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More fun with Heather

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More fun with HeatherAfter we first got together Heather and I quickly became a couple. I was delighted to discover that she was pretty insatiable. She loved to fuck. She explained that she had married her husband right out of High School and had never been with anyone else. Her husband was a 30 second wonder most of the time and her whole 4 year marriage had hadn’t brought her off once. Which I though was pretty damn pathetic. I have always made my goal to bring a woman to orgasm or else I do not cum. It is a philosophy which has served me well. Heather was a perfect example. She came a lot with me, and was very happy and willing to do anything for me. Anal, cum in mouth blow-jobs you name it she was game. We didn’t start getting too adventurous until after a couple months. we discussed fantasies and which once we really wanted to fulfill and which ones were best gaziantep escort bayan left undone. We both decided that being watched, and watching was a go. As was group sex with he right people. She really wanted to try some light bondage as the dom and the sub as well. I was game for that, and because it did not really need anyone else we decided to try that first. I fashioned some straps for my bed and when she came over I surprised her by putting a blindfold on her as soon as she walked in. I lead her into the bedroom and stripped her down. I laid her down on the bed and devoured her with my eyes. Her red hair was long and laid beside her fair skinned body and really made a good contrast. She nipples were pointing towards the ceiling and incredibly hard. She had taken to waxing her pussy which was visible with her legs slightly open. She left just a tiny patch of bright red hair at the very top. She was soaking wet and said that she had been thinking about this all day. I said you have no idea as I attached the first handcuff. She gasped and looked a little worried but I told her a code word that if she said it I would get her out right away. The code was “monkey”. Not likely to come up in the midst of sex automatically. This eased her concern and I soon had her other wrist and ankles done. These cuffs were lined with soft fabric and padding, while they would not let her escape, they wouldn’t hurt either. I stripped down and got some of my play materials. I asked her if she wanted to keep the blindfold on and she said no, she wanted to see what was coming. First was ice. I teased her nipples with the ice. I didn’t want to numb them, but to just tease. I put ice in my mouth and then used my cold tongue on her skin, working my way slowly to her pussy. I did the same treatment with her clit and pussy lips. She was very hot and on the edge of orgasm, and I wanted to keep her there as long as I could. After the ice I nestled between her legs and started eating her pussy seriously. I worked slow and efficiently. I had her so worked up she was constantly moaning and whimpering. I then got out a vibrator and proceeded to take her completely over the edge. She came in crashing waves and finally was simply shaking. She was hyperventilating but she hadn’t used the keyword. I let her rest for a while before I climbed between her legs and fucked her. After what I had done I came quickly and filled her pussy with my load. I undid her bounds but she continued to lay there spread eagled. She said if she moved too much she would come again. She looked at me and said “You’re next, right”. I just smiled in reply. Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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