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My drive home

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My drive home   I was coming home from the mall, and, was stopped at the red light. I noticed 2 guys hitchhiking  a short distance ahead. I recognized one of the guys as my next store neighbors son Tom.    I was still in my short skirt, that I wore to work, and as always no panties or bra under my clothes.  I quickly opened my phone to my picture section, I had a bunch of nude pictures of myself, and opened the file with my pics. I put a nude pic of me, with my legs opened wide and pussy showing, on the screen. I laid the phone on the floor next to the seat. I quickly pulled my skirt up, and slid it under my butt so my pussy was peeking out. The light changed, I pulled forward. As I got close to the guys, I pulled over, stopped , and asked if they wanted a ride. My neighbor’s son Tom  recognized me and said sure. He opened the door and the 2 of them got in the front with me.   As I pulled away from the curb, I could see them checking out my legs. My legs opened more and more, as I. drove on.       Pushing my skirt up a little higher with my elbows. My pussy was in plain sight, and the guys were staring .  I made small talk, asking Tom how he was doing. He said he was enjoying his summer vacation and was starting  college in the fall.   As we talked, I told Tom that I dropped my phone  , when I stopped  to pick them up. I asked if he could find it and see if it was still working.       He leaned forward, and, reached down searching for my bursa escort phone. All the while looking back towards me, and my open legs. I could tell he was enjoying the view, as he searched for my phone.  He found my phone, and, sat back in his seat. I asked him if it still worked, and he proceeded to check it out.    It took a second for him to realize that I was nude, laying with my legs open.    I asked him if it was still working and he said he wasn’t sure yet. He asked if it was ok, to try different functions on it, to see if they worked. I said sure, and pretended not to know my pictures were on the screen. He acted like he was unsure how my phone worked, and showed his friend asking if he knew. All the while showing his buddy my nude pictures. They went from picture to picture, checking me out. As I drove, I saw both guys were smiling from ear to ear.  I let them enjoy my pics for a few minutes more, finally stopping again at the next light. They never noticed that I had stopped the car, as they were looking at my nude pics.  I finally grabbed the phone from Tom, acting shocked and embarrased.  I kept saying that I forgot they were on the phone, and kept telling them how embarrased I was. I pleaded with them to please don’t tell anyone what they saw.  I told them I was too embarrased and nervous to drive, and I pulled into an empty parking lot. I shut the car off and covered my face with my hands, all the while apologizing, bursa escort bayan and, acting like I was totally embarrased.    Tom and his friend kept telling me not to worry about it,  its wasn’t  the first time they saw a nude female.  When I stopped the car, I slid a little sideways in my seat. My knees where now pointed in their direction, my legs were partially open.  My pussy was in plain sight. Both boys had a great view, as they stared, between my open legs. I begged the guys to please not tell their parents, or my husband. I said I would do anything they wanted if they promised not to tell anyone.  They looked at each other and smiled, Tom rested his hand on my leg, and ,said not to worry. He told me it wasn’t the first time he and his friend saw me nude.  I asked him what he meant by that. He said he and his friends,  would watch me sunbathe nude in my yard. I acted surprised,  even though I knew they use to watch me from Toms bedroom window. His window, was on the second floor. It gave him and his friends a unobstructed view, over my privacy fence. I asked how often they had seen me, and they just laughed. They said they thought I was hot, and they loved my body. They always wanted to see me up close.   They said that maybe we could work something out. If so, they would promise not to tell anyone. I just sat there, Tom’s hand had already made its way between my thighs. He was slowly opening my legs more. Joe, his escort bursa buddy just smiled and stared at my legs as they slowly opened. I turned fully sideways,  my skirt bunched around my waist.  Placing my legs on Toms, I let my left leg  open up and rest against the dashboard,  my right was against the seat.   I bent my legs up towards my chest,  exposing, my now, being fingered pussy .Tom unbuttoned my blouse, and opened it, exposing my tits for them to enjoy. This continued for a few minutes,  I finally told them my husband would not be home for a few hours. I suggested we go to my house before someone sees us.  They agreed, but made me promise to leave my skirt up around my waist, and, my blouse open as I drove.   Both guys took pictures of me as I was driving, commenting on how hot I was. I asked them not to take  pictures of my face. I said they could take pictures of my body but please not my face.  Joe changed spots with Tom, saying he wanted to finger my pussy too. I pulled into my driveway , opening the garage door with the remote control. I pulled into the garage, closing the door behind us. As I slid out, Joe followed, and began removing my blouse. My skirt was next, and I was nude before I got in the house.   Both guys stripped in a flash, I led them to the bedroom,  They had me on my back and my legs spread eagled.    Before I knew it, Tom was fucking me , Joes cock was down my throat. They took turn fucking me for a few hours, and made sure they fucked every hole I have. They only stopped to pee and snap more photos . After a few hours they left, but made me promise that we could get together often….   Guess I got a little more than I planned……..

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