Mar 23

My First Night With You

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My First Night With YouThe cold wind was blowing outside your front door and across your lawn as you settled in for the night with a warm blanket on your bed. You are wearing your favorite little nightie, the one that covers your breasts, but still has a deep plunger in the neckline. The bottom of your nightie has just enough material to cover your nice curvy ass, but while you lay in bed curled up, your favorite hipster panties are slightly uncovered under the sheets. You lay with your laptop on the bed, and are chatting with other people. The k**s are all asleep and you think about what a day today had been and the conversations that you had had with me earlier. You think back to me saying that I would let you lay on my chest and you would rub my chest hair and stomach. You place your laptop on a pillow and roll on your side, so it is like you are laying on my chest.You start to imagine what it would be like to have my arms wrapped around you and to feel the warmth of my body as you press against me. You close your eyes and imagine rubbing my chest and feeling my arms trace along your back and pulling you closer into me. You lay your head on the pillow and imagine hearing heart beat deep and resounding within my chest, and how it would sound in your ear. Your eyes start to close as you feel safe and warm as you imagine me pulling you in closer to my chest. Your breathing starts to slow down and you almost fell asleep.Suddenly, you hear a knock on the front door. You throw off the covers and walk to the front door. You look through the windows and undo the lock. You see me standing in the door and you wonder what I am doing on your front porch in the middle of the night. As you open the door, I explain that I just had to see you and could not be away from you any longer. I tell you that I just had to be with you and needed to see your face in person for the first time and be with you.I lean down and kiss your lips. You are a little taken aback, so you pull away at first, but then you give in to your desire to have wanted this meeting to occur. You drop your defenses and start to kiss me back gently and then more passionately. I place my hand on your cheek and pull your face closer to mine. You place your hands on my stocky chest. I place my other hand on your hip, and then I slowly wind it around to the small of your back and pull you closer to me. I breath your scent in and you smell amazing, you intoxicate me with the way you smell. We stand in the door and türbanlı escort as I pull you closer to me, my hand on your cheek moves into your short hair. I start to run my fingers through it, gently at first, but also tugging on it slightly. As we kiss more passionately, my tongue dances its way into your mouth, and likewise, your tongue gently glides into mine. I pull you closer. As my tongue glides against yours, you start to feel your knees weaken and you are so enthralled that we were able to meet and be together for the first time. I pull my tongue out and slowly kiss your lips and then move downward and kiss your neck. I gently suck on your neck and kiss it softly, and you moan out quietly in joy and pleasure. Hearing you makes me suck a little harder and kiss more passionately. I then worked my way down to your chest. I kiss your exposed chest and you moan even more as I suck gently on your smooth skin. You run your fingers through my hair and instinctively press my head down against your skin.Then you remember where you are and who is in your house, your k**s. You remember that they are asleep in their beds and you are standing on your front porch where any neighbors who are up late could see you kissing this stranger. You bring me inside and close the door. You say, “My k**s are asleep and I don’t wnat to wake them. Let’s go somewhere a little more private.” With that, you lead me quietly into your bedroom, where you close the door behind us.After you turn around form closing the door, I press you against the door and continue where I left off, kissing your chest. Surprised, you release another soft moan and you feel me sucking on your chest. You start to feel your boy short panties become wet as I passionately kiss you and from the thrill of loving me while your husband is away. You start to reach down as I continue to kiss your chest and you feel the bulge in my pants that is just waiting for you. You stroke the bulge and rub your hand against my hard cock that is waiting to be exposed and used by you. You undue the belt on my pants and undue the button and zipper. I groan out slightly, waiting for you to feel my cock that is waiting to fill your wet hairy pussy. You undue my pants and you push them down. I push them off and step out of them. As your hand pressed against my blue boxer underwear, you feel my hard cock and your rub against it. You can smell my cock and semen, and you get even more wet thinking about türbanlı escort bayan it being inside your hairy tight pussy. I pull my self away from kissing you and pull your zebra print nightie off over your head. Your hipster panties are drenched from the excitement of being able to finally love me. You push my gently backwards until I am sitting on your bed. You bend down to your knees and pull my shirt off over my head and you pull my underwear off afterward. You see my hard cock and smell my semen, waiting to be pumped into you. You kiss my chest and neck and I press your head down and you take my hard cock deep down your throat. You feel my hand on your head forcing you to take it all, and you move your head up and down. Taking the whole cock. You drool all over my hairy bush and you start to gag from taking the whole cock down your throat. You feel the veins of my cock and you taste the salty precum, and your panties become even more saturated with your juices.Finally, I pull your head off my cock and help you up, and then I turn and push your back onto the bed. You land a little roughly, but are turned on by the sudden change. I lean over the top of you and slide my fingers deep into your dripping wet pussy under your hipster panties. You moan as my fingers slide in and out, and I grunt as I hear you moan. My fingers glide deep into your wet pussy rubbing your clit. You moan and say, “oh, fuck me baby, fuck me, please.”I pull my fingers out and lick your delicious juice off my fingers. I slowly slide my fingers in and out of my mouth savoring how you taste, and you moan out watching me. I then slide off your panties and kiss your thick bbw thighs as I slide the panties off and as I come up to your pussy. Your pussy juices smell amazing, and my cock is so hard from the smell. You place my head in between you thighs and gently lick and bite your pussy lips. Your legs twitch slightly, and I slide my tongue deep into your pussy. I lick your clit and you feel the electricity and heat flood through your body. Your leg shakes uncontrollably, and you moan out more and more. You press your hand on my head and force my tongue in deeper and harder into your pussy and against your clit. I continue licking your clit in circles and then up and down, so that your body shakes even more and more uncontrollably. You feel your pussy contract and your body starts to tense. Suddenly, you feel the waves of an orgasm start pulse though escort türbanlı you and you say, “OH fuck me baby!! Fuck I’m going to cum all over your face. FFUUCCKK!! I feel you squirt all over my face and I feel your body tense and shake as the waves crash over you. You moan and scream out as wave after wave pulses through your body. Slowly, the waves start to dissipate, and your breathing slows down. You lay on your back dazzed from the orgasm that just pulsed through your body and from the fact that you slept with another man. But you liked it and you have no regrets. I stand up and wipe my lips with my tongue, savoring every last drop. Then I have you get on all fours and lean your head down. You like where this is going. You feel me massage your dripping hairy pussy with my hand, and then you feel my hard cock press against your pussy lips. I slid the head slowly in and then just push the head in and out. You moan, wanting more, and get excited at my teasing. I then slide my cock deep inside you. You feel the pressure of my cock filling your right pussy, and I grab your hips and start to thrust inside you. I start gently at first, but then get deeper and press harder against you. You moan and scream as your pussy is stretched by my cock inside you. I groan as I feel your wet pussy and feel my cock sliding in and out of you. I start to thrust harder and harder, and I hear you moaning and screaming louder and louder. I hear you say, “oh, baby fuck me. I’m cumming again!!”I feel you clamp down on my cock and I start to thrust harder and deeper inside you. You feel my cock getting ready to release its load into you and you moan out in anticipation. I can’t hold it any longer and say, “fuck, I’ gonna cum inside you my little cum whore.” I release my load, and you feel it deep inside your pussy. I continue thrusting and you moan as another orgasm pulses through your body. You shake uncontrollably in ecstasy as your cunt is filled with my semen. We both start to slow our thrusting and I pull out. My cum drips out of your filled pussy onto the sheets. I can still continue, but you seem worn out, so I lay on the bed. I lay with my back on the bed, and you roll onto my chest. You rub my hairy, stocky chest and stomach, and I wrap my arm around you and rub your back by tracing designs along your upper and lower back. You hear my racing hear start to slow down, and you feel the warmth of my body pressing up against yours. I run my fingers against your scalp and along your hair. You close your eyes feeling safe and warm, and you fall asleep listening to my heart beat and the steady breath filling my lungs and resonating through my chest. I hear your breathing slow down and realize that you fell asleep. I kiss your head and pull your closer against me and fall asleep with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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