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My favorite memory with my ex-wife.

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My favorite memory with my ex-wife.My ex is tall(5’10”) with long legs, very skinny(110lbs), small breasted(small B cup) dirty blonde with very big feet(size 11 womens, I love a woman with big feet). Just the way I like my women. The only negative thing I will say about her body is she has a flat butt. I do like a little shape to the butt, but she has everything else I love physically in a woman. We had been married for about 6 years and it was the mid 80’s. Once in a while she would dress up in a pretty dress, garter and stocking with seams down the back. She would put on a tall pair of white pumps which made her even taller and sexier. She would sometimes where a pair of crotchless panties, but this night she went commando. She has straight, light brown pubic hair. I got her to start shaving the “work area” and leaving the top neatly trimmed but full. (I am not a fan of a grown woman shaved bald). In return she got me to start shaving my balls. That was a thing I did that turned her on.I just got out of the shower and walked to the living room and sat in my easy chair. I could hear her walking down the stairs that were behind me. All the sudden I can smell her perfume. I love the way she smells anytime but this perfume was even better. She came around my chair and I could see that she was dressed for a night of passion. She stood in front of me for a moment. She had playful sexy way she would stand so I could see just how sexy she was to me. She then took her foot and put it in my crotch. Her long leg slipped out of the slit in her mid-calf sexy dark blue dress. She pulled back her dress at the top of the slit to reveal her garter and the top of her stocking. I could see there was a fat joint sticking out the top of her stocking. Then she slowly pulled it out and in doing so pulled her dress back more showing a glimpse of her beautiful bush.She handed me the joint and turned and walked to the ordu escort stereo. When she had on her come fuck me pumps her walk was very sexy in that blue dress and seamed stockings. As I lit up the joint she turned on the music. Then she turned and danced for me very slow and seductive. After a couple minutes she walked over and say on my lap facing me. The top of that blue dress was sleeveless and was low cut. But not too low. She is small breasted, but they are far from too small. Her nipples are as big as my pinky finger to the first knuckle, and I have large hands. I could see then sticking through her dress. We shared that joint while I played with those nipples and massaged her boobs. After having 2 k**s and breast feeding one her boobs were no longer how they were when we first met. They did sag a bit but not much and there are no stretch marks. Here nipples are in the front pointing slightly upward. She started grinding me while I played with here boobs. I set the joint down and we started kissing. We still had long very long passionate makeout sessions after being married for 6 years and 3 years of dating and living together. She loved when I sucked on her ear lobe and lightly tongue her ear. I can feed the heat of her pussy as it rubs against my dick, She was getting wet by now as I and heel it soaking through my shorts. She reached down and started rubbing the raging hard-on I had. Then she reached between her legs and was rubbing herself. I could hear her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as it was real wet. She is a Juicy Lucy by nature. Then she pulled her fingers out and run them under my nose and into my mouth. I have gone down on a lot of women and none of their flavors came close to hers. It is a little stronger than some but very intoxicating. She then started kissing me and we both licked her fingers clean.After about 15 minutes of makingout and foreplay mersin escort She walked me upstairs to our bedroom. She lay down on the bed as I stood there taking a mental picture, that I still carry with me, of this sexy beautiful woman in front of me.I ran my hands up and down those long legs. I climb on the beg next to her and put my head between her legs and did what I love to do and do it well. I could never get enough of the taste of her. I have no idea of how much time passed but I know she became extremely wetter at least 2 times. Then I lay next to her with my face in it’s favorite place and my dick accessible to her. By this time we are on our sides and she starts rubbing me. Then she pulls it out and starts sucking. My dick is above average according to most women. I am a little more than 7″ long and about 8″ in circumference. I do have an unusually large head. I am so turned on right now and so is she it seems. I am not one who cums easily from a dick sucking but this time was different. She isn’t able to deepthroat me but she gives it her all and she didn’t like to swallow much. Less than a minute passes and I can taste the salt of her cum and she starts to climax. This gets me super aroused. About 3 more strokes on my dick and before I can warn her i blow a massive load in her mouth. She stops for a second in shock but keeps me in her mouth and takes the entire load. Then she reaches down and grabs my head to bury my face as she is having a massive orgasm. I can feel her cum running down my cheek and taste it flooding my mouth as she squeezes my head with her thighs. This whole time she keeps my dick in her mouth sucking every drop of me. She swallows it and a look of pleasure shows on her face.She then pops up and spins around so we are face to face. We begin kissing like we are 18 again. I can taste my cum in her mouth she can taste hers in mine. We don’t malatya escort normally taste our own cum but this time was a very special to both of us. We lay the holding and kissing for a while. She said that that was the longest orgasm she ever had. I told her I was sorry for not warning her but she said the surprise added to her pleasure. At this point we are both satisfied and ready for sleep. We both get up and wipe up then climb in bed nude. We cuddle for a few minutes and I am so in love with her at this very minute. She looks at me and tells me she didn’t want to leave that moment. We were both so happy right then. Before I know it my dick is hard again and she knows it. We begin making love. It’s one of those rare moments when we get lost in each other. After 10 minutes I can feel she is cumming again. Then I have another fantastic orgasm. I didn’t want to pull out of here I wanted to be there forever. She then tells me she want to cum again. We have this thing that when I can’t get her to cum before I do she grabs my ass with my dick still inside her and grinds her pussy on me. I feel her tense up and cum and then go limp. I go to roll off her but she hold on and rolls on top of me. As she kisses me I feel both our cum running over my balls and down the crack of my ass. Then she pulls off me and goes down and licks me clean. I pull her ass to me so I can do the same to her. We lay there 69ing long enough to get ant cum off the other. I likes her ass crack to get the last bit and then tongue her ass hole.We then wipe off with a towel and she lay in my arms and split a cigarette. We allays sleep back to back but tonight we fall asleep holding each other. We have had other great sex nights and I have had some great sex with other women after we divorced a few years later. But this one night will stay with me forever. She has been living with another guy since a year after we split. While I have been playing the field. But the last few years she calls me up we get a room and still have great sex. We have talked about thing and both agree that sex between us couldn’t be more passionate but we can’t live with each other.I still love her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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