May 24

My First Older Woman

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My First Older WomanAfter freshman year of college, I rented out a house with a few friends of mine. It was in a relatively quiet neighbourhood full of families and students. At the time, I had amassed quite a bit of sexual experience fucking my way through the dorm in my first year. However, I still hadn’t fucked an older woman. I loved stroking my fat cock to MILF porn online. All I wanted was a thick mature woman to ride me until my dick fell off. You can imagine how quickly my cock got hard when on the second day of living there, our neighbour across street decided to garden in a bikini. She had long blonde hair, big natural tits right out of a 70’s porno, and an ass that was made for swallowing cocks. I later learned that she was forty-eight and that her husband spent six months out of the country for business, but all I was thinking about when I saw her was how I was going to get inside of her. bahis siteleri I was the last weekend in August, so it was perfectly acceptable for someone to be out in a bathing suit and not be trying to lure the young hunk across the street over, but I took it as a sign that she wanted me over there. I decided that my best way over would be to bring her a drink. It was a hot afternoon so I mixed up a pair of margaritas, unbuttoned my shirt, and walked across the street. She was even sexier up close. She was falling out of her bikini top and probably caught me looking at her nipples a dozen times in that first five minutes, but she loved the attention. Then my wish came true. After I introduced myself and we talked about the neighbourhood, she decided that she didn’t want to wait any more. Rather than waste time with small talk, she reached down my shorts and grabbed my cock. I was instantly hard canlı bahis again and she had a giant smile that said, “I was hoping it was this big.”She dragged me inside by my cock, ripped off my shorts, and immediately started sucking my cock. She started by sucking and licking the head and then deepthroated all eleven inches. We shuffled over to her living room couch with my cock still in her mouth and I started playing with her nipples. After going all the way down my shaft again and giving my balls a nice lick, she arched up and whispered, “My pussy is for my husband, but my ass is for you.” I wasn’t wasting any time either. I grabbed her by the waist and threw her onto the couch, face first, and then buried my face in her ass. Her asshole tasted like fucking candy and I ate it until it was as wet as my cock. It wasn’t like fucking freshman girls in the ass, freshman girls always seemed ashamed güvenilir bahis that they enjoyed it. My new fuck buddy grabbed my cock again and started leading my cock inside her ass. She then reached back with both hands on my waist and pulled me closer until my entire cock was inside her ass. She let out the loudest most satisfied moan I had ever heard and I immediately knew that she had been thinking about my cock inside her ass since the second she saw me. When I grabbed her hair and twisted it until her head cocked back, I could see her pussy dripping onto the floor. As soon as I saw that, I shot a load of cum into my new friend’s ass. There wasn’t even time to pull out and cum on her perfect ass, I was so fucking horny I shot what felt like a pint cum deep inside her ass. When we both caught our breath, she explained to me that her husband was away on business from June until December every year, and she hadn’t been fucked since he left. She told me that we could only fuck until he got back, but once he was back home she started sneaking across the street to let me and my room mates satisfy her tight asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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