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Milking Time B4 Chapter 9 The Main Event – The Ord

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Milking Time B4 Chapter 9 The Main Event – The OrdChapter 9: The Main Event – The Ordeal Begins”Well, I guess this is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it Barocca?” asked Jordan.Jordan felt Barocca’s cock at the entrance to her small bare pussy. Barocca glared at her and said nothing. Barocca howled, and jackhammered herself into Jordan’s tight young cunt. Four inches of the massive black truncheon slammed into Jordan. Jordan grunted and grimaced, but she was able to maintain her composure for the moment.Barocca tightened her hold on Jordan’s hips, and again smashed her rock hard organ into her. Again and again. Jordan’s flesh parted under the murderous assault. The next thrust from Barocca pummeling six inches of cock into her. Four vicious fucks later, it pounded eight inches deep. Jordan had no way of knowing, but Dee Dee’s pill was doing its job exactly as it was supposed to. It would be rough on her, but she could take anything Barocca, Tiffany or Clyda would dish out at her today,Any thoughts of possibly having an easy afternoon were shattered, when Ebony positioned herself beneath Jordan, and lodged the tip of her cock at her asshole. Ebony went slowly, but she forced nine inches of her steel hard shaft up Jordan’s butt in one powerful, continuous stroke. Jordan gave a low scream as Ebony rapidly shoved over a foot of her cock up her ass; the most sensitive part of her was bursting like an over inflated balloon. Barocca grunted as she seesawed into Jordan, and Jordan had found the oxygen for a long moan. Nine inches deep, smashing through Jordan’s cervix. Jordan placed a hand just below her navel, and felt the thrusting bulge forge deeper.The extreme tightness of Jordan’s cunt onto Barocca’s prick produced a wet sliding sound with each in and out stroke. Barocca’s cock sank its tenth and eleventh inches into Jordan for the first time on the same drive. Jordan reacted to the scalding agony, her head shaking uncontrollably side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream. Smash fucking into Jordan, Barocca increased her fuck pace. Breaking through into Jordan’s womb, twelve inches. Thirteen inches. f******n inches. Then fifteen inches of cock found a hot home inside Jordan’s pussy. Barocca’s cock head rammed the width of Jordan’s womb, punching into its deepest recesses. Barocca moved with nearly blurring speed, fiercely churning into Jordan’s cunt.The only consolation was that the anti-gravity mold of Dee Dee’s allowed Jordan to remain in a fairly constant position and elevation. Barocca and Ebony would actually be moving slightly up and down, and back and forth as they fucked her.As the pounding on her pussy and ass intensified, Dee Dee, Clyda and Tiffany came walking over.”Open wide, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “I’ve been itching for a chance at this since your first day here. You’ve earned this.”Jordan knew she had no choice but to open her mouth, and accept the huge bloated head of Tiffany’s cock. Dee Dee’s pill let the massive shaft slide into Jordan’s throat easier than she would have thought possible. Eight inches quickly slid down Jordan’s throat.Seeing Clyda on one side, and Dee Dee on the other, Jordan lifted her hands and found both girls’ throbbing shafts. Jordan had enough experience from her sessions with Clyda and Ebony, that she was quite experienced at handling a cock in her hands. It was difficult to get used to only using one hand on a shaft as thick as Dee Dee’s. But after a moment, Jordan found a rhythm, and soon had both girls moaning in pleasure from her efforts.”You’re doing fucking beautiful, Jordan,” said Clyda. “Now squeeze my balls. Don’t forget asyabahis yeni giriş about them. Didn’t I tell you how talented Jordan was at this, Dee Dee?””You’re right Clyda. She’s a natural at this,” agreed Dee Dee, as Jordan began to rub and squeeze her massive nuts.Jordan continued to ride on the end of Ebony and Barocca’s cocks. Jordan was riding waves of pain that burned through her mind. She could almost cope with Barocca’s powerful,rabid humping. Eighteen inches were smashing in and out of her like a runaway train. Below her, in her ass, Ebony had well over two feet of cock meat smashing in and out like a pile driver. The only feeling Jordan could equate it to, was if she left her hand over an open flame for several seconds too long. The pain burned and hurt, but Jordan felt she could somehow survive the day.Barocca and Ebony gave Jordan a violent double penetration like this for fifteen minutes.Barocca gave a bestial moan, as her first orgasm overpowered her. Then the dam burst. Jordan could almost hear the sounds of the hot slime splash the insides of her womb and her buttocks. The sperm flooding out from Barocca’s cock, into Jordan’s pussy quickly sent Ebony over the edge.Jordan thought she could almost feel her internal organs move about inside her, to house the relentless flow of jism from Barocca and Ebony. Ebony shoved her cock even deeper into Jordan, and she felt like she was being disemboweled, as her insides expanded to bursting. A huge backflow of semen began to stream from Jordan’s pussy lips. Barocca tilted her massive cock upward, increasing the angle of penetration into Jordan, and to increase the force of her fucking. One orgasm triggered another among the amazons, and Tiffany could feel herself getting ready to cum. On a day like today, it wasn’t necessary to hold out for the longest and most powerful orgasm, as they might when they were in smaller groups. Today was a day simply to overwhelm Jordan with cock and cum.”Suck me, Jordan. Suck me good!” Tiffany cried out to Jordan. Tiffany’s cock began to shoot off long thick streams of jism directly down Jordan’s throat and into her gullet. Jordan thought she could almost feel Tiffany’s sperm mixing with the other two amazons’ jism in her insides. She worked her throat muscles, and made a sleeve with her throat, as she sucked Tiffany off to a long, satisfying orgasm.”Damn girl,” said Tiffany. “You really do love cock don’t you?””You ain’t seen nothing yet,” replied Jordan, as she briefly caught her breath. “Dee Dee, Clyda, come here.” Jordan gripped each girl’s cock more firmly, as they moved nearer to Jordan’s mouth.Jordan jerked frantically on both girls’ cocks, and soon had them both throbbing and ready to shoot off. Jordan brought the tips of both girls’ cocks to her mouth, and held them close together. At this range, Jordan could only get her mouth over the two slits on the head of each cock, but that was all she planned for the moment.Seconds later, both girls began shooting off into Jordan’s mouth. At first, Jordan’s eyes opened wide, and her face looked like she’d gulped a mouth of coffee that was too hot. All the girls could see Jordan’s cheeks bulge as her mouth quickly filled with jism.Somehow, Jordan began to gulp down sperm in fantastic quantities. A few trickles did spill out of the corners of her mouth. But for over a minute, Jordan greedily wolfed down both Dee Dee and Clyda’s jism. The two amazons stared at Jordan in surprise. Neither of them had suspected that she was capable of anything like this.”You’re just full of fucking surprises, aren’t you, love?” asked asyabahis güvenilirmi Clyda.All Jordan could do was flash a devilish smile at Clyda.Barocca and Ebony continued to double fuck Jordan in both of her holes, as she sucked off the other three amazons. Finally, Ebony pulled her tremendous shaft out of Jordan’s ass, and stood up to take her turn at another position. Barocca was still humping Jordan like she hadn’t even cum yet. Finally, Barocca pulled out and made eye contact with Jordan.A final blast of sperm rocketed out of Barocca’s cock, completely hosing Jordan’s belly, her tits, with a jet stream of sperm splashing its way between her plump globes to splatter Jordan’s face. As she looked into Jordan’s eyes, Barocca didn’t even look human. All any of the girls could see was a look of pure a****l lust from her.Barocca’s cock was still rock-hard and throbbing, even though she’d just shot off a major load. Without a word, Barocca slid down below Jordan on her back, and aimed the tip of her cockhead at Jordan’s asshole.The other four girls simply looked at each other, and shook their heads. It was one thing to have sex and fuck another girl. It was another thing indeed to treat the girl being fucked as nothing more than a piece of meat, without any feelings. They all knew that Barocca didn’t like Jordan, but this display of ignoring her was beyond what they had expected from her.The ordeal continued almost non-stop throughout the afternoon for Jordan. No sooner did one amazon finish shooting off in either her pussy, her ass or her mouth, and then another was eagerly in line to take her place.During the afternoon, Ebony, Dee Dee, Clyda and Tiffany had kept up a stream of sexy chatter with Jordan. Mostly they encouraged her, as Jordan had managed to keep up with them most of the time. Other times they were lost in the throes of passion, as they reached an orgasm, and shot off powerfully into one of Jordan’s holes, or down her throat.Barocca had said little or nothing throughout the action so far. Except for some grunts and groans as she humped Jordan, Barocca might as well have been mute. The thing that remained constant from Barocca was her almost maniacal frenzy to keep fucking Jordan at all costs. The sexual staying power of the amazons was widely known across the Island. Because of all the special pills and vitamins they took, it wasn’t uncommon for an amazon to be able to perform two, or sometimes even three times in succession, without losing their erection, and having to wait for their sexual energy to rebuild.Barocca was putting all of these records to shame in her attack on Jordan. Barocca had fucked Jordan at least six times in succession, moving from her asshole to her pussy, and then back again, as other girls finished. None of the other girls had seen Barocca at anything less than a raging hard-on. All four of the other amazons had watched Barocca empty her nuts into Jordan, and heard her moan deep and loud with pleasure when her orgasms hit. When an amazon came, it was impossible to miss the throbbing shaft, as it forced the jism up and out through the urethra, and their huge testicles would pulse and shake in rhythm to this. No one had any doubts but that Barocca was shooting off forcefully and powerfully into Jordan each and every time.Finally after Barocca had spent her load into Jordan’s pussy, Ebony reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders.”Get up there and let her suck you off. Give somebody else a turn down here, damn it.”Upset at being deprived of being able to fuck Jordan’s holes, Barocca edged her way to near Jordan’s asya bahis giriş mouth, and began stroking her shaft. Barocca quickly brought herself to an orgasm, and pushed the head of her cock into Jordan’s mouth, shoving aside Clyda’s cock, which Jordan had been sucking off just before this.”Hey! Watch what you’re doing, girl. I was here first!” exclaimed Clyda.Barocca was oblivious to anything but her own gratification. Shoving her cock deep into Jordan’s mouth, Barocca began to try and fuck Jordan’s throat like she had done her pussy.While Jordan’s mouth could accommodate large amounts of cockmeat, it wasn’t the same as her pussy or her anus. Jordan began to shake her head, and nearly gag at the rough treatment.”Ease up on her, Barocca! Jordan’s mouth can’t take the same treatment as her pussy does,” said Tiffany. “What’s the matter with you?””Anyone else would think that you’ve never fucked a girl before,” said Clyda bitterly.Reluctantly, Barocca eased up on the way she was forcing her cock down Jordan’s throat so that she could accept the huge piece of meat without harming her. In moments, Barocca shot off a long thick stream of jism, that Jordan had to intensify her sucking efforts, in order to swallow it all and not gag on it.Barocca pulled out her cock, still hard and glistening. Jordan went back to sucking off Tiffany and Clyda’s cocks again. Ebony was fucking Jordan’s pussy, and Dee Dee had her cock lodged in Jordan’s asshole.Barocca looked at the four girls being serviced by Jordan, and saw all of her openings in use by others. There was no place for Barocca to m***** Jordan for the time being. Barocca had a look like a c***d who had just broken her favorite toy, but didn’t know how or why she had done it. Barocca’s distraught look was not lost on the others.”That’ll teach you not to shoot off so damned fast, Barocca,” taunted Ebony. “We’re not giving out points for how many times you can cum today.””Serves you right,” panted Dee Dee, as she fucked Jordan’s ass. “I don’t know what’s gotten in to you today, but you can cool your heels for a little bit.””You heard her, Barocca!” exclaimed Clyda. “If you’re still so damned excited, you can bloody well suck yourself off if you’re that desperate to cum again.”Realizing that she’d painted herself into a corner, Barocca had no choice but to wait until Ebony and Dee Dee had finished their twin humping of Jordan.Jordan was dimly aware that only Dee Dee and Ebony had really pushed her to her limits when she sucked or fucked them. She assumed that this might have been due to the fact that both of these girls’ cocks had considerably thicker shafts than any of the other girls.Jordan’s jaws were achy from opening wide, and deep throating so many humongous cocks in so short a time. Sperm had been flowing down Jordan’s throat like a waterfall. She was grateful for Dee Dee’s pill that somehow burned up or dissolved the massive amounts of jism that were accumulating inside of her. She had no way of measuring the actual amount, but Jordan felt like she’d swallowed at least several gallons of sperm, after a few hours in the Main Event.There wasn’t any way to describe how Jordan’s pussy and ass felt after so much constant, non-stop reaming by the amazons. Tired, sore, achy, and worn-out. All of these paled in comparison to how Jordan actually felt in her holes. Although she was tremendously tired, and would be eternally thankful when this was over, Jordan still felt she might be able to survive if things didn’t escalate pass the level that they were at now.Jordan was unprepared for what the amazons did to her next.Although Tiffany had hinted to Jordan about extreme penetrations, she hadn’t had time to think about them during the course of the afternoon. She’d been much too busy trying to keep up with being humped in two holes at once, sucking one amazon off, and jerking the other two off with her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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