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Subject: Misunderstood, Chapter 29 (Gay Adult/Youth) MISUNDERSTOOD By Wes Leigh This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of my readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author’s consent. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/. Chapter Twenty-Nine One year later … Cameron Schaeffer parked his car in front of Wright Home Furnishings, checking the information he’d pulled up on his cell phone. This was definitely the right place. He got out and entered the store. A salesperson greeted him. He acknowledged the greeting and asked to speak to the owner. Cameron was invited to wait there while the salesperson went into the back of the store. Cameron fiddled with his phone, enjoying the moment. It had taken patience and a bit of secretive sleuthing, but revenge was finally within his grasp. Alan Wright didn’t know it yet, but the two of them were going to accomplish a great deal together. A few minutes later, Alan Wright walked up and shook hands with Cameron. “What can I do for you?” “I think you should be asking a different question, Mr. Wright. I think you should be asking what we can do together.” “Do I know you?” “No, I’m certain we don’t run in the same circles. You see, I happen to know that you are a devout, gay-bashing Catholic businessman, whereas I am a proud gay man committed to fighting against discrimination against all those who celebrate my particular lifestyle.” Alan’s expression turned stony hearing this. “Oh? Well, then I’m certain we have nothing to say to one another, other than goodbye.” Cameron grinned deviously. “Now, now, Alan. I can call you Alan, can’t I? Alan, have you heard of the great literary masterpiece `The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu? He coined a most enlightening phrase: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” “Where are you going with all this, young man?” “I believe we should be friends, Alan. Does the name Grayson Langston ring a bell?” Alan felt his face flushing bright red with fury. “Of course, it does. He’s the sick bastard who’s been molesting my son for the last year, and my wife is just letting it happen.” Cameron smiled. “So you know all about their little relationship, and I’m sure you’d like to see him pay.” “Of course, I would. I want my son back, but I don’t see how that’s possible with Dayna helping him out.” “True, that is a problem. After all, your son is 16, and in Oklahoma, he’s reached the age of consent.” Alan clinched his fists. “There is no age of consent for perversion.” Cameron shrugged. “Call it what you will. What they’re doing is legal in Oklahoma. But not in Texas. If we could somehow get your son back here to Amarillo, and if you have political contacts you can use to help out …” Cameron left that thought hanging for Alan to consider. Alan nodded. “I know a senator who could be accommodating.” “Then it’s just a matter of getting your son away from Langston and your wife. And if we could somehow prove that Langston has been molesting your son for the last two years, that would be the icing on the cake.” Alan sat down and motioned for Cameron to sit in a nearby chair. “I’ve been spending every waking moment for a year thinking about how I could do just that. If you have any suggestions, I would be open to hearing them.” Cameron smiled. “It turns out I’ve been doing a bit of digging myself, both in Oklahoma and here in Amarillo. It seems to me that what we need is someone Andrew knows and trusts, someone who can get close to him and convince him to leave Oklahoma. And I think you have someone working here for you who would be perfect for the job.” Alan squinted at Cameron. “You’re talking about Dallas Anderson?” Cameron nodded. “The only problem will be convincing him to work with us.” “I suppose you have a suggestion for that as well?” “I do. But first, I need a job.” Alan raised his eyebrows, wondering just what this scheming young man had in mind. *** “Dallas.” “Yes, Mr. Wright?” “Dallas, I’m hiring someone to help you in the warehouse. This is Cameron Schaeffer. He’ll help you in here and also on deliveries. Show him the ropes, will you?” “Yes, sir.” Dallas reached out and shook hands with Cameron. Dallas was surprised and impressed. Surprised because Cameron looked a little old to be taking a minimum wage job doing furniture deliveries. But also impressed because Cameron was seriously cute, with wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a nice body, from what Dallas could see so far. Definitely someone Dallas would be inviting over to sit in his family’s hot tub after a hard day at work. “Well, why don’t I show you around?” Cameron flashed a friendly smile. No need to push too hard at first. There was plenty of time to pique the young man’s interest. Dallas looked eager–if Cameron was a good judge of horny teens–and Dallas was hot too, for a ginger. Cameron wasn’t usually into red heads, but this kid was obviously well built and seemed to be packing a decent package as well. “Sounds good, Dallas. And, hey, nice to be working with you.” Dallas blushed. “Same here, bro. Now, the warehouse is divided into several areas. Sofas and recliners over there. Bedroom sets and mattresses back in the back. And over here, we have kitchen tables and chairs …” *** Dallas was driving home with Cameron beside him. They’d had a rough day of deliveries: two massively heavy sofa sleepers, a complete queen-size bedroom set, tables and chairs, and a curio cabinet that was so tall they’d had to carry it in the customer’s house sideways. It was a good thing Cameron was as strong as Dallas. That sucker had been heavy. All in all, it had been one hell of day, delivery-wise, and both men were exhausted and sweaty. “After a day like this, there’s batman escort only one thing on my mind,” Dallas said, turning at a stop sign. “Getting home and climbing into the hot tub.” Working one shoulder in a circle, Cameron grimaced. “I hear you, man. I haven’t worked this hard since high school summer football drills.” “That must have been … what? … 20 … 30 years ago?” Cameron swatted Dallas on the arm. “Give me a break. Do I look that old?” Dallas chuckled, “Nah, but you’re obviously no spring chicken either.” “Hah, I’ll have you know I’m a fit and sexy 24-year-old.” Cameron grinned, thinking that wasn’t too much of an exaggeration. He could pass for 24 even though he was actually 31. His skin was still tight and unblemished, and he knew his body was in the best shape possible from daily gym workouts. Dallas wouldn’t be scared off by 24, and it was a lie Cameron had used before on his potential conquests. Dallas glanced sideways at Cameron while he drove, thinking Cameron doesn’t look 24. He looks–and acts–more mature somehow, but Dallas was satisfied with letting it go. To be honest, he was feeling the beginnings of a physical attraction for the older man, and it excited Dallas to think an older man might be interested in him the same way. “So how old are you, Dallas?” “Huh?” Dallas snapped out of his reveries. “Oh, I’m 18.” “Still in school?” “No. Graduated in May. Free at last!” They both laughed. “You going to college this fall?” “I’m not sure. My dad wants me to, but he’s not pushing that hard. I was never that good a student, so I’m not looking forward to torturing myself for four more years, to be honest. I like being a working man, you know?” “Nothing wrong with that, my man.” “Yeah, so I’m planning to work full-time at the store, save up my money, and then get my own place in a year or so. I’m sure my parents will like that. I think that’s the real reason my dad wanted me to go to college! They’re good to me, but I can tell they’re looking forward to having their baby boy move out.” “You have brothers or sisters?” “Nope. Only child here.” Dallas pointed a thumb back at his chest. “Spoiled and pampered all the way.” “Nothing wrong with that, either.” “And here we are. The old homestead.” Dallas pulled into the drive of a large, rambling ranch-style home. “Impressive place. Your parents must be doing well, ” Cameron noted, as they climbed out of the car. “They are. Oh, and across the street right over there … that’s Mr. Wright’s house.” Dallas pointed at an even bigger home. “Big place. Must have a large family.” “No. It’s just him.” “Really? In such a huge house?” “Well, he did have a wife and a son. But they’re gone now.” “Oh? Where’d they go?” Dallas shrugged. “Don’t know. They just disappeared around a year ago.” And that was all Dallas wanted to say about that. Too many painful memories there. “Come on inside. There’s a guest bathroom where you can shower and change into your swimsuit. Then it’s hot tub time, baby!” *** The two men relaxed in the steaming, bubbly waters, allowing the soothing embrace to massage their aching muscles. “This, my friend, is one of the perks of living at home with rich parents.” “Where are your parents?” “Vacationing in Florida. Again. They take off a lot. Dad’s retired, so they’re enjoying the good life.” “Hey, Dallas, having the house and the hot tub all to yourself. That’s not a bad life!” Dallas nodded. “Even if I get my own place, I’ll have to come back to visit the hot tub–I mean, my parents–every now and then.” “You got that right!” Cameron said with a laugh, reaching forward to bump fists with Dallas. The men slid down deeper into the water, closing their eyes and enjoying the water. “You working this weekend?” Cameron asked. “Nah. Mr. Wright gave me some time off. Me and a few buddies were planning to hit Wonderland on Saturday.” “Wonderland?” “Yeah. It’s an amusement park. They’ve got some wicked roller coasters there. Texas Tornado will make you puke, but I’m kind of partial to the Mouse Trap.” “Sounds fun.” Dallas shrugged. “There’s not much else to do in this hick town, if you’re not into horse museums and the like.” “It does seem pretty boring here.” “Meh, it’s okay. There are a few cool things to go see. Like the Cadillac Ranch. They have a bunch of old Caddies planted nose-down in the sand. That’s fun. The first time you go.” “I think I saw something about that once.” “It’s interesting enough, I guess. And so is the air and space museum. They’ve got an old DC-3 in there that you can actually go inside, right up to the cockpit.” Dallas couldn’t be sure, but he thought he felt a foot brush his ankle and then his calf. It was probably nothing. Just an accidental bumping of their legs together. Dallas continued his story. “Mostly the museum has goofy stuff. Things you’d never expect to find in a big city museum. For example, there’s this crop duster a guy built from scratch. It’s pretty crazy. Oh! And they have an actual ejection seat from a B-52 bomber.” Yeah, that was definitely a foot Dallas felt rubbing against his leg. He felt it again, drifting over and rubbing casually across the side of his leg. “There was one thing I really liked. They have this trainer the astronauts use for learning to land the space shuttles. That was interesting. And … ummmm …” The leg came back, this time between Dallas’ legs, sliding slowly up his calf to his knee, then along his thigh toward his lap. Dallas lost his train of thought when the foot pressed slowly against his balls and began gently pushing on his now thickening cock. Cameron smiled. The boy had one impressive piece of meat. It was thick and long, probably longer than Cameron’s hefty 8-incher. Nice. So very, very nice. Dallas sighed and slid down farther into the water, pushing his groin against Cameron’s groping toes. Oh, that felt good. It had been so long since he’d done anything with anyone bayburt escort else. He’d been afraid to try anything since that disastrous day with Andrew, but now that Dallas could see Cameron was clearly into sex with guys, maybe his luck was changing. Cameron pulled his foot back and stood up, switching sides of the hot tub, sliding in next to Dallas and leaning back against the wall of the tub. Their thighs were now pressed together, their shoulders touching. Cameron slipped his hand over into Dallas’ crotch and found his cock hard and throbbing. Definitely longer than me, Cameron thought, and thicker too. This is one gifted kid. He began slowly stroking the massive rod while leaning over to nibble Dallas’ ear. Dallas whimpered. This was too good to be true. He reached over into Cameron’s lap and found a big cock, not as big as his own, but definitely bigger than Andrew, the only other cock he’d touched recently. He explored a bit, finding foreskin stretched across the top, even though Cameron was fully boned up. He squeezed and pulled down, tugging the skin off and then allowing it to slip back up. Cameron was nibbling his earlobe, sliding his tongue inside every now and then. That was a little creepy, but it sent tingles down his spine. Wow, he was getting into this. Cameron took Dallas’ chin in hand and turned the young man’s head to face him. He leaned over and kissed Dallas’ lips, just a light touch. He paused, and when he saw no rejection, he kissed Dallas again, a little harder. He pulled back once more. Dallas looked confused but eager, so Cameron pressed their lips together and slithered his tongue out to push between Dallas’ soft lips. Dallas had his teeth clamped shut. Cameron persisted, licking along Dallas’ gums and darting here and there until Dallas groaned and opened his mouth, allowing Cameron to push inside. Their tongues met and Dallas began pushing back, playfully touching Cameron’s tongue with his own. Cameron opened his mouth fully and pushed down hard on Dallas, frantically licking and sucking now, making it painfully clear what he wanted and was going to have from this 18-year-old stud. While they kissed, Cameron tugged Dallas’ trunks down. Dallas lifted his hips and helped pull his swimsuit down his thighs, past his knees, and to his feet. Wiggling around, Dallas was able to work the suit completely off and flick it away with his toes, watching as the fabric floated fee in the bubbling waters of the hot tub. Smiling, Cameron slid his own trunks off and threw them over his shoulder. Then he climbed right into Dallas’ lap. Dallas couldn’t believe it. This was beyond what he’d hoped for, but man, was he ever into it! Cameron’s hands were all over his body, squeezing his cock, his balls, his nipples, rubbing his chest and abs and thighs. And Cameron’s tongue was thrusting over every nook and cranny inside his mouth, never letting Dallas catch his breath. God, he tasted good! But Dallas had to breathe. He pushed Cameron off and gasped. They both breathed in deeply, then Dallas pulled Cameron in again for another hot make-out session. I could get used to this, he thought. Cameron suddenly pulled off and motioned for Dallas to get out of the hot tub. Cameron spread out a towel along the side of the hot tub and pushed Dallas down on his back. Then Cameron reached over and moved his gym bag closer, reached inside and pulled out a bottle of lube, and squeezed out a generous handful. He spread the lube on Dallas’ thick, throbbing shaft, rubbing up onto the large, purple cap and down along the sides. Then Cameron straddled Dallas and slowly impaled himself on the boy’s massive cock. Dallas closed his eyes and sighed. Damn! *** “Well?” “It’s going according to plan.” “Is he on board yet?” “Not yet, but he will be soon. I’m good with horny eighteen-year-olds.” “Mr. Schaeffer, the less I hear about your abominable behavior, the happier I’ll be. I don’t need to hear about it. I don’t WANT to hear about it. Just let me know when Dallas is ready to help out.” “Schedule us for another heavy day of deliveries the next chance you have. All I need is one more hot time in the hot tub, and he’ll do whatever I ask him to do.” “You’re a sick bastard. You’re going to hell, you know.” “I don’t believe in hell. But I agree, I am sick.” “Just get it done. I can have you making three deliveries tomorrow.” “Good. By this time tomorrow, I’ll have him eating out of my hand.” *** The next day, it took Cameron far less time to get Dallas on his back next to the hot tub with his aching manhood deep in Cameron’s guts. Cameron slowly rocked up and down, humping himself on Dallas’ monstrous cock. The kid was lasting a lot longer this time, almost twenty minutes so far, because Cameron was taking his time and giving the guy breaks in the action from time to time. But Cameron’s ass was beginning to ache. Dallas was thick and long and Cameron was beginning to feel small cramps from taking the huge kid so deep. Time to finish it. Cameron leaned in and gave Dallas a lustful kiss, thrusting his tongue against the 18-year-old’s, smashing their mouths together, moaning with desire that was only partially faked. Dallas was a stud, even if he was a ginger. Cameron pushed back hard, forcing the heavy shaft deep inside his bowels and squeezed down on it, then began rocking faster, forcing the huge rod to slide in and out rapidly. Dallas groaned and pushed Cameron’s chest up until Cameron was sitting on his groin, then Dallas grabbed Cameron’s hips. Holding the older man still, Dallas showed just how powerful his young body could be, thrusting hard and deep, then pulling out and thrusting even deeper. He saw Cameron wince and bite his lips, but Dallas was too wrapped up in the sensations rolling through his guts to slow down now. Harder. Deeper. Savaging Cameron’s ass. And then one final, massive thrust, smashing his groin into Cameron’s butt cheeks, feeling his cock penetrating the gripping bebek escort flesh as it buried itself to the hilt, crying out in wonder as his thick urethra convulsed and his balls throbbed and his body emptied itself in pulse after agonizing pulse. Cameron shuddered as his own cock launched a hands-free volley of cum into the air, painting the deep red blush of Dallas’ normally-pale chest with white streaks and blobs. Then Cameron fell forward, collapsing onto Dallas, smearing the cum all over them both. The two young men sucked in air, catching their breaths as they waited for their pumping hearts to slow down. Then Cameron laughed. “You’re a fucking stud! You know that?” Dallas grinned. “I’m beginning to realize that.” Cameron pushed himself up and wiped cum off Dallas’ nipple with one finger. He offered it to Dallas, who sampled it and then grimaced. It was bitter and definitely not something he wanted to try again. Cameron smiled and shrugged. It was too bad the boy was so uptight. Probably his Catholic upbringing. But it didn’t matter. He didn’t have to corrupt the boy completely for what he had in mind. He pulled himself off Dallas’ shrinking cock and fell on his side next to Dallas. “You are one hot and sexy lover, Dallas. I could get used to sharing the hot tub with you like this.” Dallas rolled on his side to face Cameron. “Is this going to be a regular thing for us?” “Why not? There’s no reason we shouldn’t give each other pleasure like this. Sure, we’re a few years apart in age, but we’re both consenting adults. It’s not like what your buddy Andrew is going through, after all.” “Andrew? Are you talking about Andrew Wright?” “Oh! I thought you knew. Well, it’s probably not my place to share what I’ve heard.” Dallas sat up. “If you know something about Drew, tell me.” Cameron glanced around as if checking to see if anyone could overhear, then he looked back at Dallas and said, “Mr. Wright told me all about it. About his son running away and living with some guy up in Oklahoma, some pedophile who preys on runaway boys like your friend Andrew. I guess Andrew is living there now, being molested by this guy, and Mrs. Wright is just letting it happen. I guess the guy who’s molesting Andrew gave her a place to live so she’ll go along with it.” Dallas shook his head. This was crazy! He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Cameron nodded and continued speaking. “Hey, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. I’m gay, out and proud, so I can accept almost anything people want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom, but this is too much even for me. A grown man fucking a teenage boy? That’s just sick. And you know the guy is manipulating your buddy Andrew. Screwing with his head. Twisting it around so the kid thinks it’s okay. Shit, he may even be bribing the boy by promising to let his mother live there for free. You never know with sick fucks like that. Fucking pedophiles!” Dallas was stunned. Poor Andrew. *** Dallas knocked on the door to Mr. Wright’s office. Alan Wright looked up and waved at Dallas. “Come on in, Dallas. What can I do for you?” Dallas gulped. “Ummm, it’s about Andrew, sir. I’ve heard some things. Some really bad things. And, well, I was just wondering if there was anything I can do to help.” Alan fell silent, thinking. “Actually, Dallas, there is one thing you can do, but it’s asking a lot and I don’t know if you would be willing.” “Anything, Mr. Wright. Anything for Andrew.” *** Dallas dialed the number and put the call on speaker. “Hello.” “Hi, Dad.” “Hello, Dallas. How’s the trip going so far?” “It’s going good, Dad. We’re just down the road from the farm. I’m headed there now, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to call you for the next few days.” “I’m sure Mr. Wright will keep us up-to-date. Call when you can, Dallas.” “I will, Dad.” “And watch out for those dogs of his. They’re a dangerous breed. I don’t want to hear about you getting bit.” “I’ll be fine, Dad. Really. Mr. Wright will be staying nearby, and I’ll have my cell phone. Everything will be okay.” “I’m sure it will, but I’ll feel better when you’re on your way home with Andrew.” “Thanks, Pop. I appreciate that. And remember, if Mrs. Wright calls to ask about me, tell her I left home after a big fight. Just leave it at that. No details so our stories don’t get crossed up.” “I remember. I don’t much like the idea of lying to her. She was a good friend for many years, even if she is making a huge mistake now. But your mother and I know what we need to do. We understand how important this is for Andrew’s sake.” “Thanks, Dad. I appreciate the help.” “How much longer will you be there?” “Hopefully less than a week. It depends on how fast I can convince Andrew to leave.” “I understand. Well, let us know when you’re on your way home.” “I will, Pop. Love you.” “Uh huh. Bye, Son.” Dallas ended the call, frustrated at how cold and impersonal his father had been. But he was used to that, so he wasn’t going to let it bother him now. Besides, he had other, more important things to worry about. He turned a concerned eye toward Alan Wright. It was time to start. Mr. Wright needed his help. Andrew needed his help. Alan pointed out the car window. “The farm is down that road, about a mile. Be careful. Don’t get caught when you check in with us. And let us know when you’re ready for pickup. You know where it will be, right?” “Yeah, I remember the spot,” Dallas said. “Wish me luck.” “You won’t need luck,” Alan stated. “God will be with you.” “Here,” Cameron said from the front passenger seat. He offered a .22 caliber handgun to Dallas. “I’m not taking that,” Dallas said, frowning. “Your dad’s right,” Cameron insisted. “Those dogs are dangerous. You might need this.” “No thanks,” Dallas said, shaking his head. “I’ll be fine.” Dallas opened the door and climbed out of the car, pulling out a backpack stuffed with a few changes of clothes. Then he hoisted the backpack onto his shoulder and started walking down the road. Cameron shrugged and put the gun in the glove compartment. Alan started up the car and made a u-turn, driving off in the opposite direction. The end of MISUNDERSTOOD, Chapter Twenty-Nine

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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