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My first gay kiss with my hidden crush in my favou

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My first gay kiss with my hidden crush in my favouI had a great experienceMy some of the whole time dreams my imagination came trueSo let’s begin to make this memory alive for everAt morning I was online I had chats with many of them on b***d appBut very few were onlineI made chats with some new friends on ground chatsAfter getting boredI watched pornAnd at last after too much hornyness I mastrubatedThen I swallowed my cum as usual as if I don’t wanted to let it go wasteThen I sleped at morning 4.00 am At morning with the whole night Hard dick I woked upAnd saw my messages on bluedIt was able tesfaye’s message (c****e L***s)He was my hidden crush after seeing his innocence smile and his sexy body on instagramHe had asked whether you will meet me todayThen after discussing he decided to meet in the P***y nursery at 5.45 pmIt’s too close to me I told the whole incedent only to my friendA*****yI had told him earlier only about ‘c****e ‘The whole day I just ignore all the discussionThan after too much effort I made my planTo go freely.It was a lockdown and I was at my home for 4 months.I had not steped out or meet any one outsider.It was my first date, I was very excited.I took a bathHad shampoo on my hairs Whore nice clothesThen I saw his massage too late He had told that he was not sure whether we will meet today And I replied him that I am ready but at that time he was offline .I decided I had done my clothesSo why not just go and rome near the nurserySo I had the message on his instagram message that I have him my contact number and he may call me if I didn’t receive his messageI had stepped out of my house after 4 months so everyone was asking where I was going outI told everyone that I am just roaming here and thereI reached the nurseryThere where too many people coming again and again near the nurserySo I was afraid why there are so many people roaming hereI had seen so many people after a very long time#My first day to step out after lockdown@ I am meeting someone outer person after the lockdown # I am meeting ceonne for first time# my first official date# my first meeting with a gay person# first visit to the nurseryWhich is full of its bueatyI was waiting out of the nursery and it was raining outsideI received a call I did not recognise the voiceHe told are you …I could not understandBut he told that are you coming near the nurseryThen I got he was heSo I told him that I had reached there alreadyThan he told”Ok than I am coming there in 10-15 minutes”I waited thereThen he again called me and told it’s raining so he is waiting in a shelter he will reach soon there after the rain stopsI waitedMeen while too many people were passed my way I was not knowing that how would he beThan my cousin big brotherAnd three other village kaçak iddaa friends passed byThey asked me that I was doing thereOne mummers “He is waiting for someone”I was too shyAt that moment itself some one passed over the cycle with a red t-shirt and a black shortsOn a sports cycleThen I saw my brother and cousins passed and went farThen that boy on the cycleWith a mass on his face approach me and asked do you want to go inside the nurseryThan I recognised that he was ‘c****e’Than we both went insideThat was the time to close the nurseryHe requested the workers over that that we both wanted to have some photoshootSo we may stay inside we would go out through the other way from backside and you may lock the nurseryWe would move outside from any other wayThen they talkedAnd we both went insideHmm now the trill beginsJust go on listeningThe nursery was awesomeFabulousI wasjust admiring the bueaty of the nurseryEach and every thigh was so attractiveI was mesmerizedSeeing all thisThen he with his cycle was walkingIn the nursery and I was following himThe rain had stopped but it was too beautiful to see all the plants in the nurseryWe reached the end of the nurseryThan we went on the other side of the nurseryIt was a open holl For functionsI had earlier also visited that sideIf the nursery but it was the night time when I had visited that sideIn the day lights it was very butifulNot I was handling his cycleAnd he was moving in front of meWe moved over the wet grassHe said Why have you whore this long geansWe movedHe told to park his cycle to meThen he told now if you want you can do your photoshoot hereSo he clicked my some photosAnd thenHe asked now let’s go for a walkSo I agreedAnd we went thereI pointed see their is the washroomI told him that I have already visited this area so I nevedThen he toldThatLet’s go for washroomNow I got too excitedI just thought I would get too atleast see his penis for the first timeWe went together for washroomI told him that I have not willing to do toiletSo I just came there to give him the companyThen I was looking at other thing from the open windowThen he suddenlyTouched my boobsAndGraves meThen I too grabbed himAnd he was hugging meHe was getting too hornyHe was just acting like a porn starHe was a totally Trained porn star it was apperingHe was moving his hands over my bodyThen I too grabbed his bodyIt was too hotThen Hmmmm??????He inserted his hands in my pantsThen started pressing itThen I too was pressing his boobsHe was fully masaaging my bodyAnd Then he placed my hands over his crotchHis penis it was hugeHe kissed me lip to lipI had never imagined it would be so real with me# first kiss# that to @ lip-lock kissFor too long timeI was geeting even exci6and worried now what would happenHeThen kaçak bahis kissed too muchWe were licking necks of each otherThen inserting tongue in each others mouthMy first lip-lock kiss was too amazingThe whole credit goes to himHis little shaved mustach was poking my lips while kissing but I was enjoying the each skip of the kiss too muchThat That hot mouth kissingThe jucinessThe feelingsWere too amazing I would never forget the kissMy tongue is yut remembering his kiss and toungue While writing this all tooHe opened my paints I opened his paintsHis penis was about 5-7And mine was 5-6But his dick was very huge and bigIt was soo big I got too excitedAndMine was long But a thin littleWe shaked each other’s penisAnd enjoying the whole momentKissing each otherThe button of my jeans brokeHe asked sorryI told no let it be it’s okThen he told me that the window is open so any one might watch ousSo we soon whore our clothes and went out of the male bathroomThen we entered the side bathroom which Did not covering over the windowThis time I locked the door firstThen again removed the paintsToo penis in our handsAnd again started deep kissingAnd then again a hot and jussy lip-lockHmmI was trying to press his buttsAnd tring to insert my fingers in his assHe toldNoPlz don’t insert fingers in my assThen I just pressed his butsHe was likking me fullyHe was licking and sucking my nipplesSo for convenienceI removed my t-shirtAnd then he was touching and sucking and kissing licking my neckAnd then the lips Hmm ???????????????????He was muscularVery sexyHandsomePokey half shaved hairs It was too sexy too lick his toungue and exchange the saliva while lip-lock kissing??????????Then he told me to bend downAnd take his penis on my mouthI took it inside my mouthIt was not that bigBut where huge in circumferenceIt was closed emwhen I took it inside my mouth# first time giving someone blowjobSo I had just taken it in my mouthI was not fitting in my mouth then to I took it inside meIt had already started tasting were jusy and sexy hornyIt was full of my saliva He had inserted it completely in my mouth so my whole stickiness was their on itIt was too horibalI was not able to breath when the cock was inside my mouthHe wasn’t fucking me over my mouthBut I had just taked his dick completely in my mouthI was again and again feeling like vommiting so I removed it outAnd again took it inside my mouthIt was now completed opened and precum had started coming outI was liking those all thingsThen he asked me whether I would swallow his cumI said yesThan he started vegoriously shaking his dickI was feeling his penis hairs poking my lipsThen I tried to lick his testesBut compared to the size of his huge dickHis testes size was too smallAnd closed to his pelvisNot illegal bahis much downThen too I tried to lick and suck his testesThenI took again his dick in my mouthNow he cummed inside my mouthI could feel the whole mouth filled with his cumIt was tastingMetic and some sweetSo I drank it trough my throughAnd thenHe removed his penisDrop his some drop off cum in side the toilet seetAnd then told me to ware my clothesI whore my clothesHe told meThat first he will go outside then I will come outside after some timeThen I told him to bring my umbrellaIt was raining too heavilyOutsideThen he wad little bit wait anfmd he brought my umbrellaHe took me inside the umbrellaI kept my hand over his shoulder and then we both went walking under the umbrella in the heavy rain under a shelterThen he again started the photo shootHe asked me to give possesAnd then We did some photo shootingThe rain stopsWe took the cycleAnd went to open the gait from where we where suppose to get outsideBut the gait was closedSo again we went inside the nursery few people where yut working thereThey told that now it’s locked from all sidesSo they would lift his cycle and we would climb across the gaitI took his cycle till the main wayThen handed it to himAnd then he took his cycle and was moving aheadI removed my phone and started talking the vedio of the nurseryHe told now don’t waste the time hereWe will take the photo the next time we will come hereSo I took his vedio while walking in front of meThe workers present there lift his cycleAnd he claimed the gait and jumpedThen I too handed my umbrella to them And climed the gain and jumped the next sideI took my umbrellaWe told each other good buyAnd then we moved on our own pathsWhile moving homeAs the button of my jeans had brokenIt was dwelling down again and againThen I went inside the temple on the wayMy brother and our friends were seating theirThey didn’t asked me anthingThen after few whileMy mavsha came thereAnd just toldOhhhh after so long you have stepped outside of the houseThen my friends left and I too left towards home with themHmm I was hidding what all happened with meTo each and everyoneAnd I came home Did the work asined by my motherAnd changed my clothesAnd took my dinnerAnd started writing this special dairyHe had already send me measseges and now I am going to real all those messagesAnd give a nice reply to everyoneBut I will not say this incident to any oneI will just behave normal nowFor if you do something in love and with your owh desireThis all was my wish and dreamAnd this all became true in my lifeSo it’s nothing badIt’s all goodI enjoyed it a lotBut just I wish what if he had even fucked my assHmmJust that one wish remainedLike thatBut his dick was too hugeI would not be able to bare itSo let it beWhat ever he did I enjoyed a lotHmm…..I wish we will meet soon againSo best of luck for the best dairyWhen something special happens with me??O??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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