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Miss Lougamo of Cameroon

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Miss Lougamo is a curvaceous, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned forty-something African woman working at a call center located in the East End of Ottawa. This lovely dame is in her forties, and is proud to work for World Affairs Canada, the agency which looks after Canadians around the world. They’re located right across the Saudi Arabian Center For Diplomacy. For most of her career as a Canadian government contractor, Miss Lougamo has kept her work life and her private life separate. Sometimes, though, someone comes along who is so damned interesting that the lady feels like breaking the rules…

The world of Canadian government call centers is supremely boring and usually filled with weird, creepy people. Miss Lougamo is one of a handful of Black employees at that particular office and feels quite lonely at work. In Canada, especially in the City of Ottawa, people are passive aggressive and fake. It’s even worse in office environments. Miss Lougamo likes to show up, do her job, get paid and go home. The African MILF has no time to waste in office politics or the usual bullshit that folks get bogged down in. Who’s got time for this type of inane bullshit? Certainly not the lovely and ambitious Miss Lougamo!

One afternoon, as Miss Lougamo came to World Affairs Canada for work, she spotted a big and tall, handsome young Black man working security near the entrance. As a Black woman working in a sea of whiteness, Miss Lougamo is always on the lookout for a handsome brother. Steve looked good enough to eat as far as she was concerned. Their eyes met, and the two of them began chatting. That’s how Miss Lougamo met Steve, the beefy and handsome brother from the Island of Haiti. Miss Lougamo hails from Cameroon and adiosbet yeni giriş doesn’t typically date men from outside her background, but there’s a first time for everything. Who says a mature African sister can’t have some fun in the Canadian Capital?

When Miss Lougamo senses a new opportunity, she doesn’t hesitate and instead goes for it. Three days after meeting Steve, Miss Lougamo showed up at his apartment, located in the depths of Vanier, Ontario, for some fun. Steve opened the door, and Miss Lougamo greeted him with a hug and a kiss. The sinfully sexy Cameroonian gal looked even hotter than before in a red tank top, Black leather pants and boots. Steve welcomed Miss Lougamo inside and offered her a drink, which she declined. Miss Lougamo is thirsty alright, but not for regular beverages…

“Oh yes, stick your tongue in my butt hole,” Miss Lougamo said, and the big-bottomed African mama arched her back and spread her thick Black ass cheeks wide open. Steve grasped Miss Lougamo’s ass cheeks and inhaled the scent of her booty hole. Without further ado, Steve stuck his tongue into Miss Lougamo’s booty hole. Miss Lougamo sighed happily as Steve’s tongue wormed its way into her backdoor. Now that’s the kind of ass worship that every African woman should get on a daily basis. If more Black men put their tongues inside Black women’s butt holes, the world would be a better place.

“Hmm, Cameroonian booty is delicious, if yours is any indication,” Steve paused to say, and he stroked his dick with one hand and caressed Miss Lougamo’s big ass with the other. Miss Lougamo purred like a kitten as Steve lathered her booty hole with his tongue. A lot of Black men claim to love Black female booty adiosbet giriş but they balk at the very thought of eating Black female ass. Steve isn’t like those other guys. Nope, the Haitian stud ate Miss Lougamo’s fine and thick Cameroonian booty like a prisoner savoring his last meal. If eating Black female booty is wrong, then Steve didn’t want to be right…

“Hmm, Steve, I’ve got to fart,” Miss Lougamo said, and she winced, feeling her stomach rumble. Hmm, just about the worst time for a lady to hear that sound is when she’s engaged in coitus with a worthy gentleman. Steve heard Miss Lougamo’s warning and should have stopped but the horny Haitian stud isn’t like other men. Steve happens to love the smell and taste of female farts and that’s absolutely frigging awesome. That’s why the big Haitian stud continued to tickle Miss Lougamo’s booty hole with his tongue. Unable to resist any longer, Miss Lougamo fucking farted. That’s right, the big-booty Cameroonian MILF farted, right in a certain Haitian stud’s face. How cool was that?

“Nice,” Steve replied, and the burly Haitian stud pressed his lips against Miss Lougamo’s booty hole, swallowing every last bit of her precious fart. Big-booty women’s farts are simply the best and Steve doesn’t believe in letting such natural treasures go to waste…pun intended. Miss Lougamo giggled, and any embarrassment the Cameroonian MILF might have felt vanished like ice in the sun as Steve ate that ass like a professional. Miss Lougamo sighed happily as Steve wriggled his tongue inside her booty hole. Hmm, the Cameroonian gal loved the feel of that wicked tongue inside her booty hole and if loving it was wrong then she didn’t want to be right.

“Hmm, let’s try something adiosbet güvenilirmi else,” Miss Lougamo said, and Steve happily acquiesced. Leaning against the wall, Steve unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick, uncircumcised Haitian cock. Miss Lougamo came to him and grinned while grabbing his fuck stick. Steve nodded in approval as Miss Lougamo got down and took his dick into her mouth. While fellating Steve’s cock, Miss Lougamo worked her fingers into his butt hole. A lot of Black men like having their asses played with but cannot admit it. Miss Lougamo is a wild and freaky sister. In the past, Miss Lougamo has even bought a strap-on dildo and used it to fuck some of her lovers. No shame in the horny and freaky Cameroonian lady’s game…

“Oh yeah,” Steve groaned, and he warned Miss Lougamo that he was about to cum. Grinning, Miss Lougamo continued to suck Steve’s cock and when he came, the Cameroonian MILF happily sucked every last drop of his cum. Afterwards, Miss Lougamo put a condom on Steve’s cock and rode him real good. Steve caressed Miss Lougamo’s big ass with one hand and fondled her big tits with the other while slamming his hard dick into her pussy. On that fateful afternoon, the two lovers discovered that Haitian dicks do fit inside Cameroonian vaginas. What a wonderful and exciting discovery. They fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. A good time was had by all.

“It was just a booty call, Steve, when we’re at work, don’t act like you know me,” Miss Lougamo said to him. Steve nodded and watched as Miss Lougamo put her clothes back on and then exited his apartment. Thus, the burly Haitian brother and the sinfully sexy Cameroonian MILF parted ways. Miss Lougamo likes to have fun with different men and women and keeps the action moving. The Cameroonian dame is having fun following her bitter divorce and she is not looking to commit to anyone or settle down. Who’s got time for that bullshit? Certainly not the lovely Miss Lougamo of Cameroon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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