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Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 3

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 3Eating her daughter’s cunt had thrilled Pam. She called in sick, and spent the whole day lounging around the house, rereading he love letter Josee had left her. The letter was so hot Pam ended up fucking herself with the dildo Josee she had witnessed Josee fuck her sweet young cunt with. Pam had decided that loved the slickness of her daughter’s cunt flesh on her tongue. She also decided that she would ask Josee if she would let her shave the downy hair from her lovely pussy. Pam thought it would be so much sexier to see her little girl’s lovely lips splayed before her before she let her tongue plumb the depths of the peach sweet teen cunt.Pam had been waiting for her daughter to arrive back from High School. She was sitting at the dining room table sipping on a nice Shiraz, and imagining what it would be like when her little girl went down on her the way she had tongue fucked her the night before. Both of them were so stimulated that that had taken a shower where they had finger fucked themselves to a cunt squirting climaxes and then they fell naked into Pam’s bed. When Pam woke Josee had already left for work, but had left a note on the pillow next to Pam. Pam opened the note and Josee’s thong fell out. Immediately Pam could smell her daughters cunt on the thong. The crotch was soaked. Pam moaned and helt the crotch of the panties to her nose and sniffed then let her tongue taste the saturated fabric as she read the love letter her lovely young daughter had left her.“Mommy, I am your Princess and You and Your Cunt Reign Over Me”“My shape, my silken body is your kin, your perfect seed. On your tongue mommy my hot little pussy was set adrift- a maple wing, my clit its potent core at the center of everything I desire. Oh mommy you launched me into the spheres, and planted my ferocious love for you, my endless lust for you in the dark, rich earth, soil of your fertile mother earth. I spiraled beneath your loving, plunging tongue, it was a ceaseless tap root splitting my young cunt, churning up into my belly, opening me to a new sun.Your tongue watered, and fertilized my stiff little clit until it burst green and fervent Thrumming the soft crease of your tongue. How could my life not be made a new, as your tongue lavished the green depths of my young cunt with your potency. My every breath Became your breath mommy, the stem of my body filled your hungry mouth with my hot oxygen and my moisture, and when you clipped my nubile little bud, and plunged your sharp tongue root deep, I exploded from the loam you planted me in, and I splashed your loving face with the water of my essence. I wanted to nurture you, the way your tongue mommy changed my molecular structure. On your hot loving tongue, your daughter was blasted to smithereens and in an instant reformed as your lover, the little lover I’ve always wanted to be, the one person you needed to fuck or you would die from the pain of not being able to have me. “Pam was instantly wet and rubbing her clit.“When I awoke mommy, my own tongue coiled in my throat in anticipation of slaking itself in the depth of your mother’s well, the source of my being, the place of my birth. Mother hear me, your daughter, as I watch you while you sleep, I am plunging three fingers deep into tight little cunt. I want you to read this note aloud when you wake and hear the fierceness of my lustful words, my taboo desires, my i****tuous devices. I am burning with the want of one thing…I am your princess and you, and your cunt reign over me. My young, white hot tongue will scorch the lovely curves and valleys of your breath-taking breasts. I will set your long stiff nipples alight and then swallow the flames that make your nipples stand up stiff. Like a wild-fire my flaming tongue will flash down the velvety plain of your tummy, dipping into the cool oasis of your navel. Then carried on the hot wind of your breath mommy, my pink flame will trace your thighs istanbul escort and the angled creases inside your hips. My flame will devour the oxygen at the open mouth of your slick and engorged cunt. Oh mommy!. Everything that is flammable within me, the raw heat of my young, fervent passion will glow at the entrance of your mommy cunt.”As she read her young daughters lustful words, her cunt began to drip with her juices and she began stroking her puffy lips and clit before plunging three fingers deep into her wet pussy. She read on…“Here is the place I slid from your panting body slick with your blood, I cried out with your voice the only voice I had ever heard, not wanting to be parted from you, I longed to stay inside you, to remain a part of you. Even then, as I was sucked from your hot blood churning cunt hole, I realize now mommy that in the deep recesses of my infant mind, I wanted to stay inside you, my keep my hot little body buried in your cunt. Moving in and out of you, my slick shoulder stimulating your hard laboring clit. My soft cunt mount grinding on your sensitive cunt walls, my round heel pressing hard into your g-spot. All I wanted to do even then mommy was to show you my love , my burning desire for you. When my head emerging gulping for air only imaging mommy if I chose to plunge myself back inside you, my soft body lusting to feel your cum mixed with placenta wash over me, coat me in your hot wet cream.”Pam by this point in the letter was hammering her foaming cunt with three fingers and sucking her little girl’s cunt juices from the crotch of the thong. Her mind flashed back to just a few hours before when her tongue, and mouth had devoured her own daughters lovely, young cunt. Josee was going to make her mother cum with this nasty love letter, Pam began rubbing the cum soaked over her clit, pinching the flesh hub through the softness of Jose’s thong. She was thrashing wildly on the bed, as she placed the letter on her breasts and trembling began to read again.“It is with this primal realization Mommy that I will plunge my fiery tongue deep into the centre of your being, And set your cunt ablaze, the flames devouring us both as I tongue fuck the depth of the inferno, pumping the flames higher with every thrust of my tongue. My thin fingers pinching accelerant of your stiff clit flesh, until I feel the rumble of your life giving rain, swirling up from your very core. I continue to drill my tongue deeper, and deeper into your white hot cunt hole, until the loving, nourishing rain of my perfect queen washes over my face and down over my quaking body, until I am baptized in your sacred juices, And though I open my mouth to take the next wave of your cum mommy, the creamy flood covers my trembling little body with the nectar of my Goddess , my earth mother, I fall back writhing in the throes of ecstasy, the fire that I am, is momentarily sated, and covered in your cum mommy I will be at rest.”The image was too much for Pam she pinched and scratched her clit through the fabric of Josee’s thong and plunged four fingers into her cunt. Immediately her cunt began to convulse and she screamed her daughter’s name as cum bubbled up from the depths of her cunt. Pam groaned and suddenly stuffed Josee’s panties as far up her cunt as she could manage. Still cum sprayed from around the fabric plug forming pools on Pam’s flat tummy. Dots of her cum landed on the love letter, touching the fire of her daughter’s i****tuous words.. Pam humped the air as a second wave of cum pushed the panties out of her cunt in a gusher of mommy cum.Pam waited for Josee in the dining room. She had on a short night gown, a black satin thong and no bra. Josee came bouncing into the house, still wearing her short cheerleading outfit and Pam nearly moaned. the proud mom had gone to all the games, only to watch her sexy daughter and the other girls in the junior avcılar escort cheer squad. Some of the girls were as young as thirteen and since Josee was the captain of he squad they often met at their house. It always made Pam wet to have the hot young girls in the house. Josee saw immediately that her mother was glowing about something. She grinned. “You look quite happy. Did you like my love letter mommy?” Josee said.Josee ran to her mother and hugged her tightly, she was so glad that her mother did not feel mortified or guilty about what had happened between them the day before. Josee kissed her mother’s mouth and darted her wicked little tongue as deep as she could, clutching at her mother’s shapely ass with both hands. Pam felt her tits mashed against her daughter’s, as she sucked on Josee’s tongue, going down on it like a little wet cock. They held each other tightly, pressing their cunts together and grinding in small circles, gazing happily into eacxh other’s eyes.”“Oh Mommy, I’m so glad you liked my letter and you aren’t freaked out about me being your lover. I’ve wanted if for so long mommy. I can hardly believe it has finally happened!” Josee sighed, lifting her skirt and grinding her wet panty crotch into her mother’s satin covered cunt..“Oh Josee baby, your letter was amazing. Its no wonder, you are getting A+ in English. Oh my little lover you kept mommy wet all day with that letter,” Pam gurgled. “I even used the dildo I was so hot for you baby, I’m so glad you are home with me.”“Oh mommy, I wasn’t able to concentrate at school,” Josee said. “My mind kept wandering to what you did to my last night and my pussy would get so wet. I had to excuse myself three times to go to the washroom, so I could finger fuck myself and rub my clit until I would cum spraying my cunt juice all over the floor of the cubicle.”“Oh fuck baby that is so fucking hot, did you leave your juices on the toilet seat for the next girl to find?,” Pam said, grinding her cunt against her daughter’s.“Oh yes mommy, and I went into a different stall each time. My cum was all over the place,” Josee giggled.Josee undid the night gown and slipped it off her shoulders, feeling naked flesh of her mother’s perfect breasts. “Oh mommy look how wet your thong is.” Josee moaned.“Oh baby I’ve cum in this three times,” Pam said. “I wanted you to see how wet you made me.”“Oh mommy I have to taste your cunt!” Josee cried, slipping to her knees and pulling the wet thong off at the same time.She ran her hands up her mother’s thighs, feeling the creamy smoothness, Pam looked down at her daughter with eyes that were starting to boil. “Are you going to do, wjhat you wrote about in your love letter Josee?” Pam said with a goan.Josee gazed up, her hands now clutching the cheeks of her mother’s naked ass. “ Yes mommy, I meant every word of it, I’m going to tongue fuck you with my hot tongue!.” Josee groaned.“Oh baby I have dreamed of this for so,” Pam sighed. “Tell me you want my cunt baby, tell me you want my cum all over your pretty face!.”“Mom, I want to lick your cunt, and make you squirt your hot mommy cum all over my body ,” Josee groaned. “I’ve been thinking about this all day at school, and I want to tongue fuck you so bad”Josee held her mother’s ass and pressed her face into Pam’s slick shaved cunt. Pam spread her knees, arching her pussy toward her daughter’s face. She stared down at the beautiful face buried in her cunt. She shuddered when she felt her daughter’s tongue reach deep inside her already dripping pussy.Josee was moaning as she plunged her tongue in and out of her mother’s cunt, then let her quick tongue lick along the pulsating slit and swirled around Pam’s engorged clit several times before plunging her slick tongue back into her mother’s wet cunt.Josee licked at her mother’s throbbing clit this way for a few times, then dipped her face lower and glued her mouth against the heat of her mother’s steamy şirinevler escort cunt. Her tongue darted in and out of Pam’s dripping cunt hole, stabbing into fiery wetness, thrusting and moaning sending vibrations deep into her mother’s pussy. Then Josee sucked at her mother’s stiff clit as her tongue licked, making Pam tremble and shake. Pam rolled her ass, grinding her cunt against Josee’s mouth as she held the back of her daughter’s head. She inched her feet forward, spreading her legs until she was straddling Josee. If Josee had not been clutching her mother’s ass and Pam not been holding her head, Josee would have fallen onto her back on the dining room carpet.Grinding against her daughter’s soft mouth, Pam began to whimper with passion. “Oooooh, Josee! That’s so good! Oh, baby, lick my clit baby, then tongue fuck me. Baby you are going to make mommy cum so fucking good. Your tongue is so long, baby girl it feels like a hot fucking flame inside me, jus like in your letter. Mmmmmmm, suck me… my sweet daughter, my hot fucking lover lick your mommy! Make me cum all over you!”Josee sucked at the juices of her mother’s cunt, loving every drop. She wondered what it would feel like to have her mouth pressed to her mother’s large puffy cunt lips. She loved that her mother shaved and she could wash her tongue up and down her long slit without encountering hair. Josee moaned “I love your cunt mommy, grind against my face, make me your cunt slut mommy!” then the girl pushed her tongue sliding in and out her mother’s sweet cunt.. Now, tongue-fucking her mother, she lived the slick feel of the cunt walls as she plunged deeper. She swirled her tongue about in the boiling tightness of her mother’s pussy, fucking it in and out, then sucked on her mother’s swollen clit.Pam moaned, whimpered and thrust her cunt back and forth, grinding into Josee’s mouth. “Hold my ass, Josee! Hold my hot fucking ass as I grind my cunt into your beautiful face!”Josee grabbed her mother’s ass hard letting her quick fingers brish over her mothers puckered ass hole. The hole was slick with her mother’s cunt juices and Josee didn’t miss a beat, she plunged her middle finger deep into her mothers ass as her tongue plunged once more into her foaming cunt.“Oh Josee you are a nasty little slut for mommy! Fuck yes finger my hot ass baby fuck me with your finger hard…oh my little girl knows how to make mommy cum so hard!” Pam sceamed as she pulled her daughter’s face to her cunt, grinding so Josee’s soft nose was smashed against her clit and her toke wriggled deeper into her cunt. Josee grunted into her mother’s cunt and pushed her finger into Pam’s ass as far as it would go. Pam’s entire body began to tremble and her knees buckled as she clutched to Josee for support. In blinding flash her entire body was consumed by the flames of her climax. Pam suddenly screamed as she came. Josee, feeling her mother’s pussy squeezing her tongue, licked frantically, digging her finger deeper into her asshole, bringing Pam to a shattering orgasm, that gushed from her mother’s cunt and splattered all over her face and neck. Josee knew there would be more and wanted to swallow it all, she clamped her mouth over her mother’s large pussy lips and tried to guide the next wave of cum into her hot young mouth. Looking down Pam screamed and sent another torrent of cum into her little girls mouth. There was too much for her lovely mouth to hold and the creamy juices ran from her mouth and cas**ted down over her cheerleader uniform. Josee groaned and flicked her wild tongue over her mother’s clit and a third wave of cum hit her on the chest making her nipples harder than they were through the thin material of the top. Pam couldn’t stop screaming her daughter’s name as she came a final time. Giggling, Josee pulled her face from between her mother’s shaking thighs. Pam slumped down, sitting on her heels, gasping and laughing as they fell into each other’s arms.Pam squeezed her daughters cum soaked tities through her cheerleader top, and sighed, “I think we need a shower babe, before I try that dildo on that tight little cunt of yours.”“Oh fuck mom, that is the hottest think I ever heard. I’m yours mommy, I’m your pussy princess!”They laughed as they fell into a cum soaked embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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