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My First Sexual Experience Ch. 01

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As a preface, I thought I’d write about this affair I had with a married woman when I was younger. I was 20 and she was about 10 years older and married to a guy she didn’t love. We snuck around a lot while her husband was at work or out of town. We had many sexual encounters and she was the first woman I had sex with. I’ll write about many of these escapades as it was a fun time in my life. The sneaking around was fun but not the smartest choices I’ve made in my life. I think writing about them would be fun.

This is about the first time I received a blowjob and the months leading up to it, which was also my first ever sexual experience. I was chatting online a bit at this time in my life and I became close with this woman. We chatted a lot, pretty much nightly and after knowing each other online for a long time, we exchanged phone numbers. We had the occasional phone call as time went on, the online chats remained regular and they’d often turned sexual. This was back in the ICQ days. I used to read erotic stories so I had some idea on what to say and how to please women sexually. At least in writing.

We started having phone sex soon and pretty reguarly too. Always in the morning. I was attending university then so I never had to get up too early and her husband had gone to work. So around 8:00 we’d call each other up and listen to each other masturbate while talking dirty to each other. I remember hearing moans and her voice was such a turn-on. She had a vibrator and would describe how she was rubbing it on her clit. I’d ask her to put it inside her and put the phone bahis siteleri next to it so I could hear the wet noises it made. We would always time it so we’d cum at the same time. Hearing her cumming was the hottest thing a 20 year with no sexual experience could listen to. Pretty hot for any male with any amount of experience actually.

We did this for quite a few weeks until we decided we should meet. We had exchanged photos of ourselves already by now. She sent some photo of a good looking woman that she said was her a long time ago. It may have been but it must’ve been very long ago. She wasn’t ugly by any means but she was overweight however not close to being obese. She still had a shape of a woman. Pretty much every single description of a woman written by males on this site are tall, skinny big breated women. Not this chick but like I said, she wasn’t ugly by any means and still had a shape. Big shapes.

We decided to meet at a park near the city by the river. By now she’d driven by my house before and we knew what each other looked like, but have never met in person. We met at night by the river and started chatting. We got on really well. Conversation kept flowing but I think we both wanted some form of bodily contact but no one wanted to instigate it. Until finally our heads got close and we started kissing. We pasoionately kissed for a long time. It’s the second time I kissed a girl. I don’t know if I was doing a good job but she kept kissing and didn’t stop me. Our hands were running all over each other, we were standing and leaning up against a handrail on the canlı bahis siteleri water front. She didn’t mind me touching her boobs but she didn’t let me touch her pussy. Every time I went to put my hand between her legs, she would move it away. She said just didn’t want me to touch her there, yet.

We kept kissing for what felt like a couple of hours and she was really getting horny and I was too. She put her hands under my shirt at the top of pants, and when her hand touched my a skin, I felt tingles shoot up my back. Then she slid her hands down my pants and touched my hard dick. More tingles shot up my back. Being touched for the first time felt sent my nerve endings into a hightened state. We kept kissing and she kept stroking my dick and said ‘I want to suck your cock.’ Let me tell you that is the sexiest thing to hear. It’s like all my fantasies are coming true. I asked her ‘where can we do it?’ Then she lead me back to her car.

Our cars weren’t parked in a particularly secluded place but we can see pedestrians approaching. She got me to sit in the driver’s seat and her in the passenger seat. She undid my jeans and I pulled them down and she reached and took my dick out. Those tingling feelings came rushing back and I couldn’t believe it was happening. She looked at me and I was in a daze at this point. I had the world was blocked out and I was so in the moment. Every story I’ve read written by males say their dicks are 8 or 9 inches long, but mine is 5 or 5.5 inches. Despite me worrying that she might think my dick was too small, she seemed to be happy and canlı bahis didn’t have any negative reaction to it. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked me up and down. It was the first time I felt lips around my dick was truly mind boggling. She took my almost my whole dick in mouth and started going up and getting my dick so wet. It was better than I ever imagined and my mind started to really focus on these new feelings. Her tongue would twirl around my head every now and then. At the same time though, it was like

I didn’t know how to cum with her mouth. You know to make yourself cum but this being a totally new experience, her rhythm was different, the feeling was different and I didn’t feel I needed to cum. She must’ve sucked me for 20 minutes, then she started sliding all the way up my dick so her lips would slide up the head and down again with some wet friction. Then I finally felt it building up. I told her I was about to cum and she stoped sucking and used her hand on me. My hard dick was wet and the hardest it’s ever been. I came pretty hard but not the hardest I’d ever cum, because of the unfamiliarity of the feeling, but it was still awesome. She was moaning and stroking my dick as I shot my load and it dribbled down her hand and my cock. She looked at me then at my cock and said ‘I want to lick the cum off your dick.’ So she went back down and licked all the cum off my dick. It was mind boggling how sexy it was.

We chatted a little longer and we went for a short drive. We promised we’d meet up again cause she had a great time and I got my dick sucked for the first time in my life. So I was in.

On the drive home, it was hard to process what happened that night. I replayed the whole night over and over in my mind for the next few days. I did work out I liked getting my dick sucked.

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