May 20

Miss Jacks PART FIVE

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Miss Jacks PART FIVEPART FIVEThey pulled back these screens to reveal the horse. It was low probably about two and a half feet long, narrowing towards its back.At its front just behind the head it was leather padded for victim to lean back from a sitting position to about 45% 60%.The middle was a little wider with indentations for buttocks this area of contraption was slightly humped up ,and had stirrups hung down, then it tapered to wards the back.So that a person on it was laying back against the head with their legs hanging down ether side of horse.I looked at this, I was very near to spunking on the spot.It was Miss Jacks who first noticed this. Quickly alerting Samantha as to my condition.Miss Jacks, shouted out quick Samantha, this wicked boy is not far blowing his lot.Turning a glance told Samantha everything she took a small but thick hard wood paddle from the wall.Grabbing my arm then sitting in a nearby chair at the same time.She pulled me over her knee. Then without pause at full force she smacked my bottom backs of thighs.I struggled and shouted but she held me easily, and just smacked and smacked.It just went on and on I was told later I received two hundred smacks ether side on my bottom cheeks and thighs. Needless to say this brought me off the boil, it was the spanking of a lifetime.Now mount that horse snarled Samantha.I did so first sitting in the saddle as instructed, then sitting back at a 60% angle against its head. My legs hanging freely ether side of the horse near the tail.They then secured a leather strap just above my waist to stop me from climbing or rolling off this horse. My ankles also secured together underneath the horse, then my wrists at the back behind the head of horse.At this time the girl Kate turned up pushing anther trolley,,simply canlı bahis saying the medical instruments Mistress.Are yes the medical trolley replied Samantha, Just leave it there Kate we wont need it for a few hours. Thank you Kate.I watched the gorgeous girl leave, then turned to see what was on the trolley she had just wheeled in.What I saw I did not like, mainly stainless steel k**ney shaped trays injection syringes, cotton wool swabs, small bottle of disinfectant,Then two trays one holding about twelve 50mil bottles with sealed thin rubber tops. Other tray had about 12 vials also but these looked larger properly held 75/100 mils.I recognized these little bottles and knew that a syringe was inserted chemical/contents within this vial were drawn into the syringe, every thing sealed for complete sanitation.What had me a little worried was I did not know what these were for i could not properly see the vials, as they were obscured in up right containers.Any way by now Doctor Margaret had moved the trolley out of sight. I did hear her say everything is here Samantha.Thank you Margaret replied Samantha. Please doctor explain to, the wicked boy what the contents of the tray are to be used for as I saw him staring intently at the implements of his correction.He does not seem to comprehend what his correction entails and acting as if its all a fun thing put on for his benefit. Set him straight in these matters before it begins.Of course Lady Samantha, said Margaret. I have outlaid earlier, to this boy what was going to happen. It seems that he did not comprehend or listen properly.It will be my pleasure .to explain again, to him in simpler terms..Doctor Margaret now standing in front of me in her short tight green skirt, smiled saying you had a bahis siteleri glimpse of the implements.Firstly the syringes are obvious and of different sizes as are the corresponding sterilized needles, as to there use in a few hours time when you eventually start to empty and struggle to remain hard and spunk.The first of these injections will be administered into your balls will be injected at suitable intervals.What each injection will do is make you raging hard, but now each of your spunkings will not be natural but drawn from your over working balls that from the first injection will very slowly start to shrink.You will break early at this time but your fucking will continue for anther 6 hours or more till all the small vials have been used.After this your fucking will stop.You will be injected deeply into your balls longer needle and with the larger 100 mil Vials. . Effects will be your balls will swell and your cock will be so hard and throbbing it will hurt,Miss Jacks and myself will then take turns to wank your ball bag dry this is done by good stiff wanking and lubricants as your balls are cupped and squeezed .Firstly balls are cupped squeezed firmly in a pumping action then hard so as to force out fluid..This administration will be done in front of the large mirrors..So that you will have full view of our legs and stockings. As you are wanked..What comes out will be directly from your balls, as your actual balls will now be slowly dissolving. This process is slow not too painful but you will feel a burning sensation in you balls and up your cock every time you are drained.Eventually your balls will completely dissolve.At such time any thing in your ball bag that remains of your dissolved balls will shoot out as a bile colored fluid ..Your canlı bahis siteleri ball bag will shrink to nothing your cock will also shrink to half an inch in fact it will become a clit.Usually they pass out at this stage, but whether you do or not you will already be a giggling girl.You saw the trolley girl Kate Georges is she not. She was a freak just like you used to be known as, Stud Boy. He liked wanking getting sucked off by men or women he was bisexual.Unlike you he had far better control, could last up to an hour or more easily.His weakness was that, unlike you .Once he was forced to spunk he only had the capabilities to discharge, two three times more.It took only sixteen hours to break him. A further eight hours treatment after that.His cock/ balls when he had them were huge, thicker larger than yours.He did not posseces.a vast sexual reservoir or amazing sexually rapid reproduction capabilities that you have.You will be very much aware of these proceedings but towards the end will be in and out of a demented state.Sometimes your eyes will frequently go to the top of your head so only the whites of your eyes will show.You will upon recovery when your faculties return be a naughty school girl you will talk act like one. You will be dressed in school girl uniforms .Be fucked up your bottom frequently by males females .As to your sexual function you will get very sexual urges all the time but when your little clit is sucked of played with your eyes will turn to show only the whites as you will spurt a lot and shake, but then you will have been knocked off.You will not have any sexual urges for a few hours.What I shouted let me loose I struggled and pulled at the restraints. You have no right to do this My aunt will never allow this, let me go now.Unfortunately for you, continued Doctor Margaret. Your aunt knows all about it approved and counter signed all doctors assessments for your incarceration / administration of this correction .You your self, counter signed all these documents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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