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My Father Husband

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My Father HusbandBy Kallan MatthewsIt all started innocent enough, with the occasional compliment from myfather about my developing body, or just a stare. I never thought in amillion years that I or let alone the man who gave me life would be in asexual relationship, but thankfully I was wrong, how wrong I was, I didn’tknow then.I was laying in bed the night things escalated, not as quickly as I wouldhave liked in retrospect. I was laying face down on my bed slightly curledup so my head was facing my door. It was a hot summer night so I had openedmy windows to let the cool night are in. Two fans were placed in eachwindow on low as to not make too much noise. I could hear the crickets andfrogs performing their nightly habits. Occasionally I would hear the windowair conditioner in my parents room roar to life with a loud gritty hum.Since the night was so hot, I had not worn any of my usual things I wouldwear to bed. Normally in the colder months I would wear an old tank topthat had been stretched out, and some either basketball shorts, orsweatpants depending on the temperature. That night I was completely nude.All that covered me was the top sheet of my bed as the blankets were toothick and it was too hot for them.As I was falling in and out of sleep the light that shone through my doorway went dark which caused me to stir. I could see the 6’3″ silhouette ofmy father blocking the light. I wish I could have seen better detail butcouldn’t. I could smell the body wash he used which instantly told me hehad just gotten out of the shower. I had seen my father shirtless manytimes over my life. As a volunteer firefighter, and personal trainer he wasbuilt. He wasn’t bulky like some sort of body builder. I once heard my momtalking to her sister who said he looked like one of the men from Chip N’Dale’s. At the time I didn’t know what that was but when I googled it shewas right. He looked like he was carved directly by Aphrodite and Adonisthemselves. He was tall, always tan, chocolate brown hair which was shavedon the sides, and put up in a “man-bun” he always had a goatee which I feltmade him look more distinguished, and passionate green eyes. In essence Ifelt like he was perfect. He wasn’t too hairy either he manscaped his chesthair and I assumed the other parts of his body as well but I hadn’t seenhim fully naked. I saw his perfect peach emoji like ass once when I was 12and nearly fainted from how quick my dick got hard and it was hairless, buthe had a light sprinkling of dark brown hair over his chest and stomach,which culminated in a manicured and sexy treasure trail.As I imagined this adonis of a man who was just standing in my doorway, mydick got rock hard almost instantly. Thankfully my sheets wereunintentionally but gracefully d****d over my ass but just so you could seethe roundness at the top of my crack. He just stood there and I waited inanticipation for the moment that I had wished for since I could remember.”Good night stud.” he whispered and slowly shut my door. I was disappointedbut this was out of the ordinary for him. He wouldn’t get out of the showerwhich was connected to his and my moms’ room. Walk upstairs and down thehall to my room just to tell me goodnight and shut my door. Not even mymother who was a very affectionate lovely woman did that anymore, shestopped doing that when I was 14, now that I’m 16 I get treated pretty muchlike an adult. I sighed grabbed the lube that was under my bed and my cumrag and jerked my dick to the thought of my father’s beautiful body, oncecompleted I passed out and awoke to my alarm.I groaned as I stretched in my nice and cold room. It was a chilly morning,but I knew that today was going to be a scorcher. I also noted it was coldenough to make my nipples hard. I chuckled to myself as I got up, took myfans out of the windows, closed them and pulled my black out curtains over.I had taped aluminum foil to the other side to best reflect the sun andthereby keeping my room at least cooler sarıyer escort than it would be outside. I thenstumbled across my room to the light switch and turned on my light. I wentblind for a second but soon regained my sight as I stared into the mirror.I was 16 years old, skinny, with a small amount of muscle. I had a six packbut only because I was thin not because I worked out. I was hairless accepton my arms, legs, and pubic area. My hair was a dusty blonde color unlikemy fathers, and I had my mother’s blue eyes. I stopped checking myself outonly so I could get dressed so I could go downstairs before anyone else gotup and eat breakfast by myself.I liked being the first one up. Usually because mom is making breakfast,dad is usually on the phone as he walks out the door, and my youngerbrother and sister are fighting over who gets to use the batman cup thatday. So its pretty hectic. As I walked down stairs carefully avoiding thesteps that make noises, I walked into the kitchen. There standing at thesink with his robe fully open was my father. It was like the Gods hadanswered my prayers. There before me was the dick that made me, it was agood 4-5in soft, and uncut, and I was correct about his pubes being wellgroomed. He looked up from the paper and blushed.”Oh shit sorry k**!” he said embarrassed, and quickly pulled his robetogether and tied it shut.”Its all good dad, you always say… its just a body everyone has one.” Isaid that last part as close as I could to his own deep sexy almost gravelyvoice. We both laughed. I grabbed the milk, and my cereal as I poured mybreakfast I noticed my dad staring at me.”What has you up so early?” he asked as he sat down with me holding hiscoffee in one hand and setting the paper down with the other.”Have you seen the breakfast routine around here. Its chaotic. I don’t wantto deal with that first thing in the morning.” I said between mouthfuls ofcereal.”Fair enough.” He said opening the paper again.”Wait why are you up so early?” I asked kind of reading one of the articleson the front page about some homeless person who got eaten alive by a packof coyotes.”Pretty much the same reason you’re up so early, that and I have to openFrank’s gym this week while he’s on vacation.” He replied not looking upfrom his paper. Frank was one of my fathers friends from way back. He wasshort compared to my dad, but he was a boneified body builder. He was onceattractive but after years of bulking up coupled with his 5’6″ stature madehim look like a tan boulder, but he was one of the nicest guys you’d evermeet.”Oh I’m sorry.” I said as I took the parts of the paper that he haddiscarded.”Don’t be. Things have been quite lately with the business and thefirehouse so I thought I’d be able to help the douchebag out.” He said andchuckled.”Oh cool.” I said not knowing what to say.”How about you come with me. Frank’s gym is only a few blocks away fromyour school and you can avoid the breakfast chaos.” he said.”Sure. I don’t have to be there till noon anyway as its a B day, besides Ican work on my history report. Its done but I just have to edit it and makesure everything is ok. Does he have a printer?” I asked.”I’m sure he does, but just in case he doesn’t bring a flash drive and I’llgive you the money to print it at school.” He said as he got up to getdressed.”Cool. I’ll be here.” I said as he left the room. I watched as his bubblebutt poked out from his robe and I thought I would cum right then andthere. I quickly tried to clear my mind by reading the paper. When my dadreturned he was wearing a tank top that was barely any fabric at all, hiswhole torso was visible. The most fabric it had covered from the top of hisbelly button down and around the back, and some short shorts. He turnedaround to get something out of a nearby cabinet and I could see the smallwhite strap of his jock strap poking out from the bottom of his shorts.After esenyurt escort he had made his pre-workout shake, and packed his lunch, he wrote mymom a note, placed it on the island where we were sitting, and we took offfor Frank’s Gym.It was a quiet car ride as we were both still kind of waking up, but I didsense a change. My dad was acting strange. He was being far lessaffectionate than he had been in the past. Not that he was superaffectionate, but he would give me hugs, ruffle my hair, kiss the top of myhead. You know normal dad stuff but that car ride was different. There wasa tension not a negative tension either, it was more like we were playing agame of chicken and neither of us wanted to make the first move, but weboth knew that that ball would drop, and who’s court it would be in neitherof us could tell.We drove up to a dark but rather large building with windows that coveredthe whole front of it. Along the those windows were a row of treadmills anda few stair machines. Dad and I walked up to the door, unlocked it but thenre-locked it once we were inside. He then ran across the gym to the beepingsecurity system pad, punched in the code and we were in. I found the lightswitches behind the front desk and started to flip them on as dad walkedbehind me and booted up the computers.”Could you do me a favor k**do?” he asked”Sure?” I said.”The list of opening duties that Frank gave me is long, would you mindchecking the locker rooms and making sure they’re clean?” he asked.”Sure thing daddyo.” I said awkwardly and laughed as I walked to the lockerrooms. I started in the women’s locker room and everything was tidy andclean. It didn’t smell like the boys locker room at school which reeked ofB.O. and a million types of body sprays and deodorants. I then went intothe mens locker room which everything seemed to be in order that was untilI saw a locker that was open. I walked over and all that was inside was ajock strap. I looked around and picked it up. It was definitely used as itsmelled like sweat and cum. I inhaled it deeply and it sent me to thatprimal place guys go to when they need sex. I stripped off my pants andunderwear and slipped it on. It fit perfectly even though I had a hardon. Islowly stripped my shirt off as I played with my nipples and gasped inpleasure as I just let the material rub on my body. I heard a throat clearnoise and turned around to see my dad nearly naked only wearing hisjockstrap.”Dad!” I exclaimed and he put his finger to my mouth and just looked me upand down.”You look sexy as hell in that jock boy.” He said his voice full of sex anddesire.”You do too… daddy.” I said and he leaned down and growled in my ear.”I want your cherry boy, do you want the dick that made you to pop your boypussy?” he growled in my ear. His breath and his whiskers were giving megoosebumps.”Yes daddy… sir” I moaned back and he picked me up. My legs instantlywrapped around his waist and he kissed me passionately. Our tongues dancingtogether like some sort of complicated routine. Our hands exploring eachothers bodies. My hands were rubbing his chest and playing with his piercednipples. The little bars made it easy to flick and pinch them which my dadwould kiss harder. His hands were exploring my ass and one finger managedto find my hole which quivered with excitement. Dad broke the kiss and Islid down his body. I took off his jock and immediately swallowed his dickwhich tasted better than I imagined. My tongue explored under his foreskintasting the deposits of precum.”MMM baby boy your mouth is incredible. Have you done this before?” heasked. I didn’t want to take my mouth off his glorious cock but I did.”Only a few times with a few of the guys in the locker room at school. Itnever went past that though.” I said as I went right back to worshiping mydads cock.”Yeah baby. You owe your life to this cock. Had I not fucked your motheryou wouldn’t have been born. Oh my beautiful avrupa yakası escort boy. I knew from the momentyou were born that I would be fucking you some day.” He moaned.”I had hoped one day you would daddy, and i’ve saved my virginity for you.”I moaned back. At the sound of that he picked me up and arranged me on anearby bench. He laid me on my back so I could see his face as he enteredmy virgin pussy. He reached under the bench and pulled out a bottle of lubeand lathered my hole and his big dick.”Are you ready baby?” he growled in my ear.”Fuck me daddy, fuck me and make me yours.” I moaned and he slowly enteredmy hole. It was painful but amazing. I couldn’t believe the cock that Iowed my life to was taking my virginity! In a gym locker room no less.Daddy stared at me and watched as I wriggled with pleasure. One hand washolding my one of my legs, the other was caressing my chest and stomach.There was a pool of precum from my own hard dick that daddy scooped up andput in his mouth.”Daddy wait. I want to try something!” I said and he pulled out leaving mefeeling empty. I got on all fours and just when I felt Dad’s head enter myhole I pushed back and took every inch of his big cock which at first hurtlike a bitch but dad moaned loud.”Fuck baby you really want this dick!” he growled.”Yes daddy I do. I want you to fuck me, cum in me and make me 100% yours!”I moaned. He fucked me hard which caused me to unload not once, not twice,but three times. His big thick cock hit my prostate completely as we moanedand grunted. All we could hear was the slapping of his hips against my assand the grunts moans and the dirty talk.”I have a question for you baby?” his labored breathing told me he wasgetting close.”Whats that daddy?” I asked drunk from his dick. He slowed and flipped meover so I was in his lap and looked into my eyes.”I don’t want to be with anyone else. I want to be your father, but alsoyour boyfriend, and eventually your husband. Would you be upset if Idivorced your mother and we could live together forever.” he said as hefucked me. I almost exploded again. That was so hot, in a fucked up way.”Daddy I want you to get rid of that cunt so we can be together.” I moanedand he fucked me harder and harder after he heard me say that.”I’m getting close baby boy.” he moaned as I bit and kissed his neck andplayed with his nipples.”Cum in me daddy! Cum in me and make me yours!” I moaned as I came againfor a 5th time soaking our chests and tummies.”Fuck baby your ass is mine forever!” he yelled and I could feel the floodof cum enter my now well fucked hole. He remained in me as we kissed.”I love you baby.” he panted.”I love you too daddy. Does this mean you’re my boyfriend?” I asked and hesmiled which almost made me cum again.”Yes baby. I want no one but me to touch you ok?” he said with seriousness.”Of course daddy. I want only your touch.” I said. He sealed our newrelationship by eating out his own cum from my freshly fucked hole, andfeeding it to me with his mouth. We then got showered dressed and cleanedup our mess to open the Gym.A week later I heard yelling as my dad asked mom for a divorce. She wasscreaming and crying asking who the other woman was, and my dad said therewasn’t another woman, but there was another man and that he was gay. Shestopped yelling. She cried though a lot but agreed to the divorce. Shewould take my younger brother and sister and move in with her sister, dadand I would live in the house and dad would pay her c***d support everymonth which dad agreed. It had been two and a half weeks since dad and Ihad fucked, and we were practicality dying to fuck again, but we had towait until mom and the k**s were out of the house. Once moved and paperswere signed dad fucked me on the kitchen island on top of the divorcepapers. We were now officially a couple and to prove it, dad got down onone knee after he had fucked my brains out and gave me a diamond ring.”My beautiful son and lover, will you marry me?” he asked sincerely. He hadtears in his eyes and I did too. I said yes and he slipped the diamond bandaround my left ring finger. We kissed and made love again this time inevery room in the house.I thought I would get tired of getting fucked by my dad and future husbandbut that never happened. I am now 26, my dad is in his 40’s and we fuck atleast twice every day.

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