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Mrs. Quill gets her step daughter’s BF

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Big Dick

Mrs. Quill gets her step daughter’s BFMrs. Quill timed her well coordinated thrusts with the DJs music downstairs. Her subdued victim didn’t take long to surrender. As his gushing sea of reluctant passion oozed out, she expertly manoeuvred herself to absorb him. He helplessly croaked as his captor wrenched her fleshy walls and moaned in delight. Carefully sapping his strength away. Sowing the seeds of a newfound sexual relationship was truly exquisite. A new relationship with her step daughter’s boyfriend that is. Eugene had excused himself from the party In search of the bathroom upstairs. Little did he know that he would be quickly emasculated by Mrs. Imani Quill, step mother of his girlfriend Nina. Imani was a dark broad bodied woman with silky brown hair which usually hung in a well kept bun. Her expansive arms and thighs complemented her body and rich demeanour. The dragon tattoos on her gorged buttocks danced fervently as she sexually devoured her prey. It was a perfect plan. She has followed him into the bathroom and bolted it shut. Before he could react, Imani had slapped a cloth drenched in c********* across his mouth. She swiftly subdued him from behind and positioned his frame over the toilet seat. The extremely loud music had successfully masked the struggle. All Eugene could see was a blurry figure dressed in pink undoing his lower wear. The woman’s artificially enlarged assets were tempting and he thought it might have been a dream. To Imani it was a long cherished desire to finally have him. She propped up her dress and straddled his awaiting loins. Mrs. Quill let out a deep sigh of relief when she wedged herself deep into his throbbing manhood. Her extra high güvenilir bahis heels gave her the leverage to clamp on and grind his pelvis. Why she desperately wanted this young man, Imani couldn’t explain. All she knew was that absorbing his cheesy goodness would make her stronger. And it did. The energy seemed to drain right out of Eugene and he was teetering on the brink of collapse. He could feel his juices being robbed away by someone whom he had respected.When he was weak enough, Mrs Quill dislodged herself from Eugene. She could’ve gobbled him up until he fainted but she needed him conscious. With a steely look, she spoke softly: ‘Oh my Eugene. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your cream chowder. I’ve always wanted you more than anything in the world. You’re my guilty obsession and nothing can change that. See that iPhone beside the sink? It’s been recording how I pleasured you all night. Call it my insurance. You’re going to do exactly as I say or else. First, you WILL marry my step daughter and keep her happy. If anything happens to her, that video will go viral and I promise. Secondly, you will pledge your undying loyalty to me and become my love slave. Only I will pleasure myself with you. I was your first and I will be your last’. Imani shoved her tongue down his throat to cement her claim, licking the taste of cheap wine out of his mouth. Ultimately, Eugene with a feeble voice spoke: ‘I submit to you, my lady. I am all yours and I promise to love Nina forever. I…I…will be your tool of pleasure until my last breath. Use me anyway you see..I…ack… He could barely finish the sentence as she plunged back in.As the music grew louder and crowd got wilder, so did Imani’s türkçe bahis appetite. Forcing Eugene to orgasm deeper and harder into the ominous night. The phone buzzed in his jeans pocket. It was Nina. Unfortunately, he was too indisposed to attend to her call. By this time, Mrs. Quill had wrapped her naked body around the young man and made him squirm for the umpteenth time on the marble floor.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Over the next few months, the scenario had completely changed. Mrs. Quill had successfully pushed her husband into marrying their daughter. Seducing her husband into doing it was easier than she had imagined. Eugene was part of the family now which meant that she had him in the palm of his hands. His only job was to satisfy Nina and her stepmom. Imani had specifically instructed him to make sure his seed blossoms inside Nina. However, the teenage girl was shy, avoided sexual contact and preferred a simple life with her husband.Eventually, Nina was sent to a boarding school by her father and Eugene was left behind. Since Mr. Quill was away on business most of the time, it meant that Imani was alone to experiment with her obedient son in law. Back door sex was one of her most cherished fantasies. She ate healthy and prepared for weeks before the fateful night. Eugene had braced himself on his mother in laws back and attempted entry. The coarse and rough texture was tough to negotiate but he got in there. A nude Imani was on all fours and shrieked in ecstasy as he prodded inside. Her large posterior took charge and controlled the pace. Seeing the dragon tattoos dancing on her hips made Eugene go wild. She quickened her thrusts as she could güvenilir bahis siteleri feel his hands grope her dangling breasts. Finally, she felt his raw untainted warmth spurting inside her anal tract. Pain was the purest pleasure. He had come through with full marks. Eugene never felt like he was betraying his wife. He merely fulfilled his duties towards his mother in law. His full immersion into her sex life was an amazing experience. Carving into every nook and crevice made him more connected than ever to Mrs Quill. Was he falling in love? Was it wrong to love her? Full submission to her every desire was the key to her heart. Eugene knew that if he could go through all her ordeals, then maybe her heart would lighten. The tribulations grew intense. Normally, Imani would tie him up on a wrought iron bed in the secluded basement. She had a habit of shaving every part of his body with a crude razor. When the blade touched his genitals, he would quiver much to her delight. This was followed by smearing hot oil all over his shaven parts. Mrs Quill would ride his moist body into a grunting orgasm over and over again. When weakened, she fed him chemically induced fruits to improve his diet. She was impressed at how his young frame was developing into a healthy haven of love. More importantly, his produce was now much creamier and consistent than before. It was at this point that she decided to spice things up further.But her plans reached an abrupt halt when Nina came back home for vacation. Realising her step daughter’s happiness was equally important, she told Eugene to focus on that specifically. Nina had a wonderful time with her husband and had even managed to sleep with him. This time it didn’t feel awkward and she was stunned at his improved performance. He climaxed heavier and pleasured her in ways which were unimaginable. Looks like Mrs Quill would have to settle for bedding her mister for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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