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My Daughters Colleague Had a Huge Dick

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My Daughters Colleague Had a Huge DickThis is Sumithra Singh aged of 46 from Jaipur staying in Hyderabad. Am a married women having one daughter and one son. My Husband is a Businessman.we got married 26 yrs back. My self am a housewife, My daughter completed her Graduation and working in a MNC company, my son is studying engineering 1st year.Now coming to myself am 5.6 ft tall and have a good body with figure of 36 28 38. It was in the month of August when My Husband and My son went to Pune for getting admission in a reputed Engineering college.When they are in the trip my daughter got best employee award so The company arranged a party for all the employees Even they asked the family members to attend the party. As my husband was not their in Hyderabad my daughter asked me to attend the party along with her.But I said that I can’t attend the party because I was having headache and slight fever. But she forced me. So I decided to go with her. We both got ready and we started in our car. I wore a saree and my daughter wore jeans and shirt.We reached the party place by 7:00 in the evening. They were so many employees in the party with their family. As it was a MNC they are some employees from other countries also. My daughter made me introduced to the manager. The party was going fine but I was not feeling well as I’m having headache and fever.I said to my daughter the same thing she asked my shall we go to home and then a person whose name is bursa escort Jacob came near us when I my daughter and her manager are discussing. Jacob is an employee in that company . He is also my daughters colleague. my daughter introduced him to me. Jacob said that he is going to his home for some personal reason.Immediately my daughter’s manager asked him why cant u drop Priyanka’s mother at her house. Priyanka is my daughter name. He said that because after some time they will be distribution of awards to the winners. My daughter asked me Whether I will go or no. I said its not a problem going with him.Even Jacob agreed that he will drop me at my place. So we both left the party. Coming to Jacob he is tall black guy with broad shoulder aged 32 and his height is almost 6.2 ft.he is from Los Angeles. We started in his car .While we were going we had a some chitchat. He asked shall i need any tablet for headache and fever for which i said yes. So we stopped near a medical shop he brought some tablets and i haven taken the tablets. While we were traveling i observed that he is starring at BOOBS continuously. i behaved as i don’t know anything. We reached my home by 8:30pm . I asked him to come to home and have a cup coffee as a formality . To my surprise he accepted to come.We both entered our home. I asked him to seat on sofa and gave some water to drink and I went to the kitchen to prepare coffee. He asked me where is washroom. I showed bursa escort bayan him the common washroom which is near to the bedroom door He went inside I went to bed room and while I was returning from the bedroom I saw that the bathroom door was not closed completely.From that gap i saw him in the bathroom masturbating . I was shocked to see him doing that.I noticed that his cock was hard 7inch long 1.5 inch width. It was much bigger than my husband. I watch him for a couple of minute’s and came to the kitchen. After 5mins he came to hall and sat on the sofa has nothing happened.I gave him coffee and while returning after giving the coffee unfortunately the glass fell down by which I gave water. I started cleaning the glass pieces immediately. When I bent down to remove the glass he saw my boobs which are like Mellon’s..This time also I noticed him starring at my boobs and I saw at his cock which started to become hard he saw me seeing at his cock.He immediately tried to adjust but it was difficult for him to adjust . By adjusting he got up from the sofa and immediately went towards the main door and went away from my home..Looking at his cock even I started to feel heat in my body as it was almost 10 yrs I had sex with my husband.After 5mins he again came back to home to take his car keys which he forgot while going. This time again my eyes went on his cock. He noticed it and came near to me hugged me tightly and gave a kiss on escort bursa my lips. Even I cant say no to him because even I liked it.After having a lip lock for nearly 2mins I asked him shall we go to bedroom. He said yes and after locking the door we went inside the bedroom. He undressed me and undressed himself . His cock was dam big and hard. I started giving him a nice blowjob for 10mins which he liked so much.after that he started pressing my boobs Harding and sucking my pussy.I was feeling a lot of heat in my body. I was liking it. After sometime he started fingering my pussy so hard. I had an orgasm. This first time in my having orgasm before having sex . He slowly trying to insert his hard and big cock in my pussy but it was not going deeper as it is so huge.Later he applied some oil and inserted it hardly in my pussy. I felt like losing my virginity once more. We had a nice section of sex till 9:30 until my daughter called me to enquire about my health. I asked her when she is coming. She said that she will start in 30mins. I said the same thing to Jacob.He asked me shall we have one more time to which I said yes. We had it another time. Then we both dressed ourselves and he left my home. I was so much tired and slept for 15mins then my daughter came. Looking at me she said u have weaken so much and asked me sleep.Next day morning when I woke up Jacob called me and said me it was soo good having sex with me. Even I said I liked it . He asked me shall we have once more to which I said ok. I will continue it in the next part. Thanks for reading…It was my first story because it was my first time having sex with other than my husband. Please send your valuable feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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