rip in the pantyhose fabric, and available for him to rub and then pinch at. “Guess it’s canlı bahis siteleri time to fuck this pretty new arrival. Let her know what she is now!” he growled into her anguished terrified face.He slid two of his thick fingers into her wet cunt, moistened still by the ejaculations of her a*****or. He dropped her legs down to the ground and began to unzip his fly. He pulled his long cock out and grinned, as Zack commented behind the poor woman, “She’s a real nice tight fuck and a squealer, so slide into the whore good and slow, buddy.”Terri crushed her eyes shut, in anticipation of another horrible assault on her ravaged feminine parts. Suddenly a harrowing gagged scream from Mikayla, had both men stopping their sexually charged manhandling of Terri and turning around to see what the thrashing about Mikayla was so worked up about.The boss stood there, cigar in hand, its smoldering tip snug up against Mikayla’s bare mound. A new red circle of pain appearing at the parting of her swollen folds. She shook and screamed around her full mouth of solid dick shaped rubber. Her muted screams finally turning to sobs as the Boss pulled his cigar away with a sneer.Then he coughed and muttered, “Listen boys, I hate to break up your fun, and I appreciate you treating these cunts proper and giving them a nice send off before the sale. But the sale has started. I just moved the other nine sluts we had paraded out on the stage earlier, in all of thirty minutes. We need these two prize pieces of pussy up there pronto.There is a rowdy crowd of over a hundred horny men out there wanting to buy some premium pussy. So put away your dicks and lets sell these two hot sluts. You can always play with the little panicking whore we stored back away in the cellar, after the sale.”Zack and Gord grumbled, and then reluctantly put away their cocks. Each man took a girl. Gord unlocked Mikayla’s neck restraint and then picked up his favourite bamboo cane. One quick swish and crack of the cane across Mikayla’s left ass cheek had her rapidly shuffling forward. Her ankle chains scr****g and clanging along the concrete floor as she waddled along, still with her ass plugged by the large tool.The Boss chuckled at the sight of the shiny rough metal protruding from out between her clenched red streaked butt cheeks. He reached around and pulled the tool out of her tired hurting ass with a sudden tug. “No need to include a free tool in your purchase, your sweet ass and cunt needs no extra promotion to get top price.” He told her with a smirk, inches from her anguished face.Mikayla grimaced at both the tool being wrenched from her bum and his words, she was about to be sold as a sex slave and there was nothing, not a thing she could do about it. She began to take tiny steps down the corridor. Fear and anxiety rampant in her mind and aching trapped body as she walked towards the loud roar and lights spilling in thru the doorway at the end of her journey.She turned to see Terri, the poor terrified thing hopping along the hallway, her dress ripped open and her tits pulled out over her bra cups. Her breasts bounced as she took small stumbling hops, her tightly bound legs not allowing her any other form of movement. Her a*****or walking slowly behind her and zapping her pantyhose covered ass, every hop of the way, with the cattle prod he held in his hand.One last crack of the cane across Mikayla’s bum sent her squealing out onto the stage and into the bright blinding lights. A roar arose from the large boisterous crowd of men she could barely see. A rope was once again attached to her neck and she stood there, naked, abused and trapped in metal, awaiting to be sold, like a thing.She cringed in utter horror as the auctioneer began to fondle each part of her naked and vulnerable body. His words flooding over her with equal parts disgust and despair.“Gentlemen may I present to you, the two choicest prize cunts of the night. Look at these fine fuckable pussies, pristine tormentable tits and asses…pert, toned asses ready to fuck , plug or whip. Let’s start the bidding…”….Many long (and agonizing for the girls) minutes later…..“SOLD …for One hundred and sixty thousand to the gentleman in the black suit and red tie! Another great purchase sir! Boy you have deep pockets Mr. Jackson Hall!” shouted the auctioneer, who was overly excited and tugging away Mikayla’s dangling forsale tag, clamped painfully to her right nipple. She winced as he pulled hard on it, making her shuffle her shackled feet over to the edge of the small raised stage.The crowd was still loud and boisterous as men drank and congratulated each other on their purchases. At the edge of the stage Mikayla could see out into the crowd now, the glare of the lights now not so intense. She looked out in horror at the sight in front of her.There were men using and abusing women, young and old, all over the hall.A young down trodden looking teen, her needle marked arms trussed tight behind her in metal, just like Mikayla, was dragged screaming out a back door by her hair. Her chained ankles flailing behind her as a group of seven or eight men, with empty beer bottles handy and knives pulled, followed her thrashing about body out the door. All of them shouting the most vile physical threats, as they left.Another older woman, with just her wrists cuffed behind her back and linked by chains to her permanently welded ankle cuffs, knelt on the floor. Her mouth full of what must be her new owner’s cock. He was smiling and chugging back a beer as he gripped her matted hair with one hand and forced her vacant and accepting face into his crotch.There were more scenes of debauchery occurring at the back of the packed hall, the occasional sound of a whip cracking through the air, followed by harrowing screams. But Mikayla’s view came to rest on the smiling man, in the red tie, standing tall before her. Even with her standing bound on the stage, he was almost her height.He cupped her right breast and then drew his fingers down over the tightly fastened on nipple clamp. Tugging on the sale tag hanging from it, he yanked hard. The snap, of the metal clamp teeth coming together as they ripped off Mikayla’s tortured numb nipple, made her jump and then scream into her gag as the pain hit her chest.“Won’t be needing that anymore, will we, my precious little investment.” canlı bahis He smiled into her pained and worried face. Mikayla felt him slide his hand down her naked smooth torso, till it arrived between her shaking thighs. He worked his fingers into her pussy folds and then slide one up and in deep, checking out her snug entrance.“Still nice and tight, I was worried she may have been over used by your men, while she was in your care?” Smirked her new owner, Jackson Hall.Mikayla felt a huge fleshy hand slide in behind her bound wrists and clasp her bum. The smell of stale cigar smoke in her nostrils, letting her know it was The Boss. His fingers dived in between her bum cheeks and she clenched as he slowly inched one into her tired abused anus.“Oh we took good care of this sweet piece of pussy for you Jackson. Yes, she was fucked a few times by my associates,” the Boss lied, Mikayla knowing full well it had had been exponentially more times than that, possibly over a hundred times in the many weeks they had held her captive.She moaned in discomfort as he kept playing with her back entrance, his stench strong now as he leaned in past her head and answered further, ”But.. like all the cunts we acquire, enjoy and sell, their young asses have now all been extensively readied for your enjoyment.”And like that, he pulled his hand back and slapped Mikayla on her bare ass once, firm and hard. “The pretty cunt’s all yours Jackson. I am sure she’ll make a fine addition to your stable of slave pussy.”Her new owner drew his hands back up over her bare stomach and over her heaving chest. He played with her nipples as he spoke. “She’s going to be my prime piece of product at the club for a while. I am thinking thousands an hour we will charge for this one.”He jumped up on the stage and leaned in over a cowering Mikayla, “That’s right princess, I run a private and very secret club focused on.. shall we say, sexually deviant behaviour for the rich and powerful. A place were powerful men can do what ever they please, for a price, to a fine piece of young pussy like you.A lovely place of kinky sex, pain and punishment, for the most perverted of tastes. A place were men, and the odd twisted woman, can come and for a fee, fuck up a pretty young thing like you. For hours or days if they wish…depends on how much dough they have. And you my darling should feel special, because you are going to be my latest star attraction!”Mikayla shut her eyes and her shoulders shook, as the sobs racked her body. She heard him laugh and remark to all the men around her, “They always do that, don’t they…They always get all sobby and whiny when they find out why I bought them.”“Well you made a good choice Jackson. And what about the cunt in the pantyhose? You paid ninety thousand for her.” said the Boss.“Oh that other one in the pantyhose, it will make a nice second pick for my customers. I had to retire a couple from the herd just a few weeks ago.” Jackson answered.“Wore out a few more, did you?” the Boss smirked knowingly.Jackson nodded his head, “You could say that. Though I am keeping one of them around as an incentive to all the other cunts, old and new. A reminder of what can happen if you piss off a customer or your owner. Now let’s get these two fine specimens of pussy packed up and shipped out, I need them in Florida in three days.”At the end of his comments, Mikayla let out a muffled screech, as a pin point of red hot fire like pain ripped thru her left ass cheek. A member of the gang had jammed a cattle prod into her ass and was now zapping her in multiple short bursts to get her to move back stage and back down the long hall she had came. Her chains rattled and sc****d the floor, as she shuffled along quickly. Dread and anxiety building as she kept trying to vainly escape the electric shocks and wished she wasn’t here.Mikayla stepped through a doorway, back into the preparation room, to see Terri, already sitting on the floor of a large wood crate. She noticed they had never even untied the poor girl’s legs or arms once through whole evening. Two men were adding more rope to Terri’s knees and wrapping it taut to a tight new series of loops around her neck. Her knees now packed tight against her exposed chest and incapable of moving.One man nodded and grabbed a set of alligator clamps from a nearby box marked, ‘training tools’. He snapped them quickly on Terri’s bare tits, crushing her nipples. Her whines and moans of utter discomfort disappearing, as the man hoisted the thick wooden side of the crate into place.“Just a treat for you to occupy your days in transit.” Yelled the man in laughter.Terri’s wide open and panicked eyes stared begging out at sympathetic Mikayla for a split second before her horror filled and pained face was hidden by the wood. Then it was just a box and Mikayla watched as they drilled the crate shut. Four inch long wood screws sinking into the wood.Suddenly a huge hand grasped Mikayla’s neck and swung her around. It was Roman, one of the men who had a*****ed her by mistake, those many long weeks ago. “Get on your knees cunt!”Her eyes winced and she fell to her knees rapidly, the command instantly causing her to react now, without thought. She lowered her head, waiting for him to undo the nasty deep mouth filling gag she had been enduring for close to 24 hours now. She would gladly take sucking and swallowing a man’s cock over this horrid large rubber thing keeping her mute and her jaws aching constantly.Roman responded with a laugh and then shook his head. “God cunt, you do look divine in metal… I wish I could drive my dick down your sweet throat Mikayla, but Jackson wants you shipped ASAP.”Mikayla’s sad face lifted to Roman’s and then turned to see a grinning Jackson, giving orders to three men. Two were dragging in a shipping crate on rollers and a third, Gord the metal worker, was standing there with various chains and additional sets of cuffs hanging over his left arm.“Lock my prize up good boys, I don’t want it damaged or escaping on its long journey. This prize piece of pussy is going to earn me a shit load of money.” He said as he approached a shivering and sniffling Mikayla.He reached out and cupped her chin, wet from her defeated broken tears. “See you in a few days at your new home, beautiful. And trust me…you won’t like it!” And then he laughed loudly, as he walked away and the three men descended on her bent over and wailing body. Cold chains and more hard stiff cuffs the brutal men began adding to her limbs and misery, as they prepared her for her long inescapable journey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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