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My Aunt Margie and Mom

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My Aunt Margie and MomI am an average looking guy, not superstud good looking, but not ugly either. I’m around 5’8″ tall. I am not out fucking every night although I would if I could. I guess I’m lucky because I have a little bit bigger than average cock. Well what I am telling you about started about 30 years ago when I was about 18years old. We were staying at my aunts house in Asheville N.C. for a week in the summer. My aunt is married to my moms youngest brother. I’ve always thought she was hotter than hell. Every morning we would sit around the table in her kitchen talking or eating breakfast. She always wore a loose blouse-like pajama top and when she would bend over the table I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were gorgeous. They were also the first ones I had ever seen up close and personal. I thought at the time that she didn’t realize what she was doing. Looking back at it now I’m sure she was doing it on purpose. Well one morning after watching her tits over and over I went back to my room and closed the door. I pulled my pants down and lay down on the bed and started playing with my dick. It was super hard as I thought about Aunt Margie’s tits and I really got into jerking off. That was when I looked up and saw my mom standing in the doorway watching. I was too close to cumming and I just lay there jerking off while looking straight into her eyes and shot a load of cum almost all the way up to my chin. She smiled and walked out. When I realized what had happened I didn’t know what to do. It took me a long time to get up the courage to go back downstairs but when I did and saw mom she acted like nothing had happened.A couple of nights later my mom and I were playing cards with my Aunt ( When I was really young they taught me how to play poker),when she brought out a bottle of wine. She asked me if I wanted a glass and of course I said yes. After several glasses Aunt Margie and mom were bitching about my uncle never being home and always working. He was a store manager for Woolworth at the time. Aunt Margie said something about she guessed she was going to have to get a boyfriend to take care of her. I hadn’t been paying much attention to what they were saying until my mom told her she shouldn’t talk like that in front of me since I might not understand. Aunt Margie started laughing and told her that after what mom had told her she had seen the other night I would probably know exactly what she was talking about and that I might do as the boyfriend! I know I turned bright red because I could feel the heat burning my face. Mom started getting mad and told her she had told her about it in secret. Mom had not mentioned anything to me about watching me. Mom then stormed out of the room like she was really pissed off at Aunt Margie.I was scared to death but really exited at the same time. I didn’t know what my mom was going to do or how much trouble I was in. Up until then I really hadn’t said anything and just sat there looking at her. Aunt Margie smiled and said with a big grin:” I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours,” and started laughing again. I thought she was just joking until she reached around behind her and under her shirt and took her bra off. Then she stood up and pulled her blouse over her head. She was just standing there with her tits right in front of me. I thought my dick was going to burst out of my zipper! She then reached over and felt the front of my pants and started to unzip the zipper. When my dick started poking its head out she put her hand around it and started pulling it up and down. GOD IT FELT GREATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! I had never had anybody touch my hard dick before except me. She then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.. She told me to stand up and pulled my pants the rest of the way off. She got down on her knees in front of me and just kept looking at my dick as she continued to stroke it up and down. I thought I was in heaven! I was still scared though, because I thought my mom was going to kill me. I kept looking at the doorway where mom went and just knew she was going to come back in any minute screaming at us. Aunt Margie pushed me down onto the couch and then stood up in front of me and reached down and pulled her pants and panties off. She was wearing a pair of pink full size panties, not thongs or anything. She sat down beside me on the couch then and started playing with my dick again. 1xbet yeni giriş She said: “Hellen (my mom) told me you had a nice dick and now I believe her.”I couldn’t believe mom would have said anything like that but I was now beginning to believe anything was possible. She leaned over and asked me to suck her tits as she continued to pull my dick up and down. I was beginning to want to come but at the same time didn’t want it to end. Aunt Margie had beautiful tits. The area around her nipples was only a little darker than the rest of her tit and her nipples were about 3/4of an inch long.. They were about the size of g****fruits only not exactly round. Aunt Margie was about 35 years old and my mom was probably 40 at the time. When I began sucking on one she leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes and started to moan. She also stopped pulling on my dick. I didn’t want her to stop so I guess I started moving back and forth again rubbing my dick in her hand till she started stroking it again. After a few seconds I couldn’t hold back . I must have said that I was cumming because she squeezed it tight and bent over and started sucking it. My GOD I just THOUGHT it felt good in her hand. Her mouth was unbelievable! I began cumming and cumming and she just swallowed it all down. I just couldn’t believe it. I was just 18 and Aunt Margie had just sucked me off!!!!!!!!!!It almost felt as though I passed out because I just slumped back against the couch as all my energy drained out of me along with my cum into her mouth. I lay there a few minutes as she continued to lick my dick and suck it very gently. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was just so beautiful sitting down there with my dick in her mouth. Finally she took her mouth away and smile and said:”You OK?” Man, what could I say! I was still almost delirious when she got up and sat on the couch beside me and said”MY turn.” She pulled me around and down in front of her. I knew she wanted me to eat her pussy but I didn’t really know what to do. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she reached down and spread her pussy lips apart and sort of began rubbing her clit( I didn’t even know what a clit was then). She told me just to go ahead and lick it a little. I began to lick it and she started to moan and squirm around. I knew I was doing something really good for her and it really turned me on again as my dick started to get hard again. I then began sucking on her clit and rubbing it around between my teeth and my tongue. She began begging me not to stop and held my head against her with both hands. I was sucking and she was holding me so tight that I could hardly breathe. Finally she began trembling all over and bucking up and down against my face. It was obviously the first time I had ever tasted a pussy and it was incredible! The taste is almost impossible to describe. It is musky, sweet, sour, and with a slight taste of what I can only think of as urine only I have no idea what urine tastes like. She then slumped back against the couch and started pushing my head away. I resisted her and kept sucking just to tease her. When I finally quit she just lay there against the couch with her eyes closed. It was my first time giving a woman an orgasm. I had been on my knees between her legs and my legs were beginning to cramp so I sat back down onto the floor. When I did I suddenly realized somebody else was there. I jerked around and saw my mom sitting in the chair behind me with the strangest look on her face.I realized she had been watching and I hadn’t heard her come in. I really didn’t know what to do and just sat there with my dick standing up in front of me. I guess Aunt Margie realized something was going on because I felt her take may hand and she pulled me back up onto the couch beside her. I just sat there looking at my mom and feeling so guilty I didn’t know what to do. It seemed like forever as mom sat there about 5 feet away staring me in the eyes with a confused look. She then looked down at my dick then at Aunt Margie and back at my dick. Aunt Margie motioned for her to come sit down beside us but she just shook her head no over and over again. I thought she was going to get up and run out of the room any second but she just sat there staring. Aunt Margie got up and went over and sat on the arm of the chair beside her and put her arm around mom’s shoulder. 1xbet giriş Aunt Margie was naked and my mom still had on a light robe that I knew she usually wore around the house when she was getting ready for bed. She finally took her eyes off my dick and looked up at Aunt Margie and said slowly and so low that I could hardly here her: “Marg, what am I going to do?” Aunt Margie leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and said: “Helen, you and I both know what you want to do so just go ahead and do it.”Mom just sat there staring and shaking her head no. Aunt Margie looked over at me and held out her hand for me to come to her. I didn’t know what else to do so I got up and stepped over to them and stood right in front of my mom with my dick pointing straight at her face. I can only describe my feeling as really embarrassed standing there naked in front of her with my dick in her face. By then being so embarrassed my dick was not hard any longer but was still swollen and pointing almost straight out. Aunt Margie took mom’s hand and started to pull it out toward my dick but mom kept pulling back. She then looked up at Aunt Margie with a pleading look in her eyes. After a few seconds I could see her arm relax and Aunt Margie placed mom’s hand on my dick. It just lay there for a second up against my dick as she stared up at Aunt Margie. My dick started to twitch against her hand and she tried to pull away. Aunt Margie held her tight and slowly her fingers opened and went around my dick. She closed her eyes and turned her face away and whispered:”I can’t do this, I just can’t.” Aunt Margie leaned closer and hugged her closely to her and kept whispering back:”Its okay, its okay.”She pulled mom up and led us over to the couch as she still held moms hand to my dick. She sat us down on the couch with her on one side of me and mom on the other. My dick had gotten hard again in spite of my embarrassment and mom was stroking it up and down. Mom looked at me then and spoke to me for the first time. “Is it okay Johnny?” Are you okay with this?” I didn’t know what to say and just whispered:”Mom, I love you so much, if its okay with you its ok.”She said: “I love you too Johnny, please always love me.” She then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.When she did this Aunt Margie reached down and pulled mom’s robe open and down off her shoulders. She had on one of those plain white bras but I could tell she had really big breasts. I had never thought of my mom in a sexy way before and had never really thought about how her body looked. It can only be described as thick. She’s not fat but she’s not thin either and I know now she had 38 DD tits. She leaned forward and let Aunt Margie pull her robe off and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. She also had on those same kinds of big white panties. She leaned back against the couch and held my dick in her right hand while she stroked it up and down. I sat there and closed my eyes. I was in heaven.I felt Aunt Margie’s hand close around my balls as mom continued to stoke my dick. I was just about to cum again and really didn’t want to yet. After a few seconds of this Aunt Margie got up went around to mom and reached down to un hook her bra. Mom pulled back for a second then stood up reached behind her and unhooked her bra then pulled off her panties. Her tits were beautiful. They were even bigger than Aunt Margie’s and hung down more. I guess you could say they drooped a little. Her pussy was covered with thick dark brown hair and it even grew a little out into the crack where her leg met her hip. To me she was unbelievably beautiful! She and Aunt Margie then took me by the hands, pulled me up off the couch, and led me down the hall to Aunt Margie’s bedroom. The lights were off as we entered the bedroom but there was a little light coming from the open bathroom door that led off the bedroom. The bathroom also opened into Aunt Margie’s daughter’s bedroom. Aunt Margie’s daughter is my cousin Mitzie. Mitzie is a little over a year younger than me and that made her around 18 at the time. She was about 5′ tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 85 or 90 pounds. She had long dark brown , almost black hair falling almost to her waist and her tits were just beginning to bud. I have always thought she was beautiful. That night she was not home thank goodness or things might not have happened as they did. She was staying 1xbet güvenilirmi over night with her friend Lindsay.Mom and Aunt Margie led me to the bed and had me lay down in the middle. Mom then lay down beside me on the bed while Aunt Margie just stood there watching. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there as mom reached over and started stroking my dick. I could see that she had her eyes closed and her head turned away from me. Aunt Margie leaned over the bed and began to rub mom’s legs as she whispered: “Hellen sweetie, you are going to have to relax. You are really going to enjoy this. Let me help you.”She then lay down on the bed between mom’s legs and began to run her fingers through Mom’s pubic hair. As she continued to rub Mom’s pussy, Mom began to moan and move her hips up and down. She also moved her head down and laid it on my stomach as she began to hold my balls in her right hand and stroke my dick with her left. I sat up on my elbows so that I could watch and saw Aunt Margie lean over and begin licking Mom’s pussy. I thought Mom was going to go wild as she began moaning more and thrashing her hips. Aunt Margie then buried her face in Mom’s pussy and really started eating her. I was still in shock as Mom moved her head on down and took my dick in her mouth. She began sucking harder and squeezing my balls as she got more and more into having Aunt Margie eat her pussy. She would suck my dick for a few seconds then use her hand to jerk me off.I was one 18 year old boy that was totally in heaven! After a few minutes of this I couldn’t hold back any longer and began shooting squirt after squirt of cum down my own mother’s throat. She swallowed every drop and then sucked even harder till I slumped back onto the bed totally drained. In my stupor I felt Mom begin to thrash around and moan, crying out: “I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Oh God Margie , don’t stop!”I heard Aunt Margie giggle as she wagged her face back and forth on Mom’s pussy. With that mom collapsed onto the bed beside me and began hugging me tightly to her.I must have dosed off for just a second but was wide awake again as I felt Mom and Aunt Margie both move down on either side of me and start playing with my limp dick. They were giggling like little girls as I watched them kiss each other on the lips and Aunt Margie’s tongue slide into Mom’s mouth. I sat back up onto my elbows and watched as they began to lick and suck my dick between kisses. It didn’t take long and my 18 year old dick was up and ready to go again. When it was fully at attention Mom got up onto her knees and straddled me. Aunt Margie held my dick up and guided it into Mom’s pussy. She was so wet and her pussy was so hot that it slid deep inside her with no effort at all. It was an incredible feeling of wet heat wrapped tightly around my dick with a gentle sucking as my dick slid in and out of my own mother’s pussy. This was the first time my dick had ever been in a pussy! Hell, it was the first time I had ever done anything except jerk myself off. If you are not a guy there is no way you can ever imagine how incredible it is having your dick buried in a pussy for the first time. When that pussy is your own mother’s it is beyond my ability to describe. It is as close to heaven as anyone could ever hope to get. Mom began to rock back and forth then up and down as my dick slid in and out in and out in and out.I had lain back and closed my eyes when I suddenly felt Aunt Margie straddle my face and put her pussy right there for me to eat. I began sucking her clit again. She was so wet that I had her juices flowing down over my chin and by now I was getting used to the taste of pussy and ever since that moment I have loved to eat pussy. I am now over 50 years old and have had many women in my life but I have never had one with a clitoris as prominent as my Aunt’s. It was almost like sucking a dick and it drove her wild. She was facing Mom and they were hugging and kissing as Mom rode my dick and Aunt Margie rode my tongue. Life has never gotten any better than that. I had already cum twice and so I was able to last longer this time. Suddenly Mom began to shudder and jerk around at the same time as Aunt Margie did the same. They were both cumming together and a split second later I shot off deep into Mom’s pussy and we all collapsed into a heap on the bed. We slept that way until late into the night when mom woke me and gently told me to move to my own room so that Mitzie wouldn’t see us all together like that when she came home in the morning. I don’t remember dreaming as I slept that night but I have dreamed about it many many times in my life since then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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