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My first time with my boyfriend

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Anal Beads

My first time with my boyfriendMe and my boyfriend were sitting on his bed kissing whilst I was rubbing his leg and I slowly moved my hand up his leg and on to his penis and it was so hard at the same time he moved his hand up my shirt and was slowly moving his finger in a circle around my nipples which was turning me on even more than I already was then we laid down on his bed and I moved my head down towards his penis and I started pulling his trousers down and there it was his 6 inch penis my mouth was already filling up with fluids as I started to move closer towards the head of his penis I placed my mouth around the top of his penis when my spit started running down the edges of his penis I started moving my mouth down his penis fitting even more of it in and it felt so hard and tasted so good when I fitted the whole 6 inches in my mouth the head was touching the very back of my mouth and I kept moving my mouth up and down his penis whilst I was sucking him off he slipped his shirt of so he was fully naked he asked me to come over to him so I lifted up and moved over to him and let him start unzipping my shorts then he started canlı bahis to suck my penis which was so hard he was putting fitting all 4 inches in his mouth so as he was having fun I took my shirt of and we were both naked now after he had sucked my penis for a few minutes I told him I want to see his ass so I went around the back of him and he lifted his ass right up in the air by sitting on his hands and knees he parted his legs so his cheeks separated and I could already see his bum hole so I moved forward and put a hand on each cheek so his bum hole was fully in view then I moved my head towards the hole and as I got closer I could smell the hole and I got just a little closer and I kissed the hole my lips touched the hole then I slipped my tongue out from in between my lips and placed it on the middle of the hole then I started moving my tongue up and down licking the hole and it felt good the texture of his hole could be felt by my tongue the taste of the hole was different to anything I had ever tasted before but it was nice and I didn’t want to stop licking it at this point he was making noises cause the feeling bahis siteleri of my tongue moving around his bum hole was so good after I had licked the hole for awhile I said I want his penis up my ass all 6 inches up my hole so I told him to just lay down and let me get him set up so whilst he laid down I picked up the lube from the bedside table and put some on my hand and started giving him a wank then once there was a good amount of lube on his penis I put some more on my fingers and started rubbing it around my hole then I moved on to top of him and moved him penis to the opening of hole and started sitting on it so it would started to go in and I could feel his penis sliding up my hole and OMG I could have died it felt that good once I had fully pushed his penis up into my hole I started riding him and we were both so horny and enjoying the pleasure that we were bumming for several minutes then he said he was about to cum so I lifted up and moved his penis out of my hole then I told him he can’t not yet cause I’m not done then I said it’s my turn and he lifted his bum in the air again and I put some lube around his hole güvenilir bahis and some around my penis then I pushed my penis up into his ass and I was bumming him doggy style and when I was about to cum I pulled my penis out from his ass and told him to turn over and not to touch his penis then I was wanking and I came so much all over his penis that it was covered from the head to his balls and it was dripping down and of his penis then I told him now I’m going to finish him off then I placed my mouth around the head of his penis again and started to suck his penis again with my cum running down it then after sucking him for a few minutes he said he was going to cum and he told me to move so he wouldn’t cum in my mouth but I wouldn’t move and he was shouting I’m cumming then he shot so much cum in my mouth that it dripped from my mouth and down his penis and even though he had came I still sucked his penis for several minutes then I lifted my head up and a looked at him and he was smiling as I still licked the cum from the base of his penis right to the tip of the head and then I told him I’ve missed some and licked his ball sack and told him after making sure I had licked the whole sack that I really enjoyed that and that I love him then we laid next to each other on his bed for awhile to recover from the amazing pleasure we just gave each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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