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Molested By My Baby Brother

Chapter Ten: A Path to Normalcy



This document contains fictional adult erotic material involving sexual acts between two imaginary brothers and their father. Any resemblance, real or imaginary, to anyone in the “real world”, is purely coincidental. For the purposes of this disclaimer, “[the] real world”, “[the] Real World”, “[in] real life”, “[In] Real Life”, “IRL”, “Reality” or “reality” shall henceforth be defined as “the world or state of things as they actually exist”.

If you are under 18 (in some countries or regions 21) years of age and/or if it is illegal to view erotic material of this nature in your locale, please close and discard this document immediately. The author cannot and shall not be held accountable for your actions. The author is governed and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, under which, the author enjoys protection of free speech and the rights of artists to be heard and protected, even if what they say may be controversial or offensive to some.

By continuing, the reader attests that:

The author has not acted and is not acting, in any way, to provide the reader with this document; convince; impress upon; coerce; persuade; or otherwise indoctrinate the reader.
The reader has continued to open, read, store, share, etc. this document without knowledge or consent (explicit or implicit) of the author, and understands and accepts responsibility for his or her own actions.
The author is explicitly released from any and all liability.
Furthermore, the author attests that:

This story is wholly and completely a work of fiction. All characters represented within are 100% fictional.
The activities described herein are all 100% fictional. They have never happened in any way, shape, or form; are not drawn from any known actions having taken place in Reality; and are solely a work of erotic fiction for consenting adult entertainment (fantasy) purposes only.
It is forbidden to give, show, read or in any other way disseminated this document to minors.
The author in NO WAY approves of, endorses, declares, implies, or suggests that of any of the sexual behaviors described herein are acceptable in real life (IRL).
This story was born of deep desire and fantasy on the part of the author at a very young age, to actually be the youngest participant described in this story, and is cathartic and therapeutic in nature. The story is written in part, to invoke intellectual thought and provide insight into a part of the psyche which is often lost because individuals are often terrified at the rebuke, misunderstanding, hate, violence and even legal action which might be taken against them should they admit to these desires within themselves.

The author additionally hopes to inspire change in the way society approaches individual differences, even though they may be taboo, in the hopes of changing the way that we as a society approach individual needs; helping to improve understanding of the psyche and individual development; and preventing the action upon these desires which could harm others, particularly the most vulnerable.

The author believes that it is possible for someone that has desires deemed socially taboo or even illegal, to be able to find therapeutic outlets which can help them maintain control and prevent acting on these desires. The author also believes that the most dangerous state is the status quo, where individuals are forced to keep these desires, thoughts, and feelings locked inside, in the dark, where they cause pain, fester, and magnify. Finally, it is the author”s belief that being forced to remain hidden, secretive, unable to talk about, share, relate to others or be related to — ultimately the inability to find commonality and acceptance — is the most likely scenario which leads to opportunities and decisions to act on those desires.

If this bothers you; if you are offended, disgusted, enraged; if you refuse to engage in academic thought; investigate the reality that these feelings exist, often from a very young age; consider that society does more harm than good by ignoring them, pretending they don”t exist and imposing unspoken rules or even explicit laws regarding discussion — kindly, Fuck Off!

A Note to the Reader:

Hello Dear Reader. I”m changing my note for the first time really… As I have learned some things in posting my story…

I”m sorry that Chapter 10 took a while longer to post than I expected. At first, when I posted the story, I thought that I was actually finished with the story… I was glad to have it “finished” after a year of writing and editing. However, I quickly learned that I had jumped the gun. I should have known better honestly, because the parts of the story that I posted were written and edited over a dozen times over the past year. If I”m completely honest, I”m a prefectionist, and I could easily continue to edit them for the rest of my life, but, trying to make a clean break so that I could start a new story, when I thought that I had an ending I could “live with”… I began to post.

As I completed one last edit on each chapter, converting the chapter to HTML, I was pretty happy… until I got to chapter 10. Suddenly, I felt as if I had abrubtly and somewhat artificially ended the story… and what was worse, it was mostly preachy stuff (you”re gonna get that with my stories anyway lol) but… this was… bad… There was no… joy… in the ending. Sure, I had left multiple paths to a sequel novel, but… I was not happy. So, I have been, whenever possible, editing this chapter trying to make it less obnoxious, and more fun. I hope that I have done that, and I am pleased to add that there will be at least one more chapter… but I have to start that one from scratch… lol… so, don”t hold your breath! I don”t want any deaths on my conscious lol. But, I promise there will be one more chapter added to this novel before I end it.

Should you like to contact me, please feel free to do so at (b0yl0v3rn4) (at) (tutanota) (dot) (com)

I”m going to share a little more about myself, relevant to contact. I wrote this story for myself, as catharsis. However, I have learned, because of the wonderful men that have emailed me, that I, like many authors, love to hear from my readers. I have always been someone that has been able to sense what a man likes, realize the things that I do that really turn him on and as a result, I love to make guys feel good. I”m not a total sub, and I don”t like to be pushed around. I am a total geek, however, and for any of you like-minded, I will refer you to Season 5 Episode 21 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Perfect Mate”. I find myself not unlike the metamorph in that respect. As some of you have emailed me, I have been surprisingly, excitied… hearing what my story has done to you. After spending so much time writing and editing, and I think just because I actually wrote it, my story doesn”t really have an erotic effect on me… So hearing what it has done to you as you have read it… It has made me feel very good that I have been able to bring you pleasure. Thank you for sharing that with me. I have been finding it incredibly exciting.

I want to add this. As I have read many of the stories on Nifty, I have wanted to email the authors, but have felt that I should not waste their time. I”m sure they are busy… Since posting the story, I am trying to reach out to the writers that I read to let them know how much I enjoy their stories. My perspective has changed. I no longer think that they are too busy to be bothered, but rather, actually like to receive emails. So, as you read stories on Nifty, reach out and let the authors know. They are real people just like you, and they actually like to get emails.

I wish I had found Nifty years ago. I only found it recently and it has truly been life changing. There are some incredible artists sharing their work. And let”s face it, in addition to beautiful stories, there is some pretty fucking hot erotica. Way better than a lot of the porn out there!

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Chapter Ten: A Path to Normalcy

Teddy suddenly felt a bit sheepish. He was being a little selfish, thinking only of what he wanted — to savor the delicious cum cocktail, stirred to perfection deep in the depths of his little boy’s bum. Granted, he had been salaciously seduced into the concupiscence of his two young sons, as he witnessed, and was enslaved, by this prurient production, a lasciviously libidinous spectacle, concocted by his own captivatingly exquisite offspring — it was astoundingly fucking hot; not only seeing both of his spectacular little specimens of boyhood, naked, in all of their libidinous, tumescent glory, but also touching their warm, silken, smooth skin; smelling and tasting their pheromones, their salty-sweet skin, musk, sweat, spunk and piss — tasting their sex; hearing the gasps and moans, grunts and groans as their lithe little bodies experienced so many wonderful feelings ripping through their perfect little forms, in all their naked, erotic, debaucherously innocent play, was…Just. So. Fucking. Hot! In a way, it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t purposefully being selfish; he was just so fucking aroused! He was so turned on by all of this — everything that had been literally thrown in his lap — no less than his deepest, darkest, desires. He still felt a pang of guilt at being less-than-thoughtful of his boys in the fog of sex.

His eldest on the other hand, was thinking of his little brother and what the sweet little angel desired first, and then, only doing what he had been doing for months, cleaning up the luscious cum — the actions were automatic, though admittedly incredibly intoxicating to Joshy. Teddy immediately thought back barely hours before, to the little pup’s primary productive peak, and how Joshy, after tasting the initial eruption which had alighted on his lip, immediately realizing that his little lover-brother had experienced his first actual squirt of spunk, his first productive orgasm, congratulated the little squirt for having his first launch, and then fed the boy’s own sweet nectar to the little tyke so that he could experience the magical nectar of the gods, his first squirt of spunk, in the same way. Next, he had shoved his fingers in Daddy’s mouth so that Teddy could savor the nectar of the gods also. Only then, had he joked for his little brother and Daddy to leave a little for him, as they were both zealously collecting and consuming the nectar like the magical elixir that it was.

Teddy was continuously impressed by the thoughtfulness and amiability, love and consideration that Joshy exhibited. Not just for his little brother, but for him as well, and quite frankly, everyone the boy encountered. Recently Teddy had been the recipient of new, though honestly rather frequent, praise of Joshy and the way that he leads by example, protects others and is always so kind and thoughtful of others. Teddy and Cassie had often received reports of Joshy’s behavior at school, as teachers, staff, and administrators all had stories of how Joshy had treated someone so nicely, or intervened in some “situation,” and because having one’s peers object to cruelty instead of a teacher, particularly a popular, handsome boy with a clear knack for clever leadership, the result was often far better than any of them could have hoped, and with much more lasting effects because it came from him instead of one of them. Reports were frequent from parents who had overheard Joshy’s loving rebuke of someone upon utterance of an unkind word, and how he was so kind and thoughtful, even to the person that had been unkind to someone else. Other parents had told he and Cassie of their eldest boy’s influence on their own sons, and how Joshy’s constant and unwavering example of love for his little brother, had influenced their own boys’ relationships for the better.

He heard of how brothers all over the town behaved much more civilly to each other and actually showed more love for each other. Even older boys — several years older than Joshy — had begun to treat their little brothers with so much more kindness and patience after witnessing Joshy’s saint-like behavior. They hugged each other more, played with each other more, and spent more time with each other. Older brothers brought their younger brothers along, showering them with the love, affection and attention that all boys crave from their big brothers. There was more than just a general consensus that Joshy was responsible for that, because he had, from the time Scotty was very young, included him in nearly everything he did. It’s amazing what a single handsome, young, kind, self-assured boy can do just by holding to his own values, beliefs, and feelings, and standing up for what he wants, and whom he loves. It was truly astounding how one boy could change an entire town.

Credit where credit is due, Teddy and Cassie really were to be commended. Their loving and open approach, and insistence that their boys would not learn the typical social programming, stereotyping, machoism, sexism, genderism — all the isms basically — which they felt were so detrimental to children, appeared to have a direct correlation to how their boys behaved. Even taboos and social norms, artificially imposed upon ancient and modern-day civilizations alike, most often through one organized religion or another, with the intent of inflicting shame, guilt, and fear into the populous in order to control and coerce them, were practically smashed like glass with a sledge hammer by Cassie and Teddy as they discussed the mechanics of these devices with their boys. While the two agreed that some of these taboos and social norms could be seen as attempts to “protect” children, he and Cassie had always believed that, in reality, these devices were extremely misguided, cruel, and detrimental, and it was extremely unlikely that any of it was successful in protecting children. Instead, it seemed much more likely that it simply pushed those that would harm children “underground,” actually making it harder to sus them out and rescue an abused or neglected child. Moreover, they believed that children suffered more violence at the hands of their abusers as they work to instill fear, ensuring that they would never even think of trying to get help, out of sheer terror of punishment.

Certainly, Teddy and Cassie didn’t believe that all attempts to protect children were misguided, though they often felt that the implementations were all-too-often feeble and disgraceful, rarely actually providing protection to the children, and often inflicting more harm than good. They did not believe that the taboos and laws enacted to “protect” children were actually effective at reducing, eliminating or preventing abuse and protecting our most precious treasures. Rather, it was their profound and unassailable belief that many of those laws, taboos, etc. were actually quite harmful to children. Stripping them of their individual identities, forcing them into a very tight, ugly and ill-fitting cookie cutter, hacking up their feelings and desires, and effectively removing from them, their own right to be who they were, feel what they felt, desire what they desired — for all intents and purposes, castrating them emotionally and treating them as property, denied the right to express their feelings and desires as they experienced them, denied the compassion and help understanding what they felt; instead of, as a point of reference, giving them the freedom and the tools to feel, explore and understand like Cassie and Teddy had with their boys.

As such, rather than feeling safe; having the freedom to discover who they are; being allowed to process and understand their own feelings and desires; able to nestle in and rely on the warm, cocoon-like bulwark of loving and protective parents, friends, and other family, children are much more likely to be shamed, scolded and even punished upon discovery of such feelings. Often forced to repress those feelings and desires, programmed to believe the feelings are bad or wrong — or worse, that because they have those feelings or desires that they are bad, defective, unworthy of love — unable to explore the feelings and desires; to attempt to understand them; to reconcile them with what society deems appropriate; children are prone to emotional and psychological damage, self-doubt, low self-worth, low self-confidence, confusion and often despair.

When teaching the boys about social norms, taboos, and the like, Teddy and Cassie would always encourage the boys to think for themselves, to understand the intention of the norm or taboo and decide for themselves what to do with that information. But, above all else, to be true to who they are and how they feel. Their mantra, though not an immutable şişli travesti transcript, always emphasized each and every point.

“Peer pressure can be rough if you let it. But, your peers (or anyone else for that matter) only have the ability to exert pressure on you if you are unsure of yourself, don’t know who you are, don’t have the courage to be who you are, don’t have confidence in yourself, don’t value yourself, or you value the opinions of others more than you do your own opinions, beliefs, or desires. If you are self-assured, self-confident, courageous, have your own personal set of values, and you are unwavering, you will be free of peer pressure. And if you’re free of peer pressure, you retain your own power; others cannot dictate the way you view yourself, or the way you view others. You will truly be your own person. It may not always be easy, but things of value rarely come easily. And with that, you can avoid pitfalls that we have tried so hard to protect you from and prepare you for. As an example, being taught personal shame, like so many boys and girls have, even if it wasn’t purposeful on the part of their parents or others. If you allow peer pressure to control you, it will detract from your own power, your own sense of self, your sense of self-worth and in turn the way you value others.

You are special because you are you. There is not, nor will there ever be another in the world exactly like you. The same is true for everyone else you meet. You have the right to be you, just as they have the right to be them. Some would even say each of us has a responsibility to be who we are. You have the right to be happy, just as everyone else around you has the right to be happy. You have the right not to be persecuted, teased, or attacked because of who you are, what you like, how you feel, etc., and the gods help me, I’d better never catch you teasing, attacking or putting someone else down for any reason. Treating others with love and respect, even when they are not treating you or others the same way, will only serve to help you. More than likely, you will even win them over. It is important to understand someone else’s perspective. If someone is a bully, they have likely been, or are being, bullied, or they have been made to feel so bad about themselves that they try to make other people feel as bad as they do. They often don’t understand that making others feel bad doesn’t actually make you feel better.

You may be able to trick yourself into believing that it does, that you feel better because the person you picked on is lesser than you, but that’s not really what happens. Most of us are not wired to be cruel to each other. And so, when we are, it actually ends up making us feel worse about ourselves. What actually makes you feel better about yourself, is making others feel better about themselves. When you lift someone up, you get pulled up along with them. Think about it. Try it. Try saying something nice to someone out of the blue, randomly, and then walk away before they can say something nice back. You will feel amazing and so will they. When you don’t stick around for an obligatory return compliment, your compliment feels even more real to that person. And you will feel amazing because you didn’t stick around and give them the chance to respond with an obligatory compliment. It’s like you got away with something — you got away with making them feel good about themselves unconditionally. You will know, that they know, that you didn’t compliment them to get a compliment back. You did it because you wanted to; you did it because you wanted to make them feel good. You will literally feel the fact that they actually feel your compliment; it will be more real and genuine because of that delivery.”

Yes, Cassie and Teddy really had done a wonderful job raising their boys, and Joshy had also been doing a remarkable job helping to raise Scotty, sharing that same wisdom and living by example. And Scotty was popular in part because he was so included by Joshy, but Scotty was living that same behavior in his own right. Joshy’s love and attention for him had served to build his sense of self-worth. He was important to his big brother. So important that he would always come first; no matter what Joshy was doing, if Scotty wanted or needed his attention, he got it right then. He felt important and loved his entire life. One might think that because Scotty got Joshy’s attention immediately, whenever he wanted it, that he might be spoiled and demanding, even self-aggrandized. But that was not the case. Between the parenting and the personality, and the love of his big brother, Scotty was the spitting image of his big brother in nearly every way. Sure, their hair and eye color were a little different, but, one could easily miss that watching the two boys together. It was almost as if Joshy had his own little Mini Me. Joshy was a very sweet boy; even tempered, often soft-spoken, joyful and kind. He was happy and playful, and even boisterous with the other boys at play, but at the same time quiet and gentle. He had an easy confidence about him. He was practically a paradox. Teddy snapped out of his thoughts and back to the moment at hand.

“You’re right, Son. He has earned whatever he wants. And quite frankly, so have you.”

Teddy leaned down and hugged his eldest son.

“I’m so proud of you Joshy,” he whispered very quietly into Joshy’s ear.

He looked down at Scotty, whose tongue continued to flick all around his mouth licking up any stray spunk streaks.

“Someone’s got a bit of the devil in him!” he grinned down at Scotty.

“Yeah, an’ Daddy, Joshy says dat a bit of da deviw in me is a good fing.”

Daddy and Joshy both laughed. Joshy blushed a bright red.

“He sure is right there! A bit of the devil in you is a good thing! I think a bit of the devil in all of us is a good thing. I love you so much, you sexy little devil!”

“I wuv you too you sexy big deviw!”

The little tyke grinned and blushed and threw his arms around his big brother and hugged him, burying his face in the teen’s tummy. He seemed to be a little embarrassed talking that way with Daddy.

“And I wuv you too Joshy!”

“I love you too Little Man.”

Joshy grinned at the sexy little devil.

“So, you little horn dog, how’d you like me fucking you with Daddy’s dick?”


The rambunctious little monkey let out a long, low growl, then giggled.

“But, Joshy?”

“Yeah Scotty?”

“How come you nevew fucked me dat hawd?”

Joshy laughed. Teddy snickered, covering his mouth trying not to laugh out loud.

“Jesus! You are one horny little fucker, aren’t you?!”

He laughed again and leaned down, slipping one arm under his little brother he pulled him up into his lap and hugged him close.

“God I love you, my sexy little stud,” the teen chuckled and then got serious. “Well, Kiddo, I was afraid I would hurt you. You’re still so much smaller than me. I guess I know now that you can probably take just about anything.”

He kissed the little boy on the cheek, his hand gently holding the little boy’s face as he looked right into the little boy’s blue eyes.

“I was just so afraid that I would hurt you, my Little Love.”

Tears began to trickle down Joshy’s face. Scotty’s hand immediately flew up and wiped first one side and then the other. He kissed his big brother right on the lips — just a sweet little peck.

“Don’t cwy, Joshy.”

The little cub leaned up and gave his older brother another peck on the lips and hugged him as tightly as his little arms could. Joshy composed himself and continued.

“I could tell that you liked it a little harder and faster. But, I let you control that. I was afraid that I would get too rough and really hurt you. I love you so much, Little Man. You know I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you.”

“It’s okay, Joshy.”

The little tyke leaned his head against his big brothers naked chest. He could hear his heart beat and it made him feel safe. He felt Daddy’s big hand stroke his hair.

“My sexy Baby Boy, you are something else! I can’t believe how horny you are or how rough you like it!”

They all laughed.

“You and your brother are like my most wonderful dreams come true. You boys have no idea really. You are just like I was when I was your age. Your uncle Cody and I used to fuck like this with grandpa, my daddy.

“What?!” both boys cried out in unison. “Why didn’t you tell us?” “Why didn’t you start this sooner, Daddy?” “Why didn’t you start fucking me when I was Scotty’s age, Daddy?” “Why didn’t you let me suck your dick?” …

The questions flew from both boys at once.

“Boys, boys!” Daddy raised his voice just a little to be heard over the din. “Boys, the short answer is that I wasn’t sure either of you would like it, and I decided a long time ago that if I ever had boys, they would have to initiate anything outside of the social norms. While I love what I did with my dad and brother, I wasn’t the one that initiated it. I don’t know if I would have, but that is something that I will never know because I wasn’t given that choice. We can talk more about that some other time. I just want you to know that I love both of you boys more than you will ever know. And I will freely admit that I am extremely excited and very happy that this new dimension of our relationship has been unlocked. But, I want to make one think clear, and from what I have seen, I believe that Joshy said and did the same thing with you, Scotty, when you progressed beyond curiosity. Anything that any of us do with each other or with other people must always be agreed to by both or all of the people involved, is that understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Of course, Daddy. So…Um…Daddy, you have sex with uncle Cody?”

“Hmmm. Caught that did you?” he chuckled. “Yes, uncle Cody and I have had sex. A lot of sex actually. We haven’t had sex very often since I married your mother, though, uncle Cody did come over a few times for a little fun with your mom and me. But, uncle Cody doesn’t really like having fun with girls at all. So that only happened a few times and I think he did it more for me.”

“Can we have sex with uncle Cody?”

“Ooof! This is getting out of control quickly, huh? Me and my big mouth.”

Teddy chuckled again. It may have been a little too soon to open up that can of worms, but he wanted to be truthful with his boys and it felt so good to be able to let that out and talk about that part of his life again.

“Tell you what boys, let’s give it a little time. I would prefer that you not tell or talk to uncle Cody about this right now… Would you please do that for me? I promise that after we have had some time to process this new aspect of our relationships and we have had some time to talk, at some point, we will have uncle Cody come visit and sit down with him and unleash you two little horn dogs upon him.”

He laughed a hearty laugh this time.


“Oh cool! Ok Daddy. We will wait until you say it’s ok, right Scotty?”


“Thank you, boys. My god, you two are just so amazing. I never dared hope that my own sons would follow in my footsteps, and quite frankly I never could have imagined just how wonderful and amazing you two boys would be!”

“I’m hungwy.”

“You’re always hungry for something, squirt. Cookies or cock…” the teen laughed.

“Shut up, Joshy!”

The little monster reached down and grabbed his big brother’s soft sausage.

“If you don’t make me somefing, I’ww just eat dis.”

Scotty chomped his teeth together like a monster. Joshy squeezed his little brother and began fast, gently sucking kisses on the little boy’s neck, resulting in squeals and laughter. He squirmed away from his big brother’s grasp and headed for the bedroom door.

“We’ll be out to make you something to eat, Little Man. Get cleaned up a little, huh?”

“Joshy,” Teddy said quietly as he put his hand on the teen’s shoulder stopping him from following his little brother.

“Yeah, Daddy?”

“Joshy,” tears immediately began flowing down Teddy’s face, “I am so proud of you…”

“…I kn…”

Teddy put his finger to Joshy’s lips.

“Shhh. Let me finish, Son.”

He took a deep breath and tried to compose himself as the tears flowed like dual fountains down his cheeks.

“I’m so proud of you, Son. You are barely a teenager, and yet for much longer than I realized, I’m sure, you have been taking care of your little brother.”

Joshy tried to speak again, but Teddy shook his head no, and kept his finger on his son’s lips.

“I think your mom and I even took it for granted. Sure, we mentioned it here and there, but, I know I never realized how much you were taking care of him. I’m sure your mother did; she didn’t miss much.”

He half-smiled thinking of Cassie, but the tears flowed even more freely. He was beginning to lose control, and began to get choked up. Still, he refused to let Joshy speak.

“I need to say this, Son. It needs to be said. You need to know that I know, that I see it.”

He choked up again, struggling to maintain enough composure to talk.

“I knew that I didn’t need to worry about Scotty because you would take care of him. Not only had you done it for lord knows how long before your mom…”

Teddy couldn’t hold his composure. He choked, and began to shake as he cried. Still, he shook his head, instructing Joshy to stay quiet. After a few moments, he regained enough composure to continue.

“…and from the moment I got home and told you boys…”

His composure again slipped away as he felt the crushing weight of having to tell his two boys that their mother was dead, all over again. Joshy stayed quiet. He knew that was what Daddy wanted now, but he leaned in and embraced him, and with as much teenage strength as he could muster, squeezed him as tightly as he could. For several minutes, Teddy just shook as he wept. There were things he hadn’t thought about. Things he hadn’t talked about yet with anyone… and they were coming to the surface. His son’s tight embrace steadied Teddy and eventually he was once again able to regain some composure. Tears were now streaming down Joshy’s cheeks. He had fought them off as hard as he could, but he couldn’t stand to see his dad like this.

“…You immediately took over and I knew that I didn’t have to worry about Scotty, but I took it for granted that you would be ok too. I knew that he was safe with you and that you would make sure he ate, and had his bath, and that you would hold him tight every night…”

Teddy was struggling to speak and not blubber. But, it was difficult. He hadn’t really paid much mind to any of this. He just dumped it all on Joshy. It was subconscious and he didn’t do it on purpose, but he didn’t realize it either. He had just dumped Scotty on Joshy. Much of what Cassie had done around the house had also fallen onto Joshy, who quietly picked up all of the duties and just kept going. He lost it again. Joshy just held his dad as tears streamed down both of their cheeks. It took a few more minutes for Teddy to get to a point where he could talk again.

“…You picked up all of the housework that your mom did and more, and you’ve never complained, grumbled…”

There he went again. This was really getting old. Teddy was frustrated that he was not able to get much of anything out before falling apart again. Joshy knew what his dad was trying to say, and it was ok… he didn’t need to hear it, but he realized that his dad needed to say it. So, he just stood there holding his dad tight as they both cried.

“…As I sucked on Scotty’s toes earlier, I realized just how much, how many little things you’ve been doing in addition to all the big things. Clipping his toenails and fingernails, making sure he does his homework, making sure he’s OK at school…”

Once again Teddy succumbed to his guilt and grief, and again fell silent as he cried, shaking as he tried to do it silently so as not to draw Scotty’s attention. It broke Joshy’s heart to see his Dad like this. But he knew that Daddy needed to say this; he knew that Daddy needed to talk about it more. Joshy had done the best he could to talk about everything with Scotty. They both cried together. They talked about why bad things happen, and how there really is no way to control it, no way to know what will happen. He was honest with Scotty and he told him that any one of them could be gone in a moment, but that it wasn’t really likely that anything would happen, and that he shouldn’t worry about it or be scared. That unfortunately, Mommy had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He told Scotty that he needed to talk about his feelings and his good memories of Mommy so that he could help keep her alive in his heart.

He told him that he would do everything that he could not to leave him too. He promised to be more careful and not to take stupid risks. Joshy told his little brother that he couldn’t promise that he would never be taken away, but that he could promise that he would never leave him and that he would do everything in his power to make sure he would be there for his little brother. Daddy had a harder time dealing with Cassie being taken the way she was. Joshy thought that it was partly because he had seen her after the accident, even though he was really glad that Daddy had been there to try to comfort Mommy and to say goodbye for all of them. He thought Daddy was trying to put on a brave face because that’s what he thought he needed to do.

“…I’m so sorry, Joshy. I’m so sorry I left you to take care of Scotty and yourself and even me…”

He continued to sob, but tried to quietly continue.

“…You are such an amazing young man. I couldn’t have asked for a better son. I couldn’t have asked, planned or hoped for a better big brother for Scotty. I couldn’t have found a more perfect son and brother if I had been able to pick you out beylikdüzü travesti of a catalogue. Neither he, nor I would have gotten this far after your mother’s death if it hadn’t been for you…”

Teddy’s anguish consumed him and he sobbed loudly. Moments later, Scotty peeked around the corner.

“What’s wong Daddy? Joshy, what’s wong? What’s wong wif Daddy?”

Joshy released his strangle hold on Daddy, gave his eyes a quick swipe and bent down and picked Scotty up.

“It’s okay, Little Man. Daddy was just remembering Mommy and got a little sad.”

He moved back over next to Daddy and put one arm around him again as he held Scotty with the other, the little tykes naked form wrapped around the young teen, his little penis mashed up against his big brother’s side, Joshy’s hand in the oh-so-familiar spot, supporting the little cub’s cute little bum. Scotty, with one arm around his big brother’s neck leaned over and put the other around Daddy’s neck.

“It’s okay Daddy. Don’t cwy. We all miss Mommy, but we’ww keep hew cwose by wemembewing aww da good times and evewyfing she taught us just wike Joshy said.”

Teddy lost control again. He put one arm around each of his boys and just shook, sobbing uncontrollably. Scotty started to cry too. He didn’t understand why Daddy cried harder after what he had said. He was confused and upset by Teddy’s inability to control his emotions. In that moment, he felt as though he had failed his boys. His barely-teenage son had been more a of mature adult than he had been, clearly more easily capable of dealing with the death of his own mother, not to mention the incredible and daunting task of helping his little brother through that terrible time.

“It’s alright my sweet little boy,” Joshy said. “Don’t cry.” He gently kissed the little tyke’s tears away. “Daddy’s okay. We just need to give him lots of love. He hasn’t been talking about everything like you and I have. He’s been holding a lot of his sadness and pain inside. D’you remember how we talked about that? How if you keep it all bottled up inside, and you don’t talk about it and work through the feelings, that they can just boil all out, and you can lose control, and you never know what will cause those feelings to come out or how you will feel or act when they do?”

“Yeah,” the youngster whimpered quietly.

“Well, that’s some of what’s happening right now with Daddy. He was so busy working and trying to make sure that we had everything that we needed and that we were OK, that he didn’t make sure that he talked through his own feelings. And, he also has some bad feelings about how he coped with Mommy being gone and everything. He is feeling like he just left us to deal with it instead of helping us work through our feelings. Even though he was doing the best that he could after we lost Mommy, he is blaming himself for things that he shouldn’t. Maybe he thinks he should have been able to do everything, and take care of everyone all by himself. Do you think he could have done that?”

“No,” the little pup mewed.

“Exactly. No one can do everything all by themselves, can they?” the teen continued softly.


“So, Daddy’s being kind-of silly right now, isn’t he?” he asked, adding emphasis on the silly to try to lighten the mood.


“Yes. Yes, he is. Silly Daddy. No one can do everything. We all started doing more after we lost Mommy, didn’t we?”


“That’s right. Scotty helps clean up more, and sweeps and vacuums, and helps to do the laundry, and keeps his toys picked up inside and out, and he does his homework without arguing or fighting or complaining.” Then, he intensified his attempt to lighten the mood, by adding, “And he sucks my dick like a little beast…not to mention how he rides my cock and squeezes the spunk right up outta my nuts.”

Joshy had a big shit-eating grin on his face, as he tried to sound authoritative. Scotty giggled. Joshy gave the sweet little rascal a little pinch right next to his bumhole. The little squirt squealed and kicked his legs down, rubbing his groin on the teen, and trying to squeeze his widely-spread little bum to protect his tight little starfish from his big brother’s attack. Daddy began to shake again, but this time, he wasn’t crying. He looked up, and though he still had tears in his eyes and running down his face, he was laughing.

“God, I love you boys!” he whispered, his throat still swollen and clenched, preventing his voice from escaping the occluded chasm.

“We love you too, Daddy,” the teen quickly returned.

“You know Scotty, you have the best big brother in the whole world,” Daddy said, his voice scratchy and strained.

“I know.”

Scotty kissed Joshy on the cheek and let go, sliding down to the ground and headed back out the bedroom door.

“I love you so much, Joshy.”

“I know Dad. I’m fine, really. And, I love you too.”

“You’re too damn smart for your own good, you know that don’t you?”

Joshy squeezed Daddy’s cock.


“Jooooo-shyyyyyyy, I’m hunnnnnn-gwyyyyyyyy!”

“I know,” he grinned, kissing Daddy on the lips. “And you need to talk more about your feelings.”

“Smart ass!” Teddy replied, swatting at Joshy’s cute teen ass as he headed out the bedroom door to make Scotty, and the rest of them, some dinner.

His boy was right, though. He did need to talk more about his feelings. In fact, he needed to talk more with his boys about his and their feelings. Thank goodness that Joshy had been talking through Scotty’s feelings with him, and clearly that had helped the teen work through his own as well. Now, Teddy needed to show both boys that he realized that he needed to talk to them and share his feelings more. He had been afraid to add to the boys’ burden losing their mother, but was realizing that instead, he may have added to their burden by not sharing it with them more the entire time. He would change that. Joshy’s seduction had succeeded in more ways than one; and in turn Scotty’s seduction had flowed like water over a fall, into a healing torrent that had washed over them. With that barrier had come down all barriers. Teddy could share everything with his boys. Perhaps not all at once, and perhaps some things would be better shared when the boys were older, but, they would figure that out together. And he still needed to figure out something to do for that boy. Even if he was too smart for his own good, he was one amazing boy — er, young man.

They had some sharing to do with uncle Cody as well. Teddy’s younger brother Cody was still nearby, though Teddy’s father had died some years before. Teddy missed his dad, but he had complex emotions surrounding his father, he was actually relieved that he had died before the boys were born. But Cody was different; Teddy loved his own little brother very deeply. Somehow, their relationship had been damaged. Teddy didn’t know exactly what had caused the change in their relationship, and though he had tried to talk with Cody about it before, Cody had not been ready or willing to discuss it. Teddy had some thoughts, but he didn’t want to project his own thoughts and feelings onto his little brother. He told Cody that he would wait for him to be ready to discuss it, and he wouldn’t bring it up again; when Cody was ready to talk about it, he should bring it up. Cody didn’t have a boyfriend and hadn’t gotten married; he hadn”t found a man that suited him. Teddy had long thought that perhaps Cody was too picky, but as he now thought about it, he wasn’t so sure… Perhaps he had just not met the right man yet, or, maybe the right man hadn’t come to his senses yet. Cody was gay of course.

There was a time when Teddy thought he and Cody would live together, not only as brothers, but also as lovers. There wasn’t any one thing that had changed or prevented that, he didn’t think, they just ended up in a different place. Teddy thought about that. Maybe it was his fault. His mind was reeling. Teddy didn’t really consider himself gay. He had decided that he was more bi as he and Cassie had dated and married, though, now, he was beginning to wonder. Maybe it was too soon, but Teddy hadn’t even looked at another woman. Come to think of it, his mind had never wandered when he was with Cassie either. When Cassie brought other women into their sex life, Teddy hadn’t been interested in them. He seemed to have a deep connection, a deep love, with Cassie. They had known each other for a long time and had just naturally fallen into dating, and eventually marriage… Once father and sons had spent some quality time together and re-established what their relationships would look like going forward, perhaps Cody would then find a place with the three of them…

“Daaaaaa-dyyyyyy, come eeeeee-eeeeeat!”

Teddy snapped out of his own head at the sing-song sound of his youngest calling him to dinner, still standing where his oldest had left him. Quickly he grabbed shorts and a T-shirt and headed out to the kitchen where he saw two naked boys, one digging into dinner and the other dishing out two more plates.

“I hope you washed your hands at least!” Daddy teased.

“Siwwy Daddy! Of couwse we washed ouw hands! Joshy says awways wash ouw hands after we pway, especiawwy when we pway wif butts.”

The little tyke giggled. Teddy’s eyes started to water again, but Joshy shot him a look as if to say, ‘That’s enough for now, Dad.’

“I hope you washed your hands too, you dirty Daddy!” Joshy quickly quipped. “After all, your fingers were in both of our butts!”

Scotty thought that was hilarious and practically fell out of his chair, laughing hysterically, as Daddy turned back around and went to wash his hands.

“Scotty, sweetheart, please be careful not to choke. If you have anything in your mouth, please spit it out until you’re done laughing,” Joshy cautioned.

The little brat opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue showing the teen that his mouth was empty. Joshy just grinned at him and nodded.

“And you can wooze da cwoze too Daddy!” Scotty yelled, after his fit of laughter had calmed a bit.

“Watch it you cheeky little monkey!” Teddy growled back playfully.

Scotty burst out laughing again. Clearly, he cracked himself up. Teddy walked back into the kitchen without the shorts and T-shirt. Scotty whistled as soon as he looked up and saw that Daddy was not wearing clothes anymore, then burst out laughing again. The little cub seemed to be even happier than he had been. Joshy noticed the difference and made a mental note to tell Daddy later what a difference this change seems to have made in him. Clearly both boys were experiencing stress because of Daddy’s state of mind, and that appeared to finally be improving.

“Boy! You are a little devil aren’t you!?” Daddy said as he bent down and hugged Scotty. He gave the little squirt a bunch of fast, sucking-noisy kisses, sending him into fits of laughter.

“It’s been a long day, guys. An amazing day; one that I will never forget. I’m beat. Let’s have dinner and get ready for bed, and then we can watch some TV or a movie maybe. What do you think about that?”

“That sounds good Daddy. I think we’re all a bit tired and worn out. I bet we’ll all sleep well tonight.”

“Thank you for making dinner Joshy. And for seducing me earlier…”

Daddy grinned and then stepped over and put his arms around Joshy. He hugged him tightly and then bent down and gave him a bunch of fast, sucking-noisy kisses on his neck. Joshy cracked up and felt quite silly, but he really liked it. Though he was growing up, for a moment, he felt like a little boy again, and he needed that after acting like such a grown up for so long. The three sat down at the dinner table and ate dinner. It was the most “normal” dinner they had eaten together since Cassie died. It was literally the first time that they all sat at the table and they talked and ate and joked. As they finished eating, all three got up and cleared their plates and other dishes, cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and started the dishwasher. Tummy’s full of fuel, the three headed for the living room to watch some TV — three naked men, all freshly fucked and tuckered out, a new bond between them.

Joshy sat down on the couch as Teddy grabbed Scotty, picking him up and giving the little tyke a quick toss up into the air. He squealed and laughed as Daddy caught him and gave him fast, sucking-sounding kisses on his neck again. Daddy flipped him upside down and carried him over to Joshy, dipping him down so that his face was right in front of Joshy’s, just upside down. Scotty leaned forward and kissed Joshy sweetly on his lips. Joshy grinned and kissed Scotty on the nose, pulling the little tyke down, rolling and folding him over and he rolled back up again and snuggled into his big brother. Daddy flipped over the couch and pretended to flop down on the two boys (though he actually caught himself with his hands and gently lowered himself down onto them).

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he signed very loudly on purpose. “I just need to get these lumpy pillows adjusted.”

He continued as he pretended to fluff up the boy’s laps and legs, chests and arms. He moved their arms into different positions, and when they didn’t keep them where he put them, he pretended to be puzzled and frustrated that his pillows weren’t adjusting. Joshy snickered at Daddy; he was too old for these silly games, but Scotty thought it was hilarious and tried to stifle his giggles since pillows shouldn’t make noise.

“What the heck?! What is wrong with this pillow? It won’t stay where I put it! And it seems to be wiggling; maybe it’s a vibrating pillow. And is my pillow making noise? I didn’t think this pillow had Bluetooth in it!”

Teddy continued the pillow ruse for a few more minutes and then things calmed down. The mood had lightened, and everyone seemed happy and satisfied. Teddy sat up on the couch, just off-center, and Joshy slipped up next to him. The little munchkin dropped down between the two, and wiggled his little tooshie back and forth until he had created a little space for himself between the two men that he loved the most. He was happy squeezed tightly between them. Teddy looked down over the smooth bodies of his two beautiful boys. The result of Scotty’s squeezing in between Daddy and his big brother was, that his little twig and berries got snagged and pulled up through his legs as they closed together, compressed by Daddy and Joshy. His little sack was pulled tight. The beautiful white skin was translucent. Soft, light blue and red lines flowed through the satin skin as two little marbles stretched the skin to the max. The not-so-little phallus poked straight up the little boy’s tummy smashed up against his little testes. Teddy’s youngest boy had a beautiful penis.

Much like Teddy and Joshy were when they were Scotty’s age, the little boy’s tool was not so little. Soft, it was easily three inches. It wasn’t a massive, fat cock yet, just a beautiful penis. The skin of his shaft was also somewhat translucent, and Teddy could see very light lines of color, tiny little veins weaving through the phallus. Teddy had insisted that his boys remain uncircumcised. There was a generous bulb of that beautiful silk folded in at the tip of the little boy’s penis. The stimulation of the squeezing, caused the boy’s banger to expand. Teddy watched as that delicious-looking silk unfurled as his little boy’s phallus became engorged. Slowly, like a flower blossoming in front of his very eyes, the boy’s foreskin parted exposing a beautiful reddish-pink glans. It was slick and shiny and precum began to ooze from a rather large slit in the bell-shaped head. The shaft thickened. It was a little bigger around than Teddy’s pointer finger.

‘Holy fuck!’ Teddy thought to himself. What a beautiful, delicious-looking penis. Teddy had always thought that penises were beautiful. He remembered being quite in love with his own penis at that age, not to mention his little brother Cody’s penis. In reality, all five of them had very similar equipment from what he was seeing and remembering. They were beautiful specimens of boyhood. Scotty was sitting there in a daze. The exposure of his sensitive little glans to the air in the room was electrifying. Tingles were exploding all over his little dickey as the air in the room, moving around randomly, caressed his sensitive skin. The little boy’s eyes were glassed over as he sat there, tightly squished between Daddy and Big Brother, his little candle aflame. As Teddy was sitting there staring at his little prince’s pecker, he caught motion from the corner of his eye. Joshy brought his hand up to his mouth and quietly spit copious amounts of saliva into his hand. He rubbed his fingers against his palm, coating his palm and fingers with the slippery slime. Carefully and quietly, he reached over, and in one swift but extremely sleek smooth move, his slippery hand enveloped his little brother’s naked and exposed glans, and giving a little twist, he slicked Scotty’s entire little cock up with his spit.


The little tyke’s voice shot up an octave as he moaned and squealed in pleasure.

Joshy’s hand suckled his little brother’s boyhood like a live octopus. His hand was never still; as his soft palm slipped around the boy’s glistening shaft, his fingers flicking and swirling around the little boy’s sensitive head.

“Oh Joshy!” Sppbbbbbiibbbt! “Auuuhhh!” Sppbbbbiibbbtt! “Auuuuhhh! Hnnnnggh!” Sppbbbbbiiibbbbbttt! “Oh! Oh!” Sppbbiibbt! “Auuuughh!” Spbibt. “Mmm! Mmm.”

Squirt after squirt of the sweet little cherub’s heavenly nectar erupted from the little guy’s piss slit as he squealed like a squeaker toy being squeezed with each spasm originating deep in his little bum. If it wasn’t just so goddamn motherfucking hot as hell, it would have been damn cute! The kind-of thing you might like to see on a video birthday istanbul travesti card that a big brother could send to his little brother as a little playful jab. Joshy was already licking every bit of the little boy’s nectar up, then, kissing his little brother, once again sharing the magical elixir with the little cub. He licked up more, then leaned over, squeezing Scotty even more tightly in between himself and Daddy, and Teddy leaned in. Their lips met and parted and Joshy gave Daddy another taste of the nectar of the gods, his sweet little boy’s lovely elixir. Joshy’s tongue darted around Daddy’s mouth as Daddy invaded the young teen’s fang forest.


“Oh god Scotty! Your sweet little mouth feels so good on my cock!”

The little boy’s tongue swirled around his big brother’s engorged cock head, under his foreskin, using it like a little track to keep his tongue inside its folds as it spun around the spongy head. Joshy leaned back so that he wasn’t crushing the sweet little pipsqueak any longer. Scotty rose up and followed the half of his big brother’s cock not down his throat as the teen sat back down. ‘Mmmm! Joshy’s dick tastes so good. I wuv da pee and cum dat’s undew his foweskin. I hope dat my penis gets dis big when I’m a teenagew,’ the little boy thought.

“Mmmmmmm,” the little cub growled as he nursed on his big brother’s protein pump.

Teddy looked down and watched in awe as the little tyke stretched his mouth around his big brother’s sleek stick. Joshy’s penis was just a proportionally larger version of his little brother’s. The skin was slightly less translucent, slightly more milky-peach in color. The beautiful map of veins flowing gently, almost completely hidden behind the soft, silken flesh. The teen’s head was also bell-shaped, but a little fatter than that of his little brother. Scotty’s little dick head was slender, like a tall bell; Joshy’s cock head was long as well, but quite a bit thicker. Teddy could hear a brilliant, bright, high-pitched tinkle as he imagined what his youngest’s cock would sound like as a silver bell. Looking back down to Joshy’s, he thought of a slightly lower, richer sound from a brass bell, a warmer sound. He giggled to himself quietly as his imagination ran wild ringing his little boys’ bells.

Joshy had a good amount of foreskin on his penis too. It was a bit looser than Scotty’s probably because Joshy had been pulling and stretching it for years. Teddy had shown his little boy how to wash his uncircumcised penis from a very young age. He also told him how important it was that his foreskin be able to retract — pull back away from his head. He showed the then little tyke how to put his fingers in his foreskin and gently stretch it out. Joshy had also started showing Scotty how to stretch his sweet little sleeve, but he hadn’t been doing it long. And, it feels a little better when you get older, and you end up doing it more. The little cub’s foreskin would loosen up as well with time and exercise.

Teddy watched as the little tyke worked his big brother’s thick schlong. The teen’s long, thick shaft was full and creamy, like a thick, well-proportioned, milky, bone. As the elder brother’s organ responded to his little brother’s ministrations, Teddy could see the veins bulging more on Joshy’s thick shaft. Clearly the additional capacity was needed to fill and circulate the hydraulics of that prodigious prick. Joshy’s head was a little bit darker than Scotty’s, though both were still a beautiful pink in color. He looked as the teen’s sack spread out over the couch cushion, his larger balls flopping around as his little brother worked his tool. The skin was a beautiful pink, still completely hairless, and he could literally see just how silky smooth his son’s sumptuous little sack was. Contrasting against their beautiful milky skin, a pink cock head, little pink sack and little pink pucker… Fuck! Both boys had such beautiful skin; fucking hell! Such exquisite equipment! Once again Teddy’s chest felt as if it would explode. The beautiful love and the hunger, thirst. Fuck! The blinding lust that he felt at the sight of those beautiful boy bits. Teddy sat there enthralled at the heavenly spread before him. He felt he needed to pinch himself to see if this was all real. Yes, Teddy had dreamed and fantasized about sharing physical expressions of his love with his boys, but when Joshy hadn’t been overly inquisitive, he had all but resigned himself to the likelihood that it would never happen. Watching his boys express their love for each other in this way was just so stunningly delightful.

Scotty had crawled over his big brother and was nestled in the teen’s crotch nursing his big fat stiffy. It had not been Joshy’s intention to instigate a full-blown fuck fest. He had simply seen the look on his little brother’s face and knew that the little squirt was stuck in a feedback loop. He was pressed tight in between two sexed-up men; his little willy had been forced out of its protective sheath, every movement of the air in the room setting off fireworks in the little boy’s mind like the wind embracing a delicate dandelion puff, and ripping the seeds from the head, scattering them to the wind. His big brother could see that the little tyke had fallen victim to his circumstances and didn’t have the wherewithal to actually break the feedback loop. Joshy’s spit-soaked hand job was really just a mercy-buff of the little boy’s shining light to push him over the edge where he could actually break the feedback loop, have a good little boygasm and then enjoy snuggling on the couch with his two favorite men. Now that the little devil was bobbing on his big brother’s boner like there was no tomorrow, Joshy was sucked down into that sex spiral and he wasn’t coming out until he blew his load again.

His little brother’s hot little mouth was driving Joshy wild. Out of the corner of his blurry eyes, he saw Daddy’s monster throbbing to life, the beautiful sites laid out before him being too much for him to bear. Joshy lunged to his side, twisting like a viper as he curled his way down, swallowing Daddy’s tumid truncheon. The lithe little teen twisted and contorted himself around, keeping his groin centered for his little brother’s attack, knowing that as good as it felt to him, Scotty loved burying his face in his big brother’s crotch, whether to inhale his musky teen scent, lick his balls, suck his cock, or even just feel the searing heat from the teen’s toolbox against his silky-smooth face. Scotty was a sweet little boy, who loved to suck and fuck and lick and kiss and touch. And while there was no doubt in Joshy’s mind that the little cub loved his big brother very much, Joshy knew that it was unlikely that Scotty had developed the extremely complex array of emotions that he was feeling; he wasn’t as much sucking Joshy off so that he was sexually satisfied, rather he was more than likely doing it because that was what he wanted to be doing right then.

Joshy loved the feel of his Daddy’s massive schlong snaking down his throat as well. But, just as he loved his little brother, and had first played with him so that he would not feel spurned, shamed, different, embarrassed… He also really loved his Daddy and he could see the fire in Daddy’s eyes. He could see the desire on his face and the conflict that tore through Daddy’s very soul. Was he doing the right thing indulging the boys in their desire to include him in their sexcapades? He still wasn’t absolutely sure it was the right thing to do. Even though it felt so right to all three of them, it could go so very wrong. Joshy also loved that he could ‘take ownership’ of his daddy for a period of time and while Daddy’s monstrous member was lodged down his throat, being assaulted by his throat muscles and tongue, he could make Daddy feel amazing.

He could yank Daddy out from under all of the pressures, the sadness, the worry, and he could bring him to a place full of pleasure and excitement, suspense and release. He alternated bobbing up and down faster with shoving his face down hard on Daddy’s dick, forcing the gargantuan rod deep into his throat and holding it there for as long as he could manage, struggling to breathe, his throat muscles constantly trying to swallow the massive appendage to clear his throat or convulsing in an attempt to expel the spectacular shaft from his throat. He would hold his face down on Daddy’s cock until he was about to lose consciousness, and only then extricate himself from the humungous hog. He loved sucking and swallowing that angry appendage. Daddy’s dick was fucking huge.

Daddy was not as fair-skinned as his boys and when throbbing and fully engorged his massive mushroom head looked like a big angry purple helmet. It was wide and tall. Though Daddy’s foreskin was abundant, in this state, it was pulled back tight away from the head. There was still slack, but it seemed Daddy’s dick knew that by sliding the skin back, the sensations would be more intense, and the big ridge which ringed the underside of his glans rose like a wall holding back the snaking skin. His thick shaft was also a deep purple and there were big thick ridges running all over it — a roadmap of veins and arteries. It was thicker than either of the boys’ wrists. Joshy struggled to inhale Daddy’s musk while his throat massaged Daddy’s cock into oblivion. Daddy grasped his eldest son’s head, hyper-extending his neck — lifting his chin up high — he forced the rest of his cock deep into the teen’s gullet. Daddy let out a raucous roar as he thrust his spear as deep into Joshy’s throat as he could, his spunk erupting into his older boy’s esophagus.

He held the boy’s head firmly, forcing his cock to remain completely buried in the boy’s esophagus as he unloaded his daddy seed directly into the boy’s tummy. As Joshy’s body convulsed, desperately trying to pull in oxygen, denied any as his little brother attacked his own pole, the teen’s orgasm sparked to life. The denial of oxygen only served to intensify the boy’s climax. He began to shake violently as his cock blasted round after round of thick, hot, salty sweet nectar into his little brother’s throat and mouth. Daddy kept one hand on his head and moved one hand to his chest, reassuring the boy that he was alright; Daddy wouldn’t let anything happen to him. As Teddy’s orgasm subsided, Joshy’s orgasm began to subside as well. His convulsions became less violent. Teddy knew that the boy was about to lose consciousness, so he gently lifted the teen’s head from his crotch, extracting his still rock-hard dong. Joshy gasped violently once his airway was unobstructed. Oxygen flooded back into his deprived body, and he got lightheaded. It was like he was lying on cloud nine, tingling from his mind-fuck of an orgasm only to have his system overwhelmed by oxygen on the rebound so that he was tingling and flying high all at once.

The rambunctious little punk had taken to sucking and kneading his big brother’s cock as if trying to will another load of his sweet spunk from the flesh straw. The little devil was delighting in his big brother being incapacitated as it afforded him the opportunity to torture his older lover — something he wasn’t often able to do since Joshy could easily overpower him. Joshy was too far gone to stop him still, so he thrashed around as the little monster tongued and tickled the teen’s tumid tube. As the older boy finally began to regain his senses, he gently put his hand down and touched his little brother’s cheek.

“Scotty, please,” was all he could manage to choke out.

The little tyke realized that his big brother couldn’t stand any more, and acquiesced, a wicked little grin on his face. Seems now that Daddy was in the mix, the teen was bound to reap the payback for the playful and loving torture he had inflicted upon his little brother. He was wondering if he had gone too far, perhaps knowing that the little tyke was no match for him. Joshy did so love to make his little brother writhe and squirm with pleasure. He had always stopped before the little pup had too much, at least he thought he had. It was all in fun, and if it meant that he was going to get payback, well, he was going to get his payback. Joshy had always been very straightforward and fair with his little brother, declaring that anything the teen inflicted on him was fair game for him to inflict upon his big brother as well. The elder boy was thinking he might regret that. He caressed Scotty’s face as the little boy gently nursed on his flaccid phallus. He looked so beautiful, so innocent lying there watching TV, his head on his big brother’s thigh, with his sizable sucker sloshing around in his mouth. Joshy ever so slightly curled his fingertips under the little boy’s chin. The little cub let the soft sausage snake out of his mouth as he sucked any remaining saliva and spunk from the surface.

Giving another swipe all the way around the head, under his hood and then sucking the slit once more, he let the teen’s tool pop from his lips and immediately crawled up his big brother’s lithe body. He looked like a big cat slinking up to pounce on his prey, instead, sliding his head up his big brother’s chest until it rested under his chin, and then snuggled into his big brother’s lap, curled up like a little puppy. Scotty could feel his big brother’s hot cock and balls against his smooth bum, warming him up like a heater. He looked content as Joshy wrapped his arms around the lithe little ball in his lap, pulling a small ultra-soft thrown over them. The teen nestled into Daddy again, his head on Daddy’s chest, his cute little teen bum centered between Daddy’s big thighs as he leaned up against Daddy’s still semi-hard cock and searing hot sack. He loved feeling the heat of Daddy’s sex against his skin. Teddy was as content as he thought he had ever been. His two handsome, charming, sexy, loving, delightful little boys snuggled up between his legs. He could feel Scotty’s little fingers playing with the hair on his chest.

As he looked down at his two loves, Teddy caught Joshy’s gaze. He wasn’t sure exactly what he saw. He looked…pained? Or pensive maybe? He needed to pay much closer attention to both boys so that he could read them better. Reaching up with one hand, he gently grasped the back of Joshy’s head, and giving it a small rub mussing his hair, paused, and then gently pulled his eldest son’s head up a little to meet his. He kissed Joshy lovingly, gently.

“Are you ok, Stud?” Daddy asked.


“Are you sure? If you’re not, I want you to tell me. I need you to tell me. I can’t read you boys like I should, but that will change.”

“I’m ok. Just thinking.”

“About anything in particular?”

“No, kind-of everything…all at once.”

“Ah, hurricane brain.”

“Hurricane brain?”

“What’s huwwicane bwain Daddy?”

“When your head is just spinning. All kinds of things are rushing around in your mind. You’re thinking of everything and nothing at the same time. It tends to happen a lot to people that are a bit more intellectual. That’s what Mommy used to call it,” he chuckled. “She and I used to talk about it often. Your mother was brilliant, and sometimes her mind would spin like that. She would get a look very similar to the look on your face, Joshy. It would worry me because I thought something was wrong or that she was upset with me. Then she told me that I often had the same look. I thought about it, I realized she was right, that we would both get hurricane brain. I think I’ve had hurricane brain ever since she died. I was afraid I couldn’t take care of you boys without her. She was just so amazing. Both of you boys got your mother’s brains. You are both very smart, handsome, sexy and very caring and loving boys. I’m so proud of both of you.”

He began to choke up again.

“Okay, that’s enough heavy talk for tonight. It’s getting late. Why don’t we get ready for bed? I think we all need a good long sleep to recover from today. It was a wonderful day, but it’s also been very draining.”

Teddy made a face.

“Ha Ha Daddy,” Joshy caught the joke. “You’re not funny. You definitely need some sleep.”

“Why you…!”

Daddy grabbed Joshy’s sides and began to tickle him.

“Am I funny? Huh? Am I funny boy?”

Joshy laughed uncontrollably.

“Yes! Yes!” he squealed.

“Stop tickewing my bwovew!”

Scotty was up and attacking Daddy.

“Oh, I see how it is, you just gang up on me.”

Joshy pushed and Daddy pretended to roll off onto the floor. The two boys piled on top of Daddy and tried to tickle him.

“Uncle! Uncle! I give up!”

“Dat’s wight! We win!”

“Alright you little champions. How about get your teeth brushed, use the bathroom and get ready for bed?”

“Okay Daddy,” the boys replied in unison.

Teddy went to his bathroom and brushed his teeth and got cleaned up a little. When he walked out of the bathroom, two little heads were peeking out of the covers.

“Somebody’s sleeping in my bed!” he boomed, pretending to be one of the bears from “Goldilocks”.

“It’s us Daddy!” Scotty threw back the covers exposing two boys, both naked as jaybirds.

“Can we sweep wif you Daddy?”

“I would love to have my boys sleep with me!” he practically glowed.

Teddy started to climb into bed with his boxer-briefs on.

“Wooze da undaweaw Daddy!”

Teddy laughed and slipped his underwear down letting them fall to the floor.

“Are you happy now?”


Teddy laid down. Joshy scooted up next to him, turned to his left side, and put his left arm under Scotty’s neck, and his right over him as the little tyke scooted closer, working his cute little naked bum right up into the crook of Joshy’s groin. Teddy turned to his left, snuggling up to Joshy’s back, sliding his left arm under both boys’ necks, his right over both boys. Joshy pressed his right hand and arm across his little brother’s torso and right over his cute little twig and berries, and holding him tight he scooted both himself and his little brother back, snuggling up against Daddy, his own cute little naked bum up tight against Daddy’s groin. In no time flat, all three were fast asleep.

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