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MOM THE PERVMichelle was a wife and mother of 34 years old, as well as being a house wife. This is merely a short and to the point description of how Michelle started getting into having nasty, perverted sex with her two teenage c***dren. One day, while her husband was busy working, Michelle walked across the hall when she heard moans coming from the bedroom of her son Tony. The curious mother decided to check what was going on, to make sure everything was alright, and slowly and silently opened the door. What she saw there would change the life of Michelle and her c***dren forever. What she saw was her 18 year old son, stark naked, with right on top of him in 69, the naked body of her 117 year old daughter Angelica. The girl was busy sucking on her brother’s stiff wiener as he was busy lapping the liquids from between his k** sister’s fat cuntlips, if the slurping noises coming from his end were anything to go by. Rather than being furious or shocked, or both, the 34 year old house wife found herself to be actually horny as hell, hornier than she had been for quite a while. Michelle had never been one to deny how she really felt and lie to herself, and what she really felt was her pussy boiling. Michelle may seem to most to be a rather ordinary house wife and mom, in reality she was a hot bitch. Just ask her husband. He never needed much effort to convince his wife to go beyond her previous limits. Just as long as all those involved were having fun, Michelle didn’t seem to have problems with much. Immediately, after discovering her k**s playing doctor, or gynecologist, the wheels in her head started turning. Let them know she caught them and out of fear for reprisal they wouldn’t be exactly adverse to a mother who actually wanted to participate instead. Doing family already, the thought of pleasuring their dear old mom shouldn’t be something they would have too many problems with. And so it happened that Michelle, after having finger banged her oozing, hairy cunt for a minute or two just watching her k**s fool around, took off her shirt and bra, slipped out of her skirt and wet panties, and casually walked into her son’s bedroom, butt naked. The k**s were aware of a presence soon enough and silent and shocked they looked up at their naked mom, standing next to the bed with her hands on her hips, and a smirk on her lips. With stunned faces, they cast their looks along their mother’s naked body, from her face, down to her well shaped tits, down to her brown bushed cunt. “Don’t worry,” Michelle comforted her teen k**s, “I’m here to join in.” The brother and sister were still a bit nervous, still not really knowing what to expect, but their 1xbet yeni giriş minds were put at ease fairly quickly when they started believing that their mother was indeed there to enjoy herself, rather than punish them for real. Why else would she have taken off all of her clothes? “Come over here and show your horny mom how it feels to have her c***dren’s tongues on her hot, naked body.” “Tony, you can kneel in front of me and eat out your mother’s hot cunt,” Michelle told her son, lust taking hold of the sound of her voice more and more. “And you can kneel behind me, baby, and lick mommy’s anus,” she then told her 12 year old darling daughter Angelica. The mother put a foot up on the bed so as to create more room between her legs and to support herself and maintain balance. Tony had kneeled in front of his mother and his face was inches away from his mom’s hairy fuckbox. He could smell her arousal wafting from the leaking slit under her humid brown bush. Michelle put a hand on the back of her son’s head and pulled his face into her odorous crotch. His nose disappeared within the large, brown patch of moist hair on top of her mound and after Michelle used her finger to spread her slimy folds apart to expose her pink slit, she pulled Tony’s face deeper within her needy vulva and a shock coursed through her body the moment she felt her boy slip his wet tongue between her cunt curtains. His tongue squirmed and lapped into her slit, licking the sweet twat nectar out of his mother’s intimacy. After the mother had made clear to her darling son to use his own hands to hold open his mother’s snatch, Michelle reached back to grab her butt globes in her hands and spread them wide apart. stretching the humid crack of her ass out and exposing the brown, wrinkled rim of her shitter to her daughter’s gaze. The coolness of a draft made her the mother feel deliciously depraved, as it meant the proof that her crack was well exposed. “Lick mommy’s anus, sweetheart,” Michelle sweetly told her baby girl, who proceeded to push her soft face between her mother’s buttocks and started roughly lapping her pink, warm tongue across her mommy’s crapper. And so Michelle stood, naked in her son’s bedroom, having her thickly haired cunt sucked, and her shithole licked by her teenage k**s. Tony’s tongue was wildly going up and down through his mother’s buttery, slick slit, and Angelica’s tongue started poking into the twitching, sucking rim of her mother’s fartbox. It wasn’t long before Michelle wanted something more substantial in her intimate orifices than a boy and girl’s tongues, but if she had her way, the next time they would be in switched 1xbet giriş places. Her daughter’s face buried in her oily snatch, and her son’s tongue fucking into her ass. Anyway, Michelle told her daughter to lay down on the bed, and then proceeded to lay on top of the smallish girl in 69. The mother felt deliciously lewd and perverse with her needy, hungry cunt right above her young daughter’s face. Herself Michelle liked having her face near her daughter’s virgin slit, so fresh and tasty looking. The woman looked back and told her son to shove his dick up her fuckbox from behind. The boy had his mom’s butt cheeks in his hands and slid easily into the hot, sucking recesses of his mother’s cunt. “Fuck me, son. Fuck your mother hard in her wet, hungry cunt until she cums all over your cock and balls,” Michelle groaned from the pit of her throat. Her son hammered his prick in between her hairy, sticky folds, into the tight, sucking hole of her vagina, and his young balls smacked against her pink, swollen clit with each lunge. The girl underneath at some point got her nose in between as she slurped her mother’s love button into her mouth and licked at it with the tip of her tongue from inside her hot mouth. Michelle, meanwhile, rewarded her girl by dropping her face into the hairless, fat lipped cunt of her daughter and slobbering in between them, drooling her saliva al over the girl’s crotch. Every now and then the woman would delve her tongue further down, into the dark, tight hole of her daughter’s shithole, and wiggle the tip of her tongue to beyond the tightly clasping sphincter. This all continued, until Michelle suddenly felt empty, and didn’t know why. That was until she felt her son suddenly trying to force the purple head of his fuck stick into her butthole. She didn’t know where he’d heard of such a thing, or seen it. But who was she to complain, or ask questions now. The idea of her son shafting her in the rear was something she didn’t want to disturb with needless questions. “Oh Jesus, yesss. Fuck me in the ass, dear. Screw your mom hard in her shithole,” the 34 year old brunette whimpered as she felt the pressure her son’s cock was giving to her anus. Whipped up by hearing his mother talk filthy, Tony forced his dick into her turd tunnel, and within a minute his prick was pistoning in and out of his mom’s shitter to his boiling balls. Squirming with delight, Michelle sucked her mouth tightly into the slit between her daughter’s fat snatch lips, trying to drill her pointed tongue into her daughter’s cunt as deep as it would allow. Angelica, her brother’s balls swaying over her face and the smell of her mother’s ass 1xbet güvenilirmi invading her nostrils as her brother was dragging her mother’s ass juices out of her shitpipe with his cock, licked sucked and slurped the warm, sticky juices as they oozed from her mother’s fragrant cunt. The girl lapped through her mother’s pink cunt valley and as her tongue retreated, thick gooey strands of cunt sauce mixed with saliva connected the girl’s tongue with the hot pink flesh between her mother’s folds. It wet the girl’s face from nose to chin as Michelle was virtually humping her snatch on her girl’s face, trying to rub her fat clit onto the girl’s chin. The boy’s hips slapped against his mother’s soft globes and the mother felt her orgasm arriving. She could have warned her daughter, but she was too hot and for some reason she felt like teaching the girl a lesson for fucking her brother in secret. So Michelle let open the floodgates. The 34 year old house wife screamed into her daughter’s crotch that she was cumming, and for the girl this meant being acquainted with the way her mother tends to cum when out of her mind with perverted lust, which is: to let go of her bladder.And so the girl didn’t know what was happening when her mother, shaking her ass, and Tony’s cock in his mother’s bowels, came, and started spraying hot, yellow piss over her daughter’s face. From forehead to chin the mother whizzed on her girl’s face, but when Michelle looked down between her legs she noticed that Angelica didn’t seem to mind all that much. As a matter of fact, the young slut had her mouth wide open, allowing her orgasming mother to piss right into her mouth. So there was no lesson to ‘teach’ there. Finally Michelle was done pissing and her son was about to empty his balls into his mother’s guts, which he then proceeded to do with loud groans. His hot spunk filled Michelle’s turdpipe until his balls were empty, after which the teenage boy withdrew his flaccid cock from his mom’s gaping shithole with a loud, nasty slurp and he crashed down on the bed next to his mother and sister. Michelle tried teaching her daughter a lesson anyway, and with a smirk she squatted over her darling daughter’s face, positioning her lewdly gaping shithole right over the girl’s mouth. As the mother pushed down hard on her stomach, the rim of her abused anus bulged out obscenely into a swollen, red, meaty ring. “Maybe this will teach you,” Michelle said giggling, and with a loud wet fart, she squirted her son’s ass flavored jizz from her wide open shithole into her daughter’s mouth. But as in the case of her mother’s hot piss, the girl accepted the cock slime deposited from her mother’s butthole without problem, and even inserted two fingers into her mom’s shitpipe to try and scoop out more sperm. “Jesus. You really are a perverted slut,” the depraved, i****tuous mother told her young daughter. “You take after your mother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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