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Molly The Cleaner Pt. 03

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Wednesday couldn’t come quick enough. I’d bought Molly the first of many ‘uniforms’ and a present. She strolled through the front door exactly on time as always.

She’d done as I’d asked and wore leggings and a conservative top as you would expect a cleaner to do.

She smiled as she looked over at me on her way to commence her cleaning duties. “Good boy, Mr Wilson.” I’d also complied with her request and wore a silky robe and nothing else.

I’d asked Molly to call me Sean, but she said I’d always be Mr Wilson to her. The truth be told, I kind of liked it.

Wednesday was also the day she dusted and polished in my lounge room, before brewing some tea for our chat and games. The card and board games had given way to more adult games.

She finished her other cleaning, came into the lounge room and stood so I could see her new uniform on her. “I love it Mr Wilson and I adore the little present you left me.”

Her uniform was a sexy French maid outfit. Cliched I know, but ask any man if he doesn’t like a woman in such an outfit and very few wouldn’t.

It was a dress that consisted of a silky black, very short skirt highlighted by a frilly white petticoat peeking out. The look was finished with thigh high black stay up stockings. The gap between the top of the stockings and the bottom of the petticoat accentuated Molly’s creamy smooth, youthful thighs.

Next was a bodice in black and white with little contrasting bows here and there and short, puffy sleeves. There had been white cotton material, to form a blouse above the bodice, but I’d had that professionally removed so that Molly’s chest was fully exposed.

I drank in the sight and my eyes settled on Molly’s A cup breasts. A lot of women with those sized breasts feel inadequate and have boob jobs to improve their self esteem. Not Molly. She is proud of her delightful breasts just the way the are.

While I was very aware of my erection, I didn’t even realise my hand had gone to it and I was stroking it slowly. Molly did though.

She came over to me and fully opened my robe. “That’s much better,” she said cheekily, “You have as much fun as you like Mr Wilson but,” she cupped my balls in the palm of her hand and fondled them, “this is all mine and it feels like there’s a lot of it.”

She rested my balls on my seat gently and went to the fireplace to dust and polish. Having finished the mantle, I knew Molly would take her time with the hearth and I knew she would bend at the waist to do so.

She was maybe 4 metres from me. Too far for this dirty old man to reach out and touch her, but close enough to get a wonderful view. As she bent slowly, deliberately teasing me, the frilly hem of her skirt and petticoat raised. The anticipation of seeing what she was wearing underneath was almost impossible to bear and she knew it.

Then they came into view. bonus veren siteler White cotton briefs and not her usual g-string style knickers. Was I disappointed? Not on your nelly. They were divine. Today wasn’t about her beautiful bottom, but she couldn’t have known that before she arrived.

She wiggled her bum and giggled. I couldn’t help but think how sexy that sight and sound was. It wasn’t until she moaned unintentionally that I noticed the knickers weren’t conforming to the perfect shape of her crotch.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that she’d try out her present straight away, but I was. Pleasantly surprised.

Molly moved towards me to dust and polish my coffee table. This had become our favourite part of her cleaning duties. As she approached me, I took great delight in watching her perky breasts jiggle and bounce to her steps.

As she likes to do and as I love her doing, she stood in front of my chair and bent at the waist. Not much dusting or polishing of the coffee table was ever done, but me doing it later was a small price for the rich reward.

Molly wiggled her arse again and I teased her, “Molly, are you hiding something in there?”

Molly is a much better tease than me, she looked at me cheekily over her shoulder, pushed her arse out towards me and winked. “Why don’t you find out for yourself, Mr Wilson?”

I leaned forward and pulled her panties to the side and was presented me the sight of her very dark pink pussy lips, indicating just how horny she was, separated by the hoop of her new toy poking out from within.

I’d bought her some shiny metal Ben wah balls. For the uninitiated, they are two balls, tethered together with a polymer string and a polymer hoop on one end. There are smaller but heavier balls inside which rattle around when the wearer moves, causing vibrations inside their pussy.

I hooked my finger inside the hoop and pulled the first ball a little way out before releasing it and Molly’s tight pussy sucked it back in, making her moan.

I continued doing that and asked, “So Molly, do you like your little present?”

My stimulating her like that made her moan and pause before she answered. “Oh, Mr Wilson! Cleaning has never been so much fun. I don’t know how I’ll resist having them in all the time.”

With that, I pulled the first shiny ball from her pussy, enjoying the sight of it stretching her hole before popping out. It was still shiny, but with Molly’s pussy juice.

I leaned further forward and took that ball into my mouth, cleaning Molly’s from it. She was now watching between her legs. “That is so hot Mr Wilson. I love that you’re such a dirty old man. MY dirty old man.”

My sucking on the ball caused the one still remaining inside her to move back and forth and Molly moving her hips up and down caused it to stimulate her further bedava bahis and brought the announcement. “Keep doing that. I’m gunna cum. Gunna cum nooooow!”

And cum she did. Pussy juice flooded from her and onto my face and down to the floor, pooling on the polished floorboards. Using my mouth, I pulled the second ball out, more quickly this time getting an “Oh fuck!” from Molly and a further gush of juice.

When her orgasms subsided, she sat on the coffee table and saw the product of our efforts on the floor. She looked a little embarrassed until I said, “I think it’s only right that I reciprocate your kind gesture of Monday.”

Despite my old bones just about creaking and some pain from my injury, I got down on my knees, bent low and licked Molly’s pussy juices off the floor. When I looked up, she had the gusset of her white cotton panties pulled aside and was rubbing her clit.

She continued as I ran my tongue over her thighs and up and down her slit, lapping up all of her juices from them and she loved it when I paid very close attention to her puckered little rosebud.

“Oooh Mr Wilson. I love that you’re so naughty and dirty. Don’t ever stop being that way.”

I climbed back onto my lounge chair and ditched my robe at the same time. I sat right on the edge of the chair and told Molly to come sit on my lap, facing me.

She adjusted her panties to cover herself, straddled my legs and shimmied up them so her soaked panty crotch and by default, her equally soaked cunt lips were snug up against the underside of my erection.

She steadied herself by putting her hands on the back of the chair, which brought her pert titties closer to my face. She moved her hips so her pussy slid up and down my cock, just once and said a little breathlessly, “I think I’m gunna like this.”

My hands reached up to take her breasts. They’re quite small, but she’s not flat chested, so while they don’t fill my hands, there’s plenty to play with.

I kneaded them gently, making Molly moan with pleasure. “I didn’t think you were going to get around to this Mr Wilson. That’s what made me most excited when I put on my ‘uniform’. You DO like them after all.”

I didn’t look up at her when I answered and added to the kneading by taking her comparatively long nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, twiddling them.

“You have lovely breasts Molly and don’t let anybody tell you any different. They suit you perfectly and they’re very sexy.”

That made Molly begin her panty job on my cock again and I’m sure my precum was joining her juices to make her panties slide more easily.

“Mmm, Thank you grandpa, I love my titties just the way they are.”

There it was again. An odd ‘grandpa’ thrown in among the ‘Mr Wilsons’.

Molly’s position meant that my mouth didn’t need to move far to lick those delicious nipples. deneme bonus I licked them, flicked them with my tongue and very, very gently grazed them with my teeth.

Molly groaned and one of her hands came to the back of my head, holding it in place as if she was worried I’d stop.

I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked it while I continued licking it. “I love that Mr Wilson. I love nipple play. You can make me cum just by playing with my nipples.” And that is exactly what I hoped to do.

I repeated the same with her left nipple, but keeping in mind her comment about nipple play, I softly pinched her right nipple and pulled on it until it slipped from my grasp. I did that a number of times, each time increasing the pressure of the pinch, which in turn meant I was stretching her nipple further each time.

As Molly announced her approaching orgasm, her arm went behind her and I felt her grab my scrotum. “Don’t forget this is mine and I want it on my tits, so don’t you dare……..”. Her orgasm cut her off.

I was glad that her humping was against my shaft and wasn’t reaching the head of my cock because I doubted I would have been able to hold off and she was humping me big time as I pulled at her nipples with my mouth and fingers.

It wasn’t so much a coming down from her orgasm as a jumping of my lap, spreading my knees and ‘breasting up to my bar’ that Molly did. She took my balls in one hand and my cock in the other.

Her hand flew up and down my shaft and my cock head, well lubricated by her pussy juice and my precum. “Cum all over my tits Mr Wilson. Shoot your gunk on me. I want to feel it splashing one me.”

Rubbed my wet helmet on each of her nipples, as if I needed any more encouragement. She must have felt my balls tighten to lick and load. “Yes, that’s it. Give me all your spunk!”

Her hand left my balls and went to her pussy. I could hear the squelching sounds as she fingered herself, over all the other sounds going on including my groans as I felt myself explode.

We both watched. It seems we both have a thing about watching my cum shoot. The first squirt was more a splodge, landing nicely on Molly’s right nipple. The next three however, were like a fire hose had been turned on and were more streams of hot cream than squirts.

“Oh fuck! That is so fucking hot!” Molly exclaimed, “I’m cumming again.” The next two ropes were more normal, but still copious. Her tits and neck were gleaming with my seed.

Molly expected that to be the end of my cum, but I have this thing where I’ll stop shooting and if I’m still being stimulated, I’ll shoot two or three reasonably strong strings about thirty seconds later.

I can tell you that Molly’s soft young lips and the tongue action on my cock head was very stimulating and I did give Molly more cum and this time in her mouth. I didn’t warn her because the last time she was cleaning for me, she proved herself to be an A grade cumslut.

She swallowed my salty spunk and cleaned my cock, then looked up at me, smiled and repeated, “Don’t ever stop be such a dirty old man”

To be continued

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