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Muff Diving on Best Friend’s Wife and Daughter

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Muff Diving on Best Friend’s Wife and DaughterMy best friend, while having a quite drink asks, “So, do you really like muff diving?” I splutter my drink everywhere, “Where in the hell did that come from Ed?” “Julie (his wife) said you are exceptional!” “No Ed. I’ve not touched your misses. Honest!” “Calm down. It’s what Jane (my wife) keeps telling her.” Apparently the local wives discuss their sex lives or the lack of it. My name keeps coming up and some of the wives are a little envious as their husbands take little interest in giving oral. “Well Richard it has taken several year but I now have Jane nicker-less when around the house. If I catch her bending over and fancy some fun I’ll raise her skirt and playfully spank her. So long as I get some encouragement I will slide a finger along her pussy. If the bending over was for my benefit she will be wet and I’ll slip in for a quick fuck. However if she dry, I’ll soon turn her juices on with some tongue and then take my time fucking her. Jane knows that if my dick doesn’t get her off my tongue will. Richard interrupts, “So that’s why she always has a smile on her face?” “Well you remember yesterday Richard? You came round and you commented on her flushes look?” “Yes” he replies. “Well between you and me. I had her sat on the washing machine on spin cycle as I gave her clit a treat.” “You lucky sod. I’m lucky if I get a look in once a week.” “And that’s why I like muff diving!” I smile.A week later Jane asks if I would make her two sturdy timber cubes; 300mm. I ask why but I was told it’s a surprise. Two days later I presented them to her. I was taken-a-back by the excitement this causes! Anyway life goes on! Fridays I normally have off and this morning Jane starts flirting like a woman in heat. Eagerly I join in until the hall clock chimes 11.00. Jane turns the music on and in the middle of the room she places the two cubes about 800mm apart. Jane then asks if I’m up for some adult fun and without hesitation I say ‘of course’. I should say that she is just 38 and I’m a couple of years older. Our k**s are both at Uni. Jane then produces a blindfold and then tells me the rules. Great. I like these games! Five simple rules.•The blindfold will remain on at all times. If it is removed the fun stops.•I’m to lick anything presented until it is withdrawn.•I may use my hands anyway I want but I’m not allowed to touch my dick. One touch and the fun stops.•Remain on my knees unless told to do otherwise.•I’m not allowed to talk. If I do their will be punishment…..but later. ‘I must remember to talk!I readily agree and Jane hands me the blindfold. As I’m about to put it on she stops me by saying, “You can watch me for a little while but first strip and kneel. I kneel down with my excitement pointing skywards. Once more I’m warned that the ‘no dick touching rule’ has started. Jane then seductive strips to the music. Her figure hugging jumper is finally removed to expose her 36 D boobs nestled in their individual hammocks. Turning and aching her back she reaches for the clasp and I reach for my dick. I enjoy a few quick pumps as her bra falls to the floor. My hand leaves my throbbing dick as she turns back towards me. Jane mauls her boobs and licks each nipple in turn before sliding her thumbs into the waist band of her skirt. She teases it down until the soft curls of her brunette landing strip starts to appear. güvenilir bahis She turns and bends forward. Once more I stroke my dick. The waist band slides down exposing first her perfect ass and then her pouting pussy. As the skirt falls to the floor I release my dick. Jane stands on the two cubes and for the first time I know their use; I need to kneel up to reach her pussy and not sit on my haunches. This also means my fully erect dick is thrust forward and fully exposed. “Now put the blindfold on” I’m commanded, “and crawl over here. Now lick me.” I kneel up and eagerly stick out my tongue. With my nose touching her soft curls I penetrate her pussy and I’m rewarded with a low moan of approval. As my hands can’t play with my dick they trace every curve of her body which is within reach. She trembles as I reach her hard nipples and maul her lovely tits. Her hands firmly holds my head to her pussy and she says, “Hello ladies. Come closer and make yourselves at home. Help yourselves to a glass or two of wine. Theirs’s a jar with 2 numbers. Please take one. Jane is still holding me very tight, pinches my ear and commands, “Continue.” God I’m so excited knowing two women are watching me lick my wife with my bonner fully exposed to their sight. Jane is starting to buck a little as her clit is assaulted. “Aren’t you ladies going to strip off or do you want David here to lick you fully clothed. I know they’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and I can hear at least one person undressing. The ladies haven’t said a word until one says, “Mom,” My wife instantly cups my ears but I can just make out, “I didn’t know you’ve got a clit ring. Ups….Sorry I forgot!” Then everything went quiet. At the mere thought of a mother and daughter being present had my dick hardened more. My thoughts return to Jane as her slowly building orgasm erupts. For the next minute or so my wife gets a rounds of cheers as she shudders all over my face. I rest on my haunches as Jane steps down and greets her friends. She is still the only one talking. I know three of my mates have gorgeous daughters at Uni but none have come home for the summer yet. So who is here? I’m still imagining who they are when I feel someone close getting onto the cubes. “Dave are you ready,” my wife askes. I kneel up and move slowly forward until I feel body heat close to my face. This woman’s aroused scent mingles with the smell of shaving soap and shower gel. My nose makes first contact to find a coarser landing strip than Jane’s. Eagerly my tongue investigates the surroundings. The landing strip stops before the bump of her clit which is very prominent. Then just below is the reason why, a clit ring; Mom first! With such an exposed clit I bet she’s hard to ride as she squirms pleasurable under her man; I’d love to get in the saddle. Sliding lower I find her inner lips inflated so taking them individually I suck them between my lips and allow my tongue to slide into her warm moist pussy. She lets out a low groan as the inevitable hands grasp my head. As my hands are not allowed to touch my aching dick I slide them up her inner thighs, she’s trembling as I go. Just before my hands reach her pussy they manoeuvre around and trace the outline of her small landing strip; about an inch wide and two tall. I would love to know the colour, giving me a clue as to whom I was licking and that of the beauty yet türkçe bahis to come. Teasing the crease between thigh and torso, before my hands wander higher. Nice hips, a slight belly and her chest tapers out towards her armpits. Making contact with the outer curves of two boobs side tracks my hands. Happily I search her ample bosom for clues of her hidden identity. They’ve dropped slightly, c***d birth, still firm with a pleasurable weight to them, at least as big as Jane’s. This eliminated Joe’s wife, she has small boobs. Apparently this is compensated by them being ultra-sensitive. Joe says he can have sex any time he likes so long as he can get close enough to grab her boobs. Joe also brags that they are that excitable that MA (Mary Ann) can orgasm with just her nipples being tormented; I’ve begged to try but unsurprisingly my offer hasn’t been taken up. Having handled her boobs long enough to appreciate their beauty I stumble across her nipples, WOW. Hard as expected but at least an inch or more long! My thumbs and fingers start softly exploring them. My tongue is automatically playing games all over her pussy as my hands enjoy her boobs. In an attempt to bring this woman closer to her orgasm I pinch her nipples. Progressively firmer until her hips start to buck more wildly. Releasing her boobs I re-trace my steps until my one hand firmly holds her bum and the other snakes between her legs, joining my mouth. As my finger starts probing her pussy my dick is grasped by my wife’s warm hand. Confidently I’m stroked and as her hand slides over my dick-head her rings tease all my nerve endings; causing me to thrust my hips to fuck only air! The woman on my tongue moves slightly. I guess it is to see what my wife is doing. My dick is released and I thrust aimlessly hoping for it to be held again. I stop thrusting when she holds me again. I hold still as I’m pumped along half my length. Wanting my nob to have some fun I start to thrust at the end of the stroke. Catching my wife off guard I slip out of her hand. Immediately my dick-head is reacquired and pumped. The woman I’m licking is continuously bucking now and moaning for release. This causes my wife to vigorously pump my dick-head to encourage me on. ‘NO RINGS’ I slow momentarily as my mind and dick try to feel for the rings. Definitely ‘NO RINGS’. Her daughter is pumping my dick as I bring her mother off! Another hand gently pats my bum, that’s the wife, bringing me back to the pussy in front. My finger slide in effortlessly as I hook it searching for the spot. Finding it I firmly massage the area. The hands on my head now gasps my hair preventing any movement what so ever. I groan deeply over her pussy when my dick is sucked into her daughter’s mouth; my wife still has her hand on my bum. Uncontrollably I thrust but she takes it all without gaging; University education I guess! Her Mom is shaking and begging me not to stop. We’re both close and being clamped tight to her pussy I’m unable to warn her daughter. Seconds later she cums squirting everywhere. One pump more and I blow my load into her daughter’s mouth. Me and her Mom both groan in satisfaction. I hold the daughters head on to my dick until I start to wilt. As I slip out my dick is lovingly lick clean.As we rest, me on my haunches and still blindfolded I hear, “My turn,” I that instant I knew this is Richards daughter, “Shelly? “Is güvenilir bahis siteleri that you?” I unthinking blurt out. I wait regretting my words and everyone is quiet. Minutes go by and I’m beginning to think that the fun is over. The air is full of tension and unseen gestures are being interpreted. Finally Shelly removes my blindfold. “As you’ve guessed and enjoyed my Mom I don’t intend to miss out on my turn.”As my eyes get use to the light I look around at my beautiful wife, her naked friend and her stunning daughter. Shelly is just nineteen and has a perfect hourglass figure that some teens have. Her boobs are only slightly bigger than her mom’s but her pussy is gorgeous. It’s bald and already aroused. Shelly knowing her beauty is her ticket to everything she wants, takes her place on the cubes. With her hands on her hips she thrusts out; offering her pussy. I’m a little nervous now that I can see and so I look at her mom for permission. “Mom,” Shelly demands. Julie nods. Jane my wife puts her hand on the back on my head and gently pushes me. With three permissions I eagerly make first contact. Shelly is totally smooth, waxed and smells sweetly of female sex. My happy tongue touches her clit for the first time and slides under it into her dripping pussy. She tastes wonderful and I slip further towards her lover tube. Swiftly back to her clit causes Shelly to buck and moan her approval. I’m really enjoying this teen pussy. All the more exciting knowing her mom is watch me pleasure her daughter. Lets not forget the wife who has made this possible. My hands are roaming Shelly’s perfect lines. Hands which cannot find any flaws. Her nipples are sensitive and as I tease them she bucks harder. I’m sure I could get this girl off in a few more seconds but I’m not about to end the fun so quick. I leave her clit alone and let my finger explore her love tube. I only use my middle finger to probe her sex. I find her sensitive spot and lightly toy with her. To keep her on the edge I lightly tease her clit but only for short periods. Shelly’s shaking is so great now that I have to use one hand to help steady her. From behind me I feel my wife’s arm wrap around my body and grasp the root of my dick. I stop breathing expecting her to start stroking me but no. Shelly’s Mom’s pussy pops onto my dick-head as she backs onto my dick in one easy slide; her daughter has her eyes closed and head back. As I start fucking her mom Shelly realises something else is going on. She looks down to see her mom below taking me doggy style. “Mom, couldn’t you wait till I’m finished.” “Watching you get eaten by a man old enough to me your father, his best friend in fact, is toooo much. I just had to…. Oh fuck. Harder.” I do and she cums harder than before. As she rolls off my dick I thrust my finger into Shelly’s tight pussy. Mauling her spot and clit firmly bringing on her volcano of an orgasm. I catch her as she crumples. Placing her on the couch I roll my wife flat on the floor. Spreading her legs over my shoulders I penetrate her well used pussy and just take her. Mom and daughter have a great view as we both cum together. We are all spent. Disappointedly we dress; the end of the fun. My wife and I show them to the door and Shelly turns and announces, “I’m on summer break and you still owe me a fuck.” She looks at my wife and then me, “I’ll be back.” I watch with a growing dick as they both walk towards their house with their bums swaying seductively. If you enjoyed this story please let me have your comments, if not what turns you on? I would especially be interested in the girls prospective.RegardsJack

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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