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My Dad – A Silent Affair

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My Dad – A Silent AffairgelöschtI am Nikila, a hubby girl like Parineeti Chopra having figure 36-28-36.I regularly go to college there I have affair with boy. He is tall and handsome. Whenever he touches me I feel tingling throughout my body. Most of the time he try to touch me and I let him to touch me. We were having great time but one incident happens which I never forget in my life. He called me in his friend room which his friend has taken as rent. I knew he had some plan to go further with me .But I will not him to do anything so early. For me touching and pressing are fine and I never have any problem with that.But he wanted to do more. I was confused and if somebody get know what will happen. So I was pretending to him to drop this plan but he kept on insisting. And I was not able to refuse that. I decided to go and let it happen and enjoy what comes to me. I took my earphone and started listening song while going by auto. He picked me up from college and went to his friend place.I asked why you called me here. Do you plan robbing me here in funny tone?He said, No plans but if you wish i would do that.So you put the ball in my court. Do you play Ludo here with me here?No i will not play Ludo here. We will play doctor doctor here.I know that what doctor doctor means? I have heard this story long before.Do you love me?YesDo you trust me?YeahSo why are you stopping yourself?I am not here to put my father ‘prestige here. I have never stopped you from touching and kissing me. Anything more than that we need to wait till we get married.I pulled him and kissed him on lips. He started looting like Shakti Kapoor. He was much engrossed that I was unable to breathe properly. I was push him apart but he dominated me. He started unclothing me but I was resisting because when it happens forcefully, it crosses the limit of all enjoyment. He made me lay down on bed and came over me. I resisted and said to this limitIt is fine and do go beyond that. But he put his hand on but and started caressing it gently. I started moaning. He put his finger inside my panty and rubbed it.I felt that I am helpless. I should not have come here. I should have refused directly. But I put my all strength to part him but I could not. He licked all my body. I was no having single cloth and even I was not unable to find bed sheet so that I could cover myself. I was losing my conscience and not able to regain it. I was feeling heavenly good. At that moment I thought of getting it happened. I never had so much pleasure. He started rubbing fast and sucking my boobs.I slowly spoke, just stop, and do not do anything now. He took out his penis and moving it over my pussy. I felt so good. He was just about to push it, suddenly door was knocked. We were listening the sound from outside. I was afraid. I got up and wore my clothes. He opened the door. I saw police with landlord. I understood this room must have a history of fucking. Police scolded too much and I was excusing too hard but they did let us go.Police took us to police station. Police called my dad and said so many things very angrily. I was afraid of facing my father. I thought my dad would kill me. Now ladies police took me to my father. I had face down towards the floor. My dad told to police, I would take care of my daughter. Such incident will not happen again and I take full guarantee. So my father bribed 5000 inr to police and police let us go. I was very afraid. I said father that I just came here for my project .They understood me wrong. But dad just silenced for 2 minute and told be careful and keep it yourself.Then He told nothing. When we were our way, papa stopped the bike and took me restaurant.. We had coke and sandwich. I again tried to explain myself but dad asked me to be calm down. I was thinking, what would my dad do? I was very surprised. We went to home and started living like before.Now after some days dad was normal and speaking normally. I completed my graduation. I was at home and just doing home stuff daily. I was getting bored. One day my father asked to me take classes as a teacher in our school. bursa escort I was happy finally I got something to do outside. I started teaching there to 5 grade students. I and my father go to school on bike. We became close to each other as my father is teacher and principle of the school. I used to sit beside after my class period and take food daily along with dad.Now we were close to final exam for setting the paper. On Sunday we were going to school on bike. IT started raining very heavily. We covered only half way and we needed to check the paper, There were no other person who could the check the paper. So we cannot go back. So we kept on going. We were getting wet.We just reached to school and closed out main gate for security purpose. We entered in one classroom and started looking at each other. We shook our head and were trying to rub our head with hand. We needed to be tomorrow for paper distribution. So Dad spoke we should not get wet for more time otherwise we would get caught up with cold.So dad started removing his clothes but I was thinking about myself. What should I do? Dad removed everything except his underwear. Seeing this I got some scene running my mind when I was caught with my ex-boyfriend. Dad looks huge and heavy. My thought was changed and thinking something else.Suddenly I started sneezing very badly. I thought I would catch of cold. Dad ask, rub your body with some piece of cloth. You can find it other class room. I went to nearby class and started searching some piece of cloth with that I could rub my body. I got some old hanky like towel. I feel I could use this. So I just took off my pajama. I was wearing red panty.I started rubbing my legs the thigh. Once it was done, I took off my shoot (top). Now I was in single piece wearing red panty. My boobs were hanging outside. I have pink nipples. I was so much involved in my rubbing body, suddenly dad called but I was unable to hear him because of raining outside.So dad directly came in room and called me. Without thinking I turned back and my whole body exposed to my dad. For few I could not cover my boobs. It was moment, I got totally blank. And dad ‘mouth was open and his eyes kept staring my whole body from top to bottom.I just covered my boobs gently then dad realized and he told, come and we should check the paper. I said yes papa, I will come in 2 minutes. Dad went from there and I still stood and thinking about my dad ’reaction and what would he think about me? I was again caught in something unusual things by dad.Now my all clothes were wet so I cannot wear anything wet. So I just raised my voice from room, Dad my clothes are wet, what should I wear? Dad said, one bed sheet is here, I will give you and you can cover yourself until your clothes get dry. I said okay so dad passed me the sheet. I covered myself and waited till I wear my clothes.It started again raining so I got know I have to wait long. I bored while waiting to rain stops. Within bed sheet I went to dad. When I saw dad, He was masturbating. I took my steps back and kept on watching dad. Dad was speeding with closing his eyes. He was making sound Ahh Ahh Ahh.I understood that “Every man is like same if they get any nude girl they will fuck her even if she is her daughter”. He ejaculated within 2 minutes and he washed his penis with rains. I started thinking I should go ahead or let dad to come to me.I knew his intention that he kept inside. He did not let his feeling come out. I was thinking whether it was right time to go ahead or should wait. A man masturbates whenever he sees a nude girl. That is quite natural. But masturbating while thinking his daughter that is first time I have come across. I came to dad while brushing my hair letting droplet from hair on him. He saw me and was surprised looking at me. “I do not have anything to put on so I took sheet. I have to wait until my clothes get dry” I said. That is fine otherwise you would be caught up with cold.I sat before dad and asked for paper to check. He passed me paper. I took it and started checking while keeping an eye on dad. bursa escort bayan Even dad was having one eye on me. I loosened my sheet so that my half boobs could be visible. He stared me and lowered his hand on his crotch and began to do wiggle. I saw he was on page for 2 minutes. I saw papa, you are very slow. Papa said no, his writing is not so good. So I have to read it carefully.Now I loosened my hold on sheet so that my one boob could hang outside clearly. My boobs have pink nipple and have nice light brown areola which makes my boob perfect. Dad was completely stooped and froze his eye on my boob. I noticed it but not moving as nothing was happening. Now a bee was hovering there. I noticed that but I thought she would not come and fly. But she had bitten me off on my neck. I screamed loudly and stood up while moving here and there very fast.Now dad stood up and came to me while examining my neck. I told dad it is paining. Dad touched my neck with his hand and rubbing it gently. But worst thing that became good thing that i was only in red panty. So when bee bitten me off, I left sheet which I covered. I was in my dad arm and he was holding me with his one arm my waist. He stares at my naked body from top to bottom. I felt sensation all over my body. I felt tingles and current. My boobs were becoming tight and nipples were erected pointed out side. I was breathing heavily. I could see the motion of breathe over my breast and belly. He removed his eye from me and looking at my face.He took me and made me lay down the bench. He gave me sheet and I covered my naked body. Dad said i will look something for you. I will look turmeric and choona that could reduce your pain. He went to office. I thought, I should thanks to bee which gave me reason to come close to my dad. I was not able to think to make it happen. But it happened like it had to happen between me and my dad. If dad gives me his manly love instead of fatherly love, I will never ever forget in my life. I am close to someone who would hurt me and always love me as ever. I was thinking I do not need turmeric and any other thing. What I want, dad already has it. I am not little girl anymore. I am fully grown up girl. I was praying to god, let it happen.I feel no shame. Suddenly Dad came back without anything. I was happy in my mind. Dad said, there is nothing in office. What could I do? I said dad, could you rub it gently. Papa said okay. I will do this. Papa came and started rubbing my neck. I was moaning in low voice. Dad was feeling my breather. But my pain was not easing so I said papa, could you rub your spit on my neck. He agreed and rubbed his spit but that was enough. SO I said dad could you directly rub you spit on my neck. Dad looked at me but said people do when snake bites. It was enough reason.Dad started licking my neck from one side of table. He did it for 2 minutes and I was feeling so amazing. I did not want to waste this moment. It should be continued at any cost. I looked dad’s crotch was hard and erecting. I could measure his crotch. I was imagining dad’s crotch inside my pussy and fucking me hard. I was keeping my eyes closed and feeling; dad was licking my cheeks in between. I thought it is right to go ahead. I said dad, you are uncomfortable and could come over me means over bench.He agreed as he knew he would pacify his burning. He came over me and licking. He was in underwear and my lower belly could feel his hard iron crotch. I was feeling tingling entire body. He was so much into licking that he forgot that he was having lust for his daughter. He made me aroused. He made me sexually excited. He was licking my neck as well as my cheeks.Now I lowered my sheet slowly which I covered myself. Now both boobs were free and tight. I was breathing heavily and I was imagining what would happen now.After few second he came to know my boobs were touching his chest. He lowered his eye and saw i was in now red panty. He stopped at that moment. I opened my eyes and looked at my dad. We were silently looking at each other. We were silent around 30 second. I was escort bursa thinking what would i do now?I lifted myself kissed my dad lips. I started licking his lips like wild cat. He was over me. He was looking like hungry lion who would eat me up completely. I again lay down and started making eye contact. I was giving invitation .I just slowly nodded my head and dad smiled at me. He jumped over me and kissed me lips. He was sucking so hard. He kissed me all over my face. I felt that dad was hungry lion, who had sexual desire and lust.Now he placed his hand on my left boobs and pressed it. OH My GOD. I was sighing. My eyes were getting closed. A current was running through my body. I was not able to think anything. My mind became blank. I just felt that it should continue. I love you dad. I love you dad. I kept on saying. I never had such feeling. I should have done it before. You are amazing dad. I held my dad head tight and pulling his hair so hard. He was forcing himself so hard to lick all my body.Now he lowered and held my two twin tower in his hand. He started sucking one by one. I could only see and watch him How he was sexually hungry. He made me wet. He did it for 15 minutes and really sucked hard that I could see reddish mark on nipples. He looked at me and I looked at me. He looked feeble and weak against sex. I smiled and he also smiled. Now he was waiting for what he wanted and what he craved for so long.I looked at his hard rod and then looked at dad. Dad smiled I knew he was waiting me to took off my panty. I moved aside and removed my dad underwear. I saw clearly his manhood. It is 8 inch long and 6 inch thick. When I saw, His penis was shaved. I smiled and looked at my dad. I came to know that even my dad wanted me so hard. I took his penis in my hand and touched it with my lips. I started licking it.Initially I was shying but I felt, if I shy, I will not get that much enjoy. So I started swallowing it. Dad held my tight and moaning ahh ahh. I increased my licking. I was gulping. I stood up and lay down on bench. I widened my legs and invited my dad to lick it hard. In no second he came and put his tongue inside my cunt. He put his hand on my thighs and pushing his tongue. I was seriously enjoying. I was not having any feeling of shame. I was leaking water and he tasted.Now he took his iron and showed it to me. I smiled and made sound like porn star. He smiled and got approval my side. I said papa, take care. He looked and said i would. He put his tip of penis at the gate of my cunt. I felt sensation never like before. I knew, I was going to heaven. I pushed his penis tip in my cunt little inside. I screamed slowly.He again did and i again screamed. Now he put his 2 finger inside my mouth and he jerked his rod in to cunt. I was like crying very hard. His penis was inside for 20 second and i wanted to move but his force dominated me. I could not move. He started moving his hot hard dick in and out. I was barely tolerating it. I scratched back of my dad with finger nails. He was not moved at all. He sped his side to side motion and I was screaming more and more. I wanted to get apart from his grip. Now he inserted his whole penis inside my virgin pussy now i am not no more virgin.My dad took my virginity. My dad was first person to make me woman. He was first person to open my virgin door. He sped his motion and I was screaming. It started raining again and my father was raining on me. He held my boobs and squeezing my nipples with two fingers and stroking me with all his power. I felt like I was in another planet. He fucked me in various positions. He made me cum and he ejaculated twice. I embraced my dad and kissed him. He cuddled me hard. I inserted my finger in cunt and showed it to dad. Fingers were completely wet. I licked and then my dad licked it. I said love you dad. He said I love you. It continued for quite few times. He got new pussy and I got dad’s cock.After few months, my one of fast friend Sneha joined my school as teacher. We were really close. We had been spending my time together. But dad was looking for me. While fucking me, he asked about Sneha. I replied and I caught his intention. I asked, do you want to bang me and Sneha both at same time. He said, it is up to you. I looked at him with smiling face. Do not worry!! we will have threesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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