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My First Ballbusting Experience.

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My First Ballbusting Experience.So I know Ballbusting and Femdom is not that interesting to many people… but I hope I can appeal to a few people out there. After all this is my first story, and my goal to appeal to a few people who think this story is pretty nice. Anyways onward to my first experience !So it was the beginning of summer and I was with my neighbor. She was a young lovely, a little big but her body worked well with her features. A cute face, a nice pair, great ass. And of course, adorable feet. Her feet were big which is a turn on, it seemed that part of the summer she had picked up upon my little Foot Fetish, and was slowly beginning to tease me with her feet. *A little insight if anybody cares. Periodically she would say that her feet hurt, and she would slide her sexy feet right on over to me and I would massage them and breath deeply on them. She would softly moan but hide it extremely well. sarıyer escort I knew she was loving the attention that I showed her feet.* But back to the story. I had bought a set of marked cards from the local Dollar General. I tricked her a lot with the cards making her think I was physic. I told her that I would reveal my secret if she could owe me a favor. She accepted and I thought of how I should go about this favor. So days went by and she was back over,we were home alone and she was about to leave. I told her that I had figured out a favor for her. She stood back and asked what it was. I was shy about it and didn’t know how to ask it. So I texted her and she looked at me confused and laughed. She thought I was joking, but I told her I really wanted to know what being kicked in the balls felt like. So we went downstairs and I spread my legs esenyurt escort open and tucked my hands in my jeans. She had soccer shoes on and told me she wanted to make it hurt and that she wasn’t going to hold back. She smiled as she reared her foot back, my dick grew incredibly hard as I was throbbing in anticipation. She slammed her foot towards my defenseless balls, but she missed and hit my leg. It hurt and left a mark. So I told her to take the shoes off, she said for me to take them off. My dick was starting to poke up through my jeans. She noticed and blew softly on it making me throb like crazy. I slipped her shoes off and she placed her size 8 foot on my cock. She softly rubbed up and down. I was in paradise. I slid her socks off exposing her incredible feet. I licked them and pampered them, massaging her soles and toes. I licked between her toes and licked her soles avrupa yakası escort and she softly moaned. We went upstairs to my room, and she had her toes curved saying she was gonna get me hard this time. At first she put her hands on my shoulders and slammed her knee in hopes of smashing my balls up. She missed, to my dismay. I was getting edgy,I wanted her foot to slam directly into my awaiting balls. She said this one is gonna get me. I closed my eyes and imagined her delicate feet hurting me. Suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my nuts. She had her foot directly connecting to my balls. I fell to my knees with sheer ecstasy and euphoria. I said thank you as I laid on the ground. Just then she placed her foot on my balls, she claimed my junk in her name. She said “These balls are gonna be mine, prepare them, they shall serve my feet”. She then slammed her foot directly into my balls again and made me moan in pain. She pulled my jeans off and squeezed my balls hard. I was in a bed of pleasure and agony. She whispered in my ear, “I’ll let your balls rest” She started jerking me with her smooth hands, I could’nt help but cum all over her hands. And thus concludes my first Ballbusting Experience…. Hope you guys and girls enjoy 😀

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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