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Mouthful SnowBalling Pt1

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Mouthful SnowBalling Pt1Sex had become boring–very boring. Not that it wasn’t good. It fit the old question, “How was the worst orgasm you ever had?” The answer, of course, is: “Fabulous!”I always had an orgasm and, most of the time that I could tell, so did my girlfriend. She even seemed to get off giving me a blow job and swallowing my cum, especially when we are doing “69”. I loved that. She would get on top and I could feel her come. The tensing and qivvering of her thighs and her extra moistness on my lips and tongue was sublime. In fact, she would often come before I did–sometimes twice, from what I could tell.We would usually have sex three times a week, or so–sometimes more during the winter on weekends after football season and before “March Madness” when basketball starts to get exciting. I am not saying that we had the Kama Sutra mastered but we dd try a lot of different positions. Some were difficult but satisfying; some were just downright hard work and not very enjoyable; and some were plain impossible, at least as we visualized them. We liked to stay inventive, though. We had been together for about 2 years and had been living together for a year and a half of that. We had developed a very comfortable existence. We got along great, had many of the same tastes, had a compatible sense of humor, and truly loved and trusted each other. We even had the same kind of look. She is a slender latina black-haired beauty, with dark skin, about 5’4″, usually around 110lbs, a nice shape with 32C breasts. I also have black hair, am of Italian extraction, 5’8″, usually around 165lbs and, while not buff, am in reasonably good shape. We’re not exactly brother-sister looking, but close.After the first two months of our relationship, neither of us had güvenilir bahis had any outside sexual encounters. I know I didn’t and I trusted her when she told me that she hadn’t. I knew she likes guys who looked like me and she knew I like girls who look like her. And, as I said, we fit well together–in more ways than one. What could have been better than that?But- – -Sex was getting to be boring. What do to?One afternoon, after she gave me a blow-job, I asker her, “Do you really enjoy doing that?” She answered, “Yes, of course! I love I!””But, ” I continued, “What about when I come? Do you like the taste? Isn’t it kind of icky?”” No, I told you I love it!” she came back. “It tastes a little salty and feels warm.””What does it really taste like?” I pressed.She thought for a second and said, “It feels a little like raw oysters but not exactly the same taste–not fishy at all. It is smooth and slick and I love it when it rolls down my throat.”Then she asked THE question, “Haven’t you ever tasted your own come?”I developed a shocked look on my face. “NO! I haven’t done THAT.” (I lied. Like a lot of guys I had played around at tasting my own semen but really couldn’t get past just trying to get the flavor my pre-cum–and that was pretty tasteless from what little of it I sampled.) “Well, we may have to do something about that sometime.” She got up effectively stopping the conversation. A couple of days later, when we were in bed getting ready to have sex she asked me, “Remember what you said about tasting your own come? Do you want to try tonight?”I mumbled, “Well, I’m really not sure….I mean….uh….I don’t know.””Look,” she said, “There’s always a first time for everything. I do it. It hasn’t hurt me at all. Who knows? You just might like it!””Well, türkçe bahis O.K. I might try.” I was being very cautious. “Just how do you propose we go about it?”She started to take off her t-shirt and said, “Let’s try this. I’ll give you a blow job, you can come in my mouth but, instead of my swallowing your come, I’ll hold it there and I can give you a kiss. That way you can taste it in my mouth and not have to do anything else if you don’t want to.”The sight of her naked breasts started to give me a hard-on and she IS a great cocksucker too. In the heat of my excitement I said yes.She proceeded to go down on my cock. It seemed like she was giving me extra special attention. She took her time licking up and down my shaft, caressing my balls, kissing my ball-sack while kneading my cock, and then putting it in her mouth. She did a semi-deepthroat while keeping pressure with her hand on the lower portion of my shaft then took the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. I could start to feel myself begin to come when she stopped sucking and slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth. She blew on the underside of my penis right near the head which sent a tingle up my spine. And then she went back to work sucking. She didn’t take my whole cock into her mouth this time, just the head. But she began sucking harder and moving my cock in and out with her tongue rubbing the bottom of my shaft–again, again, again, and againnnnnnnn.I shot my load into her mouth as her lips were pressed around the head of my cock. It took four or five spurts until I stopped coming. She held her mouth there until my cock stopped spasming and then gradually removed her lips. I could tell she hadn’t swallowed my load.Quickly, before I could think of it and while I was güvenilir bahis siteleri still glowing from my orgasm, she moved up and put her lips to mine. I had my lips closed but she inserted her tongue between my lips and forced them apart. And–I didn’t expect this–she rolled on top of me, pinning my shoulders, and squirted my come from her mouth into mine. I had been expecting a taste but what I got was practically my whole load from her mouth to mine. I resisted the urge to gag and spit since her lips were still pressed against mine. She could tell I was struggling a so she held them there until I relaxed a little. Then she took her right hand and pressed her thumb and index finger on each side of my upper and lower lip pinching my mouth shut and then pulled her mouth back.She looked into my eyes and said, “Watch what I do?”She licked her lips and then opened her mouth and I could see that there was still some of my come on her tongue and in her mouth. She rubbed her tongue against the roof of her mouth and smacked her lips and then swallowed and then smacked her lips again.”Mmmmmmm!” she purred, “Now your turn!”I could feel my come in my mouth, warm and slimey but I couldn’t really taste it until I did what my girlfriend had done. I felt my semen on my tongue and roof of my mouth slide back toward my throat feeling very much like that oyster my she talked about. And then I got a distinct tangy-salty and a little bitter flavor as I swallowed and licked my lips. Not Bad!! In fact, it was quite enjoyable, almost like sampling a new flavor of some sauce- -perhaps mushroom, perhaps hollandaise, but much different. I licked my lips and swallowed again. The flavor was even more pronounced. It was GOOOD!I understood now what my girlfriend was talking about when she said she loved giving me a blow-job and swallowing my cum. “Wow!” I said, “THAT was something! We’re going to have to that again.”She gave me a look half way between bliss and conquest. “Yes.” she said, “We certainly will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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