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Mutual Masturbation: Part Six “A weekend of c

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Mutual Masturbation: Part Six “A weekend of cMutual Masturbation: Part Six “A weekend of cum”The next time the three of us were able to get together was about two weeks, but it was worth the wait! Jeff was going to have his house to himself for the entire weekend. He had invited John and myself to stay over Friday through Sunday. He said he had a surprise for us, but we would have to wait till we got there to find out what it was.I got to Jeffs around 7:00 on Friday night, put my bag in his room and went back into the family room. John arrived about a half hour later and the three of us squeezed onto the couch and started playing some video games. That only lasted about 20 minutes before John and myself couldn’t wait any longer and made Jeff tell us what his surprise was. He got up, went to his room and cam back with a large box. We watched as he opened it reveling about 30 porno videos. Jeff grabbed one he had picked out and put it in the dvd player and started it.As I sat squeezed in between Jeff an John watching my first porn I was starting to get very aroused. My erection was starting to show through my shorts, I looked down and noticed the other guys were also getting hard. I was ready to get things started, so I slowly slide my hand down my shorts, grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking. Jeff quickly followed my lead, John watched us for a few seconds then slid his hand in his own shorts and started playing sinop escort with himself. After a few minutes I suggested we get undressed, they both agreed, so we stood up and stripped off all our clothes. We were all standing in front of the couch, our hard cocks pointing at each other as we watched one another slowly stroking. This was a bit exciting for me, because we could see each others entire body. Jeff added a bit of humor by letting go of his dick and using his hips to swing it side to side. We laughed at the site of this, so John and myself joined in.I remember how we got gradually closer, standing in a circle, we teased one another we were going poke the others with our dicks. When our three cocks were only inches apart Jeff quickly reached over, grabbed my cock and pushed it into the head of Johns cock. I was a bit surprised that John didn’t pull away, but pushed back with his own. Jeff let go of my cock, took his own back and started rubbing the head of his cock against mine. John quickly did the same. I will never forget how amazing it felt, our three heads rubbing together, pushing into one another. The sound of moaning women coming from the porno added to the atmosphere. At one point I grabbed Johns cock, John took Jeffs and Jeff grabbed mine and we stroked each others for them. After about ten minutes of this Jeff said that he was getting close to cumming. I was only moments away sivas escort myself and from the look of it John was also close. Jeff laid down on the floor and started to stroke himself. I looked over at John and asked if we should give him a hand, he looked at me and nodded. We kneeled down on either side of him, Jeff put his hands down to his side and let us take over. John took Jeffs throbbing cock in his hand and started to stroke as I started playing with his balls. Almost immediately Jeffs breathing started to become labored and he asked us to go faster. John tightened his grip and went faster and with that he came. Thick white cum started to spurt out of him, the first few shot up near his bellybutton, the rest ran down his shaft and over Johns hand. As the last drips of cum oozed out of him John let go with his cum covered hand and asked if he could go next. Absolutely I told him.He laid down and put his hands to his side. I moved over next to him, took him in my hand started stroking his cock. Jeff sat up and started playing with Johns balls. I can still remember how hard and warm his cock felt in my hand. stroked him for only a minute or so before he said how good it felt and that he wae going to cum. He shot his load all the way up to his chest, his hips working in unison with my hand. I kept stroking him, his cum started started running down onto my hand. I slowed my pace until he said şırnak escort he was good.Now, it was finally my turn and my cock was literally aching to blow it’s load. I laid down on the floor a started to stroke my cock with the hand that I just used on John. It still had some of his cum on it. John sat up next to me and took my cock in his hand. I watched the cum he just shot all over his chest and stomach ran down into his pubic hair. Jeff meanwhile started playing with my balls, his cum had also run down his stomach into his pubes. “Oh man this feels so good” I told them. John tightened his grip and sped up. I was going to cum and hard. “I want to see you cum” John said and so I did. My balls tightened my cock stiffened and I exploded. The first two shoots landed on my face, John quickly pointed my cock lower so the rest would shot on my stomach. It was a lot and formed a nice puddle in my belly button. Jeff took one of his fingers and started to play with my little pool. I found that very hot and wanted to try it for myself with one of theirs sometime. Once I was done I sat up watched my cum run down my stomach. John later apologized for the cum that hit me in the face, but I told him not to worry, it’s not the first time.The three of us feeling completely satisfied returned to our spots on the couch. The porn was still on, but we decided to play some video games until we were ready for round two. We were still completely naked, or dicks now soft and are cum puddled in are pubic hair.. Other than me wiping of the cum that landed on my face, we all let our cum stay were it landed. We all found that very exciting. This was just the start of a very fun weekend. More to come 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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