Mar 14

My Ex her 2 S*sters and Leeds Fest.

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My Ex her 2 S*sters and Leeds Fest.My Ex her 2 S*sters and Leeds Fest.Please read my other 2 stories about my Ex and her S*sters for a background for this story………..Comments and likes are most welcome……..Kat, Marie, Emma and myself ventured to Leeds Festival in 2014. The girls had gone out dressed up in sort of sixties hippy flower power clothes with sexy short dresses and flowers in their hair and other such get up. They looked great and got a lot of free drinks bought all day by lots of horny lads. We danced and drunk the day then night away and had a fantastic Saturday. By the end of the night we were all pretty wankered and Ive no idea what time it was when we started to look for a way of getting home ( we weren’t camping at the festival as we only live 15mins from the grounds) but getting a taxi at daft o’clock in the morning in the middle of no where. The girls had been getting chatted up by these 5 guys for the last hour or so Marie was loving the attention as per usual and Emma had be kissing the face off one of the others and finally a couple of taxis pulled up and at the girls request we headed off for one of the lads houses which was closest to where we were. Marie and 4 lads went in one taxi and me kat Emma and her bloke went in the other. We had to stop a few times on the way cos kat and Emma both needed to piss and smoke cos they were so hammered so Marie and her boys got back before us. We stumbled in thru the front door and were greeted y cheers and laughter from upstairs already. Emma and her bloke went straight upstairs and me and kat went into the living room. Me and Kat began kissing but the noises from upstairs were getting louder and I asked kat to come see what was going on, she declined so I left her and went upstairs to see what was going on.I got to the top of the stairs and headed for the bedroom with the light on. There was a naked Marie on the bed with the 4 guys all in different states of undress gathered round her. It was quite a sight. One guy was holding her legs open fucking her and two of the other guys were either side taking it in turns to get there dicks sucked. The other guy was hanging back still with his boxers on. diyarbakır rus escort He came over to me and asked if he could have a go at the bird downstairs? “go for it mate” I laughed and he shot off down the stairs like a bullet out a gun. Marie was moaning her head off as the lad was fucking her but still managed to wank off the other two lads and keep taking them in her mouth when she could. The lad who was fucking her stopped and pulled out his dick from her wet c*nt and his mate was quick to take his place. His dick slid straight into Marie’s soaking wet pussy and she moaned loud as the 2nd dick of the night entered her. They kept swapping round taking it in turn to fuck her holding her legs up so they could ram her deep and hard. My cock was aching in my shorts but I wanted to see what Emma was doing so I looked across at the other bedroom which was dark but the door was open. I moved over to the door and could here the noises I wanted to hear and peaked inside. It was dark but there was enough light from the other bedroom to see Emma bouncing up and down on the lad she went to upstairs with. She still had her bra on so her big tits were not bouncing free but she was riding the guy hard and was moaning and flicking her hair about as she did. She looked great bouncing up and down in the darkness and even better when she unclipped her bra and her big 34DD’s bounced free. My dick was rock hard now and I slid my hand into my shorts and wanked my dick watching my ex’s youngest sister riding some guy she only met a few short hours ago. “you gonna bend ova ya sexy bitch” he guy asked and Emma slowly climbed off and got onto all fours on the bed. The guy moved in behind her and slid his dick inside her. He grabbed her hips and and began to pound the fuck out of Emma. He grunted as he fucked her hard and deep and she let out yelps and little screams as he really fucked into her. Her bit tits slapped together underneath her and she moaned she was cumming and colasped onto the bed. He carried on fucking her as Emma laid flat on the bed. The lad was really pumping into her and he was whispering things into her as he diyarbakır rus escort bayan was fully mounted on top of her. A cheer went up in the other room so I pulled the door closed and looked back in the bedroom with Marie in it. One of the lads was finishing off wanking the last of his cum on to Marie’s face. She had her mouth open but most of the white mess was on her face. The next guy laughed and said it was his turn and began to wank his dick over her face. The 3rd guy was still fucking her sliding his cock out of her now gaping wet pussy. The wanking guy let out a low groan and began to unload his spunk onto Marie’s face. He fired four huge loads onto her face and open mouth. “ahh ya dirty wee bastard” Marie giggled “that was fucking loads” the lad smiled and wiped his dick on her tits. Marie was covered and still had one more to go. The third lad was really fucking Marie hard but I think he was struggling to cum cos of the amount of beer he had consumed. I was still rock hard and as I turned to go downstairs and see what Kat was up to with her guy Emma came out of the bedroom. She was naked with spunk all over her tits. WOW I thought to myself as a looked her up and down. She looked down half shy and half pissed up and really not bothered and moved passed me into the bathroom closing the door behind her. The guy was still fucking Marie trying to cum so I left them too it and went downstairs to find Kat and her fella.I wasnt disappointed when I entered the living room again. Kat was on her knees sucking her guys dick. Her dress was pulled down and her tits were free. The guy saw me and sat up slightly but Kat just kept on sucking. “you think she’s good mate?” I asked “fuck yeah” he laughed “she’s an amazing suck”. I pulled down my shorts and wanked my cock a few times the got down behind kat. I pulled up her dress and pulled down her thong to he thighs and ran my hand over her pussy, she was soaking wet so I pressed my dick against her and it just slid straight in. I began to fuck in and out of her while she continued to suck the guy taking him deeper into her mouth each time I fucked into her. I was rus escort diyarbakır going slow just pumping into her slow squeezing her arse and then holding her hips and fucking her abit faster. Kat was moaning even with a big dick filling up most of her mouth. I sucked my thumb and wiped it on her wet pussy before pressing it against her bum before pushing it inside her. I moved it in a circular motion trying to get her arse lubed up and ready for my dick. “you gonna take us both you dirty bitch” I asked her and she released the other guy from her mouth and nodded. Kat climbed up onto the lad on the sofa and sat down on his dick and began riding him. She shoved her big tits in his face and he fondled them and sucked on her nipples. I positioned myself behind her again and pressed the head of my dick against her arse. It was very tight but my dick was wet from her pussy and slowly it inched inside of her. “Ahhhh fuck” kat screamed throwing her head back as she felt two cocks inside her for the first time. I held kat steady and just held my dick inside her arse I couldn’t fuck it as it was too tight but the guy underneath was banging his dick up into her hard and fast. It felt great my dick resting insides kats bum while I could feel the other cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Kat came while we were in this intense position at least twice, I’ve never heard her make as much noise as she did that night with two cocks deep inside her 2 holes. I pulled out of kats tight bum and she colasped onto the floor exhausted and panting. As she layed on the floor me and the guy got on either side of her and began to wank over her face. “Mmmm cum on me you dirty bastards…. come on wank them big cocks in my face… come on give me your hot cum all over my face” kat gasped. The other guy let out a groan and shot his load onto kats face and seeing him cum set me off and I began to cum too. We took it in turns to fire our ropes of hot white sticky cum onto her pretty face and into her open mouth. Her face was a white mess when we had finished, it was all over her forehead, nose mouth and chin. It looked amazing seeing kat covered in so much cum. She laid there panting trying get her breath back and the other lad asked what was going on upstairs. It was like a bukkake party I laughed and he got up and went upstairs to see what was going on. I never saw the five lads again after this night but im sure the girls had a few more meetings with them especially Marie who couldn’t walk in the morning when we made our way home……..

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