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Mom helps out, sister got courious

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Mom helps out, sister got couriousHi,This happend some years ago, and it was the thrill of my life. Living on the countryside, with my mom and little s*s named Jenny. I was s******n when it happend, and my s*s only t*****e, and my mom just under her 50:s.One evening at dinner my mum suggested we should go for a ride with our bikes and into the forestto look for mushrooms. I was not to entusiastic, but promised to join, just to keep mum happy. Early next morning we started, and we had our breakfast and lunch in some boxes.After an hour of biking we was really in the middle of nowhere, and mum stopped for breakfast. We parked the bikes and sat down on a rock beside the road. I had a sandwich and suddenly my mom said she had to pee. I thought she would hide a bit but she just took her panties down right in front of me. First time I saw her pussy like that, before it was only a short glimpse in the shower or so. Now it was. mabye just 1-2 m away and when she started to pee I couldnt stop stearing at her pussy. She noticed and asked if it was interesting what I saw? I didn’t answer just looked, when she asked for a bit of paper. I handed her And she quickly rubbed her, and stood up. She grabbed her panties and said with a istanbul escort smile, now the funny is over..I felt my cock getting stiff and I tried to hide it, when we jumped onto the bikes again. After another half an hour we came to the end of this small road, and we pared the bikes and went into the bush to look for the mushrooms. No big sucess, and after 1-2 hours we got back to the bikes and startedto go backhome,.It was lunch tome andwe stopped by a small lake, and sat down on some nice rocks there. After the lunch mom said we should take a swim, and my sister yelled yes at once. As we had no swimwear or towels I tried to argue for that, when mom said we can go naked.Before I had a chance my sister dropped her dress and thrown down her panties, and stood there completly naked. I haven’t seen her naked either for some years, and she was tiny, redhaired, and her breasts was more like nipples than breasts. Still no hair anywhere, and to be honest she was quite ugly, and she had hard times in school, cause her friends was not very nice to her. Seconds later my mom dropped her panties, and then her bra. Her bush was small and I guess she trimmed it a bit. Her breasts was quite big and the izmir escort sight got me rock hard at once. My sister gott into the water and mom after. quickly I got undressed and went into the water, before no ne noticed my stiff cock. We did swim for a while and my sister went up and laid down on the rock. I was stil rock hard and my mom noticed. Ok,stay a bit in the water and it will relax she said. I was embarrassed and mum stepped up, and when I saw her pussy and butthole half a meter in front of my face I did get even harder. Mum laid down and after 15 minutes she said now you must get up, otherwise you will catch a cold. I was still rockhard when I stepped up, and my sister directly made a comment, like: look mom, it pointing straight out. Mom said this happens for men and nothing strange with that. I laid down and on my side facing away from them.Two minutes later my sister sat down in front of me, and started to pee. I got a nice view of her hairless pussy and she was focused on my cock, so I laid down on my back and exposed it to her. She sat there and just looking, and my mom told her she must be finished by now. I was laying there and tried to think about some boring things to get escort bayan cock down. But it was still hard, and then my mom stood up andtold me to follow her. I went after her and we got behind some bushes. We need to solve this, and you must understand that this will only happen once, and we will never talk about it again, understood? I said yes and my mom sat down on a rock and placed me standing between her knees.Mum took a grip around my cock, andthe other hand around my nuts. She started to stroke me slowly, and it felt great, so great. A new feeling started in my lower parts and my mom was now stroking faster and faster. Suddenly I saw my sister looking behind mom and I couldnt take more. I exploded all over my moms face and breasts, and she continued to stroke me. My knees was week and I felt her hand grab even harder and she continued stroking me, and I felt a new orgasm building up, and just a minute later I shot my second load straight on to her. Mom stood up and went down to the water, and my sister was still starring at my cock now getting soft.Was that nice my sister said? I just said mmm.I went back to the rocks seeing my mom washing her face and breast in the water. We got dressed and went back home, and in the evening my mom told me we shouldn’t talk about this to anyone, and she will explain to my sister as well. Next day my mom went to town and it didnt take long before my sister entered my room.Can I do it for you once, like mum did, she asked…….that is chapter two…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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