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Movie Night Pt. 01

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I decided to write series of stories, so this is an update of ‘Movie night – a gift for our son.’ It’s a little different, but not much.

I am using my husband’s account. I should have started my own, but I only thought I was going to write one story, it’s too late now.

I wanted to write a story from a husband’s perspective. This is the culmination of a lot of sexy discussions I have had with my husband over the years. I hope I got the male response right. That’s as far as reality goes, the rest is fantasy.

“If you want 10” cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my (and my character’s) arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

No one in this story is under the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story.


We are an ordinary family. Not especially open minded, not especially conservative, just ordinary. My name is Bob and wife’s name is Madeline. We had our son, Harry when we were young and so we are both in our mid-thirties. Harry has only just turned 18.

I am proud of my son. He is tall, athletic and academically bright. He plays all sorts of sports, has loads of mates and is well on his way to his dream of being a veterinarian.

He enjoys a party and is always smiling. Always surrounded by joking mates and giggling girls. Ideal you might think.

Act 1 — The problem

Harry was out at a party one Saturday night. Maddy and I were cuddled up on the sofa, with a glass of wine watching a mildly erotic ‘chick flick’. I was a little horny and kept taking sneak peeks down Maddy’s top. She broke my cosy erotic haze when she sighed and said, “I’m worried about Harry”.

It took me a few moments to come back to reality. There was no place in my erotic daydreams for my son. “Oh, in what way?”

“He shows no interest in girls, do you think he is gay?”

I hesitated; It was an important question and one I wanted to properly consider.

Maddy repeated slightly irritated. “Are you listening? Do you think he is gay?”

“Truth is, Maddy, I don’t know. I’m not sure I care that much. I just want him to be happy and he seems happy to me.”

“He’s not, Bob, something’s eating away at him.”

I spluttered out a laugh. “You must be joking; he is always laughing. He is out a lot with girls and boys, but he works hard because he has a dream. You are imagining it.”

“Yes, but when there is no one around, just him and me, there is a sadness about him.”

“As I said, I think you are imagining it Maddy. Your little boy is close to flying the nest and you don’t want to lose him.”

“Fuck off Bob, don’t be a prick. I want him to achieve his dream and I know he isn’t a little boy anymore.”

I don’t know why but my mind drifted back to sex. “Not a ‘little’ boy, eh??”

It was Maddy’s turn to splutter out a laugh. She had not meant that comment in any sexual way, but it had sparked a picture in her head. “Indeed,” she said, “not little at all.”

My ears pricked up. “How do you know?”

“I walked into his bedroom a few weeks ago. I should have knocked but I didn’t. He was in his bed wanking but very quickly pulled up his sheets. I pretended I hadn’t noticed anything, but I had seen his manhood in all its glory. It’s quite big.”

Maddy turned to me and kissed me. Softly at first and then with tongues. “I’m bored with this film, let’s go to bed. Do me a favour, though, next chance you get just observe Harry when no one is around.”

“OK, but let’s stay here,” I said as I pushed my hand into her crotch. The crotch of her jeans seemed a bit damp, it couldn’t have been the film, but I didn’t think anything of it. Looking back the signs were there! Needless to say, we made love on the carpet in the middle of our living room. I was reaching climax when we heard a key in the door. Instinct kicked in and I tried to keep going.

“It’s Harry” she said in a loud whisper. I knew who it was, but my cock didn’t care, and I tried to continue thrusting into her. She pushed me off and got up just as Harry walked into the living room. His eyes turned into dinner plates as he saw his mum full frontal. Her black triangle of pubic hair, her middle-aged breasts, her body; slim but curvy. Maddy didn’t know where to put her hands but settled on one cupping her pussy and one across her chest. She turned and ran out of the room.

By this time, I had pulled on my underwear. All I could think of saying was “oops.” yalova escort Harry didn’t speak as he starred at the doorway where 5 seconds earlier his naked mum had been. Not a single detail had escaped him. I recalled Maddy’s words. He did look sad. I said, “I’m going to bed.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say that made sense.

Without waiting for a reply, I gathered our clothes and went upstairs. I left Harry motionless in the middle of the room. His gaze didn’t change even when I passed him. I suppose if I had looked, I might have seen the bulge in his trousers, but I didn’t.

Act 2. — In bed

“That was a fuck up;” Maddy was obviously angry.

“Lighten up, Maddy. This is our house. He isn’t a boy anymore and any case you’ve seen what he has got. Seems like payback to me.”

“Fuck off you, twat.”

All I could do was smirk. “Oh, come on Maddy, it’s not the end of the world.” I tried to change the subject. “Anyway, you were right. After the shock disappeared from his face, he looked very sad.”

“Told you,” Maddy said, almost triumphantly.

I followed up. “I don’t think its’s man trouble, I think its girl trouble.”

“What do you mean?”

“He almost devoured your body. His eyes were everywhere. It’s only when you went that he looked sad. I can’t imagine he is gay, but who knows.”

“I think you need to have a man to man with him.”

“OK, I will but for fuck’s sake don’t be all embarrassed around him tomorrow. Either laugh it off or don’t mention it. He will be sensitive and embarrassed.”

“and I’m not?”

Act 3. — Man to man

As luck would have it Harry and I were clearing some dead trees from our garden the next day. Lots of sweat and manly activity.

After about an hour (I knew something was on his mind) Harry blurted out. “I’m so sorry I burst in on you and mum last night.”

I laughed; a bit forced I think but I didn’t want to start this conversation on a serious note. “Harry it isn’t a problem. Your mum was a bit embarrassed but she’s over it now. Your eyes were like dinner plates.”


“Son, you’re a man and she’s a woman. Instinct just takes over. Don’t worry about it.” He smiled. I had just given him permission to enjoy seeing his mum naked. “Besides which it seems like payback to me. She caught you wanking a couple of weeks ago and saw everything.”

“Oh no, dad. That is so embarrassing. I don’t know how I’m going to face her now.”

I left him alone with his thoughts as we worked for another hour or so. He was muttering to himself and had a ‘face like thunder’.

Finally, I couldn’t put up with his miserable face any longer. I was quite stern when I said, “Harry, will you think of something else please. Your mum was embarrassed last night. You are embarrassed because she caught you wanking. You two need to get over yourselves. There is nothing wrong with naked bodies. Sex happens otherwise you would not be here, and everybody masturbates……. OK?” He didn’t reply but seemed to lighten up.

I continued, “while I’m on the subject of difficult things to talk about. Your mum says there is something on your mind that you are not talking about. I noticed a sadness wash over you last night. What’s up?”

“Nothing.” He tried to change the subject. “You are right dad it is pretty childish to be embarrassed about seeing my mum naked.”

“Especially when she has such a hot body.” I grinned.

“That’s not helping dad, it’s really not helping.” Then almost as an afterthought and slightly under his breath, he said “even if it’s true.” I smiled; ‘that’s my boy’ I thought.

We worked for a few hours more. Then we sat for a break. “So, what’s troubling you, son.”

He looked up at the trees. “Nothing.”

“Yeah right, I’ve seen it, your mum’s seen it and when I ask you, you stare into the trees. Spit it out son. Your mum and I have no problem with you being gay.” I had a feeling he wasn’t, but I wanted to flush him out.

It worked. His eyes came down from the trees. “I’m not gay dad, I’m just useless with girls.”

“But you have lots of pretty girls in your group of friends. I see them making eyes at you. I see them giggling with you. Relax, your time will come.”

“I know, dad. I’m not short of offers. I just don’t know what to do. I know I’m popular, I know I’m good looking. I’m just so afraid the girl I choose will feel let down by my lack of experience. Worse still she will laugh at me and spread stories. I have spent so much of my spare time studying I am over a year behind everyone. None of my friends are virgins, but I am.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Your time will come son.”

“Fucking brilliant, how long do I wait? This feeling of inadequacy gets worse every day not better.”

I nearly admonished him for swearing but didn’t. He kept talking. “Then I saw mum naked and all I could think about was her body. I went to bed and wanked about her. I’m so desperate I even imagined losing my virginity to my own mum. I am a pervert.”

“Slow yalova escort bayan down son, you are not a pervert. You are a teenager with a body full of hormones. It is completely normal in your position with no release that you pick on the nearest female to fantasise about.”

“Oh yeah, like you fantasised about fucking your mum.”

“Stop swearing son it doesn’t help. You are working yourself up over this instead of thinking about a solution. You are wrong as it happens, when I was your age, I did masturbate over having sex with my mum. It’s normal. I wanked myself silly over that fantasy. I wasn’t as lucky as you. I never saw her stark naked.”

He smiled, “you bloody pervert, dad.”

I grinned from ear to ear. “I don’t know what the solution is Harry, but let’s think about it. Try not to be so down hearted about it. I’m sure we can think of a solution and in the meantime, you can wank yourself silly thinking about your mum.”

“You are such an idiot dad but thank you. Don’t tell mum though.”

“Don’t tell mum what?”

“Any of this.”

“Sorry son, I tell your mum everything and if I have one piece of advice to you. When you find someone, you love, try very hard not to keep secrets. Don’t worry your mum will understand.” I could see he wasn’t happy. “She will be better than me at thinking of a solution especially from a girl’s point of view. You will just have to ‘man up’ over the embarrassment.”

That was the end of the conversation and Harry seemed a lot happier in the following week or so. He was slightly embarrassed the next day when Maddy said to him at breakfast “we will sort something Harry, don’t worry”, but he got over it quickly.

Act 4. — What do we do? — part 1

Maddy was on her soapbox, “Bob I just don’t understand his issue. He is a lovely boy, good looking, intelligent, strong and good fun to be with. I see how girls look at him. He should just get on with it.”

“That’s the problem, Maddy. He is so popular he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. I suspect he has lied and told friends he isn’t a virgin. He is frightened he will lose so much face if everyone finds him out.” I continued to explain.

We talked for some time and in the end Maddy understood. “OK, I get it Bob, but what can we do?”

“I’m not sure but it seems the passage of time just makes things worse. Maybe we should find him an escort.”

“That did occur to me Bob, but that’s too cold and impersonal. He is so sensitive I want his 1st experience to be one of love not a quick fuck.”

I replied. “I think you are right and anyway anyone good enough for our son would be too expensive. How about your little sister, she’s single isn’t she?”

“BOB, don’t be ridiculous. I should phone her, yeah? Oh, sally would you mind coming over and fuck Harry for me please? Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I think she’d be up for it.” I sniggered. “but I know you are right really. I’ve run out of ideas, Maddy. Let’s give it some more thought.”

Act 5. — What do we do? – part 2

After a week Harry became even more moody to the extent that his studies started to suffer. He didn’t go out much but didn’t study either. It wasn’t easy seeing my son in a downward spiral.

Maddy and I talked again. “I think I may have something to do with him getting moodier, Bob.”

“I doubt it, Maddy, why is it your fault?”

“I have tried to snap him out of it, Bob. I’ve been getting a bit more ‘touchy feely’ with him, a bit flirty and showing a bit of cleavage.”

“For fucks sake, Maddy, why didn’t you bounce that idea off me. I am sorry to say but I guess you have made it worse for him. I told you he wanks over the thought of you. He must be more frustrated than ever.”

A tear ran down Maddy’s face. “I know Bob, I feel so stupid. What can we do? He has started to watch my every move. I may be wrong, but I think a pair of my knickers is missing from the washing basket. If I stop, he is going to feel even more rejected. I’ve fucked up, haven’t I?”

“It’s not good Maddy but we will see it through. We will sort this out as a family.”

“You are a good man Bob, but I can’t go back to ‘non-flirty mum’ he is going to feel even more rejected.”

“So go forward, Maddy.” She looked at quizzically. I smiled. “Take him on a journey, give him more.” Maddy was staring at me with a blank face. Her mind was working overtime.

Eventually she said (very slowly and deliberately), “let me get this clear Bob. You want me to do more. You do know where that ultimately leads, don’t you?”

“Yes Maddy, eventually you and Harry will make love. He will become a man. Problem solved.” There was a very long silence while we both processed what i had said.

“He won’t want to,” she said. That was interesting I thought, she didn’t say I don’t want to.

I replied. “Yes, he will Maddy, you know he will. You have seen the way he looks at you. He is full to the brim with raging testosterone. He would fuck a frog if he could get it to stop hopping.”

Maddy escort yalova smiled. “You pratt, Bob, be serious for one minute. It’s illegal. Its morally wrong and my relationship with him will change forever. Not to mention what it will do to us. No, Bob, it won’t work.”

I knew those words meant she hadn’t written off the idea. In fact, all those reasons where why someone else might not approve, she didn’t say that she didn’t want to do it. I took a deep breath and said, “Maddy, it may be illegal, but no one gets into trouble if nobody knows. I don’t care what some people think is morally wrong, I only care what works for us. Your relationship with Harry could well become even closer.”

Maddy interrupted, “and you, what about you. How will you feel?”

I smiled and said “Maddy I don’t own you; I love you. In the past few minutes, I have imagined seeing Harry make love with you. I can honestly say I feel no jealousy; I only feel love for you both. I don’t want to see him like this.” I looked her in the eyes and smiled. “In fact, the thought of it makes me quite horny.”

Maddy burst out laughing. “You bloody pervert, Bob. You want to watch?”

“Absolutely.” I grinned.

“Oh Bob, I don’t know. It’s a line no mother wants to cross. I guess plenty daydream about it, but the reality is a different ball game. We would have to sit him down and talk it through first.”

“No, Maddy, just let it happen naturally. Don’t be his mother, be his lover.”

“Fair point. I’m not saying I will, but should we find a hotel room then, so you don’t have to be there.”

“Err, no Maddy, he must be able to see that I am OK with it. I hope even his raging hormones wouldn’t allow him to think that it is ok to sneak behind my back. I want this to be a family affair. In any case I want to watch.” I smiled again, although I was serious.

“You are serious about watching, aren’t you? But won’t he be panicked?”

“I don’t think so Maddy, his hormones and lust will take over. We just have to ease him into it. Give you both ample opportunities to back out if either of you feel uncomfortable. My guess is given the right circumstances both of you will willingly succumb to your lustful instincts. Incest isn’t normal in everyday life, but sex is completely natural regardless of who you are. The line gets crossed when mum-son turn into woman-man. We just need to give lust a chance to overpower logic.

She thought for a moment. “OK, can you get some condoms?”

“I don’t think so Maddy, as long as you are OK with it I would rather his first experience was ‘au naturale’. We can sort out a morning after pill, if necessary.”

“Thought of everything haven’t you? I must admit since your vasectomy I prefer the feeling of sex without a rubber jacket. I’m not entirely comfortable but, I admit, it does make me feel a bit horny. So how do we do it? Do I simply get more and more suggestive until he eventually jumps on me?”

“Don’t be daft Maddy, he is too respectful for that. It could take years. I feel it’s time for a family movie night.”

Act 6. — Movie night

Movie night had arrived I could see Maddy was very nervous. I opened a bottle of wine and gave her a generous glass to try and calm her down. We arranged ourselves on our 3-seater sofa with the surround sound quite loud. Maddy sat in the middle.

Maddy had chosen the 1st movie, a chick flick to get us in the mood.

Harry and I groaned at the choice and made ‘amusing’ comments every time someone kissed. Maddy ‘ssshhhed’ us but smiled. There was a very soft-core sex scene at the end when all of us went very quiet.

Then my turn. I had a surprise DVD. The titles rolled and it was called ‘Marooned’. It told the ‘story’ of a mother and son marooned on a desert island. It became clear early on that the acting was useless and the plot even worse. Maddy was the 1st to spot it. She said, “Is this porn?” I grinned. “We don’t want to watch this, Bob.” She said like a disapproving school mistress.

“Who doesn’t?” I said.

“Harry doesn’t, do you, Harry?”

Without taking his eyes off the TV Harry said “well, we could see how the story develops.”

“Men!!!” Maddy retorted and started to sit up. “I am off to bed then; I will leave this filth to the two of you.” I put my hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her back to her seat. She was doing a great job of acting. So good I was almost fooled into believing she was going to leave us.

“Stay, Maddy, it might get interesting,” I said. She didn’t reply but settled back into the sofa, slightly closer to Harry, who had still not taken his eyes off the screen. Maybe Harry hadn’t noticed that his mum’s clothes were slightly more revealing that normal and that she had slightly more perfume on that normal. I certainly did, she smelt and looked great.

The film settled into the normal 10-minute wank cycle. The first scene saw all of us staring at the screen not daring to look at each other. We all laughed nervously at the rubbish acting and silly plot. We all went quiet and squirmed a bit in our seats as the first sex scene took place. When the sex scene was over, we all giggled nervously and refilled our wine glasses. Harry looked everywhere except in Maddy’s direction.

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