Mar 25

My first time when I pleased a Dominant man and go

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My first time when I pleased a Dominant man and goTo share with you all my first time. :)Already since I was a k** I had a fascination for penises. Watching my classmates in gym class or playing games. Real honest curiosity. Later came a certain shame, I come from quite a religious family and there was not a lot of room for free sexuality. Sexuality was something for that certain person you are going to marry. This got me always really afraid. I also turned more inward in puberty and became quite shy, having lots of hidden fantasies. I would sit a lot behing my laptop watching oral sex videos. I never really knew where it came from. I always had it. I always felt that have vaginal sex felt strange to me. As if that should be for loving only and that oral sex is more lust.When I was 15 orso I bought a dildo and this might sounds weird. I never used it on my pussy. Never even in the years later. It just doesn’t feel right. I wanted to feel how it would be to suck a man and masturbate. Every morning and evening I would put the dildo in my mouth and play with myself until I reached an orgasm. I would practice going deeper in my throat enjoying the gagging feeling and masturbate. I would imagine myself being in front of a man. I would sit on my knees and masturbate like that. Sometimes watching movies on my laptop on the same time. ankara escort Always hoping in school that somebody would see me and pick me out, pull me in a toilet and fuck my mouth.When I was 17 orso I was so frustrated and didn’t want to wait anymore and I went on a dutch sexdating website. Even though I was still a virgin. I didn’t dare to write that down. I was very ashamed of being 17 and a virgin. The place was called AdultMatch and I just wrote down that I hoped to find a man who would want to make me give him oral sex.And now I realize this is stupid. But I didn’t expect anything. I was never popular and I think with half an hour I had 2 messages and within 1 day 20 messages. My heart would knock in my throat. Wow. Are they serious I was thinking. I put an extra picture on there and messages kept coming in. And then I thought do I dare to meet? For a week I did nothing. Just reading the messages.And 1 message stood out for me. Was a guy who sent a very personal message and was very clear on what he wanted. He called me slut in his message and that turned me on. He wrote down that he wanted to pick me up and take me to a quiet place where I could please him. Nobody would know. Just us 2. Just fun.I decided to just do it, we exchanged whatsapp and sent a few messages and I didn’t dare to tell it was my first ankara escort bayan time. My parents would be away for the weekend and I asked if he could pick me up around 8pm 2 blocks of the place of my parents.That evening I walked to that corner. I wore my tightest jeans to prevent any sex in pussy or ass. 🙂 Just to make sure. But I practiced the whole day with my dildo hoping he won’t be disappointed with me. I remember walking there and feeling so wet. My heart bumping in my chest. Shy, tense, all at the same time.Then a red car pulled up and he opened the window and he said: Manon? And I just nodded and went in his car. He asked how I was doing and I couldn’t really react as I was so tense. Didn’t ask any question back to him. But he seemed relaxed. He put a hand on my leg and moved towards my pussy. I got a red head. Didn’t know what to say and do.We stopped 10 minutes later at a quiet spot (but it seemed ages). He got out and I too. Then he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said: “ok little slut, now go on your knees, open your mouth and be a god girl, ok?” and I could just nod.Was it now finally happening?I went on my knees, sticking my tongue out as I had seen in the movies and opening my mouth. Keeping my hands on my knees. He grabbed my hairs and slowly moved his cock in. My first taste of escort ankara cock. It was amazing. So weird. So long expected. And I intutively closed my lips on his cock tasting his cock. It almost got me off. He then grabbed my hairs and shoved my mouth on deeper. FOr the first time I felt sexy, wanted by man, it was so hot for me. To feel him want me. To feel him be hard just for me. And started moving faster and faster and said: “ok slut, you keep my cum in your mouth when I cum and show me, ok?” I could just nod. He kept going on and at a certain moment he spurted in my mouth, an explosion also for me. I looked him in the eyes, feeling him tense fully, feeling his pleasure, all he’s giving me. Feeling so weak in my knees. It was amazing, I almost cried. I showed him and then he said: “Swallow slut” and I swallowed his cum for him. I felt so hot, so sexy, so wet.We stood there for a short moment. I knew not what to do. He said: “Get up and get in the car.”We said nothing anymore. I felt paralyzed, all my nerves so tense, so happy, so sexy. He dropped me at the corner where he picked me up and said: “thanks babe, see you next time”. And I could just nod and smile. Then I went to my place. I must have moved weirdly, not walking in a straight line.When I came home I sat on my bed. Feeling so relaxed, so tired, so sexy at the same time. Me still tasting his cum. Loving it. Then I undressed and masturbated myself with my eyes closed, fanatasizing I was still outside on my knees with his fucking my my mouth getting another load. Until I came and feel asleep on my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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