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My First Lesbian Encounter

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My First Lesbian EncounterI am Ashima Thakur from the state of Punjab, In the following sex story, I will describe my first real life lesbian sexual experience.So it all started when I was 18. I had a friend named Shruti, she is still in my touch. She is very beautiful, her boobs are quite big, she is a little fat and very sexy. She was not my best friend at that time but we were good friends.In mid of our XII, we started to sit together. We used to talk about boys, sex and all. We also talked about masturbation, I told her that I am masturbating from last 4 years daily and I like to finger myself while watching porn. She told me that she also masturbates daily and enjoys doing it.Once, talking about sex made me very horny, I was completely wet. She said that she needs sex very badly and said imagine how good will be the feel of a penis in the vagina. This talk made me very horny, I wanted to rub vagina. I told her that I am not able to control and I want to rub my vagina.She said that I am also wet and want to do the same. This made me hornier but our talk stopped there only as English teacher pointed us our talking. This was our last lecture. After the lecture, I went home. After reaching home, I put my bag on studying table and rushed towards the bathroom because I wanted to pee and masturbate.When I finished of peeing, I immediately started to masturbate, a few drops of pee which were still dripping out from vagina made my finger wetter. While masturbating, I was thinking of Shruti and I came very quickly ( sitting on the toilet seat ).After that, I quickly wore my panties and hooked up my skirt (I was still in my school dress) flushed and went out. My mom asked me will you eat something, I said no, I am not hungry. Then, I went to my room changed dress and started studying.After the güvenilir bahis supper instead of watching T.V, I went to my room to sleep. I was still thinking about her. Before sleeping, I again masturbated thinking of her on the bed. After I came, I thought what the fuck, I was doing masturbating thinking about a girl. In mixed thoughts, I was becoming sleepy and slept after checking that the alarm was set.Next day, we continued our talk, she said the first thing I did yesterday after reaching home was fingering. I immediately said that I also did the same. Further, she said “while fingering vagina, I also insert middle finger of my other hand in my ass hole then I smelled it and it smells amazing. You should also try this Ashima”.It sounded a bit dirty to me but her talks again made me horny and I said I would try it for sure. Out of control, I asked her if she can finger my vagina. She said smiling ” yes, I can do it Ashima”. Then, I asked her if she can lick it too, she answered: ” I will lick your vagina if you will lick mine”.Friends, you are reading this story on indiansexstories dot netI became so horny that I begin to feel expansions of my vagina. I said her ok I will also do it. That was the last day of our extra classes and our 15 days summer vacations were to be started from tomorrow. She asked me that when and where will we do it.I told her my address and luckily her uncle and aunt also lived in my village. She told me their names but I was not able to recognize them.I took her personal mobile n.o and said”we can try this all tomorrow if you can go to your uncle’s place today and can stay there for 1 day as my brother along with my parents are going to attend a wedding tomorrow and I will not go with them.She agreed. I said I will text you to discuss other things, she nodded türkçe bahis shyly. The rest of the day we did not talk much with each other, after the erotic talk and shameful agreement.I went home messaged her: are u coming today. I waited and waited but she did not reply but at about 7 pm a messaged: I am in your village. After reading that I became very excited.I again messaged her that we will meet near the temple in the village (which was near our home) tomorrow at 10 am. She sent me a 🙂 and wrote ok. The whole night, I was waiting for that moment and was not able to sleep properly.Finally sun rise, the family left for the wedding, and it was 9:40 am. I messaged her asking if she will come. She replied: I am coming with my aunt Ashima, I told my aunt that I will visit your place to work on holidays homework which is joint project:-).I replied come fast, I will be there in 10 minuted. She replied: ok, I can’t wait for more. We met outside the temple. I wished her aunt and then we left to my house.After reaching the house, I took her to my room. My pussy was already wet. She started to rub my pussy with her hand from the top of my salvaar.Oh my god, I can’t tell you how much pleasure I was feeling at that time, I started to do the same to her, we did it for some time and suddenly she kissed me.I laid on the bed, she laid on top of me and continued to kiss me. My lips were in her mouth and she was sucking them, it felt great and I started to rub her from behind. She was also in immense pleasure.After that, she removed my salvaar and panty all together and inserted her finger in my pussy then smelled it, she said:” the smell is not pleasant but sexy”. I also removed her salvaar and panties and looked at her pussy, what a look! her pussy was dripping with some sexy fluids and was much güvenilir bahis siteleri opened.I used me both hands to explore it further, it was very pink from inside, then I inserted my index finger into it, she said: ” Oh, yes dear” it was little warm sticky soft and tight inside. She was lying on the bed, I opened her legs wide and sat on her pussy.Our vaginas kissed each other. I can’t explain how fantastic it felt she held my hand as I started to rub my pussy against her pussy. I was moving back and forth while our vaginas were in contact. We did it for 1 hour, changed our positions I laid and she was on top, in b/w I felt like coming but did not cum, the phenomenal pleasure was that.Even after almost 1 hour of pussy rubbing, we were in immense pleasure were not able to cum. We were very tired after that, we were sitting on the bed facing each other. Suddenly she held my neck and forced it towards her vagina and said lick it plz.I went nearer and smelled it oh it was smelling really bad but it was a very horny moment for me. I pulled my neck back and said I can’t. She inserted her middle finger in her ass hole and then asked me to smell it, I smelled it and was amazed.It really smelled nice and sexy.I said it smells great but I can’t lick it either. I said first you lick my vagina then I will lick yours. She said let’s do it together. She made me lay straight on the bed and then she laid on me as such her pussy was in front of my face and my pussy was front of her face, yes we got in the 69 position.She started to lick my vagina, I was not able to control and moaned very loud. The feel of pussy being licked was the best. I also started to lick her pussy madly, we also licked each other’s ass after 10 minutes of this we came together. We rested for some time, sat again, removed our upper suits and bras and licked boobs of each other, kissed each other and again came in the 69 position.That was my first sexual encounter that changed me from straight to lesbian.I am a lesbian now and have many lesbian partners to enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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