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My Flatmate is a Panty Pervert

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I was sharing an apartment with a quiet, reserved guy in his early 30s, John. It was a luxury one, a little above my budget, but had a spa, sauna and pool in the complex.

It was a Friday night and I was getting dressed to join my girlfriend at a party and was looking for my sexy black thong panties which would go well with my little slinky black mini-dress. I looked all over my room, but couldn’t find them. As it was getting late I put on my only clean pair, a white one.

I arrived at the party and Liz was already there chatting with a couple of guys. When she saw me she beckoned me over and introduced us.

It turned out the guys were gay. Most of the others there were either partnered or single women. So Liz and I decided to leave and we headed back to my place. We were both as horny as each other and as soon as we got into my room I pushed her back on the bed and slipped my dress of.

“Those panties don’t exactly go with that dress.” She observed

“I know, but I couldn’t find my black pair.”

“I bet your roommate pinched them!”


“My brother used to pinch them from me and masturbated in them. Is your roommate in?”


“Well, let’s go in and look, shall we?”

We got up and went into his bedroom. It didn’t take Liz long to find them. They were in his bed half under his pillow. On the floor were a few porno magazines depicting bondage, she-males and girls in panties and some hard core DVD.

“John has certainly been enjoying your panties. They are full of cum stains.”

We took them back to my room. The thought of him using my panties for sexual gratification really got me going and our lovemaking became intense as we 69’ed-our tongues deeply penetrating each other’s pussies gaziosmanpaşa escort and also pressing the tips of them against each others clits until we each had several orgasm.

The next morning Liz had to leave early to pick up her husband on the red-eye who had been away on business and I fell asleep to wake up about 9AM to hear John in the kitchen.

I put on my panties and my dressing gown and picked up the black pair and went out to the kitchen

“Good Morning.” I said, throwing them at him while he was sitting at the table eating his breakfast. He went all red in the face.” You little pervert! Getting your rocks off with my panties! ” My voice was raised at this stage.

He was still silent. I let my dressing gown slide open and his eyes dropped down to my panties.

“Like what you see?” I asked

He nodded.

“So what do you do with them apart from jack off in them?”

He said nothing

“You like to sniff them or taste them or maybe wear them?”

I approached him, grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face into the panties. He didn’t resist.

“Like the smell of them? My girlfriend spent the night with me and she made me cum several times so you can smell how wet I am and how wet the panties are.”

Now he reacted. I felt his tongue burrow its way into my pussy through the gusset of my panties and up and down the slit. I pulled away.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes.” He stammered

“Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. In exchange for me paying my share of the rent I will cater to your fetish once or twice a week. What do you think?”


I led him to my room and ordered him to take his clothes off. Soon he gölbaşı escort was down to his underwear- a black pair of panties- which I told him to leave on. It barely covered his rock hard cock which started to poke out from the waistband.

I laid him on the bed and straddled his face, smothering it so that he had no option but to breathe in my sex and perform pantilingus on me which he was very good at .

His tongue darted into my hot wet pussy pressing the panties inside me, in and out, up and down ,spending quite a bit of time at my sensitive clit which soon had me having an orgasm. My cunt juices, leaking out into the gusset of the panties, seemed to arouse him, even more.

I stood up, peeled the panties off and put them over his face like a nosebag so that the gusset covered his nose and mouth. I took the black pair that he had pinched from me, lowered the panties he was wearing and wrapped the black pair around his cock head sliding them up and down his shaft masturbating him with them.

He started to whimper in pleasure. His eyes were closed. I could hear him also sniff my panties. He was obviously approaching nirvana so I sped up the stroking of his shaft and soon he was spurting a load of cum into the panties that I placed over the opening of his penis. I continued to milk him until he had no more to spurt.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” I asked with a mischievous smile

“Oh yes!”

I had to go shopping and suggested that we get some sexy lingerie for our “sessions”, but he told me that he had a drawer full of panties.

“Show me!”

He had some still in their bags, also some stockings and suspenders


Until our next time later in the week I walked keçiören escort around the apartment in just a pair of panties and a t shirt.

On Wednesday after work I put on a very short denim skirt and a pair of purple g strings underneath and ordered John to put on his favorite panties, stockings and suspenders and to lie spread-eagled face down on the bed so that I could tie his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.

“We are going to play a game. You have to guess the color of my panties I am wearing. If you guess correctly you get a reward. You get to fuck me, but if you don’t you will be punished. You will hand wash all my underwear for the week and iron them. I’ll give you two clues. The first is you have not seen me wearing this color before and the second is that it is not a primary color. So make a guess!”

He thought for a minute or so.

“Gray”. He said

“Wrong! You get one more guess and this will be the last. Only this time if you guess correctly as a reward you get oral sex instead and if you guess incorrectly tonight’s session ends!


“Wrong again”! I lifted up my skirt to show him my purple pair. “I am going to leave you in that position as I want you to fuck the bed until you cum, but I don’t want to see any stains on the sheets. Is that clear?”

He nodded. It must have been quite humiliating for him to be watched by a female as he rubbed his panty clad cock against the bed. It didn’t take more than a minute or so before he orgasmed. I went over and removed the ties so that he could get up.

The front of the panties was covered in cum and there was a large stain on the sheet.

“You disgusting pervert! Lick that stain up now!” I ordered. To my surprise he did that although it didn’t really make that much difference to the stain. So I gave him the panties to lick the cum off too which he went to with gusto.

For the next six months that I lived in the apartment I had great fun catering to all his fetishes, which turned out to be more than just panties.

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