Ağu 04

Milk and Cookies Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Opening Up To The Experience

My knees were definitely not going to hold me up. Dorian helped me onto the exam table.

“Take a few deep breaths and rest a minute,” she advised. “If you’ve never nursed a child, you have probably never felt that intense connection between breast and womb. It’s all a matter of technique. I can teach you so you can teach your lover – or you can bring him here.”

I explained to her what I wanted to do for Michael. Could I get there in three weeks?

Yes, there was a way, she had explained. An accelerated series of treatments. It had apparently taken Sandi almost six months. However, I thought her “attendant’s” equipment may have had something to do with it.

After what Dorian and I had just experienced, the rest of the initial exam seemed almost normal. She had me lie face-down on a slanted board and adjusted the openings so that my breasts hung down.

She busied herself mixing some concoction in a large tank. She pulled on each nipple and applied suction. My nipple felt like it was four inches long. She attached a very tight clamp and removed the suction. The nipple ached and throbbed.

“This will be over in just a minute. We need to get a good impression,” Dorian said, noticing my discomfort. She moved the tank under the slanted board and pushed the board forward to immerse my breasts in the tank. It was cool and felt like Jello. She ran her fingers up and down my spine. “Relax! Just two more minutes!”

She pushed the board back and my breasts pulled free of the gel. Dorian used a wet towel to wipe off the gel and massaged cream into the breasts. She must have measured every inch of my upper body.

“We’ll make two milking bras for you – one to keep and here and one for you to take home,” she explained.

“Time to assume the position,” she grinned and proceeded to use some unique tools to measure the width and depth of my pussy and anus. She was astounded that I was so very, very tight.

After asking about Michael’s equipment and the toys we used, she used a series of dildos to stretch me wider and deeper. I was very impressed with the series of multi-pronged clamps that could hold dildos at the right angle and height.

When I asked why, she said that they had found that the treatments worked best when the pussy was stretched very wide and opened as deep as possible. “Just like giving birth,” I ventured.

“Yes,” she said. “There seems to be a very deep primal response to the stretching and deep penetration.”

“So, the faster we can get me ‘opened’, the better chance this will work?” I asked.

“Yes, without a doubt.”

“Okay, do you have anything that approximates our enthusiastic young stud?” I ventured.

Dorian held up the longest, fattest dido I had ever seen. “Made from life,” she offered, “Want to try it?”

I nodded. She dipped her hand in a jar of lube and coated it thoroughly. She dipped her hand in the jar again and inserted three fingers into my pussy and worked the lube well into its walls. She pulled her hand out and came back in with four fingers.

Once again, rubbed the lube in well. She withdrew her fingers and re-inserted her hand. I shuddered at the sensation and she told me to push down, like I was giving birth.

Well, I wasn’t quite sure what to do but I guess it worked. I could feel her open her hand inside me as she oiled me up.

I could feel myself tightening up. She tandoğan escort used her free hand to play with my clitoris and brought me to orgasm. Her hand slipped out easily.

“Are you ready for the ‘Terminator’?” she laughed. “I just need to check one more thing.”

With this, she applied more lube to her fingers and inserted them into my pussy.

“I need to find your G-spot.”

“Good luck,” I said. “Many have tried but none have succeeded.”

“Never lost one yet,” she grinned as she probed. I jumped.

“Aha, there it is! Not in the usual place, but then, what is usual?”

Dorian rubbed the spot in a circular motion. I felt a delicious sense of calm and well-being radiate from the motion. The circles came back to the center with force and I came hard.

“Ok, we can mark that spot with an X!” I was still tingling.

She held up the Terminator, re-coated it with lube, and fixed it onto a prong. She pressed it to my pussy opening. I felt the huge tip stretching the skin.

“Relax, and breathe in rhythm – in for two counts, out for two counts. Focus your mind on opening your body to pleasure.”

Slowly, I managed to take the first four inches.

“You don’t mind anal play, do you?” Dorian asked.

“Love it,” I said.

In a jiffy, I felt something tease at my anus and felt a strong squirt of lube. This was follow by a fat, soft dildo with a spongy feel. Dorian worked this in and out.

This combination worked – my pussy opening stretched and I took in another three inches.

“Good going,” Dorian exclaimed. “You’re almost halfway there! I’m going to set this for three short strokes and one long stroke.” She did something with the table and I felt the first of the three strokes.

She had now moved to the head of the table. She picked up my breasts from underneath, just as she had done Sandi’s and massaged them. She timed this to coincide with the three short stroke. On the long stroke, she used her thumb and forefinger to press and elongate my nipples.

The giant dildo was slipping further into me. She had adjusted the angle perfectly to hit my elusive G-spot. I was soon lost in a delight of orgasms.

My nipples seemed to have grown enormously and were so sensitive that the warmth of Dorian’s hands was sending me into ecstasy.

“You did it!” I heard her say – I seemed to be struggling through a fog. “You ate the whole thing – all 16 by 12.”

“I can’t believe it,” I said. Dorian held a mirror where I could see the dildo continuing its three short and one long. It slid into and out of me smoothly. An unbelievable sight. Another round of orgasms hit.

“You ready to slow it down?” she asked.

“Oh yes!” I panted. “I’m going to be too sore to walk for a month!”

She slowed the strokes to all deep and very slow. “We want to give your muscles a chance to adjust to the size.”

“And,” she said, moving back to my breasts, “you produced a little bit of fluid.” She held the mirror so I could see the milky droplets on each nipple.

“You are going to do just fine. If you do all the exercises, I think you’ll be producing by the end of the week. We’ll have your milking bra ready and everything else you need ready tomorrow. I’m sending you home with a lot of reading material.”

More like an entire library. I left the place with two giant bags, the giant dildo, a ton of reading material, and every-other-day tekirdağ escort appointments.

Sandi helped me carry the stuff to the car. We were both having real trouble with balance – hard to do when you can’t put your legs together.

Once home, all I wanted was a long, soak in the tub. I sighed as I lowered my well-stretched and fucked pussy and ass into a steaming hot bath. The hot water felt delicious on my sensitive breasts.

“Michael,” I thought, “You have no idea of what I’m doing for you!”

I dutifully popped a handful of the special vitamins, washing them down with a can of the liquid supplement. I crawled over to the bed, plumped all the pillows behind my back, and began to read about the program.

My exercise schedule called for three one-hour sessions daily with Mr. Terminator. I was advised that the best way to tame him was to lube myself up and squat over him. I had visions of a 911 call if I got stuck.

While I was “handling” Big Boy, I was supposed to wear the milking bra and hook up the pump. This way going to be way more than I could handle by myself. I accidentally knocked it off the bed – it looked so massive that I couldn’t believe I had gotten the whole thing inside me.

I called Sandi and told her she was on Terminator duty. She didn’t have a problem with that at all.

“When do you pick up your bra and pump?” she asked.

“They’re supposed to be ready tomorrow,” I said. “Talk to me about your gorgeous hunk of man-meat.”

“At first he was just a live dildo,” Sandi began, “But now I really think there’s something there.”

I didn’t say anything.

I popped into the Centre the next day to pick up my stuff. Dorian fitted my bra and showed me how to put it on and hook it up to the pump. I was lost almost immediately, but I smiled and nodded and hoped I look competent.

Another job for Sandi.

I was naked and had everything spread out on the bed at home when Sandi walked in. “I knocked but I guess you were too busy – good thing I have a key!”

Sandi reached for the Terminator, smiling. Then, she sighed and put it down. She picked up the bra, flipped it around and over and had it on me in a flash. “It takes a few times to get it on right. I don’t mind helping!”

She hooked up the pump; then unhooked it and watched as I fumbled through it. We finally got me harnessed up.

She suggested we get on the bed for the next event. I think she took some delight in slowly lubing me up, then caressing that giant dong and bathing it in lube. She pressed the tip into my opening and, of course, I was much too tight. She had the answer for that one.

“Did Dorian find your G-spot?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, she certainly did,” I answered.

Sandi lubed up her hand and went hunting. She starting massaging the spot with a circular motion, just like Dorian, with the same results. Mr. Terminator went in nicely and we managed four inches.

Sandi hit the switch on the pump and my nipples felt like they were going to be sucked through the tubes. The milking bra cups massaged each mound.

The Terminator claimed another three inches. Sandi suggested that I try the squat technique. With a lot of giggling and falling over, we finally managed. Or, that is to say that I managed to “swallow” our friend.

We got more droplets this time. Sandi licked them off and gave me a taste.

“Like sugar water, with a hint of tokat escort almond,” I commented. “A very good year!”

“My turn!” Sandi yelled as she took our main man to the sink to give him a good scrubbing. As she bent over, her breasts started leaking copiously.

“Is that uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Yes, I need to pump soon or I’ll start dripping.”

We headed back to the bed with our clean toy. Sandi lubed him and herself up with a practiced hand and took almost the whole length at once.

Her breasts squirted milk into her lap and onto me.

“Sorry, just one of the hazards!” she said as she reached for her pump.

“Sandi, may I…..would you mind…..” I stammered. In answer, she motioned me to lie down beside her and moved up on the bed until her nipple was near my mouth.

“Relax your mouth, now open ….touch me with your tongue…circle the nipple….take more of the breast into your mouth……..now suck gently….”

The taste was exquisite – and totally different from mine. Sandi was moaning as she moved the giant dildo in and out.

I sucked harder and she whispered, “Fuck me…..” I placed my hand over hers on the dido and continued the motion. She removed her hand and pulled hard on her unoccupied nipple. Her milk spurted out.

Needless to say, we spent the afternoon in bed and managed to get in the other two of my sessions. I drained her other breast.

Dorian was well-pleased at my appointment the next day. We pumped a half ounce from each breast. She advised me to double up on the vitamins and supplements and to nurse from Sandi whenever possible.

As we were finishing up my treatment, Sandi’s muscle man walked in, this time wearing a robe, to hand Dorian a message.

Dorian excused herself and asked Alex to help me off the table.

“I understand you opted for a pale imitation of me,” he grinned, as he began massaging my feet and legs. “Too bad, I help make good milk – lots of milk!”

“I’m sure you do, my dear!” I said, wincing as his fingers found a sore spot. “After your …ah, performance with Sandi, I’m not sure I could keep up!”

“I like to go with the lady,” he said, looking straight into my eyes with the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. That did it, plus the fact that his talented fingers had just loosened a muscle knot in my calf that had plagued me for months.

“You’re doing fine right now. I am a massage slut,” I said.

He took off the robe and reached for a bottle of oil.

Okay, reality check. Here I was – totally naked – with a romance-cover warrior preparing to slide his oiled hands all over my body and with a willingness to slide his magnificent cock into me.

He treated me like a precious jewel. I don’t think there was an inch of my body that was not massaged and explored. When he entered me me at last, I was deliciously wet and open. In two thrusts, I felt his balls bang against my butt.

He brought me through a torrent of shuddering climaxes and was still rock-hard when he picked me up and carried me to an oddly-shaped bench. He sat down and turned me to face away from him, pulling me back until he impaled me on his cock.

He then proceeded to massage my breasts, stomach, and pussy. I could feel him rubbing his own cock through my pussy. He held me like this for a long time, keeping me in continual orgasms.

I had now learned to take a taxi to and from my treatment sessions. Driving with a wide open and sore pussy was not fun!

But, thanks to both Sandi and Alex, by the end of the second week I was producing enough milk to require milking at least twice a day. And, I was losing weight.

I was counting the hours until Michael came home!

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