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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.3

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.3It was a Friday, and it was the weekend that Brittany would be sleeping over. When the girls got out of school, they headed straight to the house. Lori and Brit had planned on this weekend. Brittany couldn’t wait for her turn to sleep at our house. She was driving Lori crazy with all the times Brit complained on how time was running slow, or would complain how Lori was having more fun with me than she was. There was some friction of jealousy on Brits part. Lori would tell me some of the things Brit had said. One that hurt Lori was when Brit told her if it wasn’t for her (Brit) dragging her (Lori) chicken shit ass into my bedroom, that she (Lori) wouldn’t be sucking my cock. In knew Brit would be upset, because she couldn’t come over during the week because she had to watch her two brothers. Her parents both worked 10 hour shifts Monday thru Thursday,giving them a 3 day weekend. (Lucky bastards).I got home a couple hours after they did. When I arrived,I was greeted by 2 beautiful girls. I hugged both of them in each arm, and gave them each a kiss on the mouth. Then I reached down grabbing their asses. “Are you girls ready for some fun?’ “Yes.” They both said in unison.Lori pendik escort and Brit made a delicious meal for dinner. They talked about their day at school, and Brit talked about how much she couldn’t wait for today to come. Then I brought up the jealousy act that Brit was showing. I told her that I didn’t want her to feel that way. I did tell her that yes, it was her that started this, and that yes, I understood that she felt left out because she couldn’t be here everyday. But I assured her that she would get her fair share of the fun when she was here. She understood what I told her and agreed not to be so envious of Lori. It was around 8 pm when I told the girls to take their shower. They would take one together to save on hot water. I then took mine at 9. When I Got out, I went into my bedroom. Lori and Brit were sitting on my bed, both looking ravishing. In nearly came where I stood staring at them.Brittany’s hair was dried, and curled like fluffy waves. She was wearing a little bit of make up, making her cheeks look flushed. She wore this pink see through nightie with no bra, and a white thong that had a rose on the crotch. Lori hair was like that of Brit’s. She too wore a little make up giving a escort pendik slightly darker complexion. She was wearing a black see through nightie with pink trim, with matching underwear. She too, had no bra on. I took off my towel, and began to get on the bed.”Hold on dad.” Lori said as she put her hand on my chest, stopping me in my tracks. “WE want you to sit right there in that chair. Brit and I have a little surprise for you.” I did as she asked. I sat down on my rocking chair waiting to see what surprise they had in store for me. I watched as Lori and Brit knelt on the bed staring face to face. Both leaned forward, locking their lips together. My cock got super hard as I watched them tongue wrestling. They had their hands on each other’s legs, as they licked and sucked each other’s tongue. Lori then caressed Brit’s arm. From there, she grabbed Brit’s C-cup tit.They broke mouth contact, as Brit kissed and licked her neck. In began stroking my cock watching this little girl on girl show on my bed. Lori pulled Brit’s nightie up over her head. She bent down, licking Brit’s pouting nip on. Her nipples were small, and pointy, with a large pinkish red areola. Brittany’s head tilted back as Lori stuffed her mouth pendik escort bayan of fleshy boob. Then Brit untied Lori’s nightie, spreading it open, and pulling it down to where the sleeves slipped down Lori’s arms. All that was left was there underwear. Brit shoved Lori back, making her lean backward. She then bent down licking Lori’s hard pouting nipple. Lori’s tits were small, and somewhat pointy. But she had huge nipples in the center of a dark red areola. Lori jerked her head back and forth as Brit sucked on her tits. Once they were done tit sucking each other, they again knelt in front of each other. Their knees were spread a little further apart this time as they both sipped their hands down each other’s underwear. They were playing with each other’s pussy, wiggling their fingers frantically on each other’s snatch. They moaned as their pussies were getting aroused by their delicate fingers. They got closer to each other, holding each other with their free hand. I was loving every second watching two 14 year old’s getting each other off. I could see their facial expression, and body jerks, as they neared their orgasm. The moaned and wailed louder as they got closer and closer. Finally Brit was the first to climax, followed shortly by Lori. They leaned towards one another, holding each other up as they tried to catch their breath. They kissed once more before they fixed their staring eyes at me.To be continued…..deleted

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