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More summer of 65

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More summer of 65That night as I lay in bed, I thought about John, his cock, how big it had got and the way he had pulled and pushed mine, also the wonderful feeling I had when the “white pee” had squirted from the end of mine. As I lay thinking about every thing, I realised my cock was big and hard, I started to do the same as John had done, it felt really good, I pulled it, I pushed it and finally the head came out, “WOW” I thought, I can make it do that as well. I kept on pulling and pushing, up and down went the skin on the end, this was really good. I was amazed at how good it felt, then that same feeling, the one I had had, when John was doing it, started to happen. Suddenly I squirted “white pee” every where. It was on the sheets, my “P.Js. the bed spread and all over my tummy. Wow that was good!! Then I thought; good yes, but not as good as when John had done it for me. Why was that? Finally I drifted off to sleep.The next morning I met John as usual and we walked to school together, hardly a word was spoken. We went into our separate classes and the day went by as per normal.That evening we met up to walk home again, very little conversation passed between us. As we approached the old coal yard my heart started to beat faster, would he be busting for a pee again? Would anything happen? Would I pee beside him? Would he make me squirt the “white pee”?To my disappointment he never said a word; he just walked on past the coal yard, as though it didn’t exist. My heart sank. Was there something wrong? Had I done something to upset him? I was dying to ask him, but I daren’t. We said “bye” see you Monday, (he was going away for the weekend with his Mum and Dad, to their caravan, near the seaside)3I think I sulked all weekend, I thought about his cock sticking out, long and thick and hard: I wanted to see it again, I even wanted to touch it, but more than that, I wanted him to make my cock squirt the “white pee” again. Monday arrived and we met up to walk to school, I asked if he had had a good time over the week end, “yep not bad, but I wanked too much and my cock is sore” was his reply. “Wanked”, I asked,”what is that”?“You don’t know anything do you; it’s what we did the other day, you know at the coal yard, when I wanked you off”“You mean the “white pee” I stuttered”“Yes the “white pee” only it’s called spunk, or cum, and I was thinking about you when I was wanking. We can do it again tonight, on the way home, if you want to” My mind froze, but not my cock, I suddenly realised my cock was hard in my trousers.Would he really “wank” my cock again and could this be a word he had made up?“Wank, wank, wank, I said the word over and over again in my mind, so this is what it’s called.“You know I did it to myself on Thursday night” I blurted out; before I realized what I güvenilir bahis had said.“Well good for you” was his reply. “Who were you thinking about when you did it?”“You” I said sheepishly, then I spluttered, “Your cock was so big and long and the head looked so swollen, I imagined me touching it” “Well tonight you are definitely going to do more than just touch it. You can wank me all the way, until I cum. Then, if you are very good and lick and suck the end of it, I will wank you until you cum”My thoughts ran wild“Lick and suck the end of it”? “What you mean actually put it in my mouth”? “That big, hard, swollen head, in my mouth”? “Do you mean I will have your cock head in my mouth”? My mind was reeling. But my cock was reeling even more, the hard on in my trousers, had just exploded into my pants and the feeling was fantastic.John was as sharp as a needle; he spotted the wet patch on my trousers.“You will have to learn to control your cock, or you will never last until I cum in your mouth” “Cum in my mouth? What “white pee” in my mouth. What you mean squirt your stuff into my mouth; what then?”“Well you swallow it. It tastes great, not only that, it’s very healthy and good for you. It will help your cock to get as big as mine. You should thank me for giving it to you”During the day I was lost in day dreams, the teacher reprimanded me on several occasions, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about John’s cock. At lunch time I saw John in the dining hall and he waved to me , a tingle ran through my cock, it was hard again and I was terrified that I would come in my pants as I had done that morning. I turned away and sat down to eat my meal. The afternoon was boring, it felt like a year long, but finally the bell rang and it was time to go home.4I met up with John at the school gates and we started to walk home, I felt excited and terrified at the same time. Would we actually stop at the coal yard or had he just been teasing me.As we approached the coal yard John said “You coming in the yard with me then?”I nodded and followed him to one of the sheds near the back. The door had a broken window and John reached in and opened it. We went in and there was an old stair way that led to some offices; up we climbed and entered one with a desk and a couple of battered old chairs.John turned and sat on the desk. “Well” he said “Are you going to do it then?”I froze, and then I was suddenly walking towards him, as if by remote control.He said “Grab that chair and bring it over here and sit down in front of me”I did as he told me and I was sitting staring right in to his crotch. He started to unfasten his belt, then his zip and then he pulled his trousers down. Out sprang his cock, only a few inches from my face, it looked even bigger than before, when I was that close to it.“Come türkçe bahis on lick the end” he said. I moved my face closer and put my tongue out and for the first time I tasted his cock, it was salty and sweet and hard and hot and it made me shiver inside. “Do it some more and then put it right in your mouth” I obeyed and opened my mouth and he pushed it in, it felt massive and very hard, but it tasted good. He started to push it in and out, slowly, then faster, then slowly, then it went further in my mouth, I could feel it in the back of my throat. He put his hands behind my head and pulled me closer to him, I could feel his cock growing in my mouth and it was rock hard, then my mouth was full of his cum, his cock just kept on squirting and more and more kept filling my mouth. I swallowed, then more came in my mouth, I swallowed again and again. Wow this stuff tasted great and there was loads of it. I kept on moving my head backwards and forwards until John’s cock stopped squirting and I had swallowed every last drop.“Was that all right?” I asked when he pulled his cock out of my mouth.“Yes it was good, but you need more practice, so we will have to do it lots more until you are perfect”“Lots more” I thought. His hard cock in my mouth, squirting that lovely hot sticky cum down my throat, I couldn’t wait for the next time.“Come on get your trousers off, I’m going to wank you off now”I obeyed, then lay on the desk as John instructed. He took hold of my cock and started to move his hand up and down, slowly, then faster, then slowly again. “How does that feel?” he asked. “Great” I replied “Are you going to make it squirt?”“Oh yes, but not too soon, I’m going to make you squirm first” He said.He stopped wanking my cock and took his hand off it and stood up from the desk.“Want a ciggie?” He asked.“A ciggie, what, now? I didn’t know you smoked. Are you not going to wank me?”“Yes, but not now. I’m going to have a pee and a smoke then if you ask me really nice I will finish you” He turned and went out of the office and I was left there on my own. My trousers and pants around my ankles, lying on the desk with my cock sticking bolt upright.I was confused and frustrated and a little scared, as I looked around the grimy office. 5I touched my cock and thought about wanking it my self; I pulled it up and down a few times, then a voice said “Stop it. Don’t you do that” I looked over and John had just returned. His trousers and pants were off and he was carrying them in one hand: with his other hand he was wanking his cock.He climbed up onto the desk and knelt over me. His cock was directly over my face.“Suck it again” He said “And I will wank yours at the same time, but you had better not come before me”So that was it; his cock in my mouth again and him wanking mine, it felt güvenilir bahis siteleri magic and I loved it.I sucked and wanked his cock with my mouth and he grew harder and bigger, so I sucked harder and wanked him faster.He groaned and came in my mouth again, that was too much: I came then as well.The feelings were fantastic. He lay down on top of me, his softening cock lying on my face and his face resting on my cock.John suddenly jumped up.“Come on, let’s go home and have some dinner. I’ll call for you later and we can go down to the park” So we got dressed and ran most of the way back home.After dinner I sat reading, but my thoughts were on the events in the coal yard office.I couldn’t believe what we had done. John’s cock in my mouth; how hard it had been; his “white pee”, which I had in my mouth and swallowed it, not once; but twice. Him wanking me as I sucked his cock. It felt like dream, only the hard on in my pants reminded me that it was real.“Bing Bong” the door bell rang. I scampered to answer it. “Mum I’m going out with John, see you later” I shouted.We ran and laughed and talked and ran some more, until we reached the park.I was as happy as the proverbial sand boy.We played on the swings and met up with some other guys and played football and just messed about.Then John said “Let’s go over to the coal yard”I didn’t need asking twice.We headed straight up into the office and I nearly ripped John’s shorts off as I grabbed for his cock.“Steady on” he said.I wanted his hard cock in my mouth again and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. Out it sprang and I opened my mouth and sucked it in, it tasted fantastic, so hard and hot and big. I sucked and sucked, slowly, then fast, then deep, then just the end. I touched his balls with my hand and he said “Suck them as well” So I sucked his balls and he whimpered and groaned, I licked the end of his cock head and there was juice running out of the end, I pushed it as deep as it would go down my throat, it made me gag a little, but it felt so good.Then the magic happened again “I’m Cumming” He shouted, as his hot sticky spunk gushed into my mouth and I swallowed as hard as I could, never spilling a drop.“Wow, you are a fast learner. That was fantastic” I replied “If you like doing something, you learn fast and I love your cock, so I want to make it feel good for you”6“Do you want me to wank your cock, as you haven’t cum yet” He asked.“Not now, I want to feel horny all night and think about your cock and how great it feels in my mouth. We should get going, it’s getting late”So that was that.We visited the coal yard almost every day, sometimes even in the morning for my quick” breakfast” as I called it. I couldn’t get enough of his magnificent cock; he would wank me as I sucked him or after he had cum in my mouth.He queried why I had never asked him to suck my cock; I replied that I enjoyed his cock so much that it didn’t bother me. That got me thinking, how would it feel to have my cock sucked?But that is a story still to be told and what a story it is!

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