Mar 26

Mutual Destruction (story)

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Mutual Destruction (story)We dance closely. My arms are around your neck, face in your neck. Naked against your clothed body. Music playing softly, swaying and softly grinding in a sinuous circle, around and around. You smell good. Clean. Crisp. Lovely and dangerous. Your chaos tightly controlled in your body and hands, that rest in the small of my back. Tensing and waiting. Waiting for me.I press my lips ever so gently on your neck, right above the vein. Can feel your pulse quickening, jumping like a live wire, you pull me even closer.I sigh, knowing that I’m the only only one that can free you, make the lust overcome you, overflow and drown you. You need me to help you release. I want it as well. I want you to overpower me, but not yet. Not yet.I kiss your neck again, pressing my lips harder, lingering, feeling you shudder, your whole body wanting to react to me, to rip me apart. Not yet. Not yet.I lick your neck. My small, pink tongue coming from between my teeth, the lips of my small mouth. Licking your neck, with just the point of my tongue Just a flick. Then another. A low moan escapes you. Not yet. Not yet.We stop moving in circles, just swaying. My arms curl under yours, coming up your back, hands pulling on your shoulders, standing on my tip toes. Locking onto your eyes, I start under your chin, gliding my tongue up and over, pulling away from lips at türbanlı kütahya escort the last moment. Anger and lust, you’re getting there. Not yet. Not yet.We stop dancing. I pull my arms away. Staring into your eyes, a languid lick of my lips. I step back. I take another step, my finger finds its way to my mouth, I kiss it. I stretch my arm to you and place my finger on your lips. I let it slide away as I turn away. I think you want to hurt me now. To punish me.If you want me darling, if you truly want me, you have to stop me. If you want me, then come to me. Now, darling, now.You grab my arm, you twist and pull me to you. You wrench my arm into the small of my back. You make me gasp. You got my signal. You can be free, darling. Flow over me, let it out, lust desire and everything inside.As I’m forced against your body, I try to push back. I’m rewarded with a low growl of need. I know, darling, I know. But you have to do more to win me over. To take me over.Your hand grabs my short, brown hair and you pull, so hard. You jerk my head back, a small noise comes from me and I see that wonderful and savage smile you have sometimes. My neck is exposed, my lips are slightly parted, I’m panting.You lightly kiss my neck. You’re restraining yourself and that just won’t do darling. I want you to loose it. Loose it to türbanlı kütahya escort bayan me, everything, darling. Everything.Your mouth opens just below my chin, I feel your teeth. You want to bite. You want to mark me. I close my eyes. Good, darling, mark me, for everyone to see.You let go of my arm and use both hands to hold my head. Our eyes lock. Your hands ball into fists in my hair. Your reason is slipping, giving way to your need, your lust. Bring it darling, bring it to me.You let me go. Abruptly. Glaring at me. I turn. I look over my bare shoulder. Breathing heavily you run your hands through your hair. I stand still as you as swipe the cuffs off the table. You don’t even have to ask, demand or order, I just do it. I cross my wrists behind me. Waiting. But hurry, darling. Do hurry. I only have so much patience.The cuffs are cold. In a few short clicks, I’m restrained. You place your hands on my shoulders. You slowly turn me around. Your hands go over the small frame of my shoulders, they come together on my neck, I lift my chin. They move up my neck, closing my eyes, I can feel your fingers in my hair. And with noise of desperation, you kiss me.Your kiss is powerful. I let myself lean against your body. Engulfed. I stop breathing. Content to die by your kiss. I love it. I let your power come türbanlı escort kütahya into my body. I let you take me over. Spill into me darling, all your love, all your hate, everything, give it to me. Give it all to me.Hurt me. Destroy me. Dominate me. Make me kneel, make me grovel. Make me kiss you in self-destruction forever. Let go, darling, oh please let it go.The black, silk scarf comes out of your pocket. I asked you for it. I wanted something of yours in my mouth. Something I can have and taste, love and hate when you render me helpless, when you take away my voice.You hesitate. You stop right as the scarf gets to my mouth. I can see the last bit of control start to finally slip away. Your eyes are unsure. So I bring you back to where I want you. I say the one thing you want to hear, the simple statement that lets you loose control and wreak havoc on me, to make war on me, to exhaust yourself on me. The need, the sad and hurtful need is in your eyes and I want it to go away. I have my own needs and hurts and desires. So I simply give you the permission you need. It isn’t about love. Just a letting go. So I just say it for you. Let you give way to the things that give you passion, lust and power. All the things I crave and want, an addiction that I like.I speak softly, almost in a whisper. The need shaking in your hands. You hear me, finally. Oh darling, it’s ok, I want you to let it all go, I need you to do it darling.“Destroy me.”*****************************************************A couple of songs from tonight.[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0dd4ZsT_QM ]Yoko Kanno, “Butterfly[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-KxsdWX9xE ]Yasushi Ishii – Logos naki World Part Six of Unwillingly seduced is coming soon!Mmmmpphh!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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