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My Cousin, My Love

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My Cousin, My LoveHow did I get so lucky?”, I thought as I sat up and looked to the petite angel laying peacefully at my side. It had been two days since my Cousin, Lauren, had discovered my Love for her and I already knew that we would together forever.I had first discovered my attraction to Lauren five years ago. I was thirteen and my grandparents had invited us to their lake property (a crappy old trailer on an equally crappy lake… we’re not rich) which was a rather normal occurrence. Everyone was getting ready to go for a swim, so I decided that I’d change in the back room of the trailer but the door was closed… or, rather, as closed as anyone could get it. When I got to the back I noticed that someone had stored a mirror in there, and what I saw next will be engraved in my memory forever. There, in the mirror, was Lauren, my (then) eleven year old Cousin, bottomless and pulling her shirt off. Her hips were just starting to develop and she had a light covering of soft hair on her pubescent vagina. Once her shirt was pulled off I looked up and saw her budding breasts in all their glory. Even though they were nothing more than two puffy mounds I couldn’t help but become instantly hard. I watched her finish changing into her swim suit and tried my best to act normal when she passed me in the hallway. As soon as I had the door closed, as best as I could get it, and moved the mirror, I pulled my shorts off, took my cock in hand, and quickly pounded one out onto the curtains while reliving what I had just seen.Over then next five years I couldn’t get Lauren out of my mind. I never had a girlfriend because I would always find myself comparing the girls in my class to my cousin… comparing and finding them coming up short. Living only an hour away I was able to see her relatively often, especially in the summer as they would often host pool parties (her family is the one fairly well-off relation I have). I would also go to as many of her figure skating performances as I could, which wasn’t very often because people would rarely inform my family of such things. Over this time I watched as she matured into the aforementioned petite angel she is. She’s sixteen, about 5’3″, has straight sandy-blonde hair that goes just down to her nipples, bright gray-blue eyes, perfectly toned body from years as a figure skater, a round firm ass, and A-cup breasts that fit her body perfectly. Her face is a little round (just round, not fat, mind you) with a light colored mole on her right cheek and the biggest, brightest, and most beautiful smile I’d ever witnessed.Fast forward to July after my senior year in high school, the summer of 2008. I had applied, and was accepted, to college in the cities (Minnesotan for the state capitol metro area). Being from a lower-middle class family we didn’t have much money for post secondary so I would have find a job before school started or I’d never make it through. At one of the pool parties my mom and aunt were talking about what I was going to do this fall. After finding out that I was in need of a place to live, while job hunting, my aunt offered to let me stay there. When I was asked if I’d like to live with them for the remainder of the summer I quickly said yes, without trying to sound TOO excited, and moved into their guest room the following week.I couldn’t have picked a better room… pinbahis yeni giriş it was right across the hall from Lauren’s room. Her brother’s room would be the room next to mine were they not separated by the staircase. Her parents’ room was at the other end of the hallway, and her room shared a wall with the bathroom, leaving our rooms separate from the rest of her family’s.Over the next couple weeks I had found a job at a local, but nationally known, electronics store… it’s Mecca for nerds and geeks… of who’s ranks I am a proud member. I, however, am not the stereotypical geek. I’m 5’11” with dirty-blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, and an average build. The job was fun, and paid well, if you don’t mind dealing with stupid people all day. The only problem was that it was impossible to concentrate as I would be constantly thinking of the blonde beauty across the hall. The last week of July was when it all changed for me.I was just sitting in their basement, watching television, when Lauren came downstairs. She sat next to me on the couch and snuggled up to my side. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there dazed. She then told me that she was cold, lifted my arm, and put it around her waist. Getting really turned on I lifted her chin, leaned over, and kissed her on the lips for what seemed like an eternity when, in reality, it was only a couple short seconds. She then pulled away, with a stunned look on her face, stared at me for few seconds, stood up and quickly walked up to her room. The feeling in my gut was a mixture of bliss and horror… on the one hand I had just kissed the one pair of lips that I’d been longing to feel since I was thirteen… and, on the other, I might have just scared off my only love.Painfully contemplative minutes passed before I realized what I needed to do… I needed to come clean about my five year long infatuation. I slowly, and shakily, made the walk up to the room across from mine. My stomach was in knots as I nervously tapped on her door. A quivering “Come in.” wafted through the heavy wooden pannel and I, just as nervously, entered. Lauren was sitting on the edge of her bed, hugging the giant teddy bear that I had won at the state fair for her a couple of years back, and the look on her face had gone from one of shock to sadness.“Don’t be mad at me,” I said, “but I…” she stopped me mid sentence.She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes before speaking. “Tim,” she started slowly, “I need to tell you something…” there was a long pause.“What is it?” I asked.“I…” she sighed and, after another decent pause, she continued. “I’ve… been in Love with you… for a while, now… a long while.”Stunned, I just looked at her as she continued to explain.“I was eleven… we were at the lake… I went to the back to change and I saw… I saw you. You were changing… and you had your back to the door, and… I quietly left and changed in the car.” She paused again. “Later that day I moved the mirror, over by the door, hoping that I’d be able to… see you… again.”I started to speak again “I l…” she, again, stopped me.“I’m sorry if I made things difficult for you… I just wanted to feel you hold me so badly…” and, with teary eyes, whispered “I’m so sorry.”There was another long pause before I broke the silence. I looked into her eyes and said “I Love pinbahis giriş you, too… ever since I was thirteen and I saw you in that mirror.” Wiping a tear from her cheek I pulled her into another kiss. It was slow, and tender, and when it eventually ended I looked deep into my angel’s eyes, lifted her onto my lap, and pulled her into a tight hug whispering “I Love you, Lauren.” I sat there for a few minutes holding her, while she cried tears of happiness onto my shoulder, until I heard the garage door open. Why did her brother’s baseball game have to only have nine innings?I regrettably left her side, and went to my room to change out of my tear soaked shirt before her parents found us on her bed… but more was right around the corner.At supper my uncle reminded us of Andrew’s (Lauren’s brother) baseball tournament, in North Dakota, and they wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon. My aunt was a realtor, and her one showing on Friday had canceled, so she said she would be going along, as well. It took every ounce of mine and Lauren’s self control to keep from showing our excitement at this news. They spent the rest of the evening packing and Lauren and I spent it downstairs watching television and making out every chance we got.Today was Friday… the end of a week and the beginning of a new month… and a new life… the life I had dreamed of every day for five years. The last two nights, and one day were restless. Lauren and I would make out every chance we got, but she kept dropping hints about “When they (her family) are gone.” My cock was going stir crazy waiting for that to happen… I had to beat off four times on Thursday alone.Four o’clock came and her family left, me to “Look out for her,” as her dad made me promise… and I planned to… more than he knows. We had agreed to act “normal” for an hour, or so, after they left in case they forgot something or just needed to turn around. When that hour was up, I was on the couch with Lauren, and I looked over at her to find her staring at me.As soon as our eyes met she tackled me with a ferocity that took me by surprise. Between kisses she kept saying “I Love you.” I put my hands on her back and started caressing her as our lips tried desperately to express the Love that had been pent up for so long. After a little while, of rubbing her back, I started to get adventurous… I slid my hands under the back of her shirt and made my way to her bra. When I reached the spot I was astonished to find it unoccupied by anything but my hands and the loose fitting material of her shirt. When my hands reached their target, Lauren stopped kissing me, sat up on my abdomen, gave a seductive smile, and quickly pulled her shirt off. I lost my breath… this was the first time I’d seen her beautiful firm breasts since they were just a whisper of what was to come. After I came out of my trance, to the sound of Lauren asking me how they were, I pulled her chest to my mouth and began sucking on her left nipple.“I’ll take that to mean you like them.” she moaned.“Mhm.” I hummed, with a mouthful of her beautiful breast, sending a jolt of electricity down her spine and causing a loud moan. I then moved my hands from her back to her skirt-clad ass. I stopped sucking when I found that there was nothing but flesh under the thin material. I looked up into her eyes, pinbahis güvenilirmi picked her up, and laid her down on the couch with her legs spread in front of me. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw next. Had I not masturbated twice that day I would have came in pants as soon as my eyes beheld that beautifully trimmed mound with only a landing strip of soft golden hair that was accented by the surprising wetness of her vagina. I pulled her skirt off and began to probe, with my fingers, the edges of her womanhood. The instant my fingers made contact she closed her eyes and immediately began to moan. I leaned my face in closer and saw her clitoris begin to peak its head… as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to taste her. I leaned in close, moved my finger to her hole, and took her clit in my mouth. The fist suck of her clitoris send her over the edge and, within seconds, she was swept away in flood of orgasmic ecstasy. She rode wave after wave until the typhoon subsided about thirty seconds later. When she came down from, what I later found out to be, her first orgasm she pulled me into one of the most passionate kisses that I’ve ever experienced. She quickly removed my shirt, undid my belt, and yanked my pants off of me. For being only 110 pounds she rolled me over onto my back and swung her soaking wet leg over my hips. With a look of pure Love she stared into my eyes, raised my penis to pussy, and started her slow decent into the world of adulthood. She was so tight, so wet, so warm… when my head was inside I knew that my cock had found the only home it will ever want. As she went lower the feeling was only compounded until I was met with her last line of defense. With a deep breath caught in her lungs, and eyes closed as tight as she could muster, Lauren lifted slightly up and then drove back down with a force that must have taken all her strength and let out a scream as her hymen gave way to her vagina’s new occupant.“Are you okay?” I asked after a few seconds even though knew it was a stupid question.She didn’t move… she just lay there, completely still, clinging to my chest for any semblance of comfort she could find. After about a minute her hips started slowly move. She lessened her grip on my torso and slowly began moving faster. After a minute or two she was moving as fast as her weak legs could go and I was meeting her thrust-for-thrust. I could feel my orgasm building and I told her that I was about to cum. At this revelation she started to ride me faster and with more ferocity. Ten seconds later I succumbed to the rigors of our copulation and began shooting rope after rope of cum into her belly. The moment my orgasm took me Lauren tensed up and started massaging my cock as she was once again swept away in the same flood that had taken her only minutes before. My balls were drained and Lauren’s womb was filled with the liquid that it had longed to drink for the last few years.When I rode back down from my orgasmic high I realized that Lauren had passed out from her battle with ecstasy. I slid out of her, carried her up to her bed, laid down with her and drifted off to sleep before the sun had gone down on the happiest day of my life.I awoke and looked at the clock. The time read 1:28 am. “How did I get so lucky?”, I thought as I sat up and looked to the petite angel laying peacefully at my side. I didn’t know how I deserved this change of events, in my regularly dull life, but I knew one thing… my angel, and I, would be together forever.Thanks for reading. This was my first story, but I can’t guarantee I’ll write more. Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is much appreciated.

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