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My daughter’s friend (Flower power)

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My daughter’s friend (Flower power)My daughter has three very close friends who we used to see a lot of when she was growing up and sometimes when she lived with us but now sadly not. I say sadly because they are all very attractive. One of them particularly so. I have watched them grow up from young girls into fine looking women, all now in their early 30’s.Quite some time ago one of them sent me a friend request on Facebook and I accepted. Her name is Emma; well its not really her name but I have always thought of her as Emma for some reason. We have never really communicated much; only maybe joining in on strings on my daughter’s account, and of course the exchange of birthday greetings on the relevant dates.She opened her own florist business a couple of years ago and it seems to be going well. She says it’s a change from the high profile job that she had and she is so glad that she did it. I have never been to her shop but I have now had flowers from her on several occasions.The first occasion I was logged into Facebook and found that there was a message from her. She said that she was going away for a couple of days and she had a supply of flowers in her cool room. She was wondering if I wanted to buy some flowers for my wife Judy; offering to get me a bouquet for a £10. I agreed that it would be a good idea and she said that she would deliver it the next day.I was actually in the bath when she arrived so I didn’t get to see her but Judy was delighted and I got a lot of brownie points amongst other things. I had in fact completely forgotten that she was coming so it was a surprise when Judy came into the bathroom knelt beside the bath and said “thank you”. She kissed me and reached down to my cock and stroked it under the water. “Thank you for what” I asked “my beautiful flowers” she said and then I remembered.“Do you want me to wash it for you?” she asked knowing full well what the answer would be. I nodded I raised my body slightly so my cock was out of the water; and she reached for the soap.She started to rub the soap around my pubic hair creating a rich lather, which she transferred to my hardening cock. She pulled back the foreskin so far it almost hurt and rubbed her fingers around the glans. She started to stroke it, slowly at first but then with more gusto while massaging my balls with the lather.She pressed down on my stomach and I slid back into the water and she rinsed the lather from my cock. “There you are,” she said “nice and clean”. She flicked her head to one side, clutching her hair together in one hand lowering her head so that she could lick the head of my cock. “Don’t want to get my hair wet,” she said holding her hair above the water. Her tongue danced around the head for several minutes teasing me before she put her full lips around it and pressed down sliding me into her warm mouth. I raised my body again to meet her and she took almost all of me into her mouth. I closed my eyes and wallowed in the pleasure of having my cock receiving so much mouth attention.I ran my hand down her back, lifting her thin top until it was around her shoulders. I unclipped her bra and her breasts dropped down; still housed in their warm nests but now easily accessible. I slid a breast free and cupped it, squeezing hard and running my fingers over her hardening nipple. I reached over with my other hand and played with both breasts before transferring one hand to her ass. I started to tug at her short skirt and her panties trying to slide them over her ass but as I tried on one side the other side resisted.She stood up; looked at me and undid the top of her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor; she slid her panties down her thighs; the crotch clinging to her pussy until the last moment before springing down. She stepped out of her panties and I pulled her towards me sliding my hand up between her thighs until I reached the warmth of her pussy. I slid a finger between her lips and found that she was already moist; her wetness spread over her clit as I slid my fingers over it. She opened her stance to allow me greater access and reached down gripping her top raising it over her head collecting her bra as she did. She stood naked before me.She looked fantastic as she always does and I realised how lucky I was to have such a fine fuck partner.I twisted my hand and pushed two fingers into her pussy; I could feel it getting wetter as I plunged my fingers in and out. I used my thumb to massage her clitoris and she closed her eyes clutching and squeezing her breasts; pressing them hard against her and pinching her nipples. She started to rock back and forth as I played with her private parts pushing a third finger inside her and then a fourth. This meant my thumb’s stimulation of her clitoris was a natural action with the rest of my hand inside her.I felt her juice run into my hand as I pushed deeper into her and I could sense that she would soon be reaching a climax. He body started swaying rhythmically in time with my fingers and her breathing became heavier; more erratic. She began to moan through her heavy breaths and I knew she would soon be there.I increased the pressure dikmen escort of my thumb on her clitoris rubbing it from side to side still plunging my fingers deeper. She started shaking and let out a loud grunt as she started to climax; she reached down and grabbed my hand holding it still while she was swept along with her orgasm. I could feel her pussy pulsating and as I tried to continue my fingering she pleaded with me “no more, no more” through her laboured breathing. I moved my thumb from her clitoris and slowly withdrew my hand. She turned round and slumped down onto the side of the bath; she leaned over towards me; kissed me and said, “I love you”. I gave her my usual response of “Love you too!”She looked down at my cock; “he’s looking a bit sorry for himself,” she said reaching down stroking him again. My cock was not as hard as it had been but wasn’t completely flaccid; her stroking soon had me standing to attention. “You wanna fuck me?” she asked knowing what the answer would be. She leaned back placing her hands on the far side of the bath and slid her ass down onto my lap. She hovered above my cock and ordered me to push it inside her dripping pussy. It felt so good as she lowered herself onto me until my cock had been completely consumed by her gorgeous cunt. I was in the bath yet my cock got much wetter inside Judy than I was in the bath; or so it seemed. She started to give herself a work out with reverse press-ups sliding my cock in and out of her; seemingly getting that little bit deeper with each thrust. I fondled her breasts with one hand and stroked her ass with the other offering some support as she began to tire.I pushed her up and off both the bath and me and I got out after her. We embraced and kissed then I turned her round and she instinctively bent over the bath using the side for support. I pushed my cock between her pussy lips and deep into her. I wasted no time and thrust harder and faster into her; I knew I would not last long and I was right. Clutching her hips and drawing her towards me as I thrust against her I soon found myself pumping my hot cum into her. It seemed to flow for ages but I continued to thrust until my cock was drained.For a moment we stood motionless; Judy bending over the bath and me behind her with Judy impaled on my cock which now started to soften. I pulled out put my arms around her and held her tight. “I think we both need a bath now,” she said as she pulled the plug out. “We’ll have a fresh one though”. While she drew the fresh bath I went into the bedroom and lay on the bed. I thought to myself why have I not bought flowers before? I decided that I would buy them more often.Ah yes, the flowers; remember them? The flowers were really nice and lasted a very long time so they were well worth the money. Of course I still hadn’t paid for them so a few weeks later when Emma sent me another message I again took up her offer of flowers. I intended to make sure that this time I would be available so that I could give her the money for both bouquets.She arrived on time on the Friday; Judy was obviously really pleased with them but there was no way I would get a repeat of the first time as she was going out to work.Emma looked gorgeous. I hadn’t seen her for some time and I had forgotten just how good she looked. She was wearing a navy blue top, which clung to her every curve, and a pleated skirt, which stopped just short of the knee. She was wearing court shoes and they made her legs look very nice indeed. I never noticed before how ample her breasts were and she clearly knew the type of bra to wear to show them off best. They looked so perfectly round; I wanted to fondle them but clearly that was out of the question with Judy stood next to me and of course she is one of daughter’s friends.We stood at the door chatting for a while, Judy and Emma doing most of the talking and I just nodded here and there adding little comments occasionally. I spent most of my time admiring the fine young lady stood before me fantasising about what I would like to do to her.Eventually Judy said she had to go. Emma said she was off to her Mum’s house and made her way out of our garden and down the street. I watched her every move and didn’t close the door until she was out of sight. Judy went off to work and I logged onto Facebook and pulled up some of Emma’s photos. I found some of her wedding pics and she looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was strapless and cut tightly over her breasts displaying lots of cleavage. The more I looked at them the more I wanted her but deep down I was sure that it would remain a merely a lustful dream. As I flicked through the photos I took out my cock and masturbated, my imagination running away with me. In no time at all I needed tissues.I bought Judy some flowers for her birthday and so got to see Emma again. She looks more beautiful each time I see her or maybe it is just the lust in my eyes. Judy loves to get flowers and I love to see Emma, we always have a chat at the door but then one of us has to go with either me or Judy having to go to work or Emma having to shoot off to her esat escort Mum’s.A few weeks ago though Emma sent me a message advising that she again had some flowers available; it was good that they please Judy but it also meant that I would get to see her again. We agreed a delivery time as usual and I was able to sit back and think about what she might be wearing; hoping the she would not be wearing trousers; I do so like her to show off her very shapely legs.Friday arrived and she didn’t show at the agreed time; Judy was already on her way out when I saw her striding down the road carrying the bouquet. I had been anxiously looking out of the window something I am always telling Judy not to do. Emma looked fantastic. She was wearing a pale green floral printed dress, secured at the waist by a perfect matching belt. There were several large buttons down the front and I noticed that the bottom button was undone. Her shoes were a kind of wedge, which I don’t usually like but they showed off her legs beautifully. Judy met her at the gate and took the flowers from her raising them to her nose to smell them. They are lovely she said passing them to me and I took them inside. When I went back outside Judy was handing Emma a brochure; she said “leave it with Andy; you can tell him if you want to order anything”.Judy went to work and Emma started flicking through the brochure. “Do you want to come inside and look at that?” I asked. She smiled, nodded and walked towards me. My eyes feasted on her, lustfully undoing all the buttons of her dress in my mind. She thanked me as I held the door open for her, and walked through the hall into the lounge.I ushered to a chair and down flicking through the book. I sat opposite her in Judy’s chair so that I could admire her legs; I could see a little more of them above the knee as the unfastened button split the dress nicely.Suddenly she sprung the book closed and said, “Nope, they don’t have what I want in here” “OK” I said, “not to worry, what were you after?” “You” she said, “I want you”. I swallowed hard, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You want me?” I asked. “Yes” she said standing up and dropping the book on the coffee table. “I want you, or to be precise I want you to fuck me, I want your cock deep inside me” I was stunned. It was what I had been lusting for all this time and now I was stalling. “You can’t want me I an nearly twice your age” “I wanted you to fuck me when I was 15” she said “one afternoon when we were in your pool I was masturbating under the water, thinking about you fucking me. Well that feeling is back and I don’t have to masturbate now. I want you cock instead” Suddenly she had become a horny little vixen, making this usually confident man quiver before her. While she was talking she had undone her belt, started to unbutton her dress and my pulse was out of control. As she opened the last button she opened her dress and she was completely naked underneath it. Her body is beautiful her breasts are plump and perfect her pussy has not a trace of hair. She slipped her dress from her shoulders and stood naked in front of me.I quickly threw off my shirt and fumbled feverishly with my trousers but I was soon as naked as she was, not looking anywhere as good though. I stepped forward and cupped her breasts stooping to press my face into them and kiss them. She smelled so good; I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and they quickly became erect. I had started slowly but now I wanted to touch her all over. As my hands roamed over her body she reached down and started stroking my cock, her touch was electric and she knew how to treat a cock. I turned her slightly and pushed her down onto the sofa. She sat down but kept her grip on my cock moving her lips towards it kissing the head and licking down the shaft until she reached my balls. She stroked my cock slowly and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. She transferred her hand to caress my balls and move her mouth to the head of my cock placing her lips over my glans sucking hard and licking before pushing down the shaft taking as much of my cock as she could.She was so good, I envied her husband who must get this treatment all the time. I sensed that if I let this go on much longer then I would be shooting my load into her mouth but it was too soon. She wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to fill her cunt. I pulled away from her gorgeous lips and hot mouth. I dropped to my knees, pushed back and ran my hands over her beautiful smooth thighs. I spread them further, put my hands underneath them, cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy towards me. Judy’s pussy is hairy and I love it but the sight of Emma’s hairless pussy is just wonderful. I reach down and kissed her cunt lips just like I would kiss her lips and ran my tongue up the centre until I reached the clitoris. I pulled back its hood exposing it and ran my tongue around it and over it. I did this for several seconds and then slid my tongue back down over her pussy pushing it inside her on the way down. With my thumbs I parted the folds revealing her tight little hole and pushed my tongue deeper eryaman escort into her. I slid my hands under her legs until they were resting over my shoulders then reached up to fondle her breasts. Her eyes were closed and maybe her mind was in another place but her heavier breathing and panting with an occasion whine told me she was enjoying the attention I was giving her.Her legs closed around my head and I felt her thighs against my ears. I looked up in time to see her eyes open. She slid her legs from my shoulders, sat up and kissed me on the lips; I could feel that my beard was wetting her face with her own cunt juices. “I love your tongue” she said “but now I am ready for your cock, now I want you to fuck me” As we kissed she stroked my cock; it was still hard and ready for her. I pushed her back down again gripped her legs behind the knees and pressed towards her. I took my cock and used it to rub up and down her pussy, spreading her lips and rubbing the head hard against her clitoris. She was very wet and ready to accept my rigid member. I pushed forward and the head was into her hole, her lips pushing my foreskin back as I plunged deeper into her hot wet cunt. She moaned as my balls pressed against her and I started to thrust in and out of her. I put my hands on the sofa under her legs raising and resting them on my forearms, opening the access to her and allowing me to plunge even deeper. I started thrusting faster, my balls slapping hard against her ass so hard it hurt slightly.She became quite vocal with moans of pleasure and the occasional grunt through her laboured breathing as our bodies smashed together time after wonderful time. I took her ankles and brought her legs together, straight up in the air putting my arms around them hugging them tightly, kissing her fantastic calves. The effect on my cock was immediate. Her pussy walls gripped me tighter enhancing the friction and I was suddenly propelled much closer to me ejaculation. I spread her legs wide. Her breasts were rippling and moving back and forth just slightly delayed behind the motion of our bodies. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked teasingly at me as my cock pounded in and out of her. Each thrust shunted her whole body towards the sofa and she let out a yelp each time my cock reached its full depth. She wrapped her legs around me gripping my ass with her ankles drawing me in harder with each thrust.He sighing became more intense and became more of a single, continuous moan with intermittent peaks each time my cock entered her. I leaned forward pressing my stomach against hers allowing me to take a nipple in my mouth. I sucked hard on it and nibbled it. I slid my hands under her back and gripped her shoulders pulling her towards me even more and the thrusting and pumping got more intense. Then she started making so much noise I felt sure the neighbours would here her as her climax unfolded. The sounds of her shrieking and thrashing and the pulsating of her pussy as she began her orgasm sent me over the edge and I was suddenly shooting my hot cum into her. “Yes” she said “Fill my cunt with your cum”. She was just so fucking hot when she used language like that. It was hard to imagine that this was sweet little Emma, using words like fuck and cunt, it did so turn me on. Exhausted and spent I fell onto her; kissed each breast and then kissed her on the lips hard.We stayed like that for what seemed like ages but eventually we had to get cleaned up; Emma had to be gone before Judy came home. She sat up and my cum oozed out of her onto the sofa; I was so glad that Judy had chosen a leather suite. It was easy wiping it cleanShe picked up her dress, which was till lying on the floor where it fell and slipped her arms into the sleeves. I stood up and embraced her before she buttoned it up; I didn’t want her to ever cover her body again but obviously she had to. “That was fantastic I said, you are fantastic” “Yes it was” she said “17 years have passed since I first wanted your cock and I loved every minute of it, I loved having you fuck me at last, I want us do it again soon. Would you like to fuck me again” and there she was, turning me on again with her talk about fucking her, “of course I would love to fuck you again” I said I want to fuck you every day” She did up her last button and fastened her belt. I was now fully dressed too. She leaned forward and kissed me; “if you were my Daddy then we could have done this whenever Mum was out. Maybe I could have got you to fuck me all those years ago when I was 15 or 16 or maybe even younger” “Maybe” I said. “Next time” she whispered “next time I want you to fuck my ass, would you like that? It was another rhetorical question.She took the lead as we walked to the front door in with me reaching around her squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck. I opened the door and she stepped out. I stood and watched her as she walked to her car and chuckled quietly to myself thinking about her wanting me to fuck her when she was a young girl. Emma drove off and I closed the door hoping that the look of contentment on my face didn’t give the game away to anyone watching us. I was glad that it would be another hour before Judy was home so there was plenty of time to calm down completely.I poured myself a large glass of Rioja and put Judy’s flowers in water. Once done I took a long sip and pondered about the power of flowers.

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