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mommy’s friend

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mommy’s friendHe was rich, always nicely dress and drives a bmwI tought he was after my mom, not trusting he was just a ”coworker” who lives near and gave her lift to workyet the weekend she left on a work trip, he knock on our door on friday night with a pack of beer”hey boi your mom told me you woud be alone i tought id pass to watch the hockey game with you”it was the 4th time i really talk to himhe sat down and we drank a beer watching the canadiens vs senatorafter 3 beers each and the 2nd period ending he started to talk about mewondering why i had no gfi felt weird talking with him about my sex lifehe suddely got his wallet out and just like this put 500 on the table”im not gonna lie, Iam gay, been wondering since i saw you if you like to suck on cock”looking at me not saying a word, frozen by the question and cash on the table” dont worry its gonna be between us, iam very generous for some good cock sucking”i güvenilir bahis felt dizzy his zipper getting openrevealing his hard black cock , so big and glorious i wondered why i didnt see the bulge in his pants”comon be a good boy and taste my cock””take the money boy, yes dont worry you will like it””put that in your pocket , come here dont be shy ”i was on the couch getting closerhis hand reach on my back helping my get down head just over itcash in my pocket , mouth opening on his big cock, the first contact like a electric shock to my brainthe feeling of it in my mouth , help down his hand over my head pushing slowly”mmmmm oh yes this is it cute boy””suck on it, take your time , feels good in that cute mouth”his word helping me relax and concentrate on sucking him , all the porn vids i watch so helpfull , sucking on it like ive watch so many time this was nice, slowly jerking the fat cock with one türkçe bahis hand sucking the sloppy big head like a lolipop as he moan of pleasure watching me suck it with so much funi lost track of time, lost track of everything except his cock throbbing in my mouth and his calm deep voice getting me into loving sucking him , without anymore doubt i was sucking him with affection for his bbche rubbed my face with his hand calling me a cute boy , making me feel in his spell more and morenothing burn in your head you are a cocksucker more than what happen next , my mom friend standing up having me mouth around his big head , looking up for sign of orgasmsucking for cum , knowing its coming and working harder for ituntil it explode and coat all your mouth up in cum, drinking so much you make swallowing sound taking it all, gulping it until no more jets of warm cum is coming thru”ohhhh damn this was good , just like mommy, you güvenilir bahis siteleri drink cum so naturally”looking at him with question markwhat did he meant just like mommy….and he just dress up and walk awayi was nervous when mom got backshe got into the shower and we were in the living room talking about her work done over the weekendher phone rang she look at me with so confusing eyes holding her phone to her ears”omg no no this is not true”dropping the phonelooking at me in the eye”if i go check your wallet, would i find 500 bucks baby…””oh my god baby no you didnt….please tell me you didnt”and i could only look down knowing exactly what she meantthe door rang and mom look at me horrified”not you too oh no not this”her rich coworker clearly not waiting for us to open the doorhe had his own key of the place after coming in the night to fuck momhe got in with a huge grimwent right after my mom and turn her ass up on the couch right infront of meher pants slide down her eyes closedentering her , fucking her just like that infront of memom starting to loose it and moan”shes cute your mom isnt she”watching her start to get into it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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