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My favorite cousin

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My favorite cousinIt was the summer of 1978 and I had just turned 18. I was in a great mood as my mother had told me that my cousin Colleen was coming to spend the summer with us. My cousin Colleen was 18 years old with long legs, a tight ass, long blonde hair and blue eyes eyes. She had just finished her senior year and was going to work at my Sister’s office for the summer and needed a place to stay. We had a large 5 bedroom house in a good area. My bedroom was at the rear of the house. The spare bedroom where cousin Colleen would stay would be right next to mine. We would have to share the same bathroom which was ensuite to both bedrooms. My parents bedroom was in the front of the house as they liked to be close to the kitchen and living room.She arrived within a few days and she looked so hot in her white short shorts and yellow tube top. She was thrilled with her room and told me that it was great that we were both close.. There were two bedrooms, a TV room, and a large bathroom. It was an old house with large keyholes in each of the doors.The first night cousin Colleen was tired and went straight to sleep. In the morning, I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened – it was cousin Colleen. “Sorry” she said, “I really have bursa escort to go – I promise not to peek.”The shower curtain was transparent and I could see her watching me as she sat down and did her business.Later that morning as my mother served us breakfast, cousin Colleen winked at me when my mom asked her if she was having a good time so far. That night I could hear cousin Colleen in the shower next to my bedroom. I imagined what she must look like. Minutes later, the door from the bathroom to her bedroom opened as she went to bed. Curiosity got the better of me. It wouldn’t hurt to take a little peek through the keyhole would it. I quietly got out of bed and went over to cousin Colleen’s bedroom door and peeked in the keyhole. There she was walking around her room absolutely naked. She was in full view standing in front of the door only inches away brushing her hair in the mirror. I could see her smooth shaved mound, her perfect breasts with her pink nipples erect from the hot shower. My heart beat faster as I watched her. She turned around and I could see her tight bubble ass so clearly.She then walked over to her bed and laid down on her back and spread her legs wide apart. There she was only a few feet away from me, naked, and bursa escort bayan rubbing herself. She gently caressed her body, moving her hand from her nipples to her smooth wet mound. I was so excited I thought I was going to cum. Just them I noticed that the red light was on the extension phone. Quietly, I picked up the phone and listened. It was my mom, she was talking to my aunt Olivia who was calling from Orange County.”So, is that slut daughter of mine putting out yet,” my aunt Olivia enquired.”Not yet, not even a blow job out of her so far,” my mom replied.”All you have to do is get her excited and she will put out, trust me,” my aunt Olivia continued.The next night, my mom and my cousin Colleen went out together for the evening. When they came home it was past midnight and they were chatting in the kitchen together.”That was awesome, aunt Sarah.” Colleen exclaimed.”I have never seen so many hot naked guys before!” she continued.”I didn’t know you had such a fun side – I mean taking me out to see strippers! That was great!” She went on.Moments later Colleen went upstairs and got in the shower. I could hear the water running for the longest time and then my bedroom door opened and there she stood completely naked.She slipped escort bursa into bed beside me and whispered in my ear “I came to your room so that we could fuck. Let’s fuck!”Her hand reached over and started to rub my cock. Soon it was fully erect and straining against my boxer shorts. She pulled down my shorts and started to lick the head of my thick, hard cock. Pre-cum started to leak out my erection which she licked up eagerly. She sucked and licked each testicle and then sucked on my hard cock. Soon I was squirting hot cum down her throat.She got on all fours and spreading her legs apart guided my hard cock inside her. I slowly entered her, inch by inch, until my full length was inside her. She started to moan softly as I thrust faster and faster. Soon she was squirting all over my bed. It was amazing. After she took a short breather, she turned to me and whispered in my ear. I want your fat cock in my pussy and fuck me until you cum. I want all your cum inside me. I pulled her up by the hips and put her on all fours. I entered her sweet wet pussy from behind. I ramed into her hard and fast. She wailed out cry’s of passion. I pumped her for a good hour. Then it was time. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass towards me. This made my cock penetrate deeper. Just then someone began knocking on the door. I didn’t bother with it. I continued to focus on fucking Colleens fine pussy. I was just about to shoot my load when the door opened. To be continued,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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