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Mrs Jones p12After two weeks Mrs Jones and her husband returned from their trip, and I had never been so excited to see my hot blonde older neighbour.And I think she was eager to see me as well, because the next day as I stood in the garage working on my moped again, Mrs Jones stepped out of her house and moved towards me.Dressed in jeans and a blue blouse she crossed our shared lawn area and stepped into my parents garage.”Hey Robbie” she said smiling.”Hi” I replied stepping towards her.”Are you busy?” she asked”Not really” I replied”Good, would you help me with some things I need to take to Terry’s office?” she then askedIt wasn’t the kind of thing I was hoping she was going to ask me, but if it meant I could spend sometime with her and maybe get an reward afterwards, then I really couldn’t say no.”Okay” I replied, and then Mrs Jones led back into her house where a number of boxes and other stuff sat in her hallway waiting.”Just put them in the car for me please Robbie, and i’ll be with you in a moment” she said before she strolled off into the house.So I quickly moved all the boxes and bits into her car boot, and a few minutes later Mrs Jones reappeared dressed in her blue blouse, but now also short knee length blue skirt and high heels.”Okay let’s go!” she smiled climbing into her big black Range Rover.I climbed in beside her, and we were soon off down the road, and even though I’ve seen Mrs Jones naked many times before, I still couldn’t help but stare down at her tanned toned legs as she drove.”So did you miss me?” she asked casually”Yeah” I replied back”Really?” she asked before reaching over and placing a hand on my crotch and giving it a squeeze.My cock instantly twitched in her grip, firming up in seconds as she held me through my jeans.”Oh I see you did” she grinned”Did you miss me?” I asked reaching over and placing my hand between her legs.It brushed between her wonderful firm thighs until I found her soft warm mound, unprotected by any underwear.”Oh you know I did” she moaned softly as my hand cupped her pussy.For a moment I held it there while my hot thirty something neighbour gently rubbed her pussy mound against it, before she then took a breath and moved my hand away.”But this isn’t the time or place, we’ve got to get this stuff to my husbands office first” she then said before glancing at me smiling.So we drove on and a few minutes later we pulled into a large builders yard half full with mounds of gravel, concrete, brick piles and other building materials, and where a porta cabin sat at the back of the yard.Mrs Jones pulled the car up outside of the office and we got out and started to unload the boxes and stuff, then carrying what we had, we walked into her husbands office.Inside we found two desk, one was clearly Mr Jones’s covered in paper work and golfing ornaments, and the other had a computer, a phone, and more paper work, and sat behind it was a young Indian woman, who immediately stood up when we entered.”Mrs Jones hello, let me help you” she said quickly moving to take the things from Mrs Jones that she was carrying.”Hi Nicki, here take this thank you” replied Mrs Jones”Where do you want this?” I asked carrying the other stuff.”Put it over there” said Nicki pointing to a güvenilir bahis table in the corner of the room.So I moved to it and dumped the stuff on the table, as Nicki did the same with her bits.”So are you Mr Jones’s son?” she asked”No, he’s our neighbours boy, Robbie” replied Mrs Jones”Oh well hi there Robbie” she said smiling”Hi” I replied backThis hot Indian woman must have been in her twenties, with long brown hair, and under her white blouse she had a pretty impressive cleavage like Mrs Jones had and a similar fit toned figure in a short skirt and high heels.”So is he here?” asked Mrs Jones”No he went out to a site about an hour ago, said he’d probably be out of the office till later” replied Nicki”Oh good” replied Mrs Jones, then she turned grabbed hold of Nicki and pulled her in, and I watched these two hot women kiss passionately right in front of me.After a few seconds Nicki pulled away and glanced nervously at me.”Oh don’t worry about him Nicki, he’s here for the same thing” Mrs Jones grinned before grabbing my T-shirt and pulling me in as well, and suddenly I was kissing Mrs Jones in front of Nicki, before Mrs Jones then pulled Nicki forwards again, and then I found myself swapping saliva and tongue with Nicki and Mrs Jones at the same time.As we the three of us kissed each other excitedly, our hands began to explore each others bodies through our clothes, and in a few seconds Mrs Jones had pulled my hardening cock from my jeans and was eagerly tugging on it, as I caressed Nicki’s tight round ass.Mrs Jones then took hold of Nicki’s hand and guided it to my cock, and I felt this hot twenty something grip my shaft along with Mrs Jones’s hand and together they continued to tug my cock as I squeezed and fondled their tight round asses through their skirts.Mrs Jones then bent down and I felt her tongue begin to lick across the top of my cockhead and I groaned excitedly at her touch, while Nicki continued to pull on my cock and we kissed some more exploring each others mouths.”Oh Nicki get down here and taste this cock, you’ll love it!” Mrs Jones said glancing up at the young Indian woman.”I’ve never sucked another cock, other than my husbands” she replied nervously.”Then you must definitely suck on this!” Mrs Jones repliedNicki then bent over and I watched excitedly as she lowered her mouth towards my cock, and then I felt her tongue lick across the top like Mrs Jones had done.I groaned again enjoying the feeling of another strangers tongue on my cock, and then Nicki continued licking my cock, and quickly Mrs Jones carried on licking my cock and now I had two women licking my hard shaft and balls.Their tongues happily ran up and down my hard meat pole, coating me in their saliva and I happily stood there letting them taste every inch I had.After a few minutes Mrs Jones then stood up, moved around behind Nicki and eagerly hitched up her black skirt to reveal a lovely brown naked ass and no knickers just like Mrs Jones, and then Mrs Jones crouched between Nicki’s open legs and I watched her lean in and begin to lick at the young woman’s pussy.Nicki instantly began groaning while still sucking on my cock which she had buried deep in her wet mouth, and I reached under Nicki and began fondling those türkçe bahis big hanging boobs that were still hidden inside her blouse.For the next few minutes Nicki happily swallowed my cock over and over, I fondled and squeezed her big round tits, and Mrs Jones happily licked and fingered her pussy.Then Mrs Jones stood up and gestured for me.”Robbie, come here and fuck this pussy, she really needs it!” grinned Mrs Jones.”No. but… no only my husband has ever fucked me!” replied Nicki looking up in horror.”And that needs to change, now just hold still and enjoy this!” grinned Mrs Jones back.”But I shouldn’t” replied Nicki”Oh you should” replied Mrs Jones fingering Nicki’s pussy and making her groan softly again.I quickly moved around behind Nicki, kicking off my Jeans and then Mrs Jones took hold of my cock and guided it towards Nicki’s wet open pussy.”Oh no I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t” protested Nicki again.Then Mrs Jones placed my cockhead up against Nicki’s wet warm opening and with a little force I slipped between her little brown lips and entered her wet hole.”Oh god!” groaned Nicki as my cock began to fill her up “Oh god! oh god!””Yeah it’s a big one isn’t it!” grinned Mrs Jones moving around to face Nicki”Oh god! it’s stretching me out! I’ve never felt anything so big!” groaned Nicki “It’s so much bigger than my husbands!”I then held her slim hips and began thrusting in and out of her, letting her get use to my length and width nice and steadily.”Oh god yes! oh god yes!” groaned Nicki over and over.Mrs Jones then hitched up her skirt to reveal her bald wet tanned pussy, and leaning back on her husbands desk she opened her legs, and Nicki immediately leant forward and began licking at her pussy.”That’s it dear, lick that pussy, lick the pussy that’s been fucked many times by that huge cock in you right now” moaned Mrs Jones.For the next few minutes we fucked just like that, me deep in Nicki’s wet stretched pussy, and her licking Mrs Jones wet pussy, until Mrs Jones wanted some cock and I happily pulled out of Nicki and then got into Mrs Jones.My hot older neighbour leant back over her husbands desk as I lifted her wonderful fit thighs up and began thrusting my cock deep into her wet hole, and then Nicki climbed up onto the desk, squatted over Mrs Jones’s mouth and Mrs Jones eagerly tongued her pussy.I could now see that perfectly bald brown wet pussy being licked and probed by Mrs Jones’s expert tongue, while I plunged into Mrs Jones’s wet hole and together we groaned and cursed as we fucked each other.Mrs Jones was soon urging me on, to fuck her harder and faster, and as I did her husbands desk squeaked with every movement but Mrs Jones didn’t care she wanted a good fucking and I was going to give it her.Nicki was soon close to cumming on Mrs Jones’s tongue, and began rubbing her pussy harder and faster along Mrs Jones’s mouth groaning louder and louder as she did, until finally with one loud groan she began bucking on Mrs Jones’s face.I quickly thrust into Mrs Jones harder and faster too, and in seconds Mrs Jones began groaning and cursing louder until she too finally let out a loud groan and began cumming on my cock.After a few seconds of feeling her pussy squeeze around my cock, I pulled out güvenilir bahis siteleri of her and moved around the desk.Then while the women were still catching their breath, I got up behind Nicki and slipped back into her pussy, my cock easily now slid into her wet hot hole and in seconds I was happily fucking that hot Indian twenty something just inches above Mrs Joneses face.”Oh god! oh god! oh god!” groaned Nicki over and over again as I knelt up behind her fucking her hard.”Go on Robbie fuck that cunt, show her what a real cock feels like!” urged Mrs Jones, before I felt her begin to lick at my hanging balls.For a good few minutes I held onto Nicki’s hips as I plunged my cock into her wet pussy rapidly, and Nicki begged for more over and over, while Mrs Jones happily licked at my balls and Nicki’s pussy.Then just like before Nicki got louder and louder, until finally again she began to cry out “Oh GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” and then I felt her buck and twitch beneath me as she came again, this time on my hard cock.After a few seconds Mrs Jones pulled my cock out of Nicki’s pussy and quickly began sucking on it, tasting Nicki’s juices and my pre cum, before she slid out from under Nicki and then bent over the desk beside us.I quickly moved up behind Mrs Jones and then placed my cock up against her pussy before slipping into it again, and then eagerly fucking her once more.As we fucked bent over her husbands desk, Nicki crawled in front of Mrs Jones and Mrs Jones once again licked at her wet pussy while Nicki happily rubbed her own clit.We fucked like that for some time, until Nicki moved beside Mrs Jones and I quickly slipped out of Mrs Jones’s pussy and back into Nicki but facing her now.Watching this hot married Indian woman groaning and cursing on my cock was suck a turn on, especially knowing I was only the second cock she had ever had, but after a bit I switched back to Mrs Jones and then over the next few minutes I switched back and forth between them, fucking both of these hot married women.Until finally I couldn’t hold on much longer, and as I thrust into Nicki’s wet hot cunt again I felt my balls begin to tighten.”I’m going to cum soon! i’m nearly there!” I groaned”Do it Robbie, cum on Nicki show her how much you liked fucking her!” urged Mrs Jones.”But not in my pussy, don’t cum in my pussy!” groaned Nicki”Okay” I replied and then I thrust into her hard and fast quicker than I had been, and Nicki began groaning louder and louder until finally I felt my balls churn and with a groan I pulled out of Nicki’s warm wet hole and began firing my sticky load all over her bald mound.”OH SHIT YES!” I cried as I plastered her pussy in my cum.”oh fuck! oh fuck!” cried Nicki feeling and seeing me unload all over her wet sticky hole.”Yeah baby unload all over her!” cried Mrs Jones giggling.After several amazing seconds I was finally done, and stepped back to catch my breath and gaze at Nicki’s cum dripping pussy.Then Mrs Jones stepped between Nicki’s legs, and happily began licking her clean and Nicki groaned softly as she did.I then moved around the desk to Nicki’s head and offered her my dripping soft cock, and Nicki leant over and eagerly licked and sucked me clean tasting my cum and her own juices.Five minutes later, we got redressed and thanked Nicki for a good time and promised to comeback another day, and then Mrs Jones gave me a lift home.”So did you definitely miss me?” she asked as we drove home.”Oh yes” I replied grinning.

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