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My amazing first time part 2

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My amazing first time part 2It had been about a week and a half since Johnny and I had lost our virginity to my sister!! And her sexy best friend Jessica. Johnny was over at my house and we were just hanging out and playing video games and that’s when we heard the door open down stairs we got really excited because it had been awhile since we had jerked off and that made us some very horny 12 year olds. When we got downstairs we saw who it was my mom……. We both sighed and went back upstairs. That’s when Johnny screamed out “Man I need!!! To have sex again!!!!.”“I know man but what are we gonna do.” I said. That’s when I hears my cell phone vibrate. It was from my sister she said for me and Johnny to get ready because she was coming to pick us up in 10 minutes. We both instantly got boners. We threw on our shoes and waited outside for my sister, when she picked us up she smiled at us very devilishly and we drove off. Johnny asked where we were going and she said to the corner store and then the motel room that Jessica had picked out. When canlı bahis we got to the store we all got out off the car and headed for the store. My sister had brought us to the isle where they sell condoms and said “All right little boys get as many as you think you might need.” We smiled at each other but at the same time was confused because we had never seen nor less even picked out condoms before so we had to ask my s*s for help, she gladly did. She picked out the Lifestyle brand and the snugger fit model for us, she pointed it out and we cleared the entire rack of those condoms about 45 in all. When we got to the counter we were so short we could just barely see completely over the counter and when we placed our merchandise on the table the cashier just stared at us slowly ringing us up. We got to the motel about 10 minutes later and Jessica was already there just straightening up the place and getting herself ready in the process. When we got in Johnny and I threw all 45 condoms on the table and just sat down. Jessica gasped bahis siteleri at the amount of rubbers she saw and exclaimed “ well its gonna be a long and really fun day for you two!” That’s when they told us to strip naked so we did already our cocks were at full attention, that’s when they peeled open 2 condoms and rolled them on our young, small dicks even the snug fit ones were a little loose, obviously condoms were not meant for 12 year olds. After they were on my sister and Jessica stripped naked and dropped to their knees. That’s when they had to choose who was going to fuck who I guess my sister decided by slamming her mouth shut on my dick and started sucking fast and sloppy while my small balls slapped against her chin repeatedly. That’s when Jessica followed suit and started sucking Johnnys cock which was slightly bigger then mine and about the 3rd stroke for Johnny he blew his load, he started to turn red and was very embarrassed but Jessica just smiled took off his spent condom with her teeth and drank all the cum from güvenilir bahis the rubber, smiled and out on a fresh one. But Johnny just couldn’t get hard so Jessica had to do all she could by licking his head and sucking his balls and deepthroating him until he was hard then finally he did- Jessica smiled- all the while my sister was throwing me on the bed on started riding me like a wild horse , I came instantly. So she put on a new rubber and we got started again. She slid my dick in her pussy and I almost wanted to jizz again but that’s when the maid saved me from embarrassment she had come into to do some routine cleaning and that’s when she stumbled on two 12 year old fucking two 17 year old girls, she froze then retreated back out the door locking it behind her. By then I regained control and told her to get going she did she rode me slowly this time making sure I didn’t cum to quick that’s when I could feel her pussy muscles tighten up on my dick as she tried to get all boy juice out of me. That’s when she turned around and hopped off my dick and stuck it in her ass. I was so shocked but didn’t complain she was so tight even for my dick she bounced and bounced………..Part 3 maybe…. If enough comments or views thanks again and hope you all enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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