Mar 14


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MR PRESIDENT-AFRICAN MAN-Part 1I was intrigued by a message I got from an African man, here in the UK and coming to visit my local City. He was very flattering saying he had never seen such a lovely white booty before as mine?I nearly deleted the message as it started with enrich your life by offering me the chance to help you and was from a gent offering me this in Africa. He went on the say he was a wealthy man in a high position of office who traveled to the UK in his position. You know the type of Spam mails we get that are very dodgy!!! There was an attachment on the bottom of the mail that was very slowly opening with 2 photos coming slowly into view.One was a very thick set and very black skinned man, nice smile and looking very powerful sat in a Range Rover car. The other lets say a more intimate pose,not naked but left nothing to the imagination!!! He was at a pool side drinking a cocktail in a pair of skimpy white swim pants, his manhood curled about and bulging out really making those pants work hard. In the background I could see a young blonde lady in a bikini looking over at him with a broad smile on her face. I think anyone who was in the area would have been amazed at that package too.I thought OK, all looks safe so I typed, ‘Hello African man, you looking nice there on the çorum rus escort photos, what can I do for you? LOL’.2 days later up popped a reply, ‘Hey lovely white wife, I thank you for your reply, very pleased you like what you see. I like what I see too and have read about you. You booty and titties are a dream for an African man, we are always looking for white ladies to entertain us-if you get me?’I teased and said, ‘Mmmm I think I know what you mean hunny…lol?’He replied very fast and said he would be staying in the City close to me and would I like to get with him for an evening of fun?I was very taken and you know I needed to unwrap that big package too? That is just me, if I see something I want to have and I know it is going to do me good I got to have it! We swapped phone numbers and he called me back, wow he sounded so sexy, very deep voice and very African accent. I asked him if he had seen a white Lady before and he said or rather laughed and said , O, yes many-but lots could not make him cum how he liked to? ‘O, why not?’ I said. ‘Well white Ladies not used to black man size…hahahaha’, he snorted. He asked if I was a married Lady? Yes I told him, although my hubby is useless in bed and whats more as a tiny thin dick! He wanted to know çorum rus escort bayan if the hubby was bothered about me seeing him? I told him no he is fine, so long as you don’t knock me up…LOL!He just laughed and said you sound my kinda Lady.I got a call from him mid week, he told me he was in a very posh hotel and get your self over this eve.I was so excited and told Mick-hubby to get the car out and run me down into town at 8pm. He was a bit curious and asked why love? I said, ‘It’s ok Mick I have an important appointment in town, if you wait until 9pm I will send you some info about it on my phone’.So off we went and I kissed Mick bye bye, then forgot all about him as I excitedly took the lift to the Penthouse Suite. I was greeted by new boyfriend for the night-WOW so tall and thick set, smelling lovely and stood at the door in a gold monogrammed dressing gown!I was wearing a long black coat on top of my surprise dress! He closed the door and held me firm giving me the 1st of many loving kisses, in seconds he was claiming his prize of my big ass in his huge hands! As we kissed I could feel something growing between us in the dressing gown? I was becoming faint as I knew I was right where I wanted to be right now, just a few millimeters rus escort çorum from paradise and all mine….mmmm.I reached down eagerly and grabbed this big bent African pole in my little white hands, I could not get my hand all the way round it!!! He just let me carry on as it swole and hardened in my hand. I went onto my knees and took the bell end into my mouth, a bit of forcing needed to stretch it all the way in. I tried to pull back off but was sort of stuck there as my lips had given up and relaxed with the big bell end fast in my mouth? His dick was really bent, like a banana? He stood with his hands on his hips and worked the shaft into me, then took hod of my long blonde hair making a pony tail with it as he twisted my head from side to side, then pulling my head back with the hair, then shoving forward. This circle movement round his fat black bell end made him twitch after 5 mins and he splattered out a stream of hot jizz, it hit my tonsils and then I think the power or the shot sent it down my throat? He pulled my pony tail back and I was sucked off his big helmet!!! Schluuuuck it went, then I belched as cold air rushed into my swollen mouth, a little cum came back and covered my teeth. The taste and smell was so a****l and musky, in fact it made my pussy wet.I sent Mick a text and put a photo of my fucked face facing forward with MR PRESIDENT, I pulled him next to me, so my face and his semi hard dripping dick next to each other, I had my arm round his legs. Thought Mick would see what kinda appointment I had then. Mick texted me back and said,’ O fuck love are you OK with that?’ Silly man!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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