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My Favourite Memory

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My Favourite MemoryHave you got a favourite wanking memory? The one thing in your mind that’s sure to get you off? Here’s mine. I was living in London and sharing a flat with a bloke called Dave. We were both in our late 20’s. He had a job working with a guy with a disability who needed a staff member to care for him as he couldn’t cope with practical stuff so during the day he was out at day centres but needed support at home. This meant that Dave regularly slept there as night support. One night Dave starts to tell me about a new worker who’s started called Liz. He’s been fucking her at this guys house after he’s gone off for the day. Me and Dave go back a long way and have shared girls in the past. He’s kind of got the gift of the gab and picks up easily, depite being no Adonis, so I have to admit that I’ve had a few of his off casts. But I’ve also had a few conquests myself at his time so its not totally one sided. Dave also has a definite bisexual side. At this time I’d occasionally admired the cock of a bloke on a porno and been turned on by a good cum shot but hadn’t gone any further.We’re at our flat one evening, lights are low and we’re having a few beers as usual. Dave starts to get into some heavy details about sex with Liz and I feel myself getting hard. By his account she is fucking horny as hell and game for anything. My hand strays to my groin and pretty soon I’m stroking myself through my trousers. Dave comments on this and I admit that I’m horny. He laughs at me a bit but then goes bakırköy escort to his room and collects a porno vid. He puts this on and we both start to watch avidly. I’m laying along the sofa and he’s on an armchair beside my head to my left. The porn is pretty good and soon I’m back fondling my cock again. Dave tells me his favourite bit is coming up and we watch as a big titted girl fucks and sucks in a classic “spit roast” style. Its very explicit and she has clearly gone beyond acting and is thoroughly enjoying the experience of two thick, rock hard cocks slamming into her cunt and filling her mouth. Dave mutters, “Fuck it,” and I see him arch his arse up and slip his trousers and pants down his thighs. His prick stands free. Now Dave, bless him, isn’t one of life’s giants and his dick is all in proportion. It may not be huge but I can see in the glow of the TV screen that its a good solid shape and very hairy around his balls which are large and dark. “Right then,” I say and I follow suit, releasing my by now painfully throbbing penis. I’m much taller than Dave and also bigger cock-wise. However, my balls always seem to contract early on in sex and I rarely have a “swinging pair”. My pubes are also dark but not as thick as Dave’s.I lay back and concentrate my attention on the screen. I hear Dave’s wanking motion resume beside me and I feel the extra excitement that brings. I begin to sneak peeks at him and his prick. The glans shines in the lamplight beşiktaş escort and I’m facinated by the movement of his foreskin as he shuffles it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth over his stubby prick. I am circumcised and so very curious about his action. He catches me looking at him and grins. I’m a bit embarrassed but just smile back. He nods to my groin and says, “I’d forgotten you were so big,” which is a reference to an event of a couple of years previous. Us two and another bloke had all taken turns fucking a girl in my flat. She was this other blokes girlfriend but he felt that they were going to break up so organised a gang bang. With the careful application of beer, wine, dope and a little speed we’d got this girl (and us) naked and all gone through her. Maybe I’ll write that one up soon as its was a great evening.So anyway that little memory is now in our heads and Dave reminds me of how this chick had sucked us all in turn and then let us all fuck her. My prick is a stiff as its ever been by now and my juice is flowing freely. I’m making all sorts of slippery,slopping noises as I squeeze and pull at my cock. I’m laid back with my eyes closed recalling the scene when I hear Dave move and feel him drop down beside me. He pushes my hands away from my groin and then slips his hot mouth over my glistening helmet. This is a shock to me. Sure, I’d been blown before but never a by a male. However, I’m well on the road to sexual beylikdüzü escort release and this feels good. Fucking good in fact so I relax. He sucks and licks at me with a strong action. My knob is in his mouth and he wanks at my shaft with a free hand. OK, next stage. I drop my hand to his crotch and find his rampant dick stcking up between his thighs. I begin to squeeze it rhythmically whilst pulling upwards with little pulsing motions. I feel his ardour increase and our breathing becomes heavy and fast. I”m not sure if I’ve got the foreskin action just right but Dave’s reaction seems to suggest I’m doing just fine.In my head there is the mixture of memories of the gang bang we had and watching a slimey cock ease in and out of a hairy snatch, the feeling of being blown quite expertly and also the ongoing porno vid on the TV. My left hand begins to grip faster and pull harder, quite wildly and then Dave releases my prick from his mouth and groans. I feel hot liquid fill my palm and cover my hand as I continue to pump at his stiff cock, slowing gradually as I feel him slacken. Dave is in that post-cum other world and this is no good to me. His face is on my thigh and his hand is on my shaft but I need release. I grab my prick and with two, three, four, five hard wanks feel blessed relief spurt from shaft in great throbbing torrents as I twist and writhe.I go through that beautiful “mini-death” of near oblivion for a few minutes before Dave’s movements and the suddenly cool draft around my cum soaked belly bring me to. Dave sits up and we grin at one another and then give each other a very slippery ‘hi-five’. I laugh as I realise I’ve shot some jism onto his hair and sink back well satisfiedd with the evening.Oh, but wait….I’ve not even got to the bit which is my favourite wanking memory… next time then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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